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  1. hussamd

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy birthday! We are lucky to have you among us.
  2. hussamd

    Mens 50+ Multivitamin

    Eat a balanced diet and you do not need any vitamins. Some claim you just pee them. I tried the hyped fruit and vegetables ones for 3 months then I took my yearly physical with full blood panel and there was no noticeable difference from the prior years.
  3. hussamd

    Packed ports and empty shelves: Inside the issues behind the U.S. supply chain crisis

    That is what happens when you pay people to stay home and prevent others from working because they do not want to inject poison into their body. The number of incompetent morons in this administration is staggering.
  4. hussamd

    Windows 10 Automatic Updates are Baffling and Infuriating

    I start my day with checking for updates so I do not get interrupted later. Experienced users can set a policy to stop the updates like what is implemented on corporate PCs. It is annoying.
  5. hussamd

    Nearby radio station comes in through guitar cable port

    My extra noise stopped when I switched to wireless. Try plugging in a different outlet.
  6. hussamd

    My wife passed away today

    Sincere condolences.
  7. hussamd

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    This is the only forum I have been following for years. Kudos for keeping the atmosphere of collaboration. I have learned so much from the experts here who are always happy to share.
  8. hussamd

    Need help badly to connect the ISP Decimator in the FX Loop

    I have been using the Axe-FX III with 2 CLR active monitors and have never been happier. I have not even scratched the surface of all the capabilities that constantly getting improved - the last one is a redesigned pitch block that allows me to down-tune to C and B with amazing results.
  9. hussamd

    Jim the Pigeon

    Did you check for a message on his leg? Could be from your future self :) I have a robin following me in the garden wanting me to throw a blueberry to him. Bastard!
  10. hussamd

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    My wife had the same issue with Outlook kept crashing 2 seconds later. it started working fine after 20 min of hearing words I had to look up in the dictionary :) Mine was fine but I ran the update first thing in the day so I do not get surprised with programs crashing. They did push an...
  11. hussamd

    Ugh, One of Those Days. Now My UPS is Fried.

    UPS got the 'Rona?
  12. hussamd

    Where Has Integrity Gone?

    I dumped them way back and had to go through the same thing.
  13. hussamd

    Is Kiesel worth the wait?

    They are worth the wait as you get a work of art to your specifications. I have had several over the years and have no desire to get any other brand. Vaders are my favs.
  14. hussamd

    Cliff's Reviews: Ad Astra

    Thanks for ruining a movie I was not planning on seeing lol
  15. hussamd

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    Hard to buy a meter long sub :rolleyes:
  16. hussamd

    NGD It Suhr is a nice one

    Very nice!
  17. hussamd

    External SSD

    I have 2 SSDs in a raid 0 setup for an external backup disk and I have seen 700+M/s throughput on some files. For single SSD cloning I get 230+M/s.
  18. hussamd

    External SSD

    SSDs are great for speed and quietness. I have been using them in several laptops and for external backups. Samsung EVO is the fastest among the ones I have had. One drawback is if something happens to the disk you lose all of it. With mechanical disks you may have bad sectors but still be...
  19. hussamd

    Rhetorical Question About the Avengers

    Why are you wasting time instead of working on the next firmware that will make me suck less?
  20. hussamd

    Does anybody *not* like the Atomic CLR?

    Love my 2 CLRs.
  21. hussamd

    IR Length

    It would be nice to have a option in the editor to find this sweet spot or have it automatically figured out. I know you can do it :)
  22. hussamd

    Cat Poll

    Saving energy for the hunt. Bastards...
  23. hussamd

    What fresh Windows hell am I in for?

    I clone my SSD as a backup. I can swap the disks with no issues so the W10 license is not tied to the disk. You should be OK. If not, contact Microsoft. They were very helpful on other occasions where I needed to move licenses from one PC to another.
  24. hussamd

    Other People's Presets

    I downloaded Mark Day's latest preset last week and had to make some adjustments to the bass and EQ before it was usable on my setup. To my ears the Bass is always too high on most downloaded presets. What I get from these presets is interesting ways of using the effects. They are a starting...
  25. hussamd

    Isolated guitar track

    Check the blog archive part on the right side of the list. Links to download them in groups are there.
  26. hussamd

    Quick Tone Matching Tutorial

    Nice! Thanks.
  27. hussamd

    Tech is great, but let's still use our smarts

    So true. Smart phones and technology in general is dulling the mind. Use it or lose it...
  28. hussamd

    Video - FC-12 - Quick Look | Default Layouts | EZ Switch Editing

    Professional quality and easy to understand and follow. Thank you very much! Well done!
  29. hussamd

    FC 6/12 choice: regrets?

