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  1. mwd

    Transition of one preset to another without the buzz kill.

    Sometimes we will lead off a song with some noodling using the lush sounds of one of the ambient presets. We use Showbuddy software for lights and preset changes. As we transition between the ambient intro into the song body there is a noticeable gap when the preset changes. Not a time gap but...
  2. mwd

    Getting that Tool guitar sound. How to start?

    One of the recorded guitar sounds I like best is the band Tool. Realizing it's talent, recording circumstances, doubled guitars and more.... where would I start to try and pull off that sound regarding Axe III as presets go? My bandmate, who also has an Axe, and I are working on some songs that...
  3. mwd

    2 Axe III's via MIDI

    We use a backing track that also sends MIDI PC's to our two Fractal Axe III's via MacBook Pro. I have always controlled mine via USB and my buddy's via 5 Pin DIN in a MIDI daisy chain of multiple electronic devices. We did a rewire to our mixer/console and now I'm trying to trigger both Axe...
  4. mwd

    How to? Tap On - Tap Off Global Volume boost.

    I have a guitar and a backup guitar with vastly different volume levels. I use per song presets but would like to be able to pick up guitar 2 at any time without jacking with the presets. TC Electronic makes a Spark 20db booster where you can set the boost level and then it’s on/off when needed...
  5. mwd

    Dual Clean preset blown up... anyone else?

    I never modify my factory presets. They are all moved over a bank on my III and I copy them to my first bank and modify my copies. My first 10 or 20 presets are on the fly presets and then I have 30 or so per song presets. So I have my factory Dual Clean as well as a copy and many of my presets...
  6. mwd

    Repercussions of 'not' resetting the amp block.

    I got prepped up, backed up, jacked up for new FW 16. I got to thinking I never remember having to reset the amp block in any of the hundreds of firmware updates I've done. I wondered what the repercussions were of just updating? What would I experience? What is going to break. Not trying to be...
  7. mwd

    PSA: Windows 10 updates crashing printing...

    Windows just released two updates that are causing BSOD and rebooting when trying to print on some computers. I work at a copier/printer company and we've been dealing with it all day. Just a PSA if anyone else is having this problem go to: Windows Updates>Show Update History and remove...
  8. mwd

    Are there any MIDI translators, router or device like this?

    Looking for some kind of highly programmable MIDI translator to sit as an in-between the Axe III and less intelligent devices such as Akai APC Mini. Whereas the APC has a ton of buttons and 9 faders it is very limited as to the message it sends out. I am wondering if there is a 'device' that can...
  9. mwd

    Eventide Eclipse and X32

    We just got an Eclipse for outboard FX for the X32. Primarily vocals which our lead vocalist is mono. I run some vocals thru my VoiceLive harmonizer which is stereo. I am feeding to Aux 1/2 and from Aux 1/2 on the X32 and do indeed have effects but I'm not sure I'm running this Eclipse...
  10. mwd

    Separate FX Track when Recording

    My band mate had Kemper and now Axe III. All of our gear goes thru X32 Rack Mixer controlled by MacBook Pro that has Logic X on it. The one thing that worked well for us is the Kemper gave us the ability to separate the FX from the amp/cab and record a stereo dry track and stereo FX track that...
  11. mwd

    Hold function via external switch... I'm missing some step.

    I have a Boss FS 6 dual foot switch. It has A out B out via TS connector or you can run A/B via one cable as TRS. I hooked this to my FC-12 on Switch 1/2 via TRS and opened a preset that had a hold/stack function. I set the block to FC1 Ext. Switch 1. It just doesn't seem to do anything. My boss...
  12. mwd

    [fixed] Very loud squealing out of the blue

    Last night while working on a preset I clicked on the Phaser to see what it would sound like. Almost instantly the Axe started squealing high pitch super loud and just locked. While continuing to squeal. Not knowing where it was coming from I turned off my wireless, turned off the block, shut...
  13. mwd

    SOLD Mint EV-2 Pedal For Sale

    $100.00 shipped to 48 cont. US states only to PayPal verified address after PayPal payment clears. I thought I needed 2 EV-1 pedals for my live rig so I bought this EV-2 for when I took my unit home to dink with presets. Turns out I don't need 2 EV-1 Pedals on one rig so this wound up being...
  14. mwd

    Axe III stopping videos ?

