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  1. Lkdog

    SOLD Mesa Mark V 90 Watt head $1525

    Now $1525 shipped PP Gift.
  2. Lkdog

    SOLD SOLD FC-6 Footswitch

    Nice deal. I just got one of these. They are great.
  3. Lkdog

    SOLD Mesa Mark V 90 Watt head $1525

    Mesa Mark V head for sale Excellent condition. No issues. Comes with head cover, footswitch, cable. $1525 shipped and insured using PP Gift. Will split fees if you want to use regular PayPal.
  4. Lkdog

    WTB FC-6

    Got one.
  5. Lkdog

    FS FC-6 Shipped for $450

    PM sent.
  6. Lkdog

    WTB Marshall JMP back plate for late 70s 2203 (Not the back grille board)

    Try the Marshall Amp forum if you haven't already. Marshall Amp forum Or The Gear Page amp section.
  7. Lkdog

    WTB FC-6

    Shoot me a pm if you have one you wish to sell.
  8. Lkdog

    Cab Settings Poll High Cut

    Older thread by the expert. He may have a different view with the Axe III. Dunno. Cliff's tip on Cab Low Cut/High Cut I generally follow his suggestions. I recall when I tried a Helix- it sounded like total garbage unless you used an aggressive hi cut.
  9. Lkdog

    Please help buy my monitors or FRFR

    I looked at a bunch. I use my monitors for the Axe III and for mixing music. I am very happy with Yamaha HS8 pair and the matching subwoofer. Look around online. You can get them at decent prices.
  10. Lkdog

    FS American Strat - Crimson Red Transparent - mod w humbucker

    It is a really nice looking Strat. Popular color. I would open it up to see what the body pocket says. The neck at least looks like a Deluxe. Not a compound radius. These threads might help. http://www.strat-talk.com/threads/american-deluxe-strat-differences.218801/...
  11. Lkdog

    Making coil splitting work

    I have a DGT with the resistors as noted above with the PRS values and it is pretty good. Especially with some Austin Buddy presets designed for Strats. I have tried this resistor mod for partial splits on another dual humbucker guitar that has two separate VOL push pull pots and that gets...
  12. Lkdog

    FS American Strat - Crimson Red Transparent - mod w humbucker

    The answer is it depends. Is it an American Deluxe Strat? If so, the year makes a big difference. The mod to a humbucker in the bridge position is not a problem. What people are going to want to know is it a newer American Deluxe with noiseless pickups in the other positions, and the modified...
  13. Lkdog

    Ready to purchase III, but knowing my luck, a MK2 would probably show up soon...

    Fractal makes amazing products. But in the world of digital, the life cycles are short. And they have to tweak in some ways to generate new sales. That said the modeling technology is extremely advanced by all companies right now and improvements are incremental at this point. The present Axe...
  14. Lkdog

    Jumped on the Wait List

    The Mesa Mark V is an amp I have bought and sold three times since I have been a AXE FX guy over the last several years (Ultra/II/IIXL and now The AXE FX III.. Just have to have a real amp around and it is the most fun of any amp I have ever had.
  15. Lkdog

    RESOLVED Axe-Fx III SPDIF output is really quiet into Scarlett 6i6 gen 2 (and DAWs)

    OK, that seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks so much to you both for identifying that problem in the signal chain setup.
  16. Lkdog

    RESOLVED Axe-Fx III SPDIF output is really quiet into Scarlett 6i6 gen 2 (and DAWs)

    You might be onto something- it does sound like a dry input. But don't know how I am screwing that up and I certainly am not trying to do so. I edited the above post. I am getting the same issue in Ableton also.Works with AXE FX III USB audio interface, but not when I use the AXe FX III SPDIF...
  17. Lkdog

    RESOLVED Axe-Fx III SPDIF output is really quiet into Scarlett 6i6 gen 2 (and DAWs)

    I am longtime AXE FX Ultra, and the AXe II, and AXE II XL user and recently got at an AXE FX III. In my setup I like to use a separate Audio Interface and have been using a Scarlett 6i6 gen2 for a couple years. I went into the AXE FX III I/O setting and set it to SPDIF and the source for it...
  18. Lkdog

    FS PSA on AXE8/Fractal pedal - Nice deal

    My mistake. I just sold one and misread it. Still a decent deal for someone.
  19. Lkdog

    FS PSA on AXE8/Fractal pedal - Nice deal

    https://www.rig-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=200780 $800 shipped. No affiliation.
  20. Lkdog

    So Cliff..... what is your favorite Marshall type amp these days?

