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  1. MKeditor

    Not Seeing New Multitap Delay Types

    Axe-FX MKII Turbo 17.01 Axe Edit 1.10.2 on Windows 10. I saw all the cool types on Leon Todd's video but I can't see them in Axe Edit. So I looked one the Axe-FX. They're not there either. Thoughts?
  2. MKeditor

    FS SOLD: Axe-FX III MK1 Super Clean

    Own this powerful black box and you'll smile quietly to yourself knowing you wield the full strength of Fractal awesomeness. Feel and hear the power of the big dog. Size does matter! All original packaging. $1750 + shipping. CONUS only. SOLD.
  3. MKeditor

    USB Audio Stopped Working

    Since upgrading to 17.0 USB audio stopped working. Any ideas?
  4. MKeditor

    Synth Block Fart

    I really value having a violin preset. It is a great asset for me in my cover band on a few songs. The synth block is monophonic. I have to play very precious to avoid hitting more than one note. The problem is that when I do accidentally bump a string the synth block farts five times louder...
  5. MKeditor

    RJM MMGT Midi Pass Thru via USB?

    Ideally I'd like use the ipad to program change via OnSong to the RJM MMGT and FracPad to do any tweaks to the Axe-FX III. If I connect to the ipad to the USB B port on the MMGT, is it possible to have FracPad send midi information to the Axe-FX?
  6. MKeditor

    ipad USB Audio

    I'd like be able to play audio from my ipad through the Axe-FX via USB. I've been doing it via my laptop for years. With the ipad it plays for about 5 seconds then stops. Any ideas of what to do?
  7. MKeditor

    USB Return Level

    Where in Axe-Edit is the USB return level?
  8. MKeditor

    Best Vox Amp & Cab Combo?

    Over the years I've had just ok results nailing an awesome Vox tone. I rebuilt my Vox preset with the Cygnus firmware and am thrilled with the results. I'm using the Class A 30w HOT with 893 2x12 Class-A NTB 30W 57 A 894 2x12 Class-A NTB 30W 57 B For reference I used a video of Rhett Shull's...
  9. MKeditor

    USB Volume Control

    What is the best way to control USB playback volume? Ideally I'd like to use a physical knob like output 4 to control USB playback. Possible? When using a laptop I can change the sending level but I'm using an iPad and stinking Apple products have so few controls. The volume buttons on the iPad...
  10. MKeditor

    Tablet version of Axe-edit?

    This must have been discussed already but I’m not able to find a thread. Are there any plans to be able to run Axe-edit on tablets? I have to bring my iPad to every gig. It would be grand to be able to make tweaks via the iPad vs on the Axe-FX.
  11. MKeditor

    Jumper Inputs on a Tweed Deluxe?

    I know there's presets for jumpered Marshalls. Is there one for the normal and microphone input on a tweed deluxe?
  12. MKeditor

    Best Powered FRFR Monitor

    Which powered FRFR monitor sounds best to you? My criteria is that it shouldn't color the tone. I play recorded music through them to hear how true they sound. I've had a pair of FBT Vere 12ma's for about ten years. They've been fantastic...but I dropped one and now it's ruined and FBT don't...
  13. MKeditor

    I made a mistake

    I uploaded the new Bank B. I chose bank B via Fractal bot. My expectation was that presets 129-256 would be overwriten. Unfortunately it also over wrote a lot more...including presets 1-12 which are my go to. I'd like to never make this mistake again. Other than not backing up bank A, what did I...
  14. MKeditor

    Best Amp for Clean Strat Quack?

