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  1. mwd

    Natural feedback at any volume?

    Best emulation I've ever heard is an Ed O'Brien strat thru an Axe III.
  2. mwd

    Default Scene & Relevant Scene

    How are you changing presets?
  3. mwd

    Axe-Fx III is making my other stuff buzz!

    Regardless of how you cable up I would put a washer in the front and back of each rack tang and make sure all power comes from a single source (single path to ground).
  4. mwd

    Headphone Presets

    The spacial proximity, and stereo spectrum, between monitors (facing you) and headphones (directly into ears) is night and day. I don't have a solution to offer other than realize you are in two different worlds so 'converting' a preset might not be as effective as 'creating' one for your...
  5. mwd

    Transition of one preset to another without the buzz kill.

    Thanks for the ideas. We've had spillover turned on all along so I'm guessing we're not meeting some of the criteria (matching blocks, matching settings, etc.) for spillover to work between presets. Also looks like several blocks won't work between presets regarding spillover. Bandmate used to...
  6. mwd

    Transition of one preset to another without the buzz kill.

    Sometimes we will lead off a song with some noodling using the lush sounds of one of the ambient presets. We use Showbuddy software for lights and preset changes. As we transition between the ambient intro into the song body there is a noticeable gap when the preset changes. Not a time gap but...
  7. mwd

    How to use Axefx with two line 6 rackmount wireless receivers ? Help please

    I switch between multiple guitars and one transmitter just stepping on the tuner button (FC-12), which mutes the snap, crackles and pops. Takes 5 seconds.
  8. mwd

    Recording AES/SPDIF vs. Analog

    S/PDIF to Apollo quad because it's 1 cable, signal is perfect and I can use UAD console to monitor = heaven.
  9. mwd

    How do you guys handle balancing Daw/Computer/AxeFX levels?

    I quit trying to juggle levels and starting running my Axe, via S/PDIF, into an Apollo Quad and using Console for monitoring. Absolute heaven. I have my computer coming in on Virtual 3/4 for YouTube and jam track playback, Logic coming in on Virtual 1/2 and blend the Axe level as needed all...
  10. mwd

    Bluetooth headphone use.

    Absolutely painful. Strumming a chord and hearing it a split second later will twist your brain. I considered getting an inexpensive IEM setup and plugging in my headphones to get somewhat of a wireless setup for practice.
  11. mwd

    Compensating for lower output pickups when switching guitars

    Although it's not on your FC the TC Electronic Spark is an excellent option. I use per song presets and also don't want to create dozens of alternate presets for my backup guitar. This was my choice until I figured out how to do it via mixer and midi pad.
  12. mwd

    Compensating for lower output pickups when switching guitars

    I created a Snippet on my X32 mixer to bump my input signal via MIDI trigger. No changes to the Axe. Works well until I create a few guitar specific presets.
  13. mwd

    Getting that Tool guitar sound. How to start?

    Thank you folks for the input. Much appreciated.
  14. mwd

    Getting that Tool guitar sound. How to start?

    One of the recorded guitar sounds I like best is the band Tool. Realizing it's talent, recording circumstances, doubled guitars and more.... where would I start to try and pull off that sound regarding Axe III as presets go? My bandmate, who also has an Axe, and I are working on some songs that...
  15. mwd

    Bass guys with UAD... Which do you use?

    Yeah please don't misunderstand me. Fractal is a beautiful thing. Whether I use Fractal or UAD for tone source on guitars or bass I'm going to use UAD for monitoring. Console is just that good for balancing your monitor mix. When I stumbled onto the UAD bass chain I finally hit pay dirt for my...
  16. mwd

    Bass guys with UAD... Which do you use?

    I think UAD Console is zero-latency.
  17. mwd

    Bass guys with UAD... Which do you use?

    I have a Axe III but I track bass via UAD SVT and playback with a DBX 160 and it is a killer sound. Not a big fan of UAD amp sims but the bass is killer.
  18. mwd

    Possible to control 2 Axe-FX IIIs at once with Axe-Edit?