    I seem to recall you had a favorite awhile ago. So many great choices. You liked the 50W 6550 in this thread. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/what-is-your-favorite-amp-block-for-classic-marshall-plexi.123567/
  21. Lkdog

    What does "FC" stand for in the FC6 and FC12 controller name?

    Just curious. Foot Controller? Fractal Controller?
  22. Lkdog

    What does acronym "DSP" firmware stand for.

    i see the new firmware updates called DSP firmware updates. What does DSP mean?? Just curious. Edit: figured it out..... digital signal processor. LOL
  23. Lkdog

    Hum depending on position of guitar with respect to Axe FX II. Same with Axe III?

    My guess after chasing these things is it is EMI/RF that is in your room from any number of sources in your house or studio. Could be Dimmers three rooms over or your PC monitor or who knows what else. I doubt it is the AXE. You likely would have the hum with any tube amp, or any other modeler...
  24. Lkdog

    Having trouble getting a good AC/DC tone

    Agree there is less gain than you would think.
  25. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    There are also a couple for a straight sale on The Gear Page still listed and the markup is not crazy. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/brand-new-fractal-axe-fx-iii.1931172/ https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/fractal-axe-fx-iii-2895.1929991/
  26. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I actually find the way they are doing it pretty odd to be honest. Announce a major product launch date. Setup a wait list. And then give zero info. Nothing we can do about it and FAS is not too concerned I am sure with what I think, but other builders give timelines on their wait lists. If...
  27. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I do think that it would be reasonable for FAS to give basic info on production levels and waiting list time periods. My guess is they have a pro/endorser list they are serving in addition to the general end user hack list here. Maybe they are churning out 10 a day. Maybe 20. Nobody knows.
  28. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    It's on CL also. Probably can get it much cheaper.
  29. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Most credit cards offer an additional warranty period when if bought on the card.
  30. Lkdog


    You live in larger area. Might get a buyer locally. List on CL and see what happens. You will probably have to sell online though. Start here. Go to The Gear Page. Reverb is not as big a ripoff as Ebay.
  31. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Cliff is a genius and it is all part of the mystique here. LOL.
  32. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I think FAS is basically stating they will not ship anywhere but the address associated on the credit card and it cannot be redirected to any UPS shipping center to be held. No exceptions.
  33. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx II vs Axe-Fx III (video comparison)

    Sounded great, but likely one needs to be in the room and listening to really appreciate a difference. I do trust that those that actually have an AXE 3 to do a side by side with an AXE2 or AXE8 do feel there is a difference that they hear. It was not really apparent when I listened other than...
  34. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Um,.....yeah they could and you are required to show government issued ID that matches the person and address on the shipment. UPS policy. Oh well.
  35. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Apparently FAS must ship it with some restriction they are allowed to impose as the shipper. So someone at your address has to be home. It is like cable guy sort of. :D
  36. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I also u that Yes, UPS has shipping centers and other authorized locations that will hold packages that you authorize to be redirected and held. I use it all of the time as I travel a lot. The issue is Fractal will not allow this service for the recipient when they ship the unit.
  37. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    They will hold any shipment at a UPS Center for you. Just go online or call to do it. No fee for that. You have to show ID and sign for it, of course. I was not aware FAS restricts the buyer who is actually paying for the shipping from doing that. Pretty odd practice by FAS.
  38. Lkdog

    Why don’t headphones sound good?

    I run into old Mackie 1202 VLZ Mixer and use the headphone out on that. Sounds great.
  39. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Question- Are these assembled here? Any idea the daily production capability?
  40. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Maybe Fractal could give some general indication of wait times based upon number of orders and production/assembly projections. Like- we have 75 remaining on 1/29, and 125 on 1/30, and 100 on 1/31 etc and 750 preordered total, and we expect to be able to send out 50 a week or whatever. You...
  41. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Based upon the thread here-it might be several weeks. It is not like they are pushing out 50 a day. I am 12 hours ahead of you and do not expect an email for quite sometime.
  42. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I am glad I grabbed a used Ax8 after I sold my XL/MFC rig. My email was 2/1 @ 9:52 EST. Looks like it could be three or four weeks out still.
  43. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I am Feb 1st around 900 AM I think. :anguished: Sold my AXE FX II XL rig. I picked up an AXE 8 assuming it would be summer before I got an AXE 3.
  44. Lkdog

