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    From Leon Todds Cave: Boss CE-1, ADA MP-1 Chorus & Eventide micropitch

    As the title implies, a huge shout out and thanks to Lean Todd (@2112 ) for supplying all the sound clips that made these possible. These are all matched to the original hardware, and I'm quite happy with how authentic they are. BOSS CE-1 (preset) Done in "stereo" mode, which is dry to the left...
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    Today I found out:

    That guitar pickups pick up the noise my vape does when engaging the burner. What did you learn today? :cool:
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    Yamaha SPX90 Symphonic + Pitch B & C

    First of all, many thanks to Leon (@2112) for supplying me with everything I needed to dial in these famous presets on the Axe-Fx. I lost count on how many clips he had to record. But it turned out great, and got the approval of Leon when he compared to his SPX90, so here we go: Pitch The real...
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    Ok, WHO did this?

    I was looking around in the multitap delay block, and found 2 new types. PCM70 pan and circular. I loaded them, and to my surprise, they were "my" settings 😂 I'm sitting here flabbergasted. I don't know if should be proud or worried that FAS took notice. I need another hobby...
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    Steve Lukather Soldano X88R preset

    This preset uses the YA BGNR 412 V30 57-3 IR from YA Audio. Get it here: Bogna 412 The Rig What's represented Soldano X88R preamp DBX 160X compressor Eventide H3000SE micropitchshift TC Electronic 1210 chorus 2 Lexicon PCM70 delays Roland SRV2000 reverb Some kind of EQ/BBE 441 Sonic...
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    Bug? Preset picker issue

    I just noticed this: If I use the quick jump button at the top of the preset picker (preset 0, 128, 256, 384), I then can't select the preset that I just jumped to. Ex: Press 384 to have preset 384 be highlighted, but nothing happens when I click on preset 384, I can only select the other...
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    Which effects do you actually use?

    I was redoing my kitchen sink preset for electric (I have separate ones for acoustic and bass), and had to make some compromises and tricks to keep it under 85 %. Now, I´m probably a bit extreme, and want ALL OF THE EFFECTS that I dig available to me. This got me thinking: What do I actually...
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    Schaffer replica: What am I supposed to be hearing?

    So, I've played around with this numerous times (2 compressor blocks in series, dynamics type etc). To be completely honest, I don't really hear or feel any difference compared to not having the compressors engaged. What am I supposed to "get"? Could the fact that all my guitars are active...
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    SOLD Wilkinson locking saddles, 2 sets

    Bought these for my two Music Mans, but they won't fit on their special bridge design without sacrificing the intonation. These are the WLS130/S version, aka the standard version. Adjustable string spacing - suitable for 10.5mm to 11.3mm. Barely used. One saddle has some scratches on the...
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    Modding advanced electronics on a 2020 MM Luke

    I could write an essay on this project, but I'll try to keep it short. Outside I didn't quite dig the hardware colour (the chrome plastic looks cheap IMHO), so I switched the tremolo arm, switch tip, knobs, and tuner buttons as a little nod to the 25th Anniversary Luke. I also tried chrome...
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    SOLD Atomic CLR NEO MKII + Studio Slips gigbag (EU, free shipping!) PRICE DROP

    Sadly, I have to let this one go. You know what this is. Fantastic monitor in every way, probably the best there is. In very good condition, just one small mark on it. Comes with a padded Studio Slips clamshell gigbag with the extra leather pads on the bottom. The gigbag is brand new, I just got...
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    Fixed Missing parameter in Reverb block

    So, I noticed that there is a reverb parameter that's missing in the reverb block in the editor. "Late input mix" is found on the hardware and in the manual, but nowhere in the editor.
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    SOLD Studio Slips Clamshell gigbag for Atomic CLR wedge (EU)

    Since I have 2 of these gigbags, I thought I would make somebody else happy and sell this one at a good price: Studio Slips Clamshell gigbag for Atomic CLR wedge models. Padded, and fitted out with the extra front pouch for cables etc, and the protective leather strips on the bottom. It hasn’t...
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    Fellow Europeans: Where do you sell your gear?