    I have a USB hub that has on/off switches on the ports. I turned off one Axe III's USB connection to leave the other active as I wanted to pop up the editor and make a change. I'm using OSX on a MacBook Pro. FWIW when I clicked the editor a window popped up asking me which Axe I wanted to...
  19. mwd

    Dusty Hill, R.I.P

    Absolute gut wrench. Love ZZ Top. His guitar technician recently sat in for him on a few shows so they wouldn't have to cancel when he had to get some medical attention for his hip.
  20. mwd

    How to know the percentage of the Output Levels on front?

    Needs are subjective. We play to a backing track and our 'out 1s' are at 50%. You would think being able to tell the knob was a high noon would be easy enough but they get moved and it makes a difference. I also make volume notes on tracks I record so if I have to punch back in knowing precise...
  21. mwd

    2 Axe III's via MIDI

    I think my confusion comes in me thinking that whether a device is connected via DIN or USB that channels are enough to separate the devices. You have made me realize another factor in the USB port problem. My Midi studio on the MacBook installed an instance of the Axe III and the default is...
  22. mwd

    2 Axe III's via MIDI

    I will certainly try your recommendation tonight at rehearsal but I thought that was the point of having 16 MIDI channels plus Omni to control different devices. We've controlled, at various times, dozens of pieces of gear without conflict putting each device on it's own channel over the past...
  23. mwd

    2 Axe III's via MIDI

    We use Showbuddy and a MacBook Pro and play to backing parts we record for a small 3 piece combo. I record bass, sometimes key parts, have a friend play drums and then we play 2 guitars and vocals live. In the past we have used Showbuddy to control 10 or 12 MIDI devices, plus the lights but we...
  24. mwd

    2 Axe III's via MIDI

    Well I tried the powered USB hub it did not help. In reality things just got weirder. With both Axe III's hooked up via MIDI only one set of PC events would work. I wound up running 1 Axe via USB and 1 via 5-Pin DIN. Even stranger is my hub has switches to shut off each USB connection. If I shut...
  25. mwd

    [solved] Logic Pro MIDI automation not working with Axe FX III

    Try creating a software instrument track, instead of an external MIDI track, set up your Axe III as the external instrument and insert it in the Instrument button.
  26. mwd

    [solved] Logic Pro MIDI automation not working with Axe FX III

    You might try downloading Snoize MIDI Monitor, and visually see your MIDI hit your computer. Check to see if the correct messages are being sent. At that point you know if it's a Fractal problem or a Logic problem.
  27. mwd

    2 Axe III's via MIDI

    What made me think it would work is I have 3 USB chains plugged into the laptop working. One is USB Mio to Eventide to VoiceLive to Fractal #2 and the other is USB to Fractal #1. The third is going to a hub which powers two more USB to DMX and USB to X32. All working. The weirdness started when...
  28. mwd

    2 Axe III's via MIDI

    We use a backing track that also sends MIDI PC's to our two Fractal Axe III's via MacBook Pro. I have always controlled mine via USB and my buddy's via 5 Pin DIN in a MIDI daisy chain of multiple electronic devices. We did a rewire to our mixer/console and now I'm trying to trigger both Axe...
  29. mwd

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    We use a MacBook for our backing track with Showbuddy software. Provides us with drums, keyboards, synth, horns, bass, etc. but what made me post are a few acoustic songs we have that sound great with just a tamborine, hi-hat or shakers. We do a version of Wonderwall with guitars and a...
  30. mwd

    Going Crypto

    Good for you. It is fascinating and has been very rewarding for many investors. Banks and Governments are going berserk because they lose control of the currency they manipulate on a regular basis. It took 1100 Bitcoin to equal a dollar when it was released. A year later it went parody at 1 USD...
  31. mwd

    Unwanted behaviour with default scene and MIDI (?)

