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  1. rickboot


    I am selling my Axe-FX III MKI. It's been racked since birth and is in excellent condition. It will be shipped in the original box complete with the cord, sticker, and sheet of paper telling you to download the manual. :) $1650 shipped to the continental US. $1800 for the Axe-FX III + SKB rack...
  2. rickboot

    Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen collaboration

    I knew Richie was an amazing singer. I didn't know that Adrian Smith was a great singer, too.
  3. rickboot

    FS Line 6 Variax Standard - Tobacco Sunburst

    Line 6 Variax Standard in Tobacco Sunburst Excellent cosmetic condition - no dings/dents, just minor swirling on finish and scuffs on pickguard. Works and perfectly and play great. It's a good guitar for live performance where you need to emulate different guitars types or change tunings. The...
  4. rickboot

    Jimmy Eat World uses 5 Axe-FX III

    https://www.guitarworld.com/features/rig-tour-jimmy-eat-world-on-how-fractal-put-an-end-to-riverdance-and-why-only-013-gauge-strings-will-do-for-jim-adkins-signature-fender They rave about the III, but mention an issue: "some of the notes just kinda fizzle out weird". Maybe Matt can steer...
  5. rickboot

    Wish Value knob: Shortcut to Perform Screen

    Currently, the Value Knob Push Function can be configured to go to the Layout screen. I'd like to add an additional destination: the Perform-Gbl screen. This would be handy for making quick tweaks when playing live since I configured the Perform page to include amp controls and effect mixes...
  6. rickboot

    Line 6 Powercab 212 Plus

    Line 6 announced a 2x12 version of the Powercab. https://line6.com/powercab/overview
  7. rickboot

    SOLD Headrush FRFR108

    https://www.headrushfx.com/products/frfr-108 Only used a few times at band practice. Excellent condition - minor scuffs, no dings or dents. Works perfectly. Includes original box, manuals, AC cord. SOLD
  8. rickboot

    Expression pedal control of Output 2 volume

    On my Axe-FX II and AX8 I copied Out1 to Out2. Out1 went to FOH and Out2 went to my monitor. I used an expression pedal to control Out2 volume without affecting Out1. I configured my III the same way as on my AX8: Copy Out1 to Out2, expression 2 and Out2 MIDI CC set to 11). However, I can no...
  9. rickboot

    Anyone have a Square Hammer patch?

    Does anyone have a patch for Ghost's Square Hammer?
  10. rickboot

    Implemented Shortcut to Amp Tone page

    I'd love to see some UI changes for on-the-fly amp settings for live performance. 1. Add a button shortcut to Amp Tone page - perhaps second press of Home, or hold Home or Edit 2. On Amp/Tone page, swap Master Volume to top row in place of Bright
  11. rickboot

    Lemur for iOS 50% off

    Lemur for iOS is on sale for $25. Forum member "Scrutinizer" created a template for Lemur that allows editing of the Axe-FX from an iPad. Unfortunately, it has not been updated since mid-2013 when it supported firmware v10.02 and may have been abandoned. Some forum members have express interest...
  12. rickboot

    Scenes and LF+

    I had Scenes working with my LF+ by having IA send MIDI command CC# 34 0-3. Worked great in v9.02. Now in v10 after I press a scene IA it the AF2 goes to Scene 4 and stays there. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. rickboot

    Show your v10 Avatar

    I've noticed a lot of new 10 avatars. Just added mine. Got one? Show it in here. Don't have one. Get one!
  14. rickboot

    Auto-tune for guitars?

    Auto-Tune for Guitar In addition to adjusting pitch and intonation, it enables alternate tuning and pickup modeling. Parker and Peavey will have guitars with this built-in.
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