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  1. Rain

    The New Dune Movie Trailer…

    Looks cool…
  2. Rain

    JPXX Demo Cooper Carter- Axe FX III

    This is great. I might have to snag one!! Thanks Cooper !!
  3. Rain

    Wicked Sensation Isolated....

    George Lynch - Wicked Sensation - Isolated Guitar Track
  4. Rain

    PSA- Line 6 G10 Fire Hazard...!!

    https://line6.com/g10recall/?fbclid=IwAR0y9Aw9-EsvUxNhUwfTaePgY5FX0lH01ByjwHnndhIRm8cnMr6T3GyjWxA IMPORTANT SAFETY ALERT: FIRE HAZARD RELAY® G10 TRANSMITTER Corrective Action required immediately for Relay G10, Relay G10S, and Relay G10T wireless products purchased prior to March 2020...
  5. Rain

    Andy Wood.. Social Media and Mental Health..

  6. Rain

    Just in time for Cygnus.....🤔

  7. Rain

    A fantastic read ... Remembering Edward Van Halen by Larry DiMarzio

  8. Rain

    Just a FYI...

    This might help someone... So I have several Ibanez guitars that I acquired recently 🤫.... and 1 of my RG655’s was giving me tuning issues even with my perfect set-up... So I decided to get new springs (FU) which helped but still had tuning problems... So low and behold I read an article and...
  9. Rain


    Yup he’s back in the Super Bowl... sheesh ...
  10. Rain

    Liquid Tension Experiment New Song... Link to Tab

    Petrucci slaying it... absolutely amazing tones on that guitar...👍
  11. Rain

    Tom Qualye Solo - Fretboard Visualization App

    This looks interesting... https://apps.apple.com/us/app/solo-fretboard-visualization/id1537057699
  12. Rain

    New Beatles Movie... by Peter Jackson

    This looks cool...
  13. Rain

    Empire Strikes Back cool footage

  14. Rain


  15. Rain

    JP8 ...

    Ruh Roh.....😳
  16. Rain

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!

  17. Rain

    FS SOLD !!Fractal Audio Axe 8-Pedaltrain-2Exp Pedals

    Fractal Audio AXE-8 with Pedaltrain Board and 2 Roland EV-5 Expression Pedals $800.00 Everything works perfectly. Slight scratches shown in Picture 5. Original owner, comes with original Box. Thanks for looking.
  18. Rain

    Big Sur 11.01 Compatability..

    I have Big Sur 11.01 installed on my MacBook Pro 2018. I’m running Axe FX III Axe Edit 1.07.01, FM3 1.01.10, Fractal Bot and Logic X and everything is working perfectly. Note: Some 3rd party Plug-Ins have not been updated yet. Waiting on Eventide to update their Plug-Ins.
  19. Rain

    SRV on Austin City Limits...

    SRV on Austin City Limits the best of the 1983 and 1989 shows. Wow so good ..🙏🏻
  20. Rain

    Tonight’s Office ....

    Love this Venue ...
  21. Rain

    YouTube Live..?

    Hello all I have a quick question... I’m going to start a YouTube Live broadcast, it’s my 1st time 😳 I have a Axe FX III and new MacBook Pro Any recommendations for a Software Program to get it all working ? Do I need an additional Audio Interface ? Thanks Rain
  22. Rain

    Van Halen “I'm The One Live” Axe-Fx III

    Hi everyone. Life long EVH Fan here. This is a Video of our new VH Cover Band "a work in progress"... with a Fill-In On Drums... The Clams are free, please be Kind....😳
  23. Rain

    Axe FX III USB Firmware Update in News Section...

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-usb-firmware-version-1-08.149689/#post-1776624 FYI...
  24. Rain

    Merry Christmas everyone !!!

  25. Rain

    Axe-Fx III Problem....

    Hello all.... hoping someone can chime in... I have an Axe FX III. Everything has been working perfectly since I received it in April.. I was using it last night and everything was working great. Just turned it on now and the Front Instrument Input isn't working also the Headphone Jack isn't...
  26. Rain

    Bug: Rotary Block

    Hello all, looks like I found a Bug in the Rotary Block. It's locking up the Axe FX III. I have to restart it to get it to work. This happens using the Axe FX III by itself with no computer connected or while using Axe Edit. AXE FX III 1.18 AXE EDIT 1.00.01 Steps: 1-Insert Rotary Block into any...
  27. Rain

    [NOT A BUG] ADC Level Question ? Possible Bug ?