    After putting some stuff up for sale, I've realised that I've mainly know about local (Swedish) selling sites and Facebook groups. So I was wondering, where do my fellow Europeans go to sell their gear? Especially high end stuff?
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    SOLD Suhr Classic S Custom HSS, Valley Arts Lukather inspired PRICE DROP

    Putting this out here before it hits Reverb. Sad to see this go, but I’m simply not a Floyd guy any more. My dream Suhr/Valley Arts Lukather hybrid. Custom matched finish, fancy 1 piece quilted maple top, and painted and glossy bakelite pickguard (big upcharges on all 3). The pickup switching...
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    SOLD Suhr Classic S Custom HH, Aqua Blue Burst

    Putting this out here before it hits Reverb. Sad to see this go, but I’m simply not a Floyd guy any more. Fantastic sounding, playing, and looking guitar. Lots of cool stuff on this one. The pickup switching gives you all the usable tones you can get from an HH guitar, powered by the awesome...
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    Wish Make comma work as dot when entering numbers

    Since I'm not from an English speaking country, we use commas instead of dots in mathematics. Our keyboards and calculators are also laid out of for easy use of commas when entering numbers. DAWs like Reaper automatically change commas to dots, which is really convenient for work flow. My wish...
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    Anyone have a dual HB guitar with parallel switching?

    I have a HH guitar that I'm going to rewire. I have never been a fan of the standard middle position on a Les Paul, just too muddy. So I'm doing something different. I'm already going to have the option of the inside coils in parallel on the 5-way, so going for the outside coils is just not...
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    Custom waveform chorus: How to?

    I'm doing a chorus which need some kind of custom waveform. Think a saw waveform,but with LFO high cut/smoothing/dampening. Another possibility would be a triangle or trapezoid with duty offset. I don't know until I try them. I remember doing a custom waveform for the phaser a while back, but...
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    Lexicon PCM70: Pan & Circular Delays

    EDIT: Since these are now types in the Axe-Fx III, they are redundant for many user. I've updated the blocks for people who want to convert them with Fractool and use them on older units. I've also added the Pan Delay dialled in on the regular delay block (not multitap block), for units that...
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    Fixed Multiplexer has bypass mode?

    Noticed that the multiplexer block has a bypass mode in the editor, but not on the Axe itself. I assume it's a bug, since the multiplexer can't be bypassed.
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    Mixer block, but for selecting output rows instead?

    I found myself in situation, where I want a single block to choose which row/rows to send the signal to. Basically like switching channels on the mixer block, but in reverse. Since I'm using a bunch of delay blocks in parallel, I don't want the level control happen after the effects, like how...
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    Wish Selectable slopes for high & lowcut in the Multitap Delay block

    After using the regular delay block for some time, I'm back to using the multitap delay block again. One thing I really miss from the regular delay block, is the selectable slopes for the high and lowcut. You know, the 6, 12, 18, 24 etc dB/octave. The high and lowcut in the multitap delay...
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    Does anyone here have a PCM70?

    I'm revisiting my old Circular Delays settings for the multi delay block (the ones from my Lukather presets I made for the Axe Fx II). I want to try and see if I can get even closer. Therefore, I would need some new clips to try and copy. So, if anyone has one and could spare 5-10 minutes to...
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    Does anybody have the Takashi Masuzaki Axe-Fx II preset?

    I'm a huge Tak Masuzaki fan, and I just found out that he made an Axe-Fx II preset. Sadly, I can't find it online anymore. If anyone has it, I would really appreciate it if it could be shared :) Cheers!
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    Does anybody have the Takashi Masuzaki AX8 preset?