    Never encountered this before. I have a choice of internal speakers, Axe III and Universal Audio Apollo as my audio interfaces. Got a new sample video from blues masters with 3 vids on a webpage. Listened thru iMac speakers and decided to amplify with my Axe III. The vid wouldn't play if I...
  15. mwd

    Locking Tuners for Vintage Les Paul

    I'm looking for direct replacement tuners for a 1977 Les Paul Custom that would be Gold, Locking and no drilling of anything. Anyone know of any? Thanks!
  16. mwd

    RTA change ?

    May be my imagination or my journey to seniorville but when I got my III many months ago I swear I remember being able to turn the RTA block on and off like any other block.
  17. mwd

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    I'm messing with paper money in Thinkorswim software, watching youtube vids, trying to learn stock market processes. I bought 1 contract of 100 shares that expires on Feb 21 and it's up 1800.00 bucks as of today. I literally don't know what to do with it. I have watched so many vids about the...
  18. mwd

    Hard Drive Recommendations iMac

    Need to replace a 3TB HD in my older iMac for music stuff. Full again. Currently using Seagate and leaning towards Seagate due to temp sensor plugin however l'm looking for ideas in the 6 to 8TB range eliminating 5400 RPM drives.
  19. mwd

    Old Cab Packs + New Axe III

    I have Cab Packs 1,2,8,11,13 and I'm wondering are these useable for the new Axe III or are the cabs in 3 of a higher quality?
  20. mwd

    FC-12 is ridiculously genius

    Lord have mercy... my new FC-12 landed tonight and in less than an hour I am mind blown. The degree of thought, flow, capability is over the top. The number of problems that have already been solved for me in the first hour of use has me grinning from ear to ear. I'm going to have this beast...
  21. mwd


    Unit is in pristine condition will ship in original box to 48 cont. US states for $450.00. Will include power adapter for programming... you supply generic XLR cable. This unit is also listed on Reverb so in the event of a simultaneous sale Reverb takes priority due to instant payment ability...
  22. mwd

    I do not need another guitar…

    I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another guitar. I do not need another...
  23. mwd

    XL vs. III Output % reading

    On my XL I can go to Utility: VU: Out 1 Level and see my 12 o'clock output knob correspond to a digital reading of 50%. So I can precision set my output each time for exact reference. I can't find anyway on the III to see digitally where my output is sitting. Am I missing it or was it left...
  24. mwd

    Scene Level Confusion

    I clicked Output then Scene levels and noticed on Scene One my Scene levels sliders showed +5 on Scene 1 fader and -1 on Scene 2 fader. Then I switched to Scene Two and my Scene level sliders were at different values. Not grasping this. What's the point in leveling scenes if the faders change...
  25. mwd

    How many amps possible per preset?

    I was attempting to set up multiple amps on a given preset using channels. I would go to pick an amp and I didn't have very many to choose from. I came to the conclusion that if you wanted to choose from the whole list of amps you could pick 1 amp for Amp 1 and 1 amp for Amp 2 and that the 4...
  26. mwd

    Reverb state when using pedal?

    I am hoping I can use a pedal to control the mix of reverb and it got me to wondering... For example say I have 3 presets each with reverb controlled by an expression pedal. As far as operations I am 'guessing' the preset is in it's stored normal state when pedal is full up and moving the...
  27. mwd

    Mono / Stereo experimentation

    We are a hybrid band using a backing track for drums, bass & lights. We play 2 live guitars with vocals via QSC PA and X32 in stereo. We have always run stereo and I have used my Axe in stereo since the day I got it a decade ago. My bandmate ran a Marshall head thru the board in mono and my Axe...
  28. mwd

    Recommendations for simple quality audio interface for iMac

    We are setting up our singer her first mini studio and we are looking for a simple but quality audio interface for her to use. There is no need to record more than 2 channels at once and we will mostly record at 24/48. Protocol can be USB or FW400/800. Our most important factor is monitoring...
  29. mwd

    MIDI 'word' track. Karaoke based.

    We have a hybrid band that plays 3 live instruments to a few pre-recorded tracks we do in the studio. Many times I will use a generic MIDI track, I find free on the internet, to rough draft structure the song in Logic X as a foundation until we replace MIDI with our studio tracks. I downloaded a...
  30. mwd

    Any Harrison Mixbus users?