    Hello everyone is this normal ? I don't have anything connected to the Axe FX III.
  28. Rain

    The Long wait.....

  29. Rain

    Fractal Sale Wow!!!

  30. Rain

    RIP Larry Coryell....

  31. Rain

    Steve Vai Tonight on Front and Center on PBS

    Hi everyone tonight on Front and Center they're airing The Steve Via Concert from when he played at the the Iridium here in NY... Check your local Stations...
  32. Rain

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
  33. Rain

    King Crimson Oldie but Goodie...

  34. Rain

    QSC K12's Users?

    Hello everyone, I've just had my CLR go down for the 2nd Time and now it looks like my RCF Back-Up needs repair... Just wondering who is using the QSC K12's and how much they like them .... Thanks Rain
  35. Rain

    Happy 4th Of July !!!!

    Stay safe and Rock It!!!
  36. Rain

    Nuno Killing it ....

    Wow ...
  37. Rain

    New Presets for Quantum 2.01 or later...

    Not sure if everyone knows but these were released on March 10th... enjoy... http://www.fractalaudio.com/firmware-presets.php
  38. Rain

    Valuable Home Security Information

  39. Rain

    Steve Vai On Hell's Kitchen

    This will be on Hell's Kitchen Tomorrow night March 2nd at 9 PM on your local Fox Station..
  40. Rain

    Blue Angels in 360...

    Check this out and turn your Mobile Device or Tablet as your watching it... So cool...
  41. Rain

    New Mesa Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci Amp Video

    Here it is on YouTube
  42. Rain

    Quantum 2.0 Public Beta released....

    Look above....^^^
  43. Rain

    Blizzard 2016 Pics.. add yours ...

    Long Island, NY
  44. Rain

    Rip Lemmy....

    He was only 70... R.I.P. http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/motörhead’s-lemmy-dead-at-age-70/ar-BBnZWvH?li=BBnbfcL
  45. Rain

    Buying a Guitar in Japan?

    Hello everyone.. Just a quick question, what's the safest way to buy a Guitar from someone in Japan..? It's a private sale... Thank you, Luis
  46. Rain

    Axe XL to XL+ Preset Compatibility??

    Hello all, I'm upgrading to the XL+. Does anyone know if my XL presets are able to be uploaded to the XL+ ?
  47. Rain

    Enhancer Block: Amazing....

    Hello all, I just started using the Enhancer Block.... Wow !!! I'm running it in Modern Mode in Mono. It looks like I'll be updating all my Presets with it now... It's that good .. Anyone else using it here ?
  48. Rain

    2015 Suhr Factory Party LIVE- Big Wreck (featuring Ian Thornley) “I Digress"

    This Solo is so bad ass.... 2015 Suhr Factory Party LIVE- Big Wreck (featuring Ian Thornley) “I Digress" http://youtu.be/_0TlA7buJ-k
  49. Rain


  50. Rain

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!
  51. Rain

    New Axe Edit for 17.00?

    New Axe Edit for 17.00 Does anyone have any idea when the new Axe Edit will be released?
  52. Rain

    CLASS-A 30W HOT(based on Vox AC-30 HW)

    I've been playing this lately and it's a slowly becoming 1 of my favorites....CLASS-A 30W HOT(based on Vox AC-30 HW) ... Amazing response and Tone.. So many Amps.....
  53. Rain

    Axe FX II XL- Dr. Z Shootout...

    Someone let me borrow their Dr. Z. Great amp but the Axe wins... Now time to Match(Clone) it.
  54. Rain

    Logic Pro X and Yosemite Compatibility ?

    Hello everyone... Anyone here using Logic Pro X and Yosemite, and have you had any problems ?
  55. Rain

    This amazing !! It brought tear to my eye ...

  56. Rain

    Telecaster with Bigsby....?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone out there have a Telecaster with a Bigsby ? And if so, is it able to get the Classic Tele tones ? Thanks, Rain
  57. Rain

    Axe Edit and Fractal Bot Updates ?