    I'm a huge Tak Masuzaki fan, and I just found out that he made an AX8 preset. Sadly, I can't find it online anymore. If anyone has it, I would really appreciate it if it could be shared :) Cheers!
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    Wish Grey out amp parameters that aren't applicable

    The recent JC120 thread is the inspiration for this. It would be very handy if amp parameters that don't do anything, were simply greyed out so that users know that they don't do anything on the current amp model. It would probably make tweaking advanced amp parameters have a lower "knowledge...
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    FS Suhr pickups & pickguards, Mogami cable, Dunlop picks (EU)

    Located in Sweden, will ship. Discount if buying more than one item. --- PICKUPS --- 1 piece Suhr SSV bridge humbucker, 53 mm black. Cost new: 129 €. 1 piece Suhr SSV neck humbucker, 50 mm black. Cost new: 129 €. 2 pieces Suhr ML neck single coil, white. Cost new: 99 € a piece. PRICE: 79 € a...
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    Clones of MXR Phase 90, EVH flanger & EP3 Echoplex

    Ok, time for round 2! As you might remember, a while back I painstakingly cloned and matched a real MXR Phase 90 in the Axe-Fx IIIs phaser block. Since then, we've gotten a total overhaul of both the phaser and flanger block. I finally found the time to redo the Phase 90 and the EVH flanger with...
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    Bug? High cut slope in cab block doesn't do anything

    So, I noticed that in the latest beta, the high cut slope for the individual cabs doesn't appear to do anything. The high cut slope on the preamp page (the one that affects all the cabs) works as it should.
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    [fixed] Bug: Astable waveform is, unstable?

    I finally got around to dial in my phaser and flanger sounds after the big update those blocks got a while back. Anyway, when trying to clone the MXR Phase 90, I notice that the astable waveform seems kinda buggy. When selecting the waveform, changing the astable beta, or using the LFO reset...
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    More output of tape delay when in series?

    I have a kind of weird question or request. I use the tape delay pretty much exclusively, and I run it in parallel to the dry patch. The problem is, I don't want to. I'd like to run it it in series and be able to use the global mix feature for the delay, but I can't. 2 of my 4 delay sounds need...
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    Wish Effect block LFO monitors display cumulative LFO modification result

    I really like the new LFO monitor in the phaser and flanger block. I have noticed that it only shows the LFO, before it's affected by the LFO high cut and all the new VCR stuff. So it's actually not showing what the actual LFO looks like at the end of the "LFO chain", what we're actually...
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    WTB Atomic CLR neo MKII wedge (EU)

    Looking to add another Atomic CLR neo MKII wedge to the collection. Only the European version though.
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    Push/push pot with solid shaft?

    I'm trying to find a 500k audio taper push/push pot, with solid shaft. Not having much luck though. Does anybody know of such a pot? Cheers Niklas
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    Speaker impedance curves: Which speakers?

    I have to admit, it's a bit confusing trying to match the new speaker impedance curves, to a cab and speaker combo that's close to the IR I'm using. I know Cliff already commented on the Recto curves, but I would very much like to know what speakers are in the different 4x12s. Primarily looking...
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    FS FAMC Liquid Foot LF+ Pro+ SOLD

    SOLD ---------------- I'm selling my LF+ Pro+. It's in near perfect condition, only used at 3 gigs this summer. I paid roughly 1600 € / $1800 for it. Comes with original box and power adapter with the international plug set. Located in Sweden, will ship worldwide. Price: 800 € / $900 (will...
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    Wish Increase Max Phaser Depth

    Since I've been making clones of real phaser pedals in the Axe-Fx III lately, and seeing Leons recent wish thread, this wish came to me. I'd really like it if we could get a bigger maximum depth for the phaser. For instance, at slow rates, the classic MXR Phase 90 has a bigger width between the...
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    Are the Humbuster outputs balanced ?

    Tonight, I'm going to run an acoustic guitar out of output 3 into the mic pre of our mixing desk. I'm using a TRS to XLR cable. Will this work like a normal balanced connection, or will it just be regular unbalanced? Will I have any noise issues due to the cable used?
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    I matched an MXR Phase 90

    I've spent way too much time trying to get the phaser in the Axe to sound like that elusive MXR Phase 90. Recently, I've read a lot of articles about it and talked to some people who know a lot about effect circuits. I even dabbled around in LTspice trying to emulate the circuit. Long story...
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    S/PDIF not synched to inteface: Still works?

