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  1. piofusco

    It's been an interesting run

    Best of luck dude. I feel like most people here and with FAS just want you to be happy. It's just gear. Have fun out there.
  2. piofusco

    WISH: Amp-Cab X/Y footswitch

    Any updates on this?
  3. piofusco

    Traveling with 2 guitars

    Hey guys, Making a trip to Nashville to get some recording done. I have two strat style guitars to take with me. Any suggestions? Obviously, I would prefer not to check them. I did find this case and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it: MONO M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case Looks...
  4. piofusco

    AX8 quick metal test

    Sounds sick dude - glad to see more people posted AX8 recordings. The more the merrier. But seriously - that chug... :openmouth: Well done. More please.
  5. piofusco

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I'm surprised to read this on 4/20. I figured things would "chill out"
  6. piofusco

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    There's always a chance people aren't using the forums and they are actually further ahead than we think?
  7. piofusco

    Expansion module

    Keep us posted on when/whether you get this set up and how you like it. Definitely had similar intentions.
  8. piofusco

    Guthrie Govan - using an FX8 with Aristocrats

    I'm informed too. But I'm not gonna tell you how I am informed - that's the only way you'll believe me.
  9. piofusco

    Guthrie Govan - using an FX8 with Aristocrats

    You are correct, sir. With a Victory V212 cabinet. He used his birdseye maple Charvel most of the night, however, he also used his mahogany Charvel for a couple songs. I would have taken more pictures, however, I didn't want to bother the people around me.
  10. piofusco

    Guthrie Govan - using an FX8 with Aristocrats

    Went to my first Aristocrats shows tonight in Denver and snuck a peak at Guthrie's pedalboard. Had a good chuckle once I realized what all he was using. Looks like he got rid of all of his pedals in favor of a certain notable company. Bravo, FAS.
  11. piofusco

    Custom Musikraft - the order has been made!

    UPDATES: The bridge, pots and straplocks have been installed. The body now has a clear coat. The neck has been attached with properly sized grommets. Should be ready this week. I am beyond excited. The clear coat took much longer than expected, but turned out wonderfully...
  12. piofusco

    Custom Musikraft - the order has been made!

    Nothing too fancy. First position: neck humbucker Second position: coil tapped neck humbucker and middle (just like a Strat) Third position: coil tapped neck humbucker and coil tapped bridge humbucker (I might switch to just the middle pick up down the road) Fourth position: coil tapped bridge...
  13. piofusco

    Custom Musikraft - the order has been made!

    Went with the Wilkinson VS100. Also, here is a picture of the input jack.
  14. piofusco

    Custom Musikraft - the order has been made!

    Thanks guys. I originally asked for a Birdseye Maple top, but Scott didn't feel they had anything in stock that was really worth while. Instead, we went with Flame Maple until one day he called me about a new piece that came. Seems to be some wood between Birdseye and Flame. He was really...
  15. piofusco

    Custom Musikraft - the order has been made!

    UPDATE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE! After a couple delays due to winter and all the custom features I asked for, Scott Smith finally called me with the news that my guitar parts would be shipped. They arrived a couple days ago! I immediately took them to my local guitar store, Spicer's Music, to have...
  16. piofusco

    G3 modeling thread

  17. piofusco

    CLR at lower volume - advice needed

    NAMM was this weekend - GAS kicked in as a "solution" to my problem. I will fight the urges. No, I don't need more gear. Must. Not. Want. Still want.
  18. piofusco

    CLR at lower volume - advice needed

    All, Since last post I have updated my Axe FX II Mark I to the latest Firmware and uploaded the latest factory presets. At the suggestion of Rex and randolfo (and others) I tried increasing the volume of my CLR so that I would not have to keep my Axe so low. The problem still persisted. I...
  19. piofusco

    CLR at lower volume - advice needed

    Correct. You have the right of it. I will try this and report back. Nope, passive pickups. To anyone else suggesting it is my guitar, I am positive it is not from my guitar. Nothing on my guitar is rattling. Eh, what? FWIW - I have yet to crack the CLR manual nor have I thought...
  20. piofusco

    CLR at lower volume - advice needed

    Hey guys, I have had a CLR for over a year now and have loved it from the start. Great on a pole, great as a wedge, great as a backline - on a pole sounds the best. While I feel I use it all the time, I am wondering if something inside of it might have gone wrong. If I play my Axe II with...
  21. piofusco

    Guitar cables. What's your flavor?

