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  1. dpeterson

    Question about Setlist Maker, Ipad, and RJM Mastermind.

    Ok I have the ipad with Setlist Maker (also using Midimitter to translate) sending bluetooth commands to an Xvive bluetooth to midi dongle which is sending patch changes to the axefx and also changes the RJM mastermind. All this works when I change the song on the Ipad. I'm also trying to...
  2. dpeterson

    Audio devices keep swapping.

    I have a Behringer UMC404HD interface, and the axeIII hooked up on a win10 box, and starting today the axe and umc keep fighting for control, they will swap back and forth and then nothing will show up, and then back to the UMC. I have the axe disabled in sound settings, and unplugged from my...
  3. dpeterson

    Recto2 Red... Modern vs Vintage

    On modern setting the depth control does nothing, on vintage it works. is this by design? i did a search and didn't turn up anything. Latest firmware, edit...
  4. dpeterson

    Implemented Tuner: Add drop tuning functionality similar to Peterson tuners

    Love this on my Peterson strobe tuners. This with the addition of the bigger text makes it perfect for me. What is it? When referring to electronic tuners, drop tuning is a function by which the tuner shifts the pitch reference in half-step increments while keeping the name of the note the...
  5. dpeterson

    This looks to be a bit of a game changer for Wireless IEMS

    Pro-level wireless monitoring delivered to your phone. Hear exactly what you need to hear on stage, without the hassle, at a fraction of the cost. https://audiofusionsystems.com/
  6. dpeterson

    Value button not always returning to grid...

    On latest beta and when editing on the front panel, i'll be in the amp or cab block any block, and press the value button and it is not always returning to the grid.. sometimes i'll press 3 or 4 times and nothing then it will just go. no rhyme or reason, different patches etc. This just me?
  7. dpeterson

    Amazingly frustrating run in with a staunch "has to be an amp" guy

    Played a gig recently where we were supplying back line for the headlining act flying in from out of state, granted we were also out of state. I had all my stuff up and running, and we did our sound check, everything went great. Guitarist from other band shows up and says "whatta ya got"... I...
  8. dpeterson

    First show With the III.....

    Sound check, everything fine. First band setup, played, about an hour later we go on..... white screen of death. :(. My heart sank. Quickly turned off and back on, same. Turned on my wireless, still had sound, went over to board, patch changes worked. I got through the show. Couldn’t...
  9. dpeterson

    Implemented Larger Note Text on Tuner (see pic)

    Plenty of space, please use it :) From a few feet away on a loud stage silent tuning, it's near impossible to see the little E notes. See pic (used someones off the internet and modded.)
  10. dpeterson

    Klaughn pedal hits the 10k mark :/

    Wow. https://reverb.com/item/11225089-klon-centaur-professional-overdrive-gold-long-tail-horsie-low-serial
  11. dpeterson

    Anyone try the Amp Match template yet?

    Saw it at the end of the presets... Have not tried it.
  12. dpeterson

    Cliff, can you get RJM the Midi spec he needs?

    Or is there some kind of hold up on that? not finalized etc? thanks.
  13. dpeterson

    Video from recent gig at The Mercury Ballroom in Louisville KY

    Here is man in the box. Direct to foh, and to iems. Great night, staff, crowd and sound guys. The monitor guy came up to me and pointed at my axe II and said "every band should use those."
  14. dpeterson

    My Alice In Chains Tribute playing at Bogart's In Cincinnati 01/06/2017

    If you are around, come hear the AXEII in all it's glory :) http://www.bogarts.com/EventDetail?tmeventid=160051439ABE1DA8&offerid=39836
  15. dpeterson

    Is there an easy way to keep up on firmware updates??

    without the forum? Because I think i'm done on the forum too. too much negativity, now cliff is gone, seems like it's dying anyway.
  16. dpeterson

    Hollow - AIC tribute playing in Columbus tonight 6/18/2016

    Not sure if this is the correct forum... but here goes.. My band Hollow - Tribute to Alice In Chains is the playing the 2nd day of the annual Ozzfest at O'Shecky's Live, I believe we go on at 10, come check out the Axe II live if you are around! Wrecking Crue from Detroit, The Grudge (Tool)...
  17. dpeterson

    Output 2 knob.

    Interesting issue last night at the gig. I run output 1 to foh and output 2 to my monitor. I plugged up and turned up output 2 and it was almost pulsating. Volume would drop then come back up, very random. Had to run splitters to work around it. Output 1 was fine. Could be a cable inside...
  18. dpeterson

    Bug? Odd issue when scrolling past preset and going back over it.

    i have a preset #27, if I go over it, to 28 and then back to 27 it locks up my axe. I exported the preset, and will attach. I had to boot up with enter pressed to get past it. Once i got it to stay on 27, I have 2 amps in that block, I reset both amps, by deselecting and re-selecting, and...
  19. dpeterson

    Man played a lunchbox 5153 today and a Friedman HBE....

    The little lunch box served a cold dish of whoop ass on the HBE. And for $3000 less to boot. Still dont need one but I like trying amps from time to time.
  20. dpeterson

    Liquid Foot 12+ programming help...