    Just a quick question. I've noticed that with my III connected to my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 via S/PDIF, everything seems to work fine even when both units have their clock source set to internal, or external. Is this normal, or am I missing something?
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    Possible bug? Impedance auto function

    I might have missed something, but I remember that when you had the input impedance set to auto, it would change and display different values depending on the first active block in the chain. As far as I can tell, it no longer displays the correct impedance value. I always get "auto: 1M"...
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    SOLD Axess Electronics BS2 Buffer/Splitter

    One of best buffers ever made in almost mint condition. 3 outputs, one transformer isolated with phase switch. Preserves your tone even with very long cables. Great for driving 2 amps, stereo effects, tuner out etc, everything without ground loops. Selling because I don’t need 2 buffers...
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    Bug? Auto-engage not working with slow pos/fast update

    I just noticed something weird. I use an expression pedal that controls either the pitch block or wah depending on my mood. I use an external controller for control, and have auto-engage activated. If I use the combination of auto-engage: slow position, and update rate: fast, the block won't...
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    Stereo Spread to mono (0%) causing volume boost, how to compensate?

    This is something I've been struggling with for many years. Namely, the panning law in the Axe. In "my perfect world", there wouldn't be any volume difference when using something like the stereo spread parameter to switch an effect from stereo to mono. Right now, when I turn my rotary (as an...
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    Bug? "Mic distance" in rotary doesn't do anything

    I was fiddling around with the rotary block, and after noticing that the names of the" HF and LF mic spacing" parameters aren't matched to GUI (it's says "mic spacing" and "mic distance" on the Axe-Fx III, but I assume those are the parameters that are being referred to). Anyway, after trying...
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    Presence Shift missing from Tone page?

    I posted this earlier in the 4.03 thread but it got lost amidst other discussions. Anyway, when using authentic controls, isn't the presence shift parameter supposed to be on the tone page for the appropriate models? I can only find it under power amp page for the various models that have it...
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    Atomic CLR cover in Europe?

    I just ordered an Atomic CLR, and was wondering if anybody know a copy that will make a padded cover for it (like Studio Slips or Tuki), but is located in Europe? Shipping and VAT will make a cover from Studio Slips quite expensive. Cheers.
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    Any of you guys get a PM from Rebsounds?

    I hope I'm not doing anything wrong here, but I'm skeptical about something. I got a PM from a newly registered user called Rebsounds who responded to a WTB thread of mine, telling me that has pal in Poland has the item I'm looking for for sale. I just thought that it sounded fishy, and want to...
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    Bidirectional midi?

    With this talk about the RJM and FAMC products maybe going to be fully compatible with the III, I'm curious if the IIIs midi in jack is bidirectional, meaning only one cable can by used to receive and send midi data to a foot controller?
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    Running both FRFR/FOH and real cab optimisation?

    Will there be some kind of way to run optimised signals to both FRFR/FOH and a SS power amp with a real cab at the same time? Thinking about speaker comp and speaker drive which required compromise on the II, since those parameters where located in the amp block instead of the cab block. Maybe...
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    Phantom power on midi in jack?

    I noticed that the III doesn't have a jack for connecting a power supply to phantom power a midi foot controller like the II versions did. Does this mean that the III can power a midi foot controller via the midi in jack without an additional power adapter?
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    Quick question about the new multidelay diffusion

    Since there is a change on the diffusion on the multidelay block, does anybody know how the structure and functionality of this is changed compared to how i previously worked? Is it by any chance more like the Lexicon PCM series?
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    Bug? Loading global amp block doesn't load all data

    I have the low res freq set to 106 hz on the Solo 88 Lead amp that I store in global amp block 4. When I load the data by hitting "fx bypass" twice and using the global block function, it doesn't load the low res freq value of 106 hz, but instead loads the default 110 hz. Can anyone confirm...
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    Bug? Solo 88 rhythm, different low res freq than clean & lead

