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  1. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05

    Wow! Thank you!
  2. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #3

    Thanks so much for your continued dedication!
  3. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 5 Beta - Mesa Dual Rectifier Tutorial

    Excellent video and a good/practical video to clarify!
  4. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.03

    Thank you, Cliff!
  5. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.02

    Should the amp blocks be reset?
  6. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    3.02 sounds like it has some of the low's rolled off
  7. Tubehead

    Hair metal tone tutorial

    Great job! Thank you!
  8. Tubehead

    1.16 Beta Overview

    Well done! Thank you!
  9. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Waitlist confirm : Jan 30 7:55 PM EST Invitation: June 5 1:03 PM EST Order Confimed: June 5 2:58 PM EST
  10. Tubehead

    Modeler Stress Test

    Well... I was right... and I simply don't have the time to visit forums every day
  11. Tubehead

    Modeler Stress Test

    Clip 1 is the real amp!
  12. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Wow - Thanks for all you do!
  13. Tubehead

    How do you increase your guitars volume when playing a solo?

    +1 on this method. It's also nice to be able to "swell" to the boosted volume. It sounds more natural.
  14. Tubehead

    AX8 V7.00 Released

    The first thing I noticed was a larger bass response across many of the amp blocks I was using. Adjusted all of my presets accordingly, but the audible difference was quite noticeable.
  15. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Awesome stuff. Thanks for all of your hard work in getting this out!
  16. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Thanks for the feedback on the article. Had no idea...
  17. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Found this and wanted to share...
  18. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Yes. Exactly!
  19. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    I'd rather wait and let them get it right. Haste = Waste. Right?
  20. Tubehead

    It's been an interesting run

    interesting thread... Glad I read it. :)
  21. Tubehead

    AX8 Tone Match - Yes (Sort of!)

    Hey all... pursued a thought and wanted to share the outcome... Can you Tone Match (TMA) on an AXE8? No - not in its current state but here is what you can do if you have a AXE FXII or know someone who does. I just came home from a week's vacation and was walking the beach and decided to put...
  22. Tubehead

    AX8 V3.50 Released

    Very nice update. Thanks!
  23. Tubehead

    AX8 V3.03 Released

    Thank you!
  24. Tubehead

    FireHouse Main

    Very cool of you to post this, Bill. Thank you!
  25. Tubehead

    I'm Considering getting an AX*. Thoughts?

    Got mine and i am glad that I did. It is a little of a learning curve from the XL II
  26. Tubehead

    WISH: Amp-Cab X/Y footswitch

    Exactly! Great option to have this!
  27. Tubehead

    Anyone upgraded to 3.02 yet?

    Loaded it and rehearsed today. It sounded GREAT! Got a huge gig Saturday and I am looking forward to playing with the great sounding firmware
  28. Tubehead

    AX8 V3.02 Release Available Now!

    Loaded up the new firmware and went to practice today. Everything sounded REALYY good. Thank you!
  29. Tubehead

    Drive help

    I find it a joy to run through all of the drives. Its like having the keys to the cabinet in a music store. Let me try that one! Nah... Let me try that one! I make notes and write down my faves and basically boils it down to what I want to hear. Oh - and depending on the amp type, I some drives...
  30. Tubehead

    AX8 Rig… Should I do it?

    Check here - http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/show-us-your-ax8-rig-post-your-pics.107905/
  31. Tubehead

    AC20T lost its balls?

    Oddly enough, I just recorded with this amp last night and it sounded fantastic! Perhaps it is something else in your chain?
  32. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.01 Firmware Release

    Fast turn-around time. Thank you!
  33. Tubehead

    AX8 - Best way to augment and save CPU? (Delay vs Reverb)

    +1 Spring reverbs, which are great for live performing, take considerably less CPU
  34. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    Just curious... Why was this a 3.0 rather than a 2.1? Looks like the frmware upgrade was "minor".
  35. Tubehead

    Noobie Setup Advice?

    I would encourage you to download the AX8 manual (PDF) from the Fractal Support page and give it a good read. The AX8 is very configurable and I found the flexibility and options for set-up very helpful!
  36. Tubehead

    AX8 vs. Helix: On-The-Fly Programming.

    I would just like to add a small thought... I thought the AX8 was a bit more "unintuitive" for programming and tweaking since I have had an AFX since they came out with the first unit. Then, I really challenged myself to give the AX8 a try... an honest try. I found the first week or so to be a...
  37. Tubehead

    Can you A/B between two amps with scenes?

    Could you not just have scene 1 use an amp assigned to Amp block X and then scene 2 using the Y assignment?
  38. Tubehead

    Do you use amp knobs on your AX8?