    I'm a die hard Logic X user but I couldn't pass up the Harrison Mixbus $39.00 promo. Anyone else here dabble with this DAW and care to share your thoughts?
  31. mwd

    Any Kemper Gurus? Need some recording help.

    Referencing this video: My objective is to record my buddies Kemper separating the effects from the ‘amp’. This seems easy to do via the above video on a 4 track basis like this: 4 Track Main Out L to In 1 (Audio Interface) Main Out R to In 2 (Audio Interface) Monitor Out to In 3 Direct...
  32. mwd

    Smack.... some peoples kids

    Bought a beautiful Airline Tuxedo the other day from Reverb. I cringed when the seller shipped the guitar USPS. I have had necks sticking out of packages with a clear baggie over the headstock with an adhesive label stating ‘sorry we damaged your mail’. Seller assured me ‘I’ve done it before…...
  33. mwd

    Need really long USB cable. Recommendations ?

    I have a need for a 20 or 25 foot USB cable and I know not supposed to exceed 16ft without boost. Any recommendations on a longer boosted cable that works. Need to sit in front of stage and program lights from laptop.
  34. mwd

    Simple quality audio/midi interface ???

    I need a 2 channel audio interface for drummer friend tracking Roland kit via MIDI. Would prefer a nice simple software monitoring. Not the nightmare like Saffire uses. Update: Went with Presonus Studio 26
  35. mwd

    TouchOSC - Why are bank/preset changes so hard on iPad driven apps

    Been trying my best to write a little program to cue some presets on the Axe, Voicelive, fog, lights, etc., using Touch OSC. I have gotten it to basically trigger program changes on a given MIDI channel but I can't for the life of me figure out how to switch banks. Looked into Lemur as well...
  36. mwd

    Asking about XL vs XL+ to anyone that has owned both.

    I am contemplating picking up either a second XL or picking up 2 XL+ and selling my XL. I want 2 identical units. I am somewhat familiar with the Sysex difference and the display difference and read somewhere the XL+ either had lower fan noise or lower noise floor but I'm am wondering if...
  37. mwd

    Wish Preset Mode That Can Send Bank

    My backing track fires bank/preset info so literally I can go anywhere in the preset list. The one drawback is when I just want to kick back and jam and go to say my top 10 presets. I have to pull up the MIDI tester on my computer and fire my preset of choice or get down on my knees and spin the...
  38. mwd

    MFC MK III ~ Axe XL mainly switch and preset questions.

    My new ‘used’ MFC Mk III arrived last night and the orientation began. Plug it in, factory reset, set channels and modes and off to the brain drain. Owners manual on desktop, then forum on browser, then wiki on another tab with youtube on another. Got it working, communicating, bought the editor...
  39. mwd

    Firmware rollback 9.03 to 8.02 ... how dangerous.

    I was checking out the Austin Buddy site contemplating an XL preset purchase and ran upon an interesting article essentially mentioning that he was partial to 9.02 vs 9.03 and preferred 8.02 to both of them. Got me to thinking I have all the editors and firmware versions and would actually like...
  40. mwd

    XL with MFC regarding MIDI

    I use a lot of MIDI devices with program changes triggered via computer. It is awesome but one area that lacks is when I may have just finished a crazy distorted lead and we want to just jam for a few minutes and I need my clean sound. I have to pull up my software, go thru a couple of menus...
  41. mwd

    MFC and Ultra ~ XL ~ XL+

    A little late to the party on the MFC 101 Foot controller. First will it work with the Ultra and is there any functionality lost on the Ultra? Next is I have a XL and may add or replace units with XL+ models. Can one unit be adapted to work on all of these models and if so... how so? Thanks.
  42. mwd

    What is this instrument?

    Can anyone tell me what this instrument is?
  43. mwd

    Bug? Scratchy Crackle while playing

    In addition to the volume disappear bug I am experiencing a loud pop, crackle, scratch static sound at random. I have experienced it playing with and without wah pedal. USB is connected to laptop but it happens when editor is not running as well. Cables all quality and good. Presets don't...
  44. mwd

    AX8 with EV2 ~ How do I ...