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Thanks. It has been years since I did any MIDI programming of a unit. Guess I will need to learn again.
  45. Lkdog

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Soooooo, would the FX8 work better as a General Midi Controller? I have both an AX8 and FX8.
  46. Lkdog

    New FC price point please

    I am sure this has been asked or addressed in one of these various threads, but I assume that either the AX8 or Axe Fx8 can serve as a basic MIDI controller for the AXE 3. My needs are pretty simple- change presets, and have a stompbox mode, and hook up an external pedal for wah or volume...
  47. Lkdog

    New FC price point please

    Although I am sure it will work seamlessly- Nobody will be very happy spending $1000 on a dumb box with 12 buttons. I am sure FAS will be fair, but I am also sure there will be other aftermarket options that evolve at various price points.
  48. Lkdog

    New FC price point please

    Lighten up Francis.What is happening is you are melting down like a fckign snowflake. Just keep your present rig and then get a AXE III when everything is perfect and meets your expectations. Or buy an AXE 3 and use it in studio until there is a foot pedal. Or buy and AXE 3 and use any generic...
  49. Lkdog

    noisey patch

    Most all higher gain presets in the AXE FX II, and all higher amps in real life have some noise. In addition- your guitar may be picking up up EMI and RF noise from the environment, dimmers, etc that is specific to your guitar in that context. Obviously single coils are almost always an issue...
  50. Lkdog

    AxeFX2 Emulator?

    Kind of like how Windows 10 can function if needed in Windows 7 or WIndows XP mode for older software? Great idea, but it never worked for shit. LOL.
  51. Lkdog

    Is FAS prepared for high demand at launch?

    I grabbed a used AX8 for the wait after I sold my XL/MFC setup. I assumed it will be a awhile.
  52. Lkdog

    My Main Gig Preset - Axe-Fx III [Video]

    Very cool. Any idea when these are ready for mass production and shipping?
  53. Lkdog

    Pondering the move from an XL - how easy is transition?

    Yes, sort of, but you can put them in the same spots if you want for your presets.
  54. Lkdog

    MFC-101 obsolescence, firmware

    I am sure they will be convenient, but my needs are pretty simple. Change presets and have stompbox function for effects. The beauty of the MFC was I didn't have to do programming like with the Behrniger I had.
  55. Lkdog

    MFC-101 obsolescence, firmware

    I sold mine once it became clear it could only be used as a generic MIDI controller. If I want that down the road-then I can grab a Behringer FCB1010. As for the new FAS foot controllers-if they are nothing but a dumb box and all programming takes place in the AXE 3, they should be cheap. That...
  56. Lkdog

    Pondering the move from an XL - how easy is transition?

    I think it would be pretty easy. Guys use it like you want I am pretty sure, but they will chime in. I had an XL for years for my studio. Sold it and now have an Ax8. The AX8 editor is different and there is a little less horsepower for complex patches, but otherwise it is pretty intuitive.
  57. Lkdog

    Trying to get my AX8 sounding good.

    I use HS8 monitors. They are excellent. I have had an Ultra, a Mark II, an XL, and have an Ax8. Have never really had major issues getting usable tone out of stock presets with minimal tweaks. Most users really don't and most everybody finds or creates other presets they really like. I can go...
  58. Lkdog

    All hail Yek and the Wiki

    The info and support he provides is amazing. The FAS support and info here and input and projects from multiple others easily make this the best digital platform product line for guitar players and it is not even close.
  59. Lkdog

    Trying to get my AX8 sounding good.

    Maybe you just like the Helix better. It happens. I had one and have tried the Native software also. Actually much harder to find usable tones out of it, but it is good gear.
  60. Lkdog

    5" vs 6.5" vs 8" monitor?

    I just switched to Yamaha Hs8 pair and the Hs8s sub. I did demo the JBL 8 inch monitors also. Liked the Yamahas better. Sound great for use with Axe and mixing with DAW. Might still be doing rebates on them also.
  61. Lkdog

    For recording the AX8, what is a good reasonably proced interface with SPDIF

    I am really pleased with the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.
  62. Lkdog

    Trying to get my AX8 sounding good.