    I was surprised how big the FC12 was. Pictures did not do it justice. For $200 more to double the buttons was a no brainer for me.
  30. hussamd

    Sold my Axe III .... bought an AX8

    I had the same thought when I saw the cost of the FC-12. I got over it though :)
  31. hussamd

    No USB Audio After Upgrading to FW 2.4

    The latest update reset the USB level to a negative number. Got to the I/O page, USB tab and increase it to 0 or +4 or whatever suits you.
  32. hussamd

    FW 2.03 - New Features (Vid)

    Love the clear instructions - very helpful. Thank you.
  33. hussamd

    Guitar Pickups Don't Matter?

    The dunkans are clearer and less fuzzy. To me they sound better.
  34. hussamd

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    BKP Nailbombs is my fav by far. I also have Juggernauts in my other vader.
  35. hussamd

    New Additions to the Family

    By the size of his paws he will be a biggen.
  36. hussamd

    "Pull Me Under" - Petrucci Rig Preset

    Awesome man! Your fingers look like an alien crawling on the fretboard at 3:15 :) Rock on!
  37. hussamd

    Real 5150 III 50W Red vs Axe 5153 100W Red

    May favorite amp in the Axe!
  38. hussamd

    Wow! It really does sound better...

    I did notice a great improvement in the sound. Best purchase of 2018 and worth every penny! Now can we have the FC please?
  39. hussamd

    Kiesel No More

    I have 6 Vaders and could not be happier with the quality and the personal attention.
  40. hussamd

    Crystal Reverb

    I was thinking of trying to connect one of the other output 1 back into input 2 and have that only go to the RTA block (no output). Might be worth trying.
  41. hussamd

    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    Just saw the thread and signed up.
  42. hussamd

    Crystal Reverb

    In my setup I am connected to my laptop via USB. If I want the analyzer to graph the guitar playing, I put it in the patch input 1 signal. That is fine. If I want the analyzer to graph the music I am playing via USB will I need to add cables to route output 1 to say input 2, then add input 2...
  43. hussamd

    Crystal Reverb

    Eye candy. I play backing tracks via USB. Can I use this block to show the music or both my playing and the music? That would be cool to look at.
  44. hussamd

    Crystal Reverb

    Any help on how to use this block?
  45. hussamd

    Closed Ability to dim the blue Axe-Fx III light - for aesthetic reasons

    It is bright. I got the unit yesterday and that was the first thing I noticed :) I can play in the dark now.
  46. hussamd

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Waitlist Mon 1/29/2018 7:08 PM CST. Just got the invite and the purchase was done! Now they need to get on the foot switches...
  47. hussamd

    BRYAN ADAMS - Run To You (full cover w/vocals)

    Excellent! One of my favs.
  48. hussamd

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    At this rate I will get mine in a month. Mine is 1/29 at 7 PM. Not happy!
  49. hussamd

    AXE-FX III Rush Cover YYZ

    Love it!
  50. hussamd

    Skid Row - "I Remember You" (full cover w/vocals)

    You guys rock! Keep'm comin
  51. hussamd

    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    Awesome, as usual. Rock on dudes!
  52. hussamd

    Bruce Dickinson - Road To Hell (full band cover)

    Wow. I'm speechless! Well done!
  53. hussamd

    Goodbye Old Friend

    Sorry for your loss. I know that sick feeling all too well.
  54. hussamd

    More Kitty Sadness

    That sucks. I have 4 cats and many more over the years. We never had any issues with any of the shots. Are they experimenting in your state? Law or not...screw that!
  55. hussamd

    Fuck you Gibson

    I was kidding guys! :) Good thing I didn't mention duct tape...
  56. hussamd

    Fuck you Gibson

    Gorilla glue and a vice should do it.
  57. hussamd

    Export a Single Block?

    Create a patch with just that block, export from AX8 and import to XL, then save the block to your XL library.
  58. hussamd

    XLR or 1/4 to mixer?

    You are correct sir. I was thinking TS.
  59. hussamd

    Does it really sound like a cranked tube amp?

    You can crank a tube amp and still keep your hearing if you use an attenuator. I prefer the Axe.
  60. hussamd

    Can I change parameters of a block for another scene?

    You can use the Y part of the block. Copy X to Y and make the adjustment. Scene controllers are another if the parameters you want can be controlled.
  61. hussamd

    Musicman Majesty, good?

    I bought one a while back but ended up returning it. It sounded great but it was difficult to play. The first 3 frets felt very difficult like my fingers had to stretch extra or something. It should be due to how the guitar hangs (long horn) which could make the position of the frets...
  62. hussamd

    practicing Mr. Scary

    You make it look so easy :)
  63. hussamd

    fw Q4 | DOKKEN | Unchain The Night | FULL COVER w/vocals (patch included)

    You are the best man! The email is hussamd_99 at yahoo dot com. I really appreciate it!
  64. hussamd

    fw Q4 | DOKKEN | Unchain The Night | FULL COVER w/vocals (patch included)

    I listened to the original and this one is far better. Great job. I would love to play along to this song. Off to find the backing track.
  65. hussamd

    Axe Fx just for home: who else does it?