    Got my new EV-2 tonight. I am encountering a couple of things. When I change from one preset, that contains a wah, to another preset that contains a wah when it goes to the second preset the wah is engaged and I get low nasal tone. I have to cycle the pedal once then it is ok. How do I make it...
  45. mwd

    AX8 :: What a surprise

    I love my Ultra. It has been a 10 year workhorse and my XL (studio rig) is a blessing but this new AX8 is the most fun I have had with a Fractal product. What a beast! This rig is making me dig in to all the things I didn't do with my other two units.
  46. mwd

    EV-1 vs EV-2 regarding pedal motion.

    How does the EV-2 compare to the EV-1, for anyone that has owned both, regarding length of sweep. I have to stand almost on top of the EV-1 because the sweep is so long. Any info on comparison or other info appreciated.
  47. mwd

    AX8 Footswitch theory... can this box do this?

    I've had an Ultra for 10 years and XL for a couple but just got an AX8. Never used scenes and don't have a MFC as I use computer for PC messages. So I'm digging in on the AX8. Made a patch, created some scenes, used X/Y on delay on one of them, dragged 5 effects to footswitches, put a scene 1/2...
  48. mwd

    S/PDIF What determines Master/Slave?

    I usually just fire my Apollo Quad to jam with my XL as I like the console function amongst other things. I'm hooked up via S/PDIF and the clock is set internal on the Apollo. I got a new AX8 and also hooked up S/PDIF. The sound was a bit fizzy and I read in another thread to hook up audio...
  49. mwd

    Volume Knob Configuration ~ How long have I been bass ackwards

    Got a new ESP the other day that I keep in the studio so I have only played it 3 times prior to last night. I'm a 'leave the volume knob at 10' type guy but last night the bridge pickup was a bit bright so I wanted to use middle position and roll a bit of neck p/u down. For a tamed bridge...
  50. mwd

    iPad as MIDI controller help needed.

    I control lights, Axe, fog, X32 mixer via Macbook with a program called Showbuddy. It fires program change via a Mio USB to MIDI DIN cables. I am experiementing with my older iPad. It has the 30 pin connector. I used TouchOSC to make a couple pages of buttons to simply trigger the presets on...
  51. mwd

    Need some MIDI brains for iPad to Axe connection

    (I'm moving this thread myself to the MIDI forum. Didn't know we had a MIDI forum). Could not find a delete function.
  52. mwd

    Logic X :: NI Thrill :: X/Y Controller via iPad and Touch OSC

    Just got a copy of Native Instruments Thrill and in this video they are using an iPad as an X/Y controller. Did some preliminary research and it seems that Touch OSC is what is making this possible so I got a copy. While there are a lot of templates on there I could not find just a big square...
  53. mwd

    Presets vs Scenes vs X/Y States

    Had my Ultra for 10 years and XL for a couple. Got an AX8 yesterday. I use my Ultra live with preset changes done via computer MIDI. The preset change is pretty much instant and seamless. I understand that due to the complexities and power of the presets on newer units it is not so instant...
  54. mwd

    What music instrument is this?

    My sis sent me a text asking me what this was and I am at a loss. Kind of steel guitarish but not. Can anyone help me out?
  55. mwd

    Anyone go from XL to AX8 ?

    I just ordered an AX8 to attempt to slowly migrate my Ultra from my live show. Primarily due to Editor issues honestly. I have a XL at home for recording. I am contemplating, since I'm really not a power user, that if I bond with the AX8 I might sell my other Fractal units and pick up another...
  56. mwd

    Superior Drummer 3 ~ Features Nice ~ Results Dismal for me

    Not feeling the love yet for Superior Drummer 3. After what seems to be over a decade with SD2 I looked forward to the new GUI and technology they had to have amassed since the inception of SD2. I spent 4 days downloading entire package and started cruising thru the drums and features. On the...
  57. mwd

    MIDI A/B Box ?

    I still use my Ultra live and use MIDI via computer to change presets. It's rack mounted with light trees next to rack so it's kind of a pain to get to the back in our rehearsal area. Not to mention my old man limitations crawling around plugging and unplugging stuff. Sometimes I need to unplug...
  58. mwd

    Anyone using EV1 with their Ultra

    If anyone is using the EV1 with their Ultra would it be possible to get setup instructions. Clear ones... suitable for an old man... I am about to pull my hair out. I have inserted the Wah block, set pedal 1 to continuous, calibrated the pedal which seemed to do nothing but I can't get this...
  59. mwd

    Need some Tele schooling...