    The only quirk I have found, and it is unique, is using a backing track that has multiple presets and scene changes. Manually placing the indicator in another point of the song (to practice or something) will change scenes on the wrong preset if you didn't get to where the previous preset...
  32. mwd

    Recording Axe FX III to Logic Pro X

    Advanced monitoring. Logic coming in on a virtual channel, my computer sound coming in on a virtual channel. Axe coming in on S/PDIF. I am able to blend my volume levels to exactly what I want to hear without impacting the record level and with zero latency. Update: After reading my post I...
  33. mwd

    Recording Axe FX III to Logic Pro X

    I've pretty much tried all variations in the decade plus of Axe ownership. USB is just a path from your audio interface to DAW. In the case of using the Fractal, as the audio interface, the USB path is superb and the Fractal is a great interface. I use it quite often for laying down a quick idea...
  34. mwd

    Recording Axe FX III to Logic Pro X

    Axe III via SPDIF to UAD Apollo to Logic X. Heavenly.
  35. mwd

    Merging Presets in Axe Fx III

    On white paper merging would be useful as would copying scenes from one preset to another BUT what a PITA for the developers just with the warning flags that would have to pop up and then the tech support dealing with the aftermath of merges-gone-bad. I merged two Steve Stevens presets after...
  36. mwd

    How to? Tap On - Tap Off Global Volume boost.

    Thank you for the suggestions guys. I will try them. For my purpose I need to step on a button, not adjust the Axe, and I need it to be precise each time. Like +3db when on (or whatever level works) and then back to 0 when off. Like the Spark Booster Pedal would do.
  37. mwd

    How to? Tap On - Tap Off Global Volume boost.

    Since I run volume out 1 at noon I would be more apt to just turn the knob up but I was wanting a bit more precision on both the boost and return as we play to a backing track and much time has been spent blending levels. If I did add a volume boost block to each preset is there a way to...
  38. mwd

    How to? Tap On - Tap Off Global Volume boost.

    I have a guitar and a backup guitar with vastly different volume levels. I use per song presets but would like to be able to pick up guitar 2 at any time without jacking with the presets. TC Electronic makes a Spark 20db booster where you can set the boost level and then it’s on/off when needed...
  39. mwd


    I would say make sure you know how to use Fractal-Bot first to back up your preset banks and then experiment with Fractool. For me it’s a purpose driven tool. What is your ‘reason’ to use it? I have used it as an education as to what amps and cabs are being used, used it to convert my Ultra...
  40. mwd

    My new guitar (I built)

    Very nice work.
  41. mwd

    What do you use scenes for?

    I have used presets per song which allows using two near identical presets but balanced and tweaked on a per song or per guitar basis. Used scenes to turn on or off reverb, chorus, delay while not changing the core sound. You can use scenes to utilize 4 or 8 of your favorite amps in one preset...
  42. mwd

    What is your favorite Bass VST instruments?

    When I'm scratch padding a song I will use EZ Bass just to fill in and get an idea of how the tune might sound and capture some melody. Then replace it with a real bass. Tracked with the UAD SVT bass and played back with DBX 160 on the channel is heavenly.
  43. mwd

    Is there a "best IEM" for Fractal?

    Thanks for posting this. I was on the fence a long time and decided to give these a try. What a bang for the buck. Perhaps they have upgraded the cord. I liked it better than the one suggested.
  44. mwd

    Axe III via Studio Monitor v.s. Tube Combo at the Same Volume

    A couple of things here and meant with respect of course. This is subjective and a personal journey you have encountered. I also think your inquiry is super interesting. For me... it wasn't my experience. I had a beautiful half stack Marshall and I prefer the stereo image and the silence of the...
  45. mwd

    Thinking of upgrading…need advice

    Honestly I think all of us have been in your position. I struggled with do I need an XL when I had my Ultra and whether I needed the III when I had my XL. I have never regretted the upgrades. Ease of use has been the biggest step up impacting me.
  46. mwd

    Axe III via Studio Monitor v.s. Tube Combo at the Same Volume

    Just a point to ponder but the stereo image of headphones vs monitors is different and both are different than mono image of the amp. Seems like comparisons of any of the 3 of them, to each other, wouldn't be an apples to apples comparison.
  47. mwd

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Presets - Banks A & B Preview

    Curious as to what happen to 'Dual Clean' preset. Has it been renamed?
  48. mwd

    Is there a "best IEM" for Fractal?

