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  1. Narzugon

    Recomendations wanted for wired or wireless earbuds

    Hey guys-n-gals, I'm in the market for a pair of earbuds. I've been reading reviews and watching videos. Ultimately I'd love to be able to try before I buy but my area is limited. Not to mention the current state of things in the US. So I turn to the only forum I frequent for opinions. In...
  2. Narzugon

    Temple Audio Boards

    For those who have been using the Temple Audio boards for a bit, how are they holding up? Is there anything you don't like about them? I'm considering the DUO 34 for the FC-12 and two Mission pedals. I'm considering screwing everything directly to the board instead of velcro. Has anyone else...
  3. Narzugon

    RG550MXX 20th Anniversary resale value

    A friend is selling a mint condition RG550MXX 20th Anniversary with OHSC and candy. At first I was excited about it as I owned one of the original ones back in the day. I attempted to research the value of these guitars but am coming up fairly dry. Reverb has very few listed and history on...
  4. Narzugon


    I can't get the Multiplexer's Modifier page to work with the Multiplexer's Channels. What am I missing? Example: MP Channel A: Input Select - Modifier - Min Row 2 and Max Row 3 - Channel A MP Channel B: Input Select - Modifier - Min Row 2 and Max Row 4 - Channel B Two odd things are happening...
  5. Narzugon

    Speaker Repair

    A buddy of mine needs a speaker repair/replacement. After some troubleshooting I found that one of the leads coming from the voicecoil/cone broke at the terminal. To me it appears that it was to short and didn't have enough slack to move freely with the cone. I believe there to be a short at he...
  6. Narzugon

    .mogg tracks that sound phasey

    I've been studying isolated tracks extracted from .mogg files. Some of these isolated tracks sound phasey (for lack of a better description) but not all. It may only be one track while the rest of the tracks in that file sound fine. Anyone know why this happens or how it can be corrected? I'm...
  7. Narzugon

    Axe 8 mentioned on the Tim and Pete show.

    A while back Pete Thorn had mentioned doing a review on the Axe 8. I think he picked one up during the holiday sale but has not done the review yet. I was watching the latest Tim and Pete show with Lari Basilio and there is a small segment on it (FYI) - 31:11
  8. Narzugon

    Looking for encoder style controllers

    Around the holidays I stumbled across the Arturia Beatstep. Price was right and I thought it would be able to send Sysex messages. I got it in today and nada. Which is a shame. It's built like a tank and retails at $100. https://www.arturia.com/beatstep/overview I was hoping to send Sysex...
  9. Narzugon

    Phantom Power and adding other midi gear.

    I'm currently running a 7 pin midi cable from the Axe XL+ to the MFC MkIII (phantom powered) and want to add a small midi controller to my setup that has some encoders on it. It only has a midi out jack. I have a few questions about connectivity options: 1: I think the cheapest route for me is...
  10. Narzugon

    Midi Controllers for use with the AxeFx

    Curious to see if anyone is using any inexpensive midi controllers to change Axe parameters in real time (vol, delay times etc). I'm referring to non footswitch types. I ran across the Arturia BeatStep. And was thinking even though it's a sequencer it does have 16 assignable encoders. $99 new...
  11. Narzugon

    3PDT Foot Switches - Recomendations Needed

    I'm looking to replace the toe switch on a pair of Mission SP-1's (3PDT Latching). I'm wanting to purchase good quality/durable switches but I have no idea what's good. For you guys that have experience with these what do you recommend? \m/
  12. Narzugon

    MFC and Mission SP1 Toe Switch Problem

    I've upgraded my Axe II MkI and MFC MkII to an XL+ and a MkIII. I manually configured the XL+, copied my presets and cabs over and called that a day. The MFC however hasn't been playing well no matter what I do. My main issue is my toe switches are not working on my two Mission SP1's. Wiring...
  13. Narzugon

    Ebay and Reverb question

    I don't sell much gear. I have an Ebay account but it's been a while since I've listed anything. I've never sold on Reverb. I was looking at the fee's for each. Ebay is really confusing. It looks like I'd pay a total of 3.5% but then I do their Fee Calculator and Illustrator and it looks like...
  14. Narzugon