    I run my Axe II into my CLR/FOH with an XLR. If possible, I always use an XLR cable over a 1/4 cable when going from my Axe to anything else, be it for recording or a speaker. I mostly go with Monster for everything. However, Mogami is also a solid choice - I believe Guitar Center does honor the...
  22. piofusco

    High end guitar builders that offer thin neck profiles?

    Surprised these haven't been mentioned before. I guess one might consider them medium grade options, however, they both offer the highest quality woods. Not much difference. MusicKraft - I just ordered a custom profiled neck from them, all high grade roasted maple. Additionally, they offer...
  23. piofusco

    EMERGENCY!!! Calling all country pickers!!!

    Calm down! Major and minor blues pentatonic still applies - your licks will work! You can do it! "Modern" country guitar is mostly hard rock anyways. Get a Tele with a Dr. Z, some slap back reverb and a tube screamer and you are set. Side note: drink Whiskey and wear jeans, cowboy boots/hat...
  24. piofusco

    Custom Musikraft - the order has been made!

    Your post made me smile. Because all the body will be roasted, I imagine it will look pretty cool without paint. I will probably apply a thin lacquer for solidarity, but nothing fancy. Also, because I spent all my money on the other parts. I might give the pickups a red lipstick color though.
  25. piofusco

    Custom Musikraft - the order has been made!

    Some of you have probably seen my posts over the past six months asking about bridges, pickups, neck profiles, etc. For the past two years, I have been quietly researching buying a new guitar versus building one from custom parts. Partially inspired from Guthrie Govan, I figured out exactly what...
  26. piofusco

    Favorite neck profile & why?

    Some people gawk when I tell them this, but I prefer all of my necks to be sanded down with no finish on them. Personally, I like the back of my neck to feel kinda like a drum stick so I don't have any resistance when I play. As for the shape, I am pretty open minded. I prefer a compound...
  27. piofusco

    Warmoth Necks - quality? baked?

    At this point, I am thinking of getting everything from Musikraft. They seem to have everything I want. I can get a high grade 2-piece roasted flame maple neck, with graphite reinforcement rods installed too! Gonna have to pay a pretty penny, but I am not looking to resale - I am more looking to...
  28. piofusco

    Teach me something about bridges

    Never heard of these. Thanks for sharing. Definitely will check them out. Looks interesting. Three is definitely going to be my maximum. On another side note, does anyone know where I can find a Floyd Rose Focus? Like this:
  29. piofusco

    Teach me something about bridges

    If only we had those this far south. This is kind of what I had in mind. I am not really into Van Halen style dives. Perhaps at the end of a set/song...but I don't mind having to tune if I do something like that. Playing that "irresponsibly' warrants tuning. I actually Googled this...
  30. piofusco

    Teach me something about bridges

    Hey guys, So, I'm about to make the purchase for the body of my first 24 fret wonder. However, I have yet to decide on a bridge. With my strat plus, I have been pretty spoiled when it comes to staying in tune. I have mind to continue this into my next guitar in getting an American Standard...
  31. piofusco

    Major fault with Axe fx XL

    Another happy customer. Let's chalk up another one for FAS. HIP HIP....
  32. piofusco

    Recommendation for pedalboard

    Love the MFC extension and the Mission pedals. How much does the extension run? What a cool time we live in. Love that price tag. I am definitely going to look into these as well. Thanks!
  33. piofusco

    Got double booked - can anyone book me for Athens, GA this weekend?