    I'm always looking for what will give me the most quack, bell like clean tone from position 2 & 4 on a strat. I've auditioned many amps. The one that seems to get the closest is the tweed deluxe. Which one works the best for you?
  15. MKeditor

    Billie Jean Compression

    David Williams funky clean in Michael Jackson's Billie Jean has a great clean, funky tone. His solo starting at 3:30 is very compressed. How would you approach replicating that extreme squish? Two compressors?
  16. MKeditor


    Turned the rig on this morning and it was all messed up. The tuner via the RJM MMGT16 wasn't reading from the Axe-FX. I couldn't turn the tuner off. I rebooted the Axe-FX. There was a delay in changing patches and my volume was fading in and out. I starting to think the whole unit was messed up...
  17. MKeditor

    Small FRFR monitor

    I've been using a pair of FBT 12ma monitors for years. They sound amazing. They're no longer popular here but I've never found the need to change unless there's something a lot cheaper or significantly lighter. For the past several years all my gigs use IEMs. I still bring my monitors so that...
  18. MKeditor

    Which IR do you like with the DC30?

    Post your IR preference with the DC-30. Ready, set, go!
  19. MKeditor

    "Pride (In The Name of Love)" Delay

    Would that be best replicated as the 2290 delay at 418 ms with modulation? Or is there some other secret sauce element to that delay?
  20. MKeditor

    [Solved] Delay Questions From a Curious Mind

    I'm exploring using channels for the first time. I copy the delay block that's a a duel delay with 1/4 note and a dotted 1/8. When I paste in in other presets, the delay times change. Each one has different times. Since the delay times are grayed out, I can't change them. When I tap tempo, I...
  21. MKeditor

    RJM MM GT/16 First Impressions

    Having giving it a lot of thought, I decided that 12 buttons wouldn't allow me to do what I want and I don't like the idea of daisy-chaining. That in combination with liking the layout approach of the GT, fairly intuitive editor and excellent customer service led me to choose the RJM MMGT-16...
  22. MKeditor

    Reverb Hold problem

    I'm using a momentary switch for reverb hold. There's no reverb until I push the switch. Then reverb is present and everything works as designed. How can I keep the hold function from preventing reverb when I engage the block?
  23. MKeditor

    [FIXED] Momentary volume jump during preset changes

    I just began using the RJM Mastermind GT. It's a fab controller. Everything works great except I'm experiencing a momentary volume jump when changing presets. I've used a volume block to control the rig volume since the Ultra days. It seems like the volume level is at 100% when switching presets...
  24. MKeditor

    My 2008 Axe-FX Review

    I just ran across my review of the Axe-FX Ultra from 2008 and thought it might be entertaining for you guys to read. Enjoy! The little black box that we are all obsessed with has caused a big stir on all the guitar message boards. It has polarized players almost to the point of an us-vs-them...
  25. MKeditor

    Anyone have a side by side photo of a RJM GT and an MFC?

    I'm trying visualize the difference and decide between the GT16 and GT22.
  26. MKeditor

    Any way to look at presets when not connected to the Axe-FX?

    I bought an Axe-FX III so I exported my main presets from the II XL+ to reference. Axe-Edit won't load the presets without being connected to the II XL+. Axe-Edit III won't import my old presets. Is there no way to look at the settings without being connected? It seemed like we used to be able to.
  27. MKeditor

    What's all the Hoopla about Scenes?

    This is an attempt to understand. Scenes have become very popular with our tribe. I've been reading about scenes but I don't understand the huge appeal. From what I've gleamed, a scene is limited to the blocks and signal path of the patch. A patch isn't limited at all. The only advantages of a...
  28. MKeditor

    Inputs and Outputs I/O

    I'd like to use input and output 4 for playback when practicing. Currently I use a line mixer to combine the signal to my FRFR monitors. I'd like just use the III and eliminate the mixer. Would I have to set up a signal path via blocks in every patch for that?
  29. MKeditor

    My 10th Year with The Magic Box

    2018 marks my first decade with the Axe-Fx. In 2008 I had an 11 space rack with state of the art rack gear. A Custom Audio Electronics 3 channel preamp, Eventide Eclipse, Lexicon MPX1, Roland SDX-330, Boss SE-50 with a VHT 2502 poweramp into two CAE 1X12s loaded with Vintage 30's. Switching was...
  30. MKeditor

    Dirt Pedals Paired with Which Amps?