    Hi, does anyone know when these will be updated to accommodate the latest Firmware ?
  58. Rain

    RIP Robin Williams

    This is so sad
  59. Rain

    John Petrucci Interview Guitar Interactive

    Guitar Interactive Magazine - Guitar Interactive Issue 27 digital edition
  60. Rain

    Connecting Overdrive pedal to AXE FX ?

    Hello everyone, I'm just wondering how people are connecting any Outboard Overdrive Pedals and how you're routing them in your Presets ?
  61. Rain


    How about I hit on two and four and you shut up? - YouTube
  62. Rain

    FACTORY CAB #105 Rumble EV12L Mix

    Hi everyone, I have all the UR Cab Packs and I keep coming back to this Cab...Is Anyone else using it ? Is there a UR Cab Version of it ?
  63. Rain

    Summer begins ....

    First gig with Beta 15.00.. So far so good
  64. Rain

    Axe FX XL and Axe Fx II Ultra Res Differences ?

    From the Ownhammer Cab Notes: ================== II vs. XL ================ The UltraRes IRs in this pack are provided in formats compatible with both the Axe-Fx II (Original, Mark II) and Axe-Fx II XL. Please use only the files corresponding to your hardware type. What Ultra Res Format is used...
  65. Rain

    Silent Underground Axe Fx II 96 Tone Match Presets...

    Hello all saw this on the Axe Facebook Page here's the link... Enjoy Online Recording Studio - Presets From Silent Underground: This is our final AXE FX II Preset package: 96 Tone Matched presets all updated to FW13 Presets include: Yngwie Rhythm Yngwie Solo Van Halen Rhythm Van...
  66. Rain

    NGD ....

    Hi everyone... This is my first Suhr, all I can say is that's it's going to be a long night ... :-) Amazing build quality and Tone ....
  67. Rain

    Any RCF NX12 users left ?

    Hi, is anyone still using their RCF NX12SMA's ? I use mine all the time and after the last Firmware 13.07 it's even better than it was....
  68. Rain

    Playing at BB Kings tonight...

    Sound Check done.... I love the way the Sound men are always amazed at how great the Axe FX II sounds plugged right into their PA with just a Mic cable. Especially tonight I'm using the Ultra Cabs for the first time at a great venue. Rock It !!!
  69. Rain

    Brad Paisley Now !!!!

    The Shows about to Start !!!!! Country here on Long Island NY ... Kick it. !!
  70. Rain

    Ultra Res Cab Settings

    Hello, I finally installed some of the Ultra Cab Pack 3 Cabs into my AxeFX II with Axe Edit ( what a breeze )they sound Amazing!!!! . I loaded all the Live Modern and Live Studio Ultra Res Files for my mono FRFR set-up and have a few questions and need to know if I have it set right. All these...
  71. Rain

    Hammer Time !!

    Just saw this, looks cool Amazing Guitar Invention - YouTube
  72. Rain

    U2 Elevation ?

    Anybody have a good preset for U2 Elevation?
  73. Rain

    Cello Preset

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a Cello Preset ???
  74. Rain

    U2 Bad Preset with Parallel Effects..

    Hello all, we just started a U2 Tribute Band. This is the preset I posted on Axe-Change... Axe-Change - Download Preset - Bad - by Rain
  75. Rain

    U2 Presets for Firmware 12.01 ?

    Hi does anyone have any U2 presets for Firmware 12.01 ?
  76. Rain

    Apple Fusion Drive

    Hi everyone I'm buying and configuring a new Mac Mini and I want to make sure that the Fusion Drive will be fast enough for Recording and Music production. Does anyone have any insight ?
  77. Rain

    Axe FX going in for service...

    Axe FX going in for service...Update: Fixed Perfectly !! I have to send my Axe FX in for service.... It's killing me ... Just want to thank Charlie and everyone at Fractal for their excellent customer service over the years.. What a great company!! Best money I've ever spent....
  78. Rain

    OSX Mavericks Compatibility ?

    Hi everyone, this might be a silly question but is Axe Edit 3.02 and Fractal Bot compatible with Mavericks ? I have a lot of programming to do and we have a big show on Saturday Night...
  79. Rain

    Suhr Roasted Neck...