    For some reason, I feel they would have double booked anyways. Not every shotgun bar is willing to sign a contract.
  34. piofusco

    Got double booked - can anyone book me for Athens, GA this weekend?

    After not returning any of my phone calls or text messages, I have a hunch that I am about to fall victim to double booking. Although I don't need the money, a lot of my band mates do. We prepared a very snazzy four hour set to debut in Athens, Georgia the weekend of the Auburn-Georgia game...
  35. piofusco

    Musikraft/Warmoth Replacement Necks

    I figured it required body work - no way am I gonna do that to this guitar. I was trying to hit two birds with one stone. I wanted to use this neck on my strat until I had the body built for my next guitar. Ipso facto - I don't want to do any of that hassle.
  36. piofusco

    Musikraft/Warmoth Replacement Necks

    Today I learned something. I had no idea 24 frets wasn't an option - glad I asked before I made the purchase. These are exactly the kinds of things I need to hear. Perhaps, I'll do a laminated fretboard AND dual trust-rods AND roasted. Christmas is around the corner. Thanks everyone!
  37. piofusco

    Musikraft/Warmoth Replacement Necks

    Looking to get a replacement neck from either Musikraft/Warmoth for my 1989 Fender Stratocaster Plus. Some things I would enjoy having on a guitar neck: Roasted/Caramelized wood - I know Warmoth does not offer this feature, while Musikraft does for $100. I haven't seen as many Musikraft...
  38. piofusco

    Recommendation for pedalboard

    I could definitely see myself getting another expression pedal. Now that I think about it, I definitely want a hardshell case with some extra real estate - no softcases. I am comfortable spending 200-300. The PT-Pro seems to be the strongest candidate. Followed by these NYC Cases.
  39. piofusco

    Recommendation for pedalboard

    Wow! Incredible - thanks a lot guys! These are exactly the type of suggestions I was looking for - personal accounts from trusted forum users! I am definitely going to look into a PT-2 or else make my own. The PT-Pro looks pretty nifty as well.
  40. piofusco

    Recommendation for pedalboard

    Hey there, Looking to get a pedalboard to hold my MFC and two mission engineering pedals. Would like the ability to nail everything to the board itself and leave all the cables plugged in. Also, I would prefer a hardshell case over a soft case - however, I am on a budget. Any suggestions...
  41. piofusco

    Awesome but crappy guitars

    Well said. For me, this also applies to the many features of the Axe FX. However, I never look back. It is difficult to say I am using the Axe for all it's worth though. Dude, yes. See, this is exactly what I was getting at. My first guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul junior. I put really heavy...
  42. piofusco

    Awesome but crappy guitars

    I have been really close to spend 3-4 grand on a custom PRS/Suhr/Gibson a number of times. Looking back, I am glad I haven't. Sometimes I see poorly made guitars in shops for less than 600 bucks and think, "Maybe this guitar has songs in it." I always hold back for a number of reasons 1)...
  43. piofusco

    Americo - EP (all Axe FX II)

    Thanks all. Prizes and Sled are my favorites. The base guitar track is a Friedman BE with a tube screamer if I remember correctly. I have the patch somewhere if people would like it. We added some other guitar tracks to thicken things up since I played it with a strat. Unfortunately, I can't...
  44. piofusco

    Americo - EP (all Axe FX II)

    The tunes have arrived. Follow the link and download for free. If you would be interested in a printed copy, I plan on getting them made in the near future. Eat a hot dog. Call your grandpa. Drink a beer and listen to all of this hard work. All guitar and bass was recorded with an Axe FX II...
  45. piofusco

    Does practice equal depth?