    I had an XL for years, and an AX8 last year. As noted mostly used stock presets and did minor tweaking. Just picked up another AX8 this week to use while waiting for the AXE3. Fired it up with FW 9.04. Stock presets I tried (Friedmans, SLOs, Fenders, Bogners) sound pretty amazing. Zero tweaking.
  63. Lkdog

    Trying to get my AX8 sounding good.

    I may be in the minority, but I mostly use stock presets with just tweaks for years. Try a Friedman or the Shiva, or the Bassman amps out of the box.
  64. Lkdog

    Is the axe fx III manufactured in China or US?

    My guess is both. Everybody sources parts from Asia even if they assemble it here. FAS has had a history of great build quality and very low failure rate AFAIK.
  65. Lkdog

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I was not going to as the sound is great as it is, but I think I will actually use some of the increased other functionality of the new hardware. I am thinking the waiting list might be into April before my name comes up.
  66. Lkdog

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    It s going to be a long 5-6 weeks until these things start shipping. People are bitching about stupid sht.
  67. Lkdog

    Newbie - buy discounted Axe Fx II or III??

    Good advice about the AX8. And the AXE units sound great through the Yamaha HS8 monitors.
  68. Lkdog

    Newbie - buy discounted Axe Fx II or III??

    I did answer his question. He doesn't need to buy either. There is nothing wrong with his Line 6 gear. If you have never used it you might not know. He thinks it is bad because it is 9-10 years old. The Line 6 gear from that era was not that far behind the Axe Standard and Ultra modeling. If...
  69. Lkdog

    Why 512 Presets?

    I hardly use all of the first core amps in Bank A in my XL. I couldn't tell you what is in Bank B and C really.
  70. Lkdog

    Newbie - buy discounted Axe Fx II or III??

    If you are just learning guitar any decent hardware or software modeler or low priced two channel tube amp is fine. FWIW- Jeff Beck did a CD using a Line 6 Pod for some of it. Your gear is fine. Having an AXE FX II or AXE FX III will not necessarily make you a better player. They might make you...
  71. Lkdog

    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    I looked at specs closer. I think there are a few things that I decided I might like a lot. Going to upgrade. My XL/MFC rig for sale cheap.
  72. Lkdog

    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    I have had all of the FAS units since the Ultra.I have been around modeling since the late 90's and tried them all. I often thought the Ultra was pretty good but not great, and I still used Line 6 stuff, and some software apps for some applications. The Fenders were really not that good. The...
  73. Lkdog

    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    It appears at this point that the platform change establishes a major leap forward in functional options for the user. I think many users, especially power users, will love this and this is a logical area for product development. To be completely honest- the AXE FX II platform has sounded state...
  74. Lkdog

    I might be getting off the Axe-Fx train

    I tried a Helix out of curiosity. For me, I use the PC editors so the interface on the hardware not a big deal. The determining factor is always the sound. I like Axe FX XL better by a fair margin.
  75. Lkdog

    Anyone else super excited for the III?

    I am likely good for now. Love the Axe Fx II XL, and the FX8 with my tube amps. Do not use all of the CPU capacity and features of them yet. I am not a power user compared to others. If there is a documented consensus sound difference in the Axe III then an upgrade might make sense, but not...
  76. Lkdog

    Studio monitor recommendations for home usage

    Very happy with my Yamaha HS8 monitors. Go online authorized dealer and get rebate. I have the sub also, but not needed probably.
  77. Lkdog

    Factory Presets Banks for XL??

    I figured out the weird stuff happened after doing BATCH changes to some AMP parameters using FRACTOOL. Not sure why. Might be user error. LOL.
  78. Lkdog

    Yamaha HS8 and HS8S sub impressions

    Just some feedback on this setup that I just picked up to use in my small studio setup for use with the AXE FX II XL, and for general DAW mixing and listening. Room size is 15' X 23' with 8' ceilings and these are setup on one end of room facing the shorter width. Overall very impressed for...
  79. Lkdog

    Factory Presets Banks for XL??

  80. Lkdog

    Factory Presets Banks for XL??

    Yep, that is where I went to get the latest factory banks. Looks like same files for XL and XL+. For some reason they are funky when I load them in my XL unit. I did find the BANK A for the XL that was posted here in May so I think I am good.
  81. Lkdog

    Factory Presets Banks for XL??

