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  1. s0c9

    Dirty Loops using AxeFx ?

    Was watching Dirty Loops NYC 2014 live appearance (Henrik is a killer bassist!) and thought I saw an AXeFX sitting on top of his rig.. center. Crappy video, but anyone else see it ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNcOFRAUFNE Think its in this vid too...
  2. s0c9

    RIP George Jones (1931-2013)

    Jones, 81, died Friday at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, his public relations firm said. He had been hospitalized since April 18 with fever and irregular blood pressure. So passes a country music legend. RIP George !
  3. s0c9

    v10 Factory presets notice/alert...

    For those of you who use the Factory presets and have COPY OUT1->OUT2 set "ON", be aware that there are a couple of presets that have errant FX blocks in them. This will not affect OUT1 output levels but causes no sound on OUT2 . You can fix this by removing the FX block from the preset and...
  4. s0c9

    Best Custom IEM's for live use....

    I have been using “generic fit” single-driver IEM’s (Westone UM-1) at gigs for a while now (+ church gigs) and want to upgrade to FULL custom molds (CIEM's) with Triple drivers. I do have custom tips on the UM-1's (and they are better than the Comply/soft tips) but even they pop the seal when I...
  5. s0c9

    Strange gig

    Played bass guitar - thru some bass (SV) presets I have - with my Country band last night. First gig with the new Avatar B210 cab I recently received. Drove 82 miles [one way] down the interstate to a wine bar - yes! Wine bar for a 3hr gig. First gig for us at this venue. New B210 cab...
  6. s0c9

    About the WIKI !!

    Please note that the whole purpose of a wiki - in spite of all the GREAT work that Yek does there - is to give you (the users) a place to share your information and experiences that will help other users. All you need to do to get going is to create an account (your forum id/handle does not...
  7. s0c9

    NEW AxeEdit Released for 5.07

  8. s0c9

    widdit dot com slowness

    Guys, have you noticed when clicking on forum pages that they are taking a long time to finish loading? Have you seen the "loading.widdit3.com..." (or similar name) at bottom of browser window. Well.. it's a tracking site. To get rid of it.. Uninstall "complitly" in your app list. Win7...
  9. s0c9

    DFW AxeFx Get together UPDATE !!

    Guys, the DFW Axe-Fx get together is happening in OakCliff on Sunday Jan 29th. Start time is 2pm - to allow for church players to get there. Please be prompt so we can maximize the event time. NOTE: PM me for the address. The host does not wish it to be made public as it is NOT a public...
  10. s0c9

    upcoming firmware ??

    found this over a TGP ! The Gear Page - Axe FX II VS. Axe FX Ultra
  11. s0c9

    Release notes for upcoming firmware

    posted in other thread --- Per Cliff Fixed X/Y copy not working in Reverb. Increased sequencer steps to 32. Added Hicut to Quadchorus. Added Bypass Mode to Volume block. Added FAS Brown and Big Hair models. Exposed Drive block Bit Reduction parameter to Modification. Exposed Delay block Bit...
  12. s0c9

    Which input for wireless conection?

    For those of you using wireless (just received my L6 G90) where the output is on the rear of the unit, are you going into INSTR (front of II) or INPUT1 (rear). I have a bit of a wiring challenge if I go into INSTR - due to both units being a (3-unit) rack.. so not much space between wireless...
  13. s0c9

    DFW AxeFX get together - Sun Aug 28th ??

    Any interest?? Would need to be a Sunday pm - as many would have gigs on a Sat, and jobs/gigs on a Friday. Anyone volunteers with a reasonably sized place we could meet that's somewhat central and not BFE or 80 miles away ?
  14. s0c9

    PRESET levels increase when selecting amp block in AxeEdit ?

    Was playing Top Boost and a couple of other presets in that general area of Bank A last night. I noticed that when I clicked on the amp block, my output levels jumped dramatically - but there were no settings changes that I could find in the amp or output blocks. It was just way louder and I was...
  15. s0c9

    CONGRATS: US Womens Soccer team

    Totally OT: - I was going to post on it earlier, but it wore me out watching the game. If anyone saw the USA Women's Team 1/4 Final match versus Brazil in the Women's World Cup today.. WHAT A GAME ! USA goes up 1-0 by Brazilian own goal in 2nd minute. Controversial penalty kick awarded to...
  16. s0c9

    How many Axe-Fx owners in DFW area ??

    Thought I'd put this out here and see how many folks in the area have 'em, and might [possibly] be interested in a "get together".. or not :)
  17. s0c9

    Axe-II Manual now ONLINE!!

  18. s0c9

    10.04 coming soon ??

    According to this post... new Ultra's are shipping with 10.04 http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/30359-Backup-and-Sync-doesn-t-work-properly?p=454973&viewfull=1#post454973
  19. s0c9

    WAH with the MFC ??

    For those of you who have received the MFC-101 how are you managing the WAH effect? Let me expand.. I have a Mission SP-1R on its way, and plan to have it be a dual-function expression/volume and use the switch to turn the WAH on/off. Seems pretty straight forward using TRS cables into Switch...
  20. s0c9

    Mission SP-1R setup w/ MFC ?

    I've got one ordered and plan to use it as both volume and wah - to minimize my floorboard footprint. Has anyone done this kind of setup yet? I'm assuming that it can be used in this manner ? I'm sure it's not overly complicated, but would like to have the process "down" for when it gets here.
  21. s0c9

    IA Mappings? Bank size =5. What works for you ?

    OK.. been RTFM (something everyone should try when all else fails LOL) on MFC while waiting for UPS to deliver. I don't expect to have many "fancy" patches on my Ultra and fully expect most default settings to work for me. However, I believe I will need to change the default IA mappings (for...
  22. s0c9

    *** Programming the Roland FC-300

    Guys, I wasn't able to find a HOW-TO or anything on setting up the FC-300 to work with the Axe-Fx. So I wrote one :mrgreen: It's not complete, but will show you how to get started. Beats trying to figure it out from the Owners Manual !! I put it all into the wiki - it's not yet linked into...
  23. s0c9

    1st rehearsal with Ultra tonight.

    Well, it wasn't purr-fect, but it was pretty darn good. Only had it a week, and was monitoring thru my old Line6 Flex3 amp - plugged into effects return . It has a mode when you can bypass all pre-amp and effect processing and it passes the signal from effects return directly to the power...
  24. s0c9

    ** Which Floor controller ????

    OK guys.. some feedback/advice needed from the experts here. I have the following controllers: Art X-15 [early model] Roland FC-300 [used with VG99] GT10 [standalone, but usable as a controller] I would prefer not to have to program the FC300 in CC or patch mode, as I'd like to continue to...
  25. s0c9

    strange days...

    Using the Editor to modify a patch I had built last night, so had retrieved it from the location to which I had saved it, as I wasn't happy with the end result and wanted to tweak it some. Kept it simple per wiki recommendations. Comp-> Amp-> Cab -> Reverb. Comp added last. Ended up with a...
  26. s0c9

    "preferred default layout" ???

    1st off, I'm a noob. Had my Ultra a whole 3 days now. Cannot drag myself away from it. Driving the wife nuts !! One deep device ! but KILLER sound. Yeks "how to's" has a section called How to Keep Your Presets Organized. http://axefxwiki.guitarlogic.org/index. ... _organized 1st line...
  27. s0c9

    ** Took the plunge !!!

    After lurking here for a year, finally joining the forum in Jan, I "bit the dust" and ordered my Ultra today. Now I can [hopefully] put all the fiddling with the Editor, reading of forum posts and the wiki into practice (yeah, right??) Will no doubt have some dumb questions, but looking forward...
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