    Wanting to put together a Telecaster project. I have noticed some necks have an overhang on fretboard with 22 frets and some have rounded neck end with no overhang and 21 frets. I see truss rod adjustments on both ends. Hear the words vintage mentioned quite often regarding neck shape, tuners...
  60. mwd

    Obnoxious Logic X Loop Cycle Window

    Does anyone know how to: 1. Move 2. Make more transparent 3. Turn Off .... this stupid Cycle Range window pop up in Logic X? It covers up key areas in tracks when I need to fine tune the loop area. Additionally, depending on the specific info, it resizes itself, sometimes huge, like it's...
  61. mwd

    IEM recommendations 400 to 500 range.

    We have been using Westone 4R as IEM's and getting a decent sound. We play backing track containing bass and drums we do in studio then play live guitars and vocals. So our IEM mix is same as what goes to PA. The right ear crapped out after 5 years and I have to make a snap decision on what to...
  62. mwd

    Reducing MIDI latency when recording.

    I have a Yamaha MOX keyboard with a built in audio interface. Utilizing this keyboard I can monitor song from DAW and play keyboard and it is effective in reducing latency using the keyboards audio interface. Using my Apollo for the audio interface the other night for monitoring. I played the...
  63. mwd

    AX8 > Apogee Quartet > Logic X

    I have had an Ultra for 10 years and XL and use an Apollo interface. My buddy got in a new AX8 and uses and Apogee Quartet into Logic X. We struggled a bit to get it set up to record regarding software monitoring, input monitoring as to Logic and on the input of the Apogee. It is substantially...
  64. mwd

    Axe II XL to Apollo Quad via SPDIF and XLR

    I've been tracking via SPDIF to my Apollo Quad and would like to try the analog outs. I am using balanced XLR cables. The Quad says 'microphone input' on the XLR inputs and, as well, they are Unison inputs. 1. Am I still good to run this way? 2. Anything in particular to know or watch for? 3...
  65. mwd

    Help ID this Bonamassa sound

    Trying to figure out how to reproduce the echo that shifts from one channel to the other at 1:06 and 1:53. Almost sounds like a kill switch repeat on a guitar but it seems more refined. Any ideas?
  66. mwd

    True color of G&L Turquoise Mist

    A couple of times a G&L Tele style guitar has caught my eye. The color is turquoise mist. Professional photos show a deep true turquoise. Consumer photos tend to show a silvery green. I also have read and experienced some shades getting jacked with when photographing. Has anyone see this guitar...
  67. mwd

    Slate vs Superior

    I have Superior 2.0, EZ Drummer, NI Studio Drummer and BFD Eco. I've never tried Slate and they are having a big BF sale. Wondering opinions of anyone that has used both and what could be expected in comparing the two. Thanks.
  68. mwd

    Hi-Pass Lo-Pass Filters in a mix

    In our hybrid 2 piece band we utilize an original backing track mixed pretty well in our studio as our foundation. It contains drums, bass, some acoustic guitar, sometimes piano or organ. We have a female singer we add live and I play thru my Fractal and croon on vocals here and there thru a...
  69. mwd

    4 Button MIDI pedal programmable ?

    Has anyone seen a 4 button MIDI pedal that can be programmed with the preset number on each button. Not buttons in sequence or banks but rather able to point to direct presets where you can make: (example) Button 1 - Preset 60 Button 2 - Preset 90 Button 3 - Preset 120 Button 4 - Preset 3...
  70. mwd

    Seymour Duncan Everything Loaded Pick Guard

    I got in a loaded pick guard that has Lil' 59 on the neck. JB Jr. in the bridge and a Duckbuster in the middle. When I switch to 2 or 4 the sound just craps out. Has anyone else noticed this that might own one or did I get a lemon or something. I could see this causing some preset troubles.
  71. mwd

    Strat guru's trem help needed

    I want to get a Babicz tremolo for my handmade strat style guitar. It was made by my late friend who was an excellent luthier. Babicz offers one for 2 point which seems to have a post/blade type set up and 6 point. In looking at my current trem it is mounted by 2 outer screws that don't seem to...
  72. mwd

    Why do you like Reaper?