    I have some Westone 4R's that sound great with the Axe III. I struggle with wearing any IEM's so sometimes I get lazy and put in my 1More quad driver buds I use for phone and music listening and again the III sounds awesome. It may just be the particular in ears you have. I remember I wasn't...
  49. mwd

    Fractal Audio Price Increases

    I have often wondered how Fractal managed to dodge price increases over the years. I swear my XL cost little more than my Ultra years ago and my III cost little, if any, more than my XL. Then considering the resell value this brand pulls off and how much equipment it replaces it's like playing...
  50. mwd

    Why Your Amp Doesn't Sound Like Our Amp

    Super interesting article.
  51. mwd

    Seperate headphone and monitor volume

    I know you want speaker mute when headphone plugged in but what about something like this. Plug your monitor outs into it and push the mute button.
  52. mwd

    Dual Clean preset blown up... anyone else?

    I've got so many copies of Dual Clean I'm lost at the moment. Let me figure out my best back up copy of factory preset after I clean up my flooded kitchen and take towels to the laundromat. :rolleyes:
  53. mwd

    Dual Clean preset blown up... anyone else?

    Dual Clean uses USA Clean (Mesa/Boogie Mark IV) and Double Verb Vibrato (Fender Twin Reverb)
  54. mwd

    Dual Clean preset blown up... anyone else?

    I'm trying to make the transition to 16. I don't have any gigs coming up and many of the presets are a great improvement. Just the Dual Clean that's throwing me.
  55. mwd

    Dual Clean preset blown up... anyone else?

    I never modify my factory presets. They are all moved over a bank on my III and I copy them to my first bank and modify my copies. My first 10 or 20 presets are on the fly presets and then I have 30 or so per song presets. So I have my factory Dual Clean as well as a copy and many of my presets...
  56. mwd

    Preference at home .... In Ears Monitors or Headphones

    Sennheiser HD650 for home but I am researching going wireless. Tried Axe to bluetooth wireless but far too much latency.
  57. mwd

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Happy Day Late! Thank you for you.
  58. mwd

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Just converted multiple presets with previous version. When you say v3.56 supports Cygnus firmware do I need to 'reconvert' or check on anything?
  59. mwd

    Popping noise with Axe-Fx III / Logic Pro X

    Eliminate any possibility of static. I kid you not I literally tore racks apart testing cables and trying to figure out why I got intermittent static years ago. I would do some of my jamming early in the morning or late at night. One evening I pulled off my big bear paw fuzzy slippers my...
  60. mwd

    Repercussions of 'not' resetting the amp block.

    I got prepped up, backed up, jacked up for new FW 16. I got to thinking I never remember having to reset the amp block in any of the hundreds of firmware updates I've done. I wondered what the repercussions were of just updating? What would I experience? What is going to break. Not trying to be...
  61. mwd

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.13

    Does this reset amp blocks to factory default to the preset they are in or just a neutral generic high noon position? Why is this needed and is it necessary with the new firmware. I know you're not a Fractal employee but you seem to appreciate it.
  62. mwd

    Question about recording level

    Since you are in the digital realm I don't think it matters where you crank up volume as long as you don't clip (anywhere). FWIW I keep my front output at noon and use the volume in the amp block to attain my desired record level. I don't save the preset, so that it returns to where it was, but...
  63. mwd

    Poltergeist Pig preset

    Here you go. Also the ending has Crystal Echoes preset.
  64. mwd

    Poltergeist Pig preset

    I use PP on an intro into Oasis 'Roll It Over'. Sounds great, fits perfectly, however I will say I've had the Ultra, the XL and now the III and the version on the Ultra wins hands down.
  65. mwd

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    Another side benefit is if you swap guitars on certain songs that have much different output levels or characteristics. Song specific presets allow you to tailor the tone and volume to that guitar.
  66. mwd

    What are the most comfortable headphones or earbuds you've used?

    I am wondering about the KZ12's and KZ16's that have come out since the 10's. Do you have any knowledge of comparisons?
  67. mwd

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    Back in my Ultra days I got into the habit of song specific presets since presets changed so quickly. I would usually set aside 4 presets per song. Intro, rhythm, lead and special. It worked so well It was a must for my Axe III as well... but using scenes instead of individual presets. So far I...
  68. mwd

    Need your opinion: Austin Buddy vs Cooper Carter?

    IMHO it's kind of apples and oranges. The Cooper Carter Classes are a clear, concise approach to increasing your knowledge. Then the Austin Buddy presets are the 'result' of someone that knows what they are doing. You can learn from those or you can just use them out of the box so to speak. When...
  69. mwd

    Fender Ultra Strats - HSS vs SSS for Axe FX III?

