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  1. sandmannn69

    Tim Pierce with the Fractal

  2. sandmannn69

    Fractal-bot freezing computer during backup on Windows 7

    When doing a backup of presets/user cabs using fractal-bot on windows 7, the computer will freeze/require reboot every time. Using the same USB cable, when I perform the same backup on my windows 10 lappy, it completes the backup every time. Tried two different cables, neither work with...
  3. sandmannn69

    Sanding neck on Fool guitar

    I have a version of Clapton's "The Fool" SG and I'm thinking about sanding the paint off the back of the neck to improve the playability. It's a pretty heavy, textured finish, since it was hand-painted with oil-based enamels, like the original. Clapton did this to his original SG after the paint...
  4. sandmannn69

    Latest firmware for Axe-Fx 3?

    Fractal bot and download page on website has 5.08 as latest firmware, but keep seeing videos using FW 6. Is FW 6 released or beta?
  5. sandmannn69

    Axe-Edit III

    In this video, looks like Burgs (Brett Kingman) is running a new(beta) version of Axe-Edit III that has support for the FC controllers. Or did I miss something on the forum....?
  6. sandmannn69

    [SOLVED] USB driver issue

    Got my new Axefx3 yesterday and tried installing the FAS USB driver on my Windows 7/64 computer. Driver installation fails with message "The digital signature of driver file 'fasusbaudio-axe-fxIII.sys' is not accepted by this operating system". I can get it to install and work if I boot into...
  7. sandmannn69

    New factory presets?

    Thought I saw a post about new factory presets for the Axefx 2, but when I went to download them the zip file is dated December 2, 2016.
  8. sandmannn69

    Modeling version switch?

    Is there a modeling version switch on the AX8?
  9. sandmannn69

    Return to footswitch screen

    Is there a quick way to return to the footswitch layout screen besides pushing the EXIT button when you are in the edit screen or grid layout screen? Like programming an F-switch to do it? Couldn't find any reference to this in the manual....
  10. sandmannn69

    Question on ordering after invitation

    I know you guys pull the trigger without looking after you get that lovely invite from Fractal, but does anyone know how long you have to order after receiving your invite before you lose your chance? Reason I'm asking is I may be receiving an invite within the next couple days, and will be...
  11. sandmannn69

    import preset automatically saving

    Sometimes when I import a preset using axe-edit, the imported preset will automatically be saved to the preset number I'm on, even without me clicking on save. Most of the time after importing a preset and then selecting another preset without saving the imported preset, when I return to the...
  12. sandmannn69

    Instruction manual

    Looking for instructions for using Axe-edit and the axe-manage tools, I clicked on the link in the owners manual for axe-edit, which opened the website for axe-edit. I see the download buttons for axe-edit, but can't find any links to the instruction manual. Anybody know where I might find it?
  13. sandmannn69

    Possible bug in Axe-edit block library

    Possible bug in Axe-edit block library. Reference posts 61, 62, and 73 in this thread (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/79617-mamas-back-again-ae-3-x-mother-all-pedal-effect-emulations-thread-4.html), some axe-edit users are unable to view and/or recall .blk files...
  14. sandmannn69

    I think I need another Axefx

    I love the amp tones in FW10. The Marshalls, Fenders, every amp seems to have its characteristic sound and feel that differentiates it from each other and has it in spades. I've owned plenty of tube amps (Marshalls, Fenders, Deizels, Egnators, Blackstars, etc.-all gone now thanks to Axefx) so I...
  15. sandmannn69

    Possible AxeFx appearance?

    Steve Stevens will be the guest musician on That Metal Show this weekend (VH1 Classic channel) and Tommy Shaw is guest-both Axe-fx artists. Maybe some Fractal action on the boob tube. -If you can stand Eddie Trunk's whining for an hour....
  16. sandmannn69

    Heads up! Great price on Adam A7X

    If you've got the April Musicians Friend catalog, you can get the A7X monitors for $524 a piece. Page 131, Check it out. Have to call it in
  17. sandmannn69

    What gear have you purchased since getting an Axefx?

    Usually the question is "what gear have you sold since you got your Axefx?". Just wondering if the Axe has had the same effect on other players tone-seek/GAS/etc. as it did to me..... Since I bought my Standard 18 months ago, I have purchased a total of 2 pedals (only one I use much) for...
  18. sandmannn69

    Thanks Cliff

    Like to take this opportunity to thank Cliff for creating the Axe-fx and congratulate him on his new product. Since I bought my Standard 11 months ago and paid it off selling my amp heads, cabs and effects units, not a day has passed where I haven't been amazed at the capabilities of this...
  19. sandmannn69

    Updated to 11 now no midi to Axe-edit

    Updated the standard using axe-edit to firmware 11, now axe-edit won't connect, says "check midi settings"....? Worked fine before, as long as Firefox wasn't running.
  20. sandmannn69

    Review time

    Well, time for an official review since its been 6 months and the Axefx has definitely found a permanent home in my studio. I can really relate to Porkchop Express as his history is very similar to mine, especially in the lifelong search for tone, and the official end of my GAS, so his review...
  21. sandmannn69

    Question about presets

    Standard owner here, was wondering if the presets that come with the Axe-fx are set up/optimized for gig-level volumes or lower studio-level volumes? I'm still working my way thru the presets on a set of studio monitors and seems some sound good at any level while others only at cranked volumes.
  22. sandmannn69

    Effects rack for Axefx

    Anybody use this SKB rack? Looks perfect for the Axe-fx, especially cause they used one for the ad picture. Thinking about picking one up. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002WJ ... PDKIKX0DER
  23. sandmannn69

    New Axe-fx Standard owner first impression

    This is not a review, just a first impression. Got it today, unboxed the unit and plugged in my Alesis 620 studio monitors. Set it up according to Yek's excellent first-time user setup, and plugged in my Gibby LP studio lite. Started with a familiar preset, Crazy Train. Played a few bars and...
  24. sandmannn69

    Am I a Standard or Ultra?

    Having made the decision to buy an Axe-Fx, I am still torn between which model would satisfy my needs. I guess the best way to determine that would be to list my playing style preferences and get some input from users. My main playing preferences are BLUES (clean/overdriven, SRV) CLASSIC ROCK...
  25. sandmannn69

    Looking to Axe(fx) my gear

    Hello, new to this excellent forum. Yeah, I know it was a stupid pun(subject). Looking into buying an AxeFx, still evaluating my needs and the AxeFx capabilities. It's not a matter of money, as it would presumably replace a lot of equipment I would be selling to pay for it. From reading the...
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