    I just now noticed that the Solo 88 rhythm amp has a different low res freq value than the clean and lead types of the same amp. Seems wrong somehow. Also, the Xformer hi freq value is lower on the clean than the other 2 types. Also noticed that the CAE 3+ clean has a different Xformer drive...
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    Steve Lukather CAE 3+SE preset

    FOR THOSE WHO JUST WANT TO ROCK, THIS PRESET USES A USER CAB, SPECIFICALLY OH 412 MAR-CB V30 57-04, WHICH YOU CAN GET HERE: https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=164&products_id=374 The preset, scene description and (out of date) sound clip are at the bottom of...
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    Steve Lukather Soldano X88R preset

    FOR THOSE WHO JUST WANT TO ROCK, THIS PRESET USES A USER CAB, SPECIFICALLY OH 412 MAR-CB V30 57-04, WHICH YOU CAN GET HERE: https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=164&products_id=374 The preset, scene description and (out of date) sound clip are at the bottom of...
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    Lag when switching blocks on/off, both front panel and midi?

    Does anybody else notice a lag when switching blocks on/off? I'm talking about just bypassing and activating blocks, not switching X/Y, changing presets or anything like that. At first I though it was a midi issue with my LF+ Pro+, but it happens when I use the front panel. It's not exactly...
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    Panning entire signal without volume drop (equal panning law?)

    Does anybody know a way to pan your entire stereo signal (with effects and everything), without loosing volume on the effects? Basically, I want to pan everything slightly to the right, without having all the effects that are panned to left internally in their blocks (like delay), lose volume...
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    Where can I find old firmware?

    I'm trying find out if something is a bug or not, and I need some old firmware to continue my tests. Does anybody know where I can find them? The older the better. I'm using an Axe-Fx II MKI.
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    Amp block X/Y switching lag?

    Hi! Sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find anything recent on this. Is the switching between X/Y on the amp block suppose to lag, or is it something that is going to get "fixed"?
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    Sending banks to unit?

    Can I send banks to the unit, or do I have to use Fractalbot?
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    Subract the difference between 2 IRs, to create a new one?

    Does anybody know, if there is a way to subract the difference between 2 IRs, and create a new IR based on those difference? I'm basically trying to make an IR sound like another IR, by putting the difference between them on top of the first IR.
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    Phone jack to mixer instead of output 1?

    I was wondering, will there be any sonic or noise floor related difference if I use the headphone jack on the front to connect the Axe to my mixer in my home studio, versus using output 1 on the back?
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    Phone jack to mixer instead of output 1?

    I was wondering, will there be any sonic or noise floor related difference if I use the headphone jack on the front to connect the Axe to my mixer in my home studio, versus using output 1 on the back?
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    Open presets without Axe-FX II connected?

    Been away from the box for a long time, can I open presets with Axe-Edit without having the Axe-FX II connected?
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    Haven't updated the firmware in 2 years. What do I need to think about?

    My Axe-FX II (original Mark I) has been in storage since October or November 2013. I want to update the firmware, but I seem to remember reading something about that I can't do it the normal way that I used to, without screwing up the presets or something. It currently has firmware 12.XX. Could...
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    How to attach feet to pedalboard?

    Hi guys! Does anybody know how to attach feet to a pedalboard, so that you can't see the rivets from the top of the board? Like this: Are they feet screwed, or perhaps rivets are used? But how do you hide the rivets if you use them? Thanks
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    Stupid question for the new year: Opening a preset in Axe-Edit?

    Hi guys! :) Could anyone tell me how you open a preset that's on your computer with Axe-Edit? I've tried import and the presets function, but I can't get it to work. Happy new years!
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    Bug? Dry signal fades in and out

    I just had a very strange thing happen to me. I was playing along on a lead patch, and all of a sudden, the dry signal started to fade in and out, while the delays where untouched. Has this happen to anybody else? So far, it hasn't happened again, but its' a bit worrying if it would happen in...
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    Issue with forum and IE10

    This is probably in the wrong forum, so mods can just put it where they think it should be :) I've been getting error messages surfing the forum with IE10. It happens when I try and edit message, or try and load more activity when browsing an users post. Below is the error message. Anybody...
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    Send my presets to computer and back: All the values are gone!