    I am 23 years old as of last week. I have been playing since I was 10. That means I have been playing for 13 years. Of all of the fads and hobbies I went through, music has stuck around. I go through phases where I will practice everyday for 8-10 hours and other times where I don't want to play...
  46. piofusco

    Gig proofing my MFC-101 (and other gear)

    Thanks for all the suggestions. This is exactly what I was looking for!
  47. piofusco

    Gig proofing my MFC-101 (and other gear)

    Played a bar in Athens this weekend and had too many "close encounters" with some rowdy fans. While I have musicians insurance which covers this sort of incident if my stuff is damaged or broken, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make my FAS equipment more "gig-proof" (split...
  48. piofusco

    Expressions used on the internet that drive you nuts

    TIL - why not just spell it out. Forever I thought it was an abbreviation for "until." "TIL my parents love me." Until your parents love you? OH NO!
  49. piofusco

    Rug suggestions

    Hey guys, Looking to buy a 3 by 5 rug. Tired of having my cables get all yucky after playing at a bar who neglects to clean their stage. Also, it's a chi thing. Any suggestions? Looking for good construction, quality material and durability. Cool designs/patterns would be a plus too. Thanks.
  50. piofusco

    Deftones Rig Rundown AXE II + MFC101

    Look! Look! Pretty cool if you haven't already seen.
  51. piofusco

    Is there anyone more impressive than John Mayer?

    Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino. But John Mayer would probably agree.
  52. piofusco

    Most Underrated guitar solos of all time

    Haven't read through this whole thread, but I'd like to say somethings about Tom Morello. Most people just listen to the hits, Bulls on Parade, Guerrilla Radio, Killing in the Name Of - but there are tons of other deep tracks. Know Your Enemy - really innovated guitar tone. Sick bass work by...
  53. piofusco

    How Do You Deal With Engineer Ignorance?

    At least it wasn't the sound engineer for your show. You will be presented with a sound guys who are completely ignorant to running FRFR and using a powered monitor. When I had my RCF, I had a sound guy try to mic it and when I tried to reason with him that I wanted to run direct, he got very...
  54. piofusco

    Strings you recommend?

    D'addario EXL115. When I started playing, I used 9's then 10's. Now I'm up to 11's, it feels odd using lower gauges. I play all sorts of stuff though - jazz, rock, country, blues. Great for everything, but some people hate the extra string tension - I feel the tone is better the thicker the...
  55. piofusco

    Suhr Modern wood choices

    *steps on to tree stump People don't realize how much of a different pots make. Most guitar companies say they use a ____k pot. However, not all of the guitars that leave the factory will have pots with the exact value advertised. Generally to cut costs, most guitar companies allow a "range."...
  56. piofusco

    David Walliman - Every guitar player should watch

    Glad someone finally took a stab at the stereotype - I think we can all laugh and agree we have turned into this character at one time or another. If you aren't subscribed to David on Youtube, do it! Fantastic lessons, fabulous teacher and a wonderful guy to boot!
  57. piofusco

    To build or not to build, that is the question...

    I have heard they have a 10 year warranty on their necks. Pretty amazing. I am very impressed with the company. My wallet isn't though. We share the same sentiment. If there is a benefit to a set neck, I guess I'll miss out. I would much rather have the ability to replace a neck without...
  58. piofusco

    To build or not to build, that is the question...

    Dude. Freaking cool story. POST A PICTURE! I feel your story might be the exception though, going that route seems quite fishy :| As I was reading this, I did think, "hey that might be fun!" I would love to put my heart and soul into a guitar and truly make it my own. I am currently...
  59. piofusco

    To build or not to build, that is the question...

    Just had an interesting discussion with a friend about this. Something for all to think about. I mentioned to him that I was thinking about buying a Suhr, possibly this model. It's the exact build I want, maybe not the paint job though My Suhr Modern Custom Roasted Birdseye Maple Neck With...
  60. piofusco

    To build or not to build, that is the question...