    MFC versions and physical attribrutes

    I'm considering upgrading from the MFC MKII to the latest. I removed the rubber feet and other screws from the bottom plate and then used those screw holes to surface mount to my pedal board. My question is does the new MFC use the same screws and are the holes in the same place?
  15. Narzugon

    Axe vs Plexi 100w

    I thought this vid was cool. 100w Plexi and 4x12 with everything on 10. Pete had people come in and play the first thing that comes to mind. A few things immediately came to my mind when I watched this vid: 1: In most clips they let you hear the camera mic and then switch to the mic on the cab...
  16. Narzugon

    Question about Input Impedance

    The manual states: "In Auto mode, the impedance is automatically set based on the first active effect the input "sees."" Javajunkie (about Auto Impedance): "The impedance will set itself (physical switch) depending on the first ACTIVE effect. Only a few of the effects will change the default of...
  17. Narzugon

    Spitty tone

    I've been interested in this style of tone for a bit but have not pursued it. Here's the most recent example of this style of tone. Start at around 6:50. What amp should I experiment with? Any other tips to get me going?
  18. Narzugon

    Seeking advice on running Axe into Amp and Cab.

    So I installed the latest firmware and instantly fell in love with it (Awesome Cliff!). I've been using the Axe exclusively since the Ultra and have always ran into Studio monitors or FRFR's. I've been using the CLR's for the last couple of years. Yesterday someone loaned me an old Marshall...
  19. Narzugon

    Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church

    Stumbled upon this on Showtime the other night. Pretty freaking cool. Deals mostly with him and the Atlanta Pop Festival. New footage that's been in a barn for 30 years. Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church I tend to get overly excited about this kinda thing so I'll chill and let you guys check...
  20. Narzugon

    FA 59 Bassman Clip

    I've been loving the 59 Bassguy amp for some time now. After a few FW updates I'll revisit and experiment with new IR's. Here's my latest that I'm really digging. I wanted to show the amp off in this clip so it may get repetitious. Man, just love the dynamics. From nasty flubby to smooth to...
  21. Narzugon

    Atomic Amps and Communication

    Ever heard the saying "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."? I despise having to be the "squeaky wheel" in any situation. I always try every avenue before resorting to this. In this case it seems to be unavoidable and airing your dirty laundry on a public forum seems to get results. I...
  22. Narzugon

    Switch Links Question

    I set up Switch Links a week or two ago per a suggestion from Chris in another thread. I use MFC-Edit for my edits. I set up two switch links. Switch Link A for Looper Record and Play and Switch Link B for my Flanger and Phaser. Record/Play seem fine. But Flanger and Phaser have issues. Scene...
  23. Narzugon

    Looper IA's take more than one press to activate.

    MFC-101 MKII - Latest Firmware I setup two Looper IA's: Record #28 and Play #29. Press Record IA to Record. Press Record IA again to Stop Recording and Playback begins. Press Play IA to Stop Loop and nothing happens. Press Play IA to Stop and the Loop Stops. I set this up initially on...
  24. Narzugon

    Live Mode vs None

    When I toggle Live Mode on and off with the same cab loaded in Scratch Pad they sound completely different. What am I doing wrong? I created a base preset as such: Marshall>looper>Cab. In Cablab I loaded slot 1 with lets say a 57-Cab.ir. I also send that to Scratch Pad 1. Confirm Scratch...
  25. Narzugon

    Tascam iXJ2 on sale.

    I'm not affiliated in any way with Musicians Friend but just noticed that they have the Tascam iXJ2 on sale for $19.99 (Normally $80-100) and thought I'd pass it along.
  26. Narzugon

    Ok Go - I won't let you down vid.

    Phenomenal video! Here's an article on the vid. Petapixel.com
  27. Narzugon

    N-Cal Axe-FX Summit 2014 - Impressions

    I'd love to hear everyone's impressions of the FRFR boxes they heard at this gathering.
  28. Narzugon

    Requesting an Update on Fractal Cab Pack.