    It's been a few years since I've seen anything here on this subject and there have been many firmware upgrades and pedals added in that time. What pedal in front of which amp do you like for dirt? Ready, set, GO!
  31. MKeditor

    PCM 70 Circular delay

    I just realized my circular delay block simulating the Lexicon PCM 70 Circular delay has become all out of wack. I'm starting to rebuild from scratch because all the threads about this have become AWOL. Anyone have a current block based on Stave Lukather's patch? "Circular Delays: It's a 3 tap...
  32. MKeditor

    Wizard Needed: Upgraded to the XL+ = MFC Miscommunication

    I've sorted through most of the problems but I still have a few IA switches that don't work even though they're assigned on the MFC to the blocks. Even having the Axe-FX "learn" doesn't work. It just keeps blinking "Learning". Also expression pedal 2 is controlling volume...which is not good...
  33. MKeditor

    Patch won't engage IAs after updating to 19

    UPDATED: Patch won't engage IAs after updating to 19 beta Only one patch has this problem. MFC says block name when button is pushed but no change on Axe-FX. Also when going to that patch there is a longer delay before the red IA lights show than other patches. Thoughts? MFC-101 mark III...
  34. MKeditor

    I replacement for my Axe-FX

    A replacement for my Axe-FX No more modeling. The real thing just arrived from Musicians Friend: Now I just need a source for flame fuel.
  35. MKeditor

    Axe-FX III on the horizon?

    The II is being phased out. From my understanding the XL doesn't bring much to the game unless you need more patches or IR slots. When will next evolution be revealed?
  36. MKeditor

    Anyone able to get a Mission SP-1 pedal's switch to work with the MFC?

    I can't get the switch to trigger the wah for love nor money. It acts as a momentary switch rather than latching. Anyone else have issues with this?
  37. MKeditor

    MFC-Edit and Fractal Bot no longer connect since Faslink

    I recently switched to using Faslink from my MKIII and the Axe-FX II. Now MFC-Edit and Fractal Bot aren't seeing the MFC. I'm running windows-USB-Axe-FX. What am I doing wrong?
  38. MKeditor

    My new MKIII doesn't like my Axe-FX

    I plugged it in to my Axe-FX II for the first time and just got red lights with a blank screen. My MK1 works fine. I use a 7-pin midi with the power adapter plugged into the Axe-FX. If I power the MKIII up with just the AC adapter it boots up. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  39. MKeditor

    Updated firmware on Blackbox and Foot

    The new Bot app was smooth. Love it. Unfortunately most of my IAs didn't work anymore. I was dreading the daunting task of combing through the manuals, numerous threads on the forum, then having to resort to much aspirin, a stiff drink and an SOS call for help.....just to be able to do what I...
  40. MKeditor

    Programming Presets

    I want to do the most simple and basic function of a midi foot controller. I want to assign a preset to a preset button. I've spent well over two hours reading the manual, watching videos and reading wikis that explain and demonstrate all kinds of functions from cool to complicated to just plain...
  41. MKeditor

    Not a good start

    Hi guys, I bought the MFC-101 about a year ago but it has been sitting in the box and have never even plugged it in....until today. The first thing I did was upgraded the firmware to 2.02. Now I can't get it to do anything. When I turn it on the screen reads: Bank 000: 000-254 The UP...
  42. MKeditor

    Cool Compliment from Veteran FOH Engineer.

    Today after my gig, the FOH engineer came up and shook my hand and said "Your tone is very smooth and a pleasure to mix, even when you add a little hair on it." He has mixed for some old school guys like Eddie Money and Robin Trower. Pretty cool compliment to the black box and my trusty James...
  43. MKeditor

    See 3.0's Golden Tone in Action!