    Since I got my Axe II, MFC and CLR my next upgrade is going to be a guitar. While my 1989 Stratocaster plus satisfies most of my needs, I need a second guitar. After a lot of research, I have narrowed down my specs into a list (roasted maple neck, stainless steel fret wire, yadayada.) I could go...
  61. piofusco

    Trying to test out FW11 presets

    Forgot to upgrade to 11.03. Problem solved.
  62. piofusco

    Tutorial: Dialing Up My Delay with the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II

    These are fantastic. If anyone who prefers spring to studio reverb, this works just as well. I run my chain in a very similar manner to Scott! The only thing I didn't change was the EQ page. Hey Scott, are you planning on doing each block in your chain? I would definitely be interested in...
  63. piofusco

    Mama's back: The Mother-of-all-pedal-and-effect-emulations-thread for Axe-Fx II

    In case you haven't tried this already... EHX Micro Pog Pitch Block Type: Fixed/Intel Harm Voice 1 Shift: -12 Voice 2 Shift: 12 Volumes for both voices 100% Everything else stock
  64. piofusco

    First time back since May...

    So many things have changed..:shock ...Axe Edit works? But seriously. ...there's ANOTHER firmware upgrade? No way. ...my CLR came in? Pigs must fly or something. Bologna.
  65. piofusco

    Anyone ever gotten "booked" by Afton?

    It's a lucrative way to make one's living, but it seems they are seeking out desperate bands who want gigs. Check it out - be safe pay-to-play pre-sale tickets Afton Gorilla Emergenza
  66. piofusco

    Anyone ever gotten "booked" by Afton?

    Just got en email from this company called "Afton LCC" based in Atlanta. "Hey Michael, I am a book representative blah blah blah I have dates at (really good venue) and (really good venue). Let me know if you would be interested in booking in the future." My thoughts: Well duh, what band...
  67. piofusco

    The PERFECT Gig

    MORE! A little Band of Skulls. Had fun using a ping-pong delay on this one
  68. piofusco

    Midwest AxeFest this Spring?

    Or possibly the last week so I can go. I'll be getting back from a Summer camp in Ohio.
  69. piofusco

    Axe Fx II doesn't play nice with USB 3.0 (crackling/popping noises)

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/67237-quick-thoughts-10-a.html#post828368 Check this out.
  70. piofusco

    Recording Direct via USB

    What I should have said is I am using my little PreSonus Audiobox USB interface. It's got two xlr inputs which made adjusting the level of my Axe II much simpler. While the converters aren't the highest quality, for the purposes of a demo "they'll do." I was wondering the same thing. I...
  71. piofusco

    Recording Direct via USB

    After spending much of the afternoon, I think I have figured everything out. I recorded this demo during December Then, as opposed to now, I didn't really have an understanding of how to set output levels. Notice how low the volume is on these recordings in comparison to something off of...
  72. piofusco

    Recording Direct via USB

    I compress using the ACC Encoder at 320 kbps with the highest quality in stereo. Is this bad? Yes perfectly - there is a significant db difference between my demos and songs/cds I buy. But I have also seen/heard many soundcloud recordings and Youtube performances recorded direct USB with no...
  73. piofusco

    Recording Direct via USB

    I am sure this has been addressed on a thread before but I have some question about recording directly via USB. Being a mac user, I normally go back and forth between Garbageband and Logic to tweak my presets. While my tone is where I want it (in both live situations directo FOH AND through...
  74. piofusco

    Best way to backup presets in V10 ?

    Trying to the same thing myself, but there has got to be an easier way right? I am itching to try these new presets!
  75. piofusco

    The PERFECT Gig

    VIOLA! Footage from the (second) show!
  76. piofusco

    The PERFECT Gig

    I guess I should edit the caption beneath it as not to confuse people, yet...I doubt Van Halen has ever even heard of/been to Auburn, Alabama. Now all I need is my CLR. Glad I can focus on what is important now - playing music. Can't even imagine what V10 means honestly - how could things...
  77. piofusco

    The PERFECT Gig

    I have finally experienced what everyone on the forum talks about - a gig where my guitar tone matched that of what I hear at home. Finally, I was able to only worry about my performance than equipment related issues! Word to the wise - "the sound guy is always your best friend." - Whether you...
  78. piofusco

    MY April Fool

    I am not really an April Fool's kinda person. Except for this year. With all the excitement on the forum, I thought - What would be something really awesome I messaged my buddy in Boulder, CO. We've been best friends for ages. Every year he bugs me to come out and visit him in May. We usually...
  79. piofusco

    Why the Obsession with FRFR Solutions?