    I'm trying to figure out if what I want to do is possible. I want to have all 12 buttons be patch changes page 1. Upon picking a patch, i want it to change to page 2 automatically, where there will be scenes setup and cc's for effects. I know how to do all the page, effects assigning...
  21. dpeterson

    Flipping through amps with disabled delay, delay sometimes switches on.

    took my main patch, had delay and reverb both off, started at the first amp and was just going through every amp, and occasionally after the switch to the next amp, the delay would kick on. i'm up to the car roamer and it has done it 2 times so far. Using quantum 1.01 or whatever the...
  22. dpeterson

    Can anyone confirm dimensions on a Liquid Foot+ 12+

    Found one page saying 11" x 10" and a few others with different numbers, not sure which is correct. going to start working on a board before it gets here. thanks...
  23. dpeterson

    Whatever happened to modeling Petrucci's IIc+ ?

    Read he was sending it, then cliff bought one, so i'm not sure what happened.
  24. dpeterson

    Played at a Ozzfest Tribute concert last night in Columbus...

    My band was the Alice In Chains tribute (Hollow). 7 tribute bands (metallica, rush, motley crue, judas priest, maiden, AIC, and sabbath) played and I counted 5 axe-fx's including mine the whole night.. was pretty cool.. :)
  25. dpeterson

    USA Pre LD1 Red bug.

    Got around to messing with this model again, and if you turn off the bright switch via axe edit or front panel and get horrible wash of noise. AxeFx II (non xl) using 17.04.
  26. dpeterson

    Glowing review from sound guy last night...

    Played a multi band 90's tribute gig (6-7 bands) last night at Gillys in Dayton OH... real tight setup times in between bands, (10 minutes). First off sound guy was wowed he didn't have to mic my rig, i told him to unplug the mic and plug it in the line out of my k12, and that was it...
  27. dpeterson

    Odd thing with volume block..

    I add it to a patch that didn't have it, set it up like I have it in every other patch (not global) but when I save I get no volume, and the front panel said it uses global blocks press enter to not use global block or something like that and I press enter and it locks up my axe. this is a...
  28. dpeterson

    Can anyone explain how to use an expression to blend clean to dirty?

    I'm working on a patch for the song Creep by STP and I have an acoustic tone match path going, and I want to use an expression to blend to a plexi tone and then back, not sure what to use for this. I remember seeing a patch a long time ago by that Hectic Watermelon guy. Anyway, a patch or...
  29. dpeterson

    Cult Of Personality by my band...

    Last Saturday we picked up an opening gig someone canceled last minute, here is one of the songs. I used the AxeII, K12 for guitar interaction, Recto Orange 10.09, my lead patch is the same thing with fat on, 4db level increase and some delay... clams abound so I'll duck now. We were all...
  30. dpeterson

    Ok... Les Paul guys... school me.

    I went to Nashville over the weekend with a friend, and went to a few music stores and tried out some les pauls. Mostly interested in standards. We tried a few, held a 5k custom shop model, didnt try it out. None of them really felt that nice, my Anderson Drop top destroys them in...
  31. dpeterson

    Videos from the amp fest... making progress?

    Have been wondering about these... would really like to see something from there. thanks, Dave
  32. dpeterson

    Ok, finally got around to trying to capture my cabinet...

    Results are way too thin sounding.. like it's coming out of one of those tiny marshall amps. I have everything hooked up correctly, and the test level sound fine etc... Using an sm57 into a little mixer set flat. I'm trying to capture my boogie half back 4x12 (metal grille), power amp...
  33. dpeterson

    Any new firmware in the works?

    last real update was in June last year 10.0... almost going into withdrawl ;)
  34. dpeterson

    Some interesting stuff from Dar amps... there goes Meshuggah, check out the IR thigy

    Hey guys Sorry for the late reply. Took a while to get back from NAMM... What an amazing week. It was great to catch up with and meet some of the HRI crew. Wish there was more time to hang though. I have a few ideas for next time for sure... Dru, thanks for the report. You sounded...
  35. dpeterson

    Ty Tabor talking about his switch to the Axe-FX....

    would really be cool to have the L5 in the amps. Ty would / could be the litmus test :)
  36. dpeterson

    Anyone ever think of adding amps to the non powered atomics?

    Something like this: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=300-797 150 watts, non tube, multiple inputs etc... thoughts?
  37. dpeterson

    Ty Tabor and King's X last saturday night in Louisville

    Great small concert, was right on the stage in front of Ty.. awesome. Talked to him a bit after the gig, says he loves his ultra. Made a point to say he only uses it for fx. He had some real prominant delays, and rotory sounds going. His rhythm tone was bone dry.
  38. dpeterson

    xlr outs plugged into my mbox when not in protools....

    makes the axe-fx sound like ass. It was a distorted sound, kind of like a farting sound... unplugged the xlr's and it was back to normal. anyone else experience this? dave
  39. dpeterson

    Nuno Tone on Warheads...

    Here is my stab at it after reading the tracking sheet with his settings and amp/pedal/cab he used. First part is the warheads intro, second part is a bit from Our Father. Let me know what you think and i'll post it on the exchange after a few more tweaks...
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