    Some time ago Cliff had mentioned going back into the studio where the infamous TV Cab IR was done and shooting more IR's. At the time he mentioned that Joe Perry had planned to leave some amps/cabs there for them to play with. Any news on this? \m/
  29. Narzugon

    FRFR Wedge vs FRFR Cab

    I purchased a pair of QSC HPR122i's back in the Ultra days. I sold them and am looking into possibly picking up a CLR or Gemini. I'm curious about the sonic differences between the cab and wedge versions of each. How different are the enclosures sonically? If you tilted the cab back and...
  30. Narzugon

    Copyrighting your work

    So what if you throw a sound clip up on Sound Cloud that is really just a riff. Someone else takes that riff and turns it into a chart topper but it's obvious that it's your riff. Do you have any legal recourse? If not what could you have done to protect yourself? What if you have a very...
  31. Narzugon

    Preset and Cab load times.

    When I audition a preset or cab via Axe Edit it takes 5 or more seconds to load. I see the same behavior with Cab Lab and AxeFxSend. This has always been the case for me as far back as the initial release of Cab Lab. Is this normal? Editing functions in Axe Edit are responsive and certainly...
  32. Narzugon

    Seeking opinons on mics Jimmy Page may have used.

    I've been listening to Zeppelin 1 and 2 over the weekend and decided to take a stab at one of JP's guitar sound. For whatever reason I started messing around with Whole Lotta Love off of the second album. I've read a ton of stuff on this subject but I haven't found anything on the mics he may...
  33. Narzugon

    Basic concepts for choosing and mixing IR's. The Amp in the Room.

    Disclaimer: As you will hear I don't play slide. You will also hear that I don't know the intro to the Bonamassa song that I was butchering. But I was looking for fat Marshallesque riffs and ran across that song. I spent 5 minutes with it and recorded it. Great riff and fun to play even if I was...
  34. Narzugon

    Help me find this movie.

    I was talking with some friends about movies and one came up that we can't figure out the name. The only clues I have are a wide date range and what the movie was about. I'm guessing the date range would be late 90's to mid 2000's. A group of college kids go in search of a deadly man like...
  35. Narzugon

    Bombers and Formula 1

    I've been experimenting with Controllers and Modifiers and came up with two fun effects. Bomber Races Preset Both effects were done using the Vibesware Guitar Resonator/Sustainer, Volume pedal and a Floyd Rose. So the preset isn't plug-n-play unless you have some sort of feedback/sustain...
  36. Narzugon

    Scene Controller

    Two part question that I can't find the answers to. 1: The manual gives this example for Scene Controllers. "you might assign SCENE CONTROLLER 1 to delay feedback, with a value of 10% in SCENE 1, 30% in SCENE 2, 0% in SCENE 3, and so on. SCENE CTRL 2 could meanwhile be used for something...
  37. Narzugon

    Work in Progress - Marshall and Wah

    All of the new UR IR's have inspired me to dig in and see what I come up with. I decided to start with a vintage Marshall sound. I'm shooting for the "in the room with bleeding ears" kinda vibe. Granted this isn't ready to drop into a mix but I'm not shooting for that at this stage. The wah...
  38. Narzugon

    Bug with Block Lib and X/Y [NOT A BUG]

    Axe-Edit 3.00.08 Axe-Fx II 14 Win 7 H-Prem SP1 USB Devices connected are Axe II and MFC II ---------------------------------------------------------- Importing blocks from the Blocks Library works as expected if you import to X. But if you import to Y Axe Edit switches you back to X and...
  39. Narzugon

    Blocks Library and X/Y

    Axe Edit 3.00.5 FW 13.02 Win 7 H-Premium USB Connections AxeFX II and MFC MKII Importing blocks from the Blocks Library works as expected if you import to X. But if you import to Y Axe Edit switches you back to X and imports it there. Y remains unchanged. Go to a blank preset, put a...
  40. Narzugon

    EVH's original Plexi and the FAS Brit Brown amp

    A question for Cliff. After being in the biz for a while now, what info have you gathered on Eddie's original plexi and cab(s)? Facts or what you've heard through the grape vine. Either will do! I've read that the Brit Brown Amp is an idealized version. How did you go about building it?
  41. Narzugon

    AE 3.0.4 - minor details

    Completely floored with today's new updates. Major and Amazing come to mind! Cab Lab will be icing on the cake! I have a couple of questions about AE. The new "Pause" feature is a great idea. I love the large clickable area to quickly un-pause as well. Why not have a "Pause" button on the...
  42. Narzugon