    See 3.0's Golden Tone in Action! (metal content) Wasn't he in a movie or something?
  44. MKeditor

    Bad Sign

    Every once in a while when I power up my rig, the Axe II will have a blank screen. It is all lit up with no writing and the LEDs are all maxed. I shut it down and reboot. Sometimes that works. Other times I have to unplug the AC adapter that powers the LF Pro from the back of the Axe to get it...
  45. MKeditor

    Edit screens effecting midi commands

    If I am tweaking a block and adjusting a parameter, the IA commands from the LF Pro aren't being recognized by the Axe II. When returning to either layout or the main program screens everything functions properly. I experienced this with the phaser block trying to adjust mix and levels.
  46. MKeditor

    Bad Hum from XLR Output 1

    My new magic box had it's maiden voyage this past weekend. It debuted at my mega-church gig. Best environment I play in. Three thousand seat venue with state of the art PA and (EAW) monitors. I had the sound team mute the inputs of my two channels since the new Axe-FX II has a pop when powered...
  47. MKeditor

    Effects Volume Issue

    I place everb and delay blocks in parallel to preserve the direct signal just like an rack system. I control the amount of effect by adjusting the in gain with an expression pedal. The problem is for some reason the pedal is changing the level of direct signal too. If I push the pedal forward it...
  48. MKeditor

    First Violin Lesson

    Who would really desire to hear someone's first lesson on a violin? That would be a bit odd unless it was your kid...and even then it would be a gift of love to endure that. That's why it seems odd to me that why anyone would be interested in all these "First" threads someone's first attempt at...
  49. MKeditor

    Axe II and Liquid Foot Pro problem

    I am almost finished integrating the new magic box into my system. I have been still gigging with the Ultra because until the Axe II is ready for prime time. I am very close to finishing all the tweaks and adjustments....but there's one problem: The IA switches work most of the time turning one...
  50. MKeditor

    Problem: Expression pedal reversed.

    I am sure there is a simple answer to this. I am finally integrating the Axe II into my rig. I have the patches set up and the cc's matched from the Ultra. I hooked up the LF Pro and was assigning my Mission pedals to various blocks. When I set up the volume block, the graph looked right when I...
  51. MKeditor

    Vox and Marshall Side by Side Comparison with the Axe II

    I few days ago I had the opportunity to do a side by side comparison with my new black box and a Vox AC-30 and a 50W Marshall ( I think it was a mkII that was basically the same as a plexi). I wanted to dial in these patches using real world amps. We were able to get the Vox patch scary close...
  52. MKeditor

    Trying to recreate EQ block that was in the old "String Like" patch.

    The Ultra had a patch called string like. I used that as my starting place for my cello patch. I can't get the EQ block to swell the notes like it did even with doing my best to match the settings. It works off an envelope that can be found on tab #2 on the EQ block. Thoughts or insight?
  53. MKeditor

    Questions for those who switched from the Ultra to the II.

    I have spent a few hours with the new box. Most of the dirty patches sound heavily muffled. I try dialing out the woof tone but they still sound compressed where the Ultra sounds open. I am trying to make the new and improved box sound at least sound as good as the old one...but it is not there...
  54. MKeditor

    Nostalgia has returned

    My new black box arrived today. I have been exploring the stock patches. EQ and levels are all over the map...just like when I first received my Ultra. It is going to take a while to set it all up although it should be much easier this time. The 59 bassman is pretty cool. Patch 99 was my...
  55. MKeditor

    Titanium F5 key available for your keyboard while you wait!