    When I loaded the SYX file of all three banks that was labeled ALL BANKS XL+, I had a bunch of duplicates - it was weird. Like two Brit 800's (one in slot 10 and one in slot 12). LOL.
  82. Lkdog

    Factory Presets Banks for XL??

    I decided to reset my unit tonight when loading in the new FW 9.04 and went to reload the Presets for the XL from the website, but they are just for XL+ it seems.I downloaded the Zip file and the banks are all labeled XL+ (Jul 13, 2017). I then recalled there was a BANK A this summer and did...
  83. Lkdog

    AXE FX II XL into Return of MESA Mark V and 1X12 CAB thoughts

    Good ideas. I think one problem I am having is I am so used to the KRK 6 monitors and they are a bit bass heavy and I am finding out most think the Celestion V30's are a bit bright in midrange/upper mids. They are kind of different animals so maybe this all makes sense what I am hearing. I...
  84. Lkdog

    AXE FX II XL into Return of MESA Mark V and 1X12 CAB thoughts

    Just trying this as compared to my FRFR monitors (KRK Rokit 6). The CAB I have is a semi open back 1X12 with a Celestion V30. I have the MESA Mark V set at 45 watts with tube rectifier. I did a few searches and added an FX Loop onto the preset and run a cable from the OUTPUT 2 to the MESA...
  85. Lkdog

    FAS 2018!!!

    Happy New Year to all and one of best forums on the web for musicians.
  86. Lkdog

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Using an AMP block as a DRIVE

    Maybe a stupid question, but can you do this and have the amp block be available in AXE FX8?? I saw this tutorial and it would be interesting if possible. Not sure I quite understand it and have not tried this, but might play around with it...
  87. Lkdog

    FX8 VS FX8 MARK II made in??

    Supposedly the MKII has lower noise floor and there is some added feature with instrument input level setting. I have a MKII. It is quiet and works great, but I am guessing the MK I is equally as good in use.
  88. Lkdog

    FX8 VS FX8 MARK II made in??

    I am sure FAS sources hardware everywhere like any tech company and most all of it is from Asia. Maybe they assemble it here. I don't care. It is great build quality. I have built PC's from the ground up for decades. All of the parts I use are made in Asia unless it is an INTEL CPU from a FAB...
  89. Lkdog

    Axe II + tube amp questions

    You can do what you want in 4CM and also use the CABs in the Axe FX if the Laney has a line out, or you have a loadbox with a line out. I got it working that way with help here...
  90. Lkdog

    New (to me) FX8 owner

    Just picked up a nice used MKII from a member here. Been trying it out tonight with a MARK V Mesa in 4CM mode. Still learning the basics. Very impressed. Not going to bore you with a lot of detail, but this thing just really does what it is supposed to do. Quiet, pretty straightforward, the...
  91. Lkdog

    Mesa JP2C with Axe Fx: Need recommendation for speaker load box/dummy load

    The Reload. http://www.two-notes.com/en/torpedo-reload It does a ton of things and I am not using all of its capabilities. I run the line out from it into the AXE and just use the AXE CABs (and add the AXE post amp delays, chorus, reverb) and can record into my DAW from the AXE if I want just...
  92. Lkdog

    Mesa JP2C with Axe Fx: Need recommendation for speaker load box/dummy load

    I have a Torpedo Reload loadbox I use with a Mark V. Works great. Sounds great. I run signal from loadbox into my Axe FX XL and use various CABs in the Axe.
  93. Lkdog

    Is the brit pre good enough?

    All I know is it sounds great in the Axe Fx. Has always been one of my favorites.
  94. Lkdog

    axe FX II XL+ or ?

    Interesting. Your source???:rolleyes:
  95. Lkdog

    Noise Gate Settings

    Not my style of music but I seem to recall that one wants quick Attack and short Release to get that staccato sound. I guess you would set the Threshold and Ratio at level to do the job.
  96. Lkdog

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Firmware Release

    I do think the first Beta seemed to have some noise floor increase IMO. The second Beta and the Final release seem fine or maybe I just tweaked my Noisegate settings along with few other things. I have my own RF issues in my setting so need a Noisegate on most presets with gain. With Bright...
  97. Lkdog

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    It should be pretty straight forward. Open Fractal Bot. Choose Axe 8. Find file. Select file. Let er rip.
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