    Why didn't you try this from the get go? You've stated multiple times that the places you play don't have a FOH system and that you bring your own system. :shock Why not just use this system? If you pump vocals and a band through it, why not guitar as well? Running your guitar signal would be a...
  80. piofusco

    What does an FAS release look like?

    This is what I think V10 will probably look like.
  81. piofusco

    I've noticed from several avatars...

    My beard is merely an extension of my eyebrows
  82. piofusco

    Atomic Active Cab vs. Matrix Q12a

    Is this a patch you made yourself? And did you consider this one "boomy" with the CLR? If so, if you could post this preset or any others you felt gave you similar responses?
  83. piofusco

    The album tip of the day thread.

    Some of my favorites: Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes Jaga Jazzist - One Armed Bandit & What We Must Julian Lage Group - Gladwell
  84. piofusco

    What do you want to see released from Fractal next?!?!

    It'd be great if they finally added the Talent block.
  85. piofusco

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Just wondering... if my name comes up on the waitlist for the active wedge and it is out of stock, could I switch to the active cab instead?
  86. piofusco

    Monday night

    Yup, this is great. I dig.
  87. piofusco

    Using AxeFX Opening for Nonpoint and Hinder!

    I am getting to ready to do a lot of shows as well, one of them is opening for Moon Taxi. After reading all of the horror stories about terrible sound guys, this does make me feel better. I guess the best thing one can do is to show up early and befriend (with beer/cookies) the sound guy. Is...
  88. piofusco

    Dumble update?

    Whatever the case, I just hope they call the patch Dumbledore
  89. piofusco

    Steel Panther mix/ satchel's guitar sound

    It was guys like Van Halen that drew me to the guitar. While I later learned to appreciate more sophisticated players like Metheny and Scofield, I'll never deny that at heart I am lead guitar player in a band like Steel Panther. While there music can have a limiting vocabulary, these limits...
  90. piofusco

    Guthrie's New Prototype

    Considering feel and tone, you are completely right. However, in Alabama I have experienced the peaks and troughs of humidity and even with locking tuners it still affects the wood. If the science behind it checks out, who wouldn't want one over a traditional neck? Superficially, I think it...
  91. piofusco

    SoloAWeek Guest Appearance on Metal Album

    How did you not melt the strings? Good grief.. Sounds great!
  92. piofusco

    Guthrie's New Prototype

    Been really curious about roasted necks, different body wood permutations, however, I don't know of a way to test these theories without building a guitar first. To do that I'd either have to acquire the skills to do the work myself or befriends a luthier, both of which cost money and time I...
  93. piofusco

    Guthrie's New Prototype

    Figured there are tons of Guthrie fans on the forum. This new guitar looks pretty neat! Talks a great deal about each feature in detail. Check it out
  94. piofusco

    Equator D5 - Wow!

    The word has even gotten down to Auburn, Alabama. Got a pair last year at the suggestion of a friend in Berklee's Recording Engineering program. When listening to my favorite records, I always hear something new I never noticed. Pretty great for making home demos as well! I recommend them to...
  95. piofusco

    Monsters Inc Opening Theme Cover

    Freaking love this! Sounds wonderful! Was this all played by ear or did you have the music? (if so, maybe you could share it?) Also, what/how did you record all of this? Always keen to learn someone else's method.
  96. piofusco

    Next batch of CLRs?

    Not to worry, got a response from Tom this morning. I am indeed on the list, however there is nothing to report on the next batch!
  97. piofusco

    Best studio monitors for the Axe FX?

    Equator Audio D5. Increíble!
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