    Losing sleep waiting for the Axe-FX II? Are you watching the yahoo store 24/7? Don't let this happen to you: Get a titanium F5 key! Avoid missing the appointed hour due to a keyboard failure. This could save your life. Be the first on your block! Amaze your friends! Only...
  56. MKeditor

    "What is that?", he said

    I just played a 3000 seat room yesterday. The monitor guy smirked a bit when I just asked for two XLRs and told him I didn't need any mics. He said "we don't normally do that here". After our sound check, the FOH engineer came up to see what I was playing through. He said, "When I brought up the...
  57. MKeditor

    AC Power Question

    There is a very good chance I will doing some fly dates in Kenya. The electricity there is 240V at 50 Hertz. According to the Axe-FX specifications: Electrical Input Voltage:100 to 240 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz (universal input) Reading this I am under the impression that all I would need is a...
  58. MKeditor

    Post your fly date rig!

    Let's see photos of the rigs that are being used for fly dates. It's is a different set of logistics to consider. These should be interesting.
  59. MKeditor

    Ever Play in Kenya with the Black Box?

    I might have some fly dates in Nairobi next month. I have never been anywhere like this and have some concerns about electricity...especially if I were to bring my Axe-FX. From what I have read it is 240 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. I am assuming that my Furman voltage regulator...
  60. MKeditor

    Bad Hum

    I am experiencing a bad hum from the Left side of output 1. This XLR jack has a 60 cycle hum. When the Axe-FX is turned off it sounds far worse like it is grounding out the XLR cable. This happens even when the unit is unplugged. Output 2 which goes to my FBT's sounds fine. Has anyone...
  61. MKeditor

    My Second Anniversary with The Magic Box

    I went back to the old original Axe forum to look something up and took a gander at some of my old posts. I discovered that yesterday was my second anniversary with the Axe-FX. It seems longer to me. I am very glad that I made the switch. I thought to celebrate it might be fun to look at the...
  62. MKeditor

    The Trials and Tribulations of IEMs

    My church is considering moving to IEMs. It has fallen to me to recon the situation. Over the past couple of years I have been reading many different articles and message boards on the subject. Guitar players often times complain about IEMs. Fifty percent for that perspective seems to be how...
  63. MKeditor

    Which is the best wireless system for IEM?

    My church is on the verge of switching to IEMs. I am gathering info for this project and would appreciate hearing from those who are using IEMs. There are a few threads about the buds but I have seen anything on the wireless systems. The most popular seem to be Shure and Sennheiser. Which do you...
  64. MKeditor

    The Big FRFR Shootout

    The Great FRFR Shootout. Probably five minutes after Dr. Cliff created to the black box and exclaimed, “It’s alive!” there has been a search for the perfect way to amplify the gizmo. Those of us that are of the FRFR persuasion (Full Range Flat Response) hunt for the most transparent system that...
  65. MKeditor

    Gary Moore's reverb

    I have appreciated Gary's playing since the mid eighties when I saw him at The Roxy club in Hollywood. The guy always has great tone and chops. Lately I have been digging his somewhat short reverb on his Still Got The Blues album. King of The Blues is a good example. I am going to try and create...
  66. MKeditor

    Liquid Foot Pro: A Tale of Adversity and Truimph

    Back in August I decided to stop waiting for the fabled Fractal Foot-controller and buy a Liquid Foot Pro. I did so because I discovered the LF would meet my needs better. I was excited to possess this powerful controller and the kung fu moves that would be mine to wield. It is not a subtle...
  67. MKeditor

    Red Wirez IR Mixer

    I am intrigued about how some of you are combining IRs to create better cab sims.....but I am getting a headache just trying get the mixer to work. I downloaded the zip file, unzipped it to my folder where I keep Axe-FX stuff and have been trying to launch the program....with no joy. I have read...
  68. MKeditor

    The Current State of My Rig

    Although I have posted about various changes to my rig, it has been a while since I posted the whole thing as a unit. There have been significant updates. I feel that the rig is now very close to being settled into what it will be for quite some time. I have custom cables to eliminate extra...
  69. MKeditor

    Coolest Accessory for the Axe-FX

    I got tired of having to get out a flashlight every time I wanted to plug in the editor. Also I wanted to have my mic cables going to the FBTs in front of the rack....and since I was on a roll.....I decided I wanted a 3.5 stereo jack for my phone to play MP3s through the system. I had Dave...
  70. MKeditor

    Pedalboard/Controller Completed

    Thanks to all who contributed to bringing all this together. Enjoy!
  71. MKeditor

    Liquid Foot Midi Question for Powerful Wizards.