    Van Halen - Mean Streets

    I've been working on mainly the slap part of the intro for quite some time and still have a way to go with it. The funky part in the bridge is close but I'm still missing a note or two there. I fall in and out of the pocket for some reason on the rhythms. I just couldn't get a solid take. I have...
  43. Narzugon

    Kings X in Charlotte NC last night

    Some friends and I seen these guys last night. Ty was playing through an Ultra. It appeared that he was running it into a Marshall head as a power amp and into two Egnator 4x12 cabs. Sounded awesome. He also played a Les Paul all night. Doug didn't appear to be running an Axe. I could be...
  44. Narzugon

    Holdsworth - "Home" like intro using Simeon's UD Stomp Block

    As the title says this is "Home" like. I started out just wanting to build a nice dreamy clean patch. Then Simeon posted his UD Stomp blocks and I had to try them. So I tossed them into my 10 minute dreamy patch. Even though AH comes to mind when I think "dreamy sounds" I didn't set out to clone...
  45. Narzugon

    Annoying issue - My browser settings or Axechange?

    Win 7 Hm Pre 64 Internet Exploder 10 Cookies = On I have had this annoying issue since Axechange was launched and was wondering if it was a setting in my browser causing it or just the way Axechange is. Set "Results Per Page" to "All" or anything other than default. View something...
  46. Narzugon

    Bug: Snapshots save to wrong path?

    AE 3.02 AXE 11.05 Win 7 Hm Pre 64 I did a quick search and didn't see that this was reported so I'm throwing it out there. Snapshots save to: C:\Users\Username\Documents\Fractal Audio\Axe-Edit\presets\snapshots Shouldn't it be this? C:\Users\Username\My Documents\Fractal...
  47. Narzugon

    New Jimi documentary on PBS

    Slated for Nov 5 2013. 2 hours! Film: Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin | American Masters | PBS Thanks to Rebecca Dirks for tweet'n it!
  48. Narzugon

    Premire Guitar Steve Stevens Rig Rundown

    One of the coolest RR's I've seen. http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/19538-rig-rundown---billy-idols-steve-stevens
  49. Narzugon

    Pedalboard labels - mid priced with a twist

    I'm still tweaking my pedalboard (pics when it's completely finished - ever?). Tweaking functionality as well as aesthetics. I've followed the threads on the commercial products (awesome) as well as the label ideas on the cheap (awesome ideas to be had). I'm still nailing down the functional...
  50. Narzugon

    Acoustic Guitar Tone Match - Source included

    I've been following an earlier thread on an acoustic TM. I knew my buddy with this awesome acoustic would be game. So we took the opportunity to proceed with the first step just to see what we could do. This was the first TM for both of us. We used a Gerald Sheppard acoustic (check out the...
  51. Narzugon

    Categorizing effects

    I'm working on a labeling system/layout/functionality for my MFC and my brain hurts right about now. I can't say that I've seen anyone do this yet but I'm considering using a generic category system for labeling. For example: Time 1, Time 2 which would cover time based effects. Mod 1 and Mod 2...
  52. Narzugon

    Is this possible?

    I've pretty much decided to move from my current controller to the MFC but there is one function I was wondering if the MFC could perform. I have two expression pedals. EP1 is acts as a vol pedal by default. When IA14 (for example) is hit EP1 now acts as a wah. Hit IA14 again and it's back to a...
  53. Narzugon

    Feedback at low volumes.

    "Back in the day" I had this simple little speaker box from radio shack that was used to amplify a phone's handset. It was approximately 5"x3.5"x2" with a volume knob and 1/8" input. I threw the suction cup mic away and used the input for a DI of my guitar. Sitting directly in front of this with...
  54. Narzugon

    Ambient patches in FW 10

    I'm one of those guys that can appreciate the heaviest of all djent yet chill with the coolest ambient sounds. Two ambient patches that I played on a regular basis pre FW10 was Crystal Echo's and Introspection. I discovered Rainy Nights and Ambient Guitar in FW10. We're these there before? If...
  55. Narzugon

    We've come a long way since 1968!