    I started on Cakewalk in the 90's. I tried Cubase in the interim then migrated to Logic several years ago. But I notice many users love Reaper and I was wondering 'exactly' why and what it is you like about this program? Obviously the price is very reasonable so I'm looking for reasons not so...
  73. mwd

    Anyone own Avantone Pro MP1 Mixphone Headphones?

    Any users of these Avantone Pro MP1 Mixphone Headphones ? Thoughts, reviews, experiences?
  74. mwd

    Feeling goofy... drawing a blank on recording with SPDIF

    I always recorded my Axe either with analog outs. I set the record levels on 1 & 2 on my Saffire. But recently I got an Apollo Quad and have started recording via SPDIF. When I look at my waveforms on my recorded tracks they sure do appear to be clipping. Tips chopped off, etc. Maybe I...
  75. mwd

    Blend a signal with my guitar into DAW. Ideas?

    I need a box that will blend the signals from a TRS line out on Track 1 of my audio interface and 'inject' it into the same path as my guitar (guitar cable). Regardless of what I plug my guitar cable into (FAS, Amp, DI). I also need connections to inject the TRS line out signal into a...
  76. mwd

    Best way to roll back Axe Edit

    After installing 3.8 my presets, via preset manager, take a very, very, very long time to save. To the point I would like to revert to previous version. Something just doesn't seem right. Is this possible and what is best way. Total uninstall or just reinstall older version? OSX Yosemite...
  77. mwd

    Track Delay Loopback Test via Logic X and Apollo Quad Firewire

    So I wanted to test my system regarding track delay and followed a test on youtube using I/O ping with In/Out physically cabled. First I could not get the In/Out sorted out in Logic to produce any results until I took Mon 1 out to Input 8. I got a result of +77 sam when I pinged. I got the...
  78. mwd

    Record Wet & Dry tracks simultaneously using 2 interfaces.

    I would like to record my guitar thru Axe into Apollo (FW) via S/PDIF as to monitor with the Console software. But I would also like to capture the USB dry signal the Axe produces on Output 3/4. How is this possible?
  79. mwd

    Merging a click track count in with currently recording track - Logic X

    Does anyone have any routing or any hardware ideas to accomplish this. Using Logic X and Apollo Firewire Console Software. I have a MIDI click track on track 1 that counts off the song. I am recording from Fractal pre-amp via S/PDIF on other tracks and using 2 mic's (two tracks) for acoustic...
  80. mwd


    Just wanted to make my 1000th post here in Fractal Land and say thanks to Cliff for conceiving this awesome product and to FAS members that have helped me along my musical paths with an abundance of generosity and knowledge. Much appreciated.
  81. mwd

    UAD Apollo Plugin Questions

    For anyone familiar with UAD. I've got a new Apollo coming in Monday and have been watching some vids. The box comes with Analog Classic Collection Plus plugins. Some of the plugins say (Legacy) in parentheses. What does this mean? Also in watching the plugs being used I see a button labeled...
  82. mwd

    RIP Christina Grimmie

    It’s a hard day to be a human and American today. Seriously people. What the crap is wrong with human kind? Don't remember being a fan of 'teen pop stars' because the last time I was I was ... well a teen and that has been decades. But this girl was different. You could see, hear and feel the...
  83. mwd

    Apogee Quartet vs Apollo Quad from people that owned or used both.

    Strictly based on sound, not the UAD plug in system or unit size, I am wondering about opinions on sound comparison, characteristics, quality comparing these 2 units from anyone that may have owned or used both. Maybe also the ease of use regarding monitoring software. I don't have USB3 or...
  84. mwd

    X32 gurus - Internal audio card vs 3rd Party

    I utilize the internal sound card on the X32 Rack internally routed to Channels 1 & 2 for a backing track that is the foundation of our duo. This is using Showbuddy from a MacBook. This also triggers MIDI messages for all of my gear as well as a MIDI lightshow. Due to the X32 having no MIDI...
  85. mwd

    Virtual Mic Shootout for female singer.

    Given a moderate pop band, good stage control of sound and a female singer with nice strong voice but not huge. In your live vocal experience what would generically be your order of favorite microphones and why and how would you characterize these mics. Good and bad. I have available to me...
  86. mwd

    Reamping troubleshoot needed.