    Hi everyone I'm ordering a Suhr Modern this week and was wondering if ordering it with a Roasted neck is worth the extra expense. Does anyone have any insight ? Thanks
  80. Rain

    Help Quick question...

    I'm editing Presets and when I push the Layout button the top Left corner of the display is Cycling between LAYOUT:S1 and then EDIT is this normal ? I never noticed it before...
  81. Rain

    Line 6 trying again

    Line 6 new product New product from Line 6... Overview | POD HD PRO X | Line 6
  82. Rain

    Axe Edit Preset Swap ?

    Hi everyone, is there a way to Swap Preset Locations using Axe Edit ?
  83. Rain

    Producer Cab Pack 1: Wellspring Sound

    Thank Cliff....!!! Just saw this at The Fractal Store, anyone tried them yet ? http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_One_Wellspring_p/ddl-001.htm
  84. Rain

    Any Open Mic Nights near Williamsburg VA?

    Hi does anyone know of any good Open Mic Nights near Williamsburg VA ?
  85. Rain

    Boston Suspects

    Boston Suspect # 1 down. Suspect # 2 still on the loose. Watertown on Lockdown.
  86. Rain

    Prayers for the people of Texas..

    Prayers for the people of Texas..
  87. Rain

    Holy Shit Balls Preset!!

  88. Rain

    Alice in Chains on TV Tonight

    AIC will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight
  89. Rain

    Petrucci Amp Rundown New Album

    Video: John Petrucci Studio Rig Tour 2013
  90. Rain

    Cliff Hangers......

    It's what we all are....... I'm wondering if when we update our AXE FX II's to Firmware 10.00, if the MFC-101 with 2.15 Firmware will work without glitches ?
  91. Rain

    Original Charvel San Dimas 1982 Restoration...

    Hi all. I'm finally restoring my Charvel San Dimas 1982 Serial # 1211. These are the before pics. I'm in NY , if anyone knows of a really good Guitar Finishing company please let me know
  92. Rain

    Bug? Tuner on MFC does not match tuner Axe-fx II

    I noticed this problem and saw that it was posted in the wrong section so I'm posting it here with the original thread. I have to use the Axe FX to tune, the MFC isn't accurate enough to tune with and doesn't match the Axe. It seems like it's always Flat and unstable compared with the Axe...
  93. Rain

    For all my Tech Friends...

    Paper is not dead yet... http://vimeo.com/m/61275290
  94. Rain

    Tuner on MFC does not match tuner on AXE FX II?

    Hi, is anyone else having this problem? I'm using a Midi Cable. While I tune my Guitar with the MFC and look at the AXE II the Tuner readings don't match.
  95. Rain


    Hello all, here you go...!! I'm working on Tone Matching these 1 song at a time and I'll post them on Axe-Change.. These are really cool....!! Audio: Isolated Guitar From Van Halen’s First Three Albums!
  96. Rain

    Beta Firmware 9.0 safe to upload with Axe Edit...

    Hello all. Is it safe to use Axe Edit 1.0.317 to update the Beta Firmware 9.0 on the Axe FX...?
  97. Rain

    Mission Pedals or Boss FV-500L ...??

    Hi everyone. Finally looking to replace my Ernie Ball Volume pedals that I've been using as Expression Pedals.... I'm looking for any recommendations or Pro's and Con's on either the Mission Pedals or the Boss FV-500L... any input will be greatly appreciated..!!! Rock It....!!!! Rain
  98. Rain

    MFC screen on outside stages....

    Hi everyone, just a quick question. I'm thinking about buying an MFC and was wondering if there's any screen visibility issues on outside Stages with bright sunlight ? We have a lot of outside shows all summer....
  99. Rain

    RCF NXSMA12 on it's way.... help on Initial Settings....

    Hello everyone, just ordered the RCF yesterday,it's arriving tomorrow... I'm looking for advice from fellow RCF users on first time set-up and settings. I have a gig on Sunday and I'll be tweaking for the next 3 days... Thanks....
  100. Rain

    Protools 10 or Logic ?

    Hi everyone, it's time for me too either upgrade my Protools 8 or get Logic .. Looking for some Opinions or Recommendations ... Thanks ...
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