    I play at home exclusively. There is no other rig I have owned that gave me this type of sound and satisfaction. If you have the money go for it.
  66. hussamd

    guitar brands??

    I have found happiness with Kiesel guitars. They will tailor it to your specifications.
  67. hussamd

    fw Q4 | DOKKEN | Unchain The Night | FULL COVER w/vocals (patch included)

    That was awesome dude! Great job as usual.
  68. hussamd


    I switched to it lately and I like it. It is easy to dial.
  69. hussamd

    CLRs as Monitors are Awesome!

    I love my 2 CLRs. The sound that comes out of them is just amazing.
  70. hussamd

    Kiesel Vader & Fractal AxeFX - spacey, somber tune

    Cheer up. You have a Vader AND an Axe-FX :)
  71. hussamd

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Firmware Release

    There was a beta??? Where on earth was I?
  72. hussamd

    New video for the new METALLICA MKIIC++ amp model in Q3.03! YEAAHHH

    Sounds massive! What guitar/pickups are you using?
  73. hussamd

    NGD: A tribute to a great cat

    I am in sonic bliss :) 2 of the greatest companies!
  74. hussamd

    NGD: A tribute to a great cat

    The ash treated Aries (one with the headstock) is a bolt-on and more like a Fender, the others are neck through and more like an LP. Kiesel is the new name for the old Carvin guitars under the leadership of Jeff Kiesel that has been doing pieces of art with these guitars.
  75. hussamd

    NGD: A tribute to a great cat

    FYI - All my cats are represented in my instruments :)
  76. hussamd

    NGD: A tribute to a great cat

    We lost Roger (white manx) this year and I wanted to have a guitar built in his memory. The folks at Kiesel (Carvin) guitars did a wonderful job with this Vader and even offered a free 6 weeks rush on the order. I had it done in Cadillac Diamond tri-coat white with the binding in black flame...
  77. hussamd

    Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

    One of my favs! Well done!
  78. hussamd

    Atomic CLR : Wedge or Cab? + integrating Stomboxes

    I have the wedges and the nice thing is I can use them like a cab or like a monitor or up on a pole. You get the best of both worlds with the wedge. My .02
  79. hussamd

    VIDEO: From Van Halen I to 1984 and beyond....(PATCH INCLUDED)

    Very nice of you to share. Thanks! I will try it for sure.
  80. hussamd

    This is the result of rampant outsourcing

    My wife and I have made a living cleaning up after them :) Bless them :)
  81. hussamd

    Ethical Aspects of Amp Cloning

    All I know is this is a great time for guitarists. I love it!
  82. hussamd

    Ernie Ball Majesty..... Thoughts?

    I tried an arctic dream one when they first came out and the first few frets felt different. My fingers felt like they had to stretch extra to hit the notes. It did sound great but did not feel right to me. It might have hung differently due to the long horn. Killed me to return it.
  83. hussamd

    How many guitars do you own?

    It's only natural. People that do not understand you are the ones that need therapy :)
  84. hussamd

    Cats are Useless

    You are probably feeding your cats too much. Cut the food and they will look for something to supplement their diet.
  85. hussamd

    Cats are Useless

    We have 5 cats indoor and feed 6 feral cats outside. No issues here and we back into a forest preserve. I can't recall the last time I saw a spider.
  86. hussamd

    Lack Of Sustain and FX Edit Question

    Yes to both questions.
  87. hussamd

    Strap locks

    I used Schallers for a while but friction kept loosening the screws. I have switched to Dunlop and I like them better.
  88. hussamd

    Ready for the Amp Show

    Cliff, aren't you concerned some of the amp manufacturers may have put a price on your head? Be careful out there!
  89. hussamd

    Input level

    Kiesel pickups tickle the red at 20%.
  90. hussamd

    FW 19 vs Quantum Amp Shootout

    Mid gain amps sound better in Quantum. The high gain were almost the same. I like the new FW better overall.
  91. hussamd

    Quantum Recto1 Red Mdrn + Suhr V30

    What is your setup for recording? It always sounds amazing.
  92. hussamd

    Gibson reconsiders

    Moved on to Kiesel/Carvins and could not be happier.
  93. hussamd

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    You missed the Epiphone pun. Point well taken though :)
  94. hussamd


  95. hussamd

    Some classical guitar

    Very nice!
  96. hussamd

    eBay question

    If you ship internationally, the buyer is responsible for paying the duty tax. That is one down side of buying internationally. Call eBay and see what they say.
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