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  1. NickCapp

    Just saw Coheed and Cambria

    Just saw Coheed (as well as Taking Back Sunday) in Miami and they sounded incredible. Their floor controllers almost looked like AX8’s but I’m not positive. I know they used to have Axe Fx Ultras, just wondering if they’re running Fractal live still.
  2. NickCapp

    New XiTone cab

    Ordered this guy a while ago and just received it today. Working with @MicFarlow was a great experience and would definitely recommend his products. I started my Fractal journey with an Alto TS112A that has served me well, but I wanted to see how the other brands compared. Wow. After playing...
  3. NickCapp

    BKP Abraxas vs. Crawler

    I am thinking about replacing the pickups in my Suhr Modern Pro HSH and contacted Bare Knuckle regarding their recommendation. The representative I spoke with recommended either the Abraxas set or the Crawler set with an Irish Tour in the middle position. From what I understand the Crawler set...
  4. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Hello all, I am in the process of learning some songs from Interval's The Shape of Colour album and I am having a hard time getting a similar tone to the very beginning of the song "I'm Awake". I am using my Suhr Modern and have tried in both the humbucking and split coil positions on the...
  5. NickCapp

    York Audio Bipolar Cab Pack Demo

    Put together a very quick demo of the @York Audio Bipolar Cab Pack with my new Gibson Les Paul. So far I am really digging both.
  6. NickCapp


    Working on some new material and I decided to pick up the OH VXT, 112DLXVRB, and AMPG cabinets after hearing awesome demos from @JustinYork. I am pretty pleased with the guitars, need to work on the bass some more. The drums are currently a place holder until I can get the material to a real...
  7. NickCapp

    Short metal clip: my first clip posted here

    This is my first time posting a clip here, and its EXTREMELY short. I wanted to test my new bass in a heavy mix and thought I'd try to recreate a mix that I enjoy. The riff is very similar to Beneath The Massacre's No Future from their Dystopia album, not exact. Unfortunately at the moment I...
  8. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    I am looking at purchasing a cheaper bass for recording. I have spoken to a few bassists I know and have been told to check out the Squier VM Jazz V and the SUB Ray 5. Does anyone have experience using either of these basses with the Axe Fx 2? I'm open to any advice including other basses...
  9. NickCapp

    It's the time of year again...

    That's right: August Burns Red's Sleddin' Hill album. One year in the future, I'd like to get a band together to play these live haha.
  10. NickCapp

    Recommendations on which OwnHammer/Redwirez IRs to get?

    I am not sure if this is the right place to do this but I am a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cabinet choices available from OwnHammer and Redwirez. I am new to the Axe Fx Ultra and am trying to figure out the best cab IRs to use. From searching multiple year old forum posts I am...
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