    Me too. LOVE the knobs. It is too convenient to simply change, drive, bass etc by twisting the knob rather than navigating to it through the menus. Very quick, very useful and then just save it when you get where you want to be.
  39. Tubehead

    What is procedure for importing user cabs?

    I was able to load all of my purchased cab pack using Ax8 Edit. You go to the 'Tools' Section (I think) and then go to User presets and simply drag and drop them. Then hit save and watch them "go green" and they are there to use from there onward.
  40. Tubehead

    wah engaging bug

    I cannot reproduce this problem either
  41. Tubehead

    Audio gap when switching presets

    I just wanted to chime in here being a new AX8 owner... I re-created my AFX2 XL presets on my Ax8 and had noticeable gaps when switching presets. I read through this thread and found that scenes would not work for me as I really need to switch between 2 presets, each having different amps. Thus...
  42. Tubehead

    AX8 Delay Block Volume difference

    I think you nailed it! The block is in parallel. I will move it to series this evening and measure the difference. I am guessing the volume difference will no longer be there. Thanks!
  43. Tubehead

    AX8 Owners who upgraded from Axe Fx (Poll)

    Do you mean "dump or return" because of it not meeting expectations?
  44. Tubehead

    AX8 Delay Block Volume difference

    I apologize if this has been discussed before... I searched the forum and could not find an applicable thread... Has anyone noticed the volume difference with a bypassed DELAY block versus an engaged DELAY block. Seems like there is a 3 - 4 db volume increase when engaging the block. I was...
  45. Tubehead

    AX8 Owners who upgraded from Axe Fx (Poll)

    Hey AX8 owners... Hopefully you're taking this poll because you previously owned a Axe Fx XL, XL+, etc. What did you (do you plan to do) with your Axe Fx?
  46. Tubehead

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    yeah - got mine as well. Wait list 10/18 @ 8:42pm EST
  47. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    unreal. Thanks guys!
  48. Tubehead

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    well.. i guess I'm getting close.... 10/18 :)
  49. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    Completely agree, Cliff. I don't know why you did that, but sure shows that you value the "voice" here on the forum. Thanks man!
  50. Tubehead

    ATA Flight Cases for Suhr Modern guitars

    Does it fit your Suhr Modern? Why type of Suhr modern do you have? Is there any play/looseness in the case where the guitar would move or slide? Thanks!
  51. Tubehead

    ATA Flight Cases for Suhr Modern guitars

    hey! Ive been looking for a case (Brand/Model) which will accommodate my Shur Custom Modern guitars and have not really had any luck finding one. Was wondering if anyone here had any luck with a good case worth of flight travel. Thanks!
  52. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Excellent! Thanks!
  53. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    I can also attest that this firmware update is unbelievable! Great job all! I'm amazed at how things have grown during the past few months!
  54. Tubehead

    Loving the Q2 JTM45

    I'll give her a try!
  55. Tubehead

    Loving the Q2 JTM45

    i just wanted to show some love for the JTM45 in Q2. I use this amp regularly for crunch (non high gain) and the new Q2 firmware really brought this amp to life! Really enjoyed it last night during my gig.
  56. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta Zwei

    Wow. Thanks again! A dedicated team!
  57. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta

    Wow. Thanks so much, Cliff! You and your team are awesome!
  58. Tubehead

    AX8 on TV

    as always, Larry.... GREAT stuff!
  59. Tubehead

    What effects you using in your DAW when recording with Axe FX?

    I agree! Nothing! Why commit to effects which once are tracked cannot be undone? I always record dry and let the mixing engineer add whatever is necessary. If the track has effects on there from the recording, you are stuck with them.
  60. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

  61. Tubehead

    FW18.12 to Quantum.. Any Suggestions on Tweaking?

    I would agree with this. I upgraded to Q1 and some of my presets sounded a bit "bad" until I reset blocks and then things really sounded much better.
  62. Tubehead

    The "ML Secret" finally revealed

    Mikko I really didn't want to like this cab pack, I must admit... but I gave it a try and it is extremely versatile and one of the BEST cab packs I've purchased. Good job!
  63. Tubehead

    Who is using dephase?

    I use the de-phase on 3 of my main patches. I left the other 2 main patches alone because I liked the was they sounded as is.
  64. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    So - will this be 19.1?
  65. Tubehead

    Guitars and Airplanes

    Hey guys - My band is starting to do some travel across the US and I am looking for a new guitar case. I have my eyes on a SKB iSeries like the one in the link below. SKB 3i-4214-PRS | Sweetwater.com Any feedback or recommendations? Thanks in advance
  66. Tubehead

    Why is De-Phase necessary?