    Make sure you buy the new one from a place that has a return policy and inspect it like crazy. I bough a new American Elite Telecaster and while it was a beauty the volume knob just kept spinning and the ebony fretboard had cracks and crevices all over it right out of the box. It was obvious the...
  70. mwd

    PSA: Windows 10 updates crashing printing...

    Windows just released two updates that are causing BSOD and rebooting when trying to print on some computers. I work at a copier/printer company and we've been dealing with it all day. Just a PSA if anyone else is having this problem go to: Windows Updates>Show Update History and remove...
  71. mwd

    Anyone else into proper hot chillies?

    My long distance friends and relatives stop at Pats for cheese sticks and peanut butter shakes the minute they hit town...lol.
  72. mwd

    Anyone else into proper hot chillies?

    Eastern NM here. We eat green chiles on everything but cereal...lol.
  73. mwd

    Problem with MIDI control/program change of Axe-Fx 3

    I agree with Unix. I think you must have another issue going on. I switch presets and scenes using computer (Showbuddy) and also switch using Bome Translator and an APC mini-keypad. Also have the FC-12 footswitch and they all change about the same rate. The III takes longer to change presets...
  74. mwd

    Which Audio Interface Is Your Favorite with Axe-Fx III?

    Babyface is an awesome interface. Especially grab and go with a laptop. Not a big fan of the TotalMix monitoring software (except for the built in verb) but like anything, once you use it enough you get the hang of it.
  75. mwd

    Which Audio Interface Is Your Favorite with Axe-Fx III?

    Apollo Quad. Axe III via S/PDIF monitoring with Console = Heaven.
  76. mwd

    SMH. Sirius XM.

    Reminiscent of dealing with Dish. I had to call so often on our bill over a complex issue I finally just starting asking for supervisors. In the shrillest, highest pitch a voice can be, in broken English, the girl said 'sir I assure you I can help you'. I couldn't help but saying 'I assure you...
  77. mwd

    How long can you remember how to play a song?

    Our geezer crew is now at the point of forgetting songs as fast as we learn them.
  78. mwd

    Are there ANY limitations with Axe-Fx 3?

    I have a 3 but then again my Ultra still kicks ass. At some point I feel ‘we’ become the limitation because I hear awesome music come from cheaper, less quality guitars than I play over amps that don’t even register on the Fractal scale of quality and service. The one thing I wish the III, in...
  79. mwd

    Not liking the H9 for Reverb ... need MIDI ... Ideas?

    I used a Strymon Big Sky back in my Ultra days. Just shut off all the Axe verbs and controlled Strymon via MIDI. It was pure heaven and very versatile. I had a handful of goto Ultra presets and a few Strymon presets so you get to know the sounds of your amp and verb separately. So you could pull...
  80. mwd

    Anyone Using UAD 1176 Rev E

    Although most times I use it on the 2 Bus try out a touch of channel strip. 610B on the last preset 'analog love' I think. I also added some Helios 69, again on the master bus but what impressed me was the way it impacted the guitars. As to compressors UAD has a chunk of nice ones. I like Manley...
  81. mwd

    backing trax

    We’ve been in a hybrid band for 10 years. Use a MacBook Pro and Showbuddy for backing tracks thru an X32 Mixer/Soundcard rig. We record the backing tracks ourselves using free MIDI files as a template usually. Sometimes we will pay for one if we can't find a free one. We replace the drums and...
  82. mwd

    Midi data from DAW to AXE FX 3 Midi Out

    Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you might get what you want via the THRU port using 5 pin DIN.
  83. mwd

    Low latency wireless headphones

    Depends on what you're doing at home :)
  84. mwd

    AxeIII as a USB audio interface, mixed with UA Apollo twin and Logic Pro. Aggregate device?