    My first attempt at reamping I wanted to try Orbm1’s Guide as per here using SPDIF only: Using Logic X, Saffire 40 with Mix Control. In Logic I have Saffire chosen as my In and Out device in Audio Preferences. I routed S/PDIF cables Out to In, In to Out. On the Axe I/O I selected SPDIF and...
  87. mwd

    Ideas for bumping recording quality a notch.

    I would like to step up my recording quality, if possible for $2000 or less, yet keep the chain as simple as possible. Most stuff is direct however we have 2X LA610MkII mic pres and a nice Rode K2 for vocals and several other nice mics for acoustic stuff. So I am thinking this bump will need to...
  88. mwd

    Just wondering: Neuman KMS 105 Mics and Fender FXA7 IEM's

    Has anyone used the following products and what do you think about them. Neuman KMS 105 Microphone Fender FXA7 In Ear Monitors
  89. mwd

    FAS Reverb save settings.

    Having a hard time with saving user presets on the latest version of FAS Reverb. I took preset Studio and modified it. Called it Old Man and stored it. Old Man doesn't show up on the preset list, Studio shows up twice. From top dropdown when I select 'Load Setting' it goes to the folder where...
  90. mwd

    Web Host Manager Account

    I have 2 web hosting accounts via Micfo and they can not keep their servers off of SPAM blacklist therefore our business suffers with mails that can't go thru in spite of us not spamming. I am able to divide my disk space up into as may websites as will fit, create email accounts on the fly...
  91. mwd

    Canon G30 Video Cam. AVCHD and MP4 Questions

    Our old consumer model Canon seemed rather simple. I shot a video, downloaded it to the iMac for Final Cut Pro. It came over as a .mov file. Edit, render, done. New Camera is a G30. It records in MP4 or AVCHD or both simultaneously. When set to 38Mbps or 38Mbps on AVCHD or 35Mbps on MP4 the...
  92. mwd

    Music Theory: Modes regarding tonal center

    Is it correct to say that the notes A B C D E F G played over a Cmaj chord would be the 6th mode of a Cmaj scale but played over an Am chord would be the first mode of an Am scale? Looking for the correct theory and terms.
  93. mwd

    Merry Christmas to my FAS budz....

    Our latest cover tune of Patty Griffins' Mary. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all my Axe buddies. Would also invite you to like our FB page as well.
  94. mwd

    Music Theory Section

    One thing I would really like to see is a music theory section. I've been a play by ear type for 45 years and of course learned this or that, regarding theory, along the way. But I decided to dive in and try and learn the mechanics of what I've been doing all these years under the guise of...
  95. mwd

    Love Song - 311 (cover) the Geezers

    Fractalicious fun. Dual Clean and Backline presets on XL as well as clean preset derived from my Ultra.
  96. mwd

    Roll It Over (cover) the Geezers

    Used my XL and Ultra on this Oasis cover tune written by Noel Gallagher. Poltergeist Pig, Crystal Echos, Broken Heart from the Ultra and Backline, Dual Clean from the XL.
  97. mwd

    Is there a bagpipe patch for Ultra?

    I have an awesome bagpipe patch for AXIIXL that was created by Mark Cullen and later modded by Simeon. But is there a patch that would work on an Ultra or is it even possible? Not having any luck with searches when trying to narrow down to Ultra.
  98. mwd

    Anyone have a Chauvet Hurricane 3D Haze Machine ?

    Wondering if anyone has a Hurricane 3D Hazer. I just got one in and they left the lid off the tank. If someone could take a clear shot of what the lid that goes to the tank with the hose attached it would be so greatly appreciated. They sent me a lid, got it today and it's the wrong one...
  99. mwd

    Telecaster Mojo

    Got a cool Custom 52 Tele style guitar. Came with the old school triple saddle with 2 strings per saddle. Obviously refined intonation is impossible. In this case the 3/4 strings on the middle saddle are the most noticed. 1 is sharp and 1 is flat. So I got a 3 piece Wilkinson replacement brass...
  100. mwd

    Who posted Satriani ~ Light Years Away clip? Few months back.

    A few months ago someone posted a delicious clip of their rendition of Joe Satriani's Light Years Away. I've been looking for quite a while but can find it via search. Hoping they will come forward or someone remembers. Thanks.
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