    A couple of days ago, I sent all my presets (Bank A) to my computer as backup, because I was going to go back to an old firmware to try something. Now, I have gone back to v9 and sent Bank A back to the Axe. Well, now all the values are gone! What I mean is, the blocks are there, but there is...
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    Why would anyone buy a Kemper over the Axe-FX II?

    I've noticed alot of people on the other forums I hang on have recently bought Kempers. I actually haven't asked them because there is a flame war in the air when doing that, but I guess I'll be fine here ;) So, what would the reason for buying a Kemper over the Axe-FX II be? I can't see one...
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    Help! My Axe-FX II has become very noisy all of a sudden.

    Hi guys! For some reason, my Axe-FX II has become very noise all of a sudden. It's just producing alot of hiss that wasn't there before. It's still present if I remove the guitar cable, and is worse with more gain. It's REALLY loud compared to what was there before. I've used Axe-FXs for many...
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    Atomica thump and edge?

    Does anybody know exactly what thump and edge does on the real Atomica amp? Is the thump just a simple depth control, and the edge is a bright cap?
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    Anybody here with EMG pickups who could record something really quick for me?

    Hi! I used to be an EMG player, and I'm starting to wonder how hard those things really hit the front end of an amp compared to the good old passives I use now. So I was wondering, can somebody who has either an EMG 81, 89 or 85 in the bridge of their guitar, just record a short clip of...
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    Bug? Advanced power amp parameters don't match for different channels on the same amp?

    Hi everyone! Ok, so this might not be a bug, and I might be a complete idiot for bringing this up, but something tells me I may might be right about this to some extent. I've noticed that when comparing the different advanced power amp parameters for different channels on the same amp (like...
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    Bug? Pitch block delay, comes and goes

    I noticed something weird in 8.01. When using the fixed harmony in the pitch block, they pitched part of the signal has a delay which comes and goes. It might be alright, and then all of a sudden, there is a noticable slap back effect caused by the delay of the pitched signal. I'm talking like...
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    Bug? Solo 88 Rhythm: Name and model accuracy?

    I know others have noticed this, but I might as well make it official. The name of the Solo 99 Rhythm amp is for some reason Solo 88 Rhythm in the Axe. Also, I've noticed that the amp models sounds WAY different than it did in the Ultra/Standard days. It used to have tons of string separation...
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    Expression pedal controlling both wah and whammy in the same preset?

    Hi! I was wondering something. I'd like to have both a whammy and a wah in the same preset, and control them both with the same expression pedal. Of course, I'm not going to use them at the same time, so I want to be able to switch between wah and whammy with a switch on my midiboard. I...
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    Software for viewing IR freq reponse

    Hi guys! I have a new laptop, and since AlbertAs IR converter is no more, I have no good software to view the frequency responses of different IRs. Can anyone recommend a good program for analyzing IRs? :) Regards Niklas
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    Forum editing gone?

    Hi! I noticed something. I can't edit old posts any more. The edit button is simply not there anymore. Anyone else noticed this? Thanks Niklas
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    Wish Modifiers not stored in global blocks

    Hi! I noticed something. When using global blocks, the modifier info is not stored properly. In fact, it's not stored at all. I assume this is a bug, because otherwise, it would defeat the entire purpose of having global blocks. Regards Niklas
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    Am I the only one who noticed that some amps have ALOT more gain?

    After fiddling with my presets, I noticed that some amps, have alot more gain. My clean Fender preset was now a full on crunch sound. Now, I think this is a GOOD thing, since I always felt that certain amps where way too clean compared with their real life counterparts, so I say a big YES on...
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    Problems med with tone matching and using the Axe as an audio interface

    Hi guys! I've spent the last hours trying out the new tone matching feature. I'm quite underwhelmed by the results. Every time I try and match a tone, it ends up WAY darker than the clip I matched it from. Anybody got any ideas? Also, I've long noticed that using the Axe-FX II as an audio...
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    Quiet fan in my II!