    I gotta' ask why or what your application is. Axe SPDIF to Apollo, monitoring with Console is heaven.
  85. mwd

    Low latency wireless headphones

    I was interested in this too and honestly wireless IEM is the best solution I could think of especially if you already have some headphones or IEM monitors you like. There are several low cost units available that would serve the purpose well.
  86. mwd

    Flat vs Layered Effects for Recording

    Above post is right. I created a Logic template for doing just that. In the Axe preset you have the amp tone going to 1/2 Out and the FX tone going to 3/4. Arm your Logic tracks with input 1/2 and another with 3/4. Works beautifully. You can vary the level of your FX after print or switch to 3rd...
  87. mwd

    OK so I have to ask...before I just say...bleh...and stay with the II

    Both the Ultra and XL still produce stunning results but the III is more user friendly IMHO with both the editor and foot-switch as well as sound advancements. I'm a believer in not looking at the what comes next but rather what you're replacing. Otherwise you'll pull your hair out. Rock stars...
  88. mwd

    Recording Studio C reverb

    I'm guessing that Studios A,B,C are pretty common however the EMT 140 Reverb references A,B,C but I think they are choosing plates. Capitol Studios reference Studios A, B, C. Could be that.
  89. mwd

    Stupid MIDI question

    Ok I see your dilemma. Yes scene would go to default saved state in the preset so jumping scenes would inevitably cause a glitch. I used a Big Sky for my Ultra and turned off all verbs in the presets to independently run verbs outside of the presets. It was heavenly.
  90. mwd

    Stupid MIDI question

    The amp channels are irrelevant. You have replaced using 4 channels (to select which of your 4 amps you want) with 4 presets that select the amp you desire. Additionally channels don't change when switching presets unless you have forced them to do so by saving them in that state.
  91. mwd

    Stupid MIDI question

    You desire 4 amps with 8 scenes of FX giving 32 combinations. You want to separate the amps from the FX but it sounds like the FX would be identical for each amp. Under your design you would have to switch both channels and scenes to function as you wish. So why not create 4 presets, one for...
  92. mwd

    Stupid MIDI question

    I'm thinking typically the chain would be scenes control your channels and MIDI can control your scenes.
  93. mwd

    Input gate or gate block ?

    I did not know this. Looks like I will be rethinking some of my uses. I generally use the input block to have one less block in the chain but sometimes it doesn't cut it therefore I turn it off and put in a Gate block. Only in one or two circumstances have I used both. Thanks for this info.
  94. mwd

    Are there any MIDI translators, router or device like this?

    This Bome Translator is awesome for my application. The APC mini has 81 buttons and 9 sliders in a 9x8x1 footprint. I have it controlling 8 scenes, 8 presets on my Axe, 8 presets on the Eventide, 8 on the Voicelive, volume levels on 2 guitars as well as master guitar levels on the X32 mixer, fog...
  95. mwd

    Are there any MIDI translators, router or device like this?

    Our band is hybrid using Showbuddy on a MacBook to fire PC messages to (2) Axe III's as well as an X32, Eventide, Voicelive, lightshow, fog and other devices. After thinking about this a bit I am thinking I may be able to do this with software only. And a USB hub because I'm tapped out on ports.
  96. mwd

    Are there any MIDI translators, router or device like this?

    Looking for some kind of highly programmable MIDI translator to sit as an in-between the Axe III and less intelligent devices such as Akai APC Mini. Whereas the APC has a ton of buttons and 9 faders it is very limited as to the message it sends out. I am wondering if there is a 'device' that can...
  97. mwd

    5-pin MIDI transfers are possible but not supported, because they are too slow

    No to sample dumps, tons of firmware updates and I definitely see the above points need for speed. Not so much though for the OP's task of sending PC/CC messages.
  98. mwd

    5-pin MIDI transfers are possible but not supported, because they are too slow

    In the 2 or 3 decades I've used MIDI I have never found a single instance of MIDI transmission being too slow. The majority of those years was using 5-Pin DIN. Have utilized it, as mentioned, simultaneously controlling 10 to 15 devices and have used cable runs of up to 20 ft. IMHO USB MIDI was...
  99. mwd

    5-pin MIDI transfers are possible but not supported, because they are too slow

    We use MIDI PC and CC to control 10 to 15 devices plus lights and fog, via Showbuddy, and I’ve never seen a MIDI situation that couldn’t be solved. MIDI is one of the most simple, yet frustrating, protocols there is. There are a bunch of adapters and splitters available at a reasonable price...
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