    This really is good good description of what I found the DEPHASE parameter to do. My experience is that setting it about 3.4-3.6 softens the cab in a pleasant way. Makes it appear to have a little more depth and tames some of the sharpness/harshness which can be heard when you set the DEPHASE...
  67. Tubehead

    Clark Kent Job - "Nympho" (Official Video)

    Good job! Enjoyed that!
  68. Tubehead

    And Finally Scored One of These

    Oh snap! I had one of these!!
  69. Tubehead

    Finally Scored One

    GREAT condition!
  70. Tubehead

    Marshall-esque amps for high gain tones?

    I'm lovin' the 5153 for Marshall-type high gain.
  71. Tubehead

    IEM Ear Buds - Suggestions

    I really started to narrow down the field but now find myself having to chose between either a 2 driver set or a 3 driver set. Thanks to all of the suggestions. This has been very valuable. :)
  72. Tubehead

    IEM Ear Buds - Suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  73. Tubehead

    Sammy Speaks out

    You would think as you age you also become wiser. Not necessarily true. Can't anybody just be nice these days?
  74. Tubehead

    IEM Ear Buds - Suggestions

    I want to ask a question in hopes that someone here could to guide me… I currently have an in ear monitor system which I like, but the provided earbuds are mediocre at best. Things sounds good until the bass kicks in, and then the entire spectrum of what I hear changes. Instantly, the highs and...
  75. Tubehead

    Just about to give up with my CLR

    I don't think that your issue has anything to do with your IRs.. Perhaps it has more to do with your EQ settings or the amount of gain you are using in your patch. The majority of the time, when someone cannot be heard through a mix, it is usually due to too much gain for improper use of EQ. I...
  76. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Released

    Thanks so much, Cliff!
  77. Tubehead

    Enabling a drive with an expression pedal

    I just wanted to let everyone know that this worked GREAT! Thank you!
  78. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #2

    On a holiday weekend too! THANKS!
  79. Tubehead

    Enabling a drive with an expression pedal

    excellent! Thank you! I will give it a try this evening.
  80. Tubehead

    Enabling a drive with an expression pedal

    I may be overlooking the obvious here, so if I am, I apologize... I have a drive pedal in my chain of effects which is currently bypassed. I am controlling delay, eq and a few other things with my expression pedal for solos. When a solo comes, I rock the expressional pedal to toe down and then...
  81. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.12 Released

    Thanks for all of the work you guys do!
  82. Tubehead

    Lucretia FW18.10 USA Lead

    Great tone and good playing!
  83. Tubehead

    2 years in...

    I just played a large show at Georgetown University and the FOH guy said... "You have No amp?!" After sound check, he just said "Wow!" 8)
  84. Tubehead

    2 years in...

  85. Tubehead

    VU metering and apparent loudness

    Use a loudness VU meter. You can get them at Radio Shack for fairly cheap and when using performance volume, you can come within 1db easily between all of your patch levels.
  86. Tubehead

    18.07 - Delay 2 Bug [NOT A BUG]

    OK - A modifier was assigned to the MIX level for Delay 2, but the max value was supposed to be 20%. Instead, the patch was stuck on 100%. I re-assigned the modifier and assigned the 20% value again and then the problem cleared up. This problem was present on all patches where I had Delay2 in...
  87. Tubehead

    18.07 - Delay 2 Bug [NOT A BUG]

    Here's a video of the issue... Hope it helps. I even tried reinstalling the firmware. Issue still exists.
  88. Tubehead

    18.07 - Delay 2 Bug [NOT A BUG]

    I am working straight from the Axe FX unit. No AXE EDIT. The value knob changes the percentages shown on the LCD but the graphic display on the know on the LCD does not move.
  89. Tubehead

    18.07 - Delay 2 Bug [NOT A BUG]

    Delay 2 is messed up on the MIX parm. The value wheel changes the percentage (which is defaulted at 100%) but the graphic knob on the display does not move according to the numeric value, It stays on 0% no matter what.
  90. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.07 Released

    BTW - Delay 1 seems fine
  91. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.07 Released

    Anyone else notice that Delay 2 is messed up on the MIX parm? The value wheel changes the percentage (which is not defaulted at 100%) but the graphic knob on the display does not move to the numeric value??
  92. Tubehead

    What FRFR cabs do you use?

    Only wished the volume pots weren't on the back!
  93. Tubehead

    What FRFR cabs do you use?

  94. Tubehead

    "Overture 1928" FW 18 Petrucci Preset

    Great job, Cooper!
  95. Tubehead

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Great stuff! Thanks
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