    I can confirm that the new Axe-FX IIs from G66 have a different fan than the earlier ones. I just got mine replaced because of a problem, and the fan in this one is MUCH quieter than the old one. Just wanted to let you guys know :)
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    5.02 somewhere?

    I read that people who got new Axe-FX IIs have 5.02 on their units :) What's the scoop on this? Can we also get it? ;)
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    Randon freezes on V5

    Ever since I updated to firmware 5.00, I have gotten alot of random freezes on my Axe-FX II. The unit just freezes and stops producing sound. I can't seem to any find pattern for this problem to appear, hence the "random" part. It has never froozen once on any other firmware, so I'm guessing...
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    Might be a stupid question about reamping

    Hi! I'm using Cubase 5 as my DAW, and have a Lexicon Alpha 2 as my external soundcard. I have 2 ins and 2 outs on the card. I was wondering, is there a way for me to be able to listen to a backing track, and at the same time run a DI guitar signal from my computer to the Axe-FX II? It's...
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    And I love Ownhammer even more!

    I recently bought the entire Ownhammer library. I've been skeptical to these for a long time, mainly because there aren't very many cabs, or options within these cab selections such as mics and mic placement. However, I was soooo wrong! They sound just incredible! I still love the Red Wirez...
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    A question about speaker impendance

    Hi everyone! Does anybody know if the information in the speaker impedance tab in the amp block ONLY refers to the speaker/cab, and not a combination of the speaker/cab and the amp? In other words, say if I was to use the Mesa 4x12 with V30 IR with a Fender Twin, should I go to an amp that...
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    Lukather 1990 "Live in Paris" tone!

    I thought I'd share this one with you :) It's my Soldano X99 based Lukather tone from around 1990. I tried to make it as authentic as possible, so I modelled all the effects he used, plus no poweramp sim (straight preamp sounds for Luke during this time, into a SS poweramp). In the preset, I...
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    I LOVE the Red Wirez library with the Axe-FX II!

    Ever since I got my Axe-FX II a couple of weeks ago, I've been using the stock cabs. Mainly the RW cabs that come with the Axe-FX II. They sound good, but they are very processed and EQ:ed to a certain sound. They cut thru a mix, but they don't sound big and juicy with soaring highs like I want...
  94. G

    Firmware 4.xx master volume for none-MW amps?

    With the new firmware, which value for the master volume is right for the non-master volume amps? Is it 9 or 10 now? Cliff? ;) Regards Nick
  95. G

    Axe-FX II arrived today: Just making noise and flashing like crazy

    I just got my Axe-FX II. It worked for the first 15 minutes. I tried to connect the USB, then it went crazy, all inputs are clipping (even though there is nothing connected) and it's just making clicking noises. Reset or rebooting does nothing. What has happened? Did I get a faulty unit...
  96. G

    Replacing stock fan in an Axe-FX II?

    ... never mind, found my answer!
  97. G

    Why aren't us EU guys getting our Axe-FX IIs?

    First of all, I know these kind of threads generally get moved to the The Lounge, but I want people to see this. This isn't something that should get pushed aside. I think we all want to know, why people in the US get their Axe-FX IIs way ahead of us EU guys? US guys who ordered in June have...
  98. G

    German Boutique (RW) cab: What is it?

    Does anybody know what the German Boutique cab from Red Wirez is? My first thought was a Diezel or Bogner, but Red Wirez doesn't have a Diezel at all, and the only Bogner 4x12 is the Uber ones which are clearly marked as such.
  99. G

    3.00 Amp voicings: What is it?

    The new amp voicings you can choose from (IE modern, rock, pop etc), are they just pre-set EQs, or something else? Cliff?
  100. G

    Flanger the same as chorus block?

    Hi! Just a quick question. If you set up the flanger and chorus blocks the same way (no feedback etc), will the flanger sound the same as the chorus? /Tony
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