    I am having an audio interface made for my rack to simplify my set up and to keep from having to use a flashlight in the back of my rack every time I want to use the editor. This is what I had in mind: Front------------Rear 7 pin midi in------7 pin midi out Midi in------------midi in Midi...
  72. MKeditor

    FX1 vs. Liquid Foot Pro

    I searched and was surprised to discover that this topic doesn't appear to have been discussed. With all this talk about the uncertain date of Fractal's controller being released, I thought that it would be fun to think about plan B.....not that I am wavering or anything. ;) So how do you...
  73. MKeditor

    Excellent Covers for Speakers

    Some companies have stock covers for their speakers. Unfortunately they are usually only vinyl. The stock FBT cover is just a non-padded vinyl slip over and doesn't protect the bottom which has no feet. I don't want to scratch up my new speakers. If you are like me, you might want something a...
  74. MKeditor

    Delays Distorting

    I am finding that my delays distort if I play aggressive. The dry signal isn't clipping, but the delay is. Could it be because I created the patch from older firmware?
  75. MKeditor

    QSC vs. FBT: A Side by Side Comparision

    Today FedEx delivered two FBT 12ma's from RMC Audio. I was very excited to receive the long awaited speakers that we have been hearing about. I immediately released the Italian twins from their cardboard confines to discover they are indeed lighter and smaller than their QSC competitors. At once...
  76. MKeditor

    Expression pedal used for volume problem

    I use two Boss FV-300-L pedals. One I dedicate to volume with a volume block. My problem is that there is a jump from silent to the lowest volume. I want it to be smooth for swells. I have tried adjusting both the pedal and the block's start point with no joy. Has anyone else encountered this?
  77. MKeditor

    FBT 8ma vs QSC

    jiagap just received a pair of FBT 8ma's and we did our usual comparison test with my pair of QSC's. I knew they would be small...but when he came in with cabs the size of small, lunch size Igloo coolers, I was really doubting that they would hold up. They are bigger than a hotspot monitor, but...
  78. MKeditor

    My First Annivarsary with the Gizmo

    A year ago I bit down on the hook and bought the black box. Shortly thereafter I sold off my eleven space rack with state of the art amps and processors. Much like Cortez, I had arrived in the new world and was burning my ships. The whole ordeal can be read here on this forum...
  79. MKeditor

    Wierd noise coming from the gizmo when shut off?

    The sound engineer told me the black box was putting out a strange signal. I said my rig was turned off. He turned it up for me to hear. Sure enough, I heard a wacky noise that sounded like a combination of white noise and static. When I unplugged the XLRs from output one that go to the house...
  80. MKeditor

    Which Studio Monitors?

    I am going to buy a pair of studio monitors for my set up. Up until now I have just used the computer speakers. Which speakers would you fellas recommend?
  81. MKeditor

    Flowery, Butterflies-in-Stomach, Mushy Love Song

    I don't really have one. I am just poking a little fun at the Viking Warrior, Gut Wrenching, Nazi Death Camp Supreme Torture Master of Pain & Suffering Metal threads. :P
  82. MKeditor

    The Confession and Conversion of a Loyal Tube Amp Patriot

    The little black box that we are all obsessed with has caused a big stir on all the guitar message boards. It has polarized players almost to the point of an us-vs-them situation. Comments about the Axe-FX have range from it being "the second coming" to "an abomination." If I may take the...
  83. MKeditor

    Post Your Rig!

    We need people to post their rigs again. I enjoy seeing how others use their gear. I am sure others do too. Here is my latest:
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