    Recently M@ replied to a thread with this: "The assignment of EXTERNAL X as the SOURCE of a modifier on the CONTROL parameter of the wah is PER PRESET and needs to be STORED." For some reason my mind instantly thought of this Clapton interview: PS: Great tone!
  56. Narzugon

    1965 Bassman

    I ran across this on my local Craigslist and thought some one here may be interested. Looks like a nice one. Wish I had the cash. Btw, I'm not affiliated with the seller in any way. 1965 Fender Bassman Mint
  57. Narzugon

    RSS Feed

    I just installed a RSS reader and was if the forum supported RSS feeds? I couldn't find anything on the topic.
  58. Narzugon

    Your Top guitar iApps

    So what are your top guitar oriented iApps? Could be educational, fun, utilities or whatever. What's on your iDevice?
  59. Narzugon

    Suhr guitar resellers

    I've been on the look out for a used Suhr strat and wanted to ask if any of you could recommend a reseller who has a steady flow of used stock. I've done google searches and have book marked many. But there has to be more! :)
  60. Narzugon

    Lets hear your Dirty Shirely

    Was reading the Dirty Shirley thread in the A2 Discussion forum about how great of an amp some us thought it was. For those who've fell in love with her and have her how you like her, post up an example. I'd like to hear it. Here's mine (Sound Click). I'm thinking about tweaking the high end...
  61. Narzugon

    Mid Resonance (SPKR)

    I have been working on a (virtual) Friedman BE for a week or more. I have it pretty dialed in with my studio monitors now(A7's). To further my exploration I decided to run through a pair of QSC HPR122i's. I knew they were going to sound different but I was surprised to hear less breakup. Almost...
  62. Narzugon

    I can't get Undo and Half to trigger (Looper)

    I have a LF Pro and can't trigger the Looper's Undo (CC#121) or Half functions (CC#120). I'm using Stereo Undo. Any ideas? If I use a regular Stomp type IA, I can start/stop the record function. After doing more reading I decided a Momentary IA made more sense for this function. So I changed...
  63. Narzugon

    Setting up a Pan pedal.

    I want to use a vol/pan block to fade between two amp heads. Seems pretty straight forward but I cannot get it to work properly. It seems that no matter how I pan the vol/pan with it's L/R and or Balance I cannot isolate one head w/o the signal some how going through the other as well. I've...
  64. Narzugon

    Liquid Foot Pro and X/Y switching

    I'd like to hear how you setup X/Y switching with your LFPro. Don't worry about explaining the programing. I'm mainly interested in how you have it implemented. Thanks all
  65. Narzugon

    Re-amping with Pro Tools 8.05 - Help Needed

    I posted questions a while back about re-amping with my setup. Unfortunately, I never found a solution so I put it on the back burner for a while. I'm in the mood once again so I decided to have a fresh go at it. My setup: Win XP M-Audio Delta 1010LT Audio Interface AXE II connected via...
  66. Narzugon

    Internal routing for recording.

    I started a thread in the main Axe2 discussion forum that was directed more towards re-amping but contained this issue as well. I've narrowed things down to what I believe to be a simple internal routing issue so I'm continuing here if that's ok. I only have limited time to work on this stuff so...
  67. Narzugon

    Re-Amp Help Needed - XP MAudio 1010LT and PT8

    I apologize for another re-amp question. I believe I've read every post here on the subject. Yet I still feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a ton of cables and a wall of inputs and outputs wondering what goes where. The closest I've come is recording a dry track from the Axe II. I can't seem...
  68. Narzugon

    Ultra and II Side by Side

    Day 1 with Axe II: Before I did much more than unbox it, I decide to pick a handful of patches both the Ultra and the II shared and record some quick tracks so I could compare the two. Ultra and II has factory patches and settings. Used a Custom Shop set neck strat with a set of Fralin HSS's...
  69. Narzugon

    How to delete a preset from the front panel

    Is there an easy way to clear/delete a preset from the front panel of the Axe?
  70. Narzugon

    Rocktron Hex, Liquid Foot and Axe Ultra

    Hi all, I have a Rocktron Hex expression/volume pedal, Liquid Foot Pro and Axe Ultra. I'm questioning if I'm looking at the Hex's wiring correctly. TRS cable wired as such: Tip to Tip, Ring to Ring and Sleeve to Sleeve. I opened the Hex and it appears that it's wired as follows: Tip goes to...
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