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  1. Adinfinitum

    WTB Looking for a Sonoma GuitarJack Stage

    Any leads would br appreciatef
  2. Adinfinitum

    FS RAC-12 for Sale

    Just sold my Axe-FX II and MFC but still have a RAC-12 controller. This is the perfect way to control your AXE FX II/XL/XL+ remotely and edit like you were using a real amp's controls. This is in mint condition, only used a couple of times. The company still provides software and tech support...
  3. Adinfinitum

    FS AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12

    AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12 AXE-FX II - Mark 1 - You know what it is. Never taken out of my home. And of course, still has the plastic on the screen. Plenty of third-party presets. MFC I has the magnetic tags on the controller. RAC12 - gives you knobs to control most typical amp front panel...
  4. Adinfinitum

    Wish Maestro PSa-1 PhaserShifter and Yamaha RA-200 emulations

    Any chance of modeling these?
  5. Adinfinitum

    Question for Leon Todd

    2112: Huge fan of your YouTube channel, AXE posts, and great presets that you generous donate to us forum mates. My wife and I are big fans of the Australian show Wentworth - about a woman's prison (and remake from a 70's soap opera according to Australian trademark associate - who made it...
  6. Adinfinitum

    Ground Hum and Noise

    I have Hum Eliminators (rack), 1/4 inch, and XLR. I have Hum--X on outlets, I have humbuster cables, I have Furman rack power adapters with EFI. There is always hum and noise (except when a noise gate is in the preset). The wiring in the house was updated in 2003 and I explained to the...
  7. Adinfinitum

    WTB Looking for Fryette Power Station PS-2

    Shipping to Long Island.
  8. Adinfinitum

    Wish: LCD shows Name of FX Not Block Category

    i have my FC12 set up with Patch Up/Down, Scene Up/Down, and then the rest with my usual FX (Drive, Phase, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Chorus) set globally. I tend to use Fractal, Austin Buddy, LTs, and other patches besides my own. While Patch and Scene Up/Down show the actual names, the FC just...
  9. Adinfinitum

    SOLD FC-6 For Sale w/Box & Plastic still on the LCDs!!!

    I was extremely surprised when I got the offer to buy an FC-6 a few weeks ago thinking that it would another month or two to get the FC-12 since (of all day), I didn't check the forum that day and went on the waiting list at 2am the next day, I was totally shocked when I got my invite for the...
  10. Adinfinitum

    Friedma ASM and Proper Gain Staging with Axe2 and 8

    i'm having the exact opposite problem than the guy in the other thread with no volume. I moved my CLR to my office for use with an AX8 and replaced it with the Friedman in my studio for use with my Axe-FX 2. I ran the CLR pretty much wide open and had the Axe output 1 anywhere from 10 o'clock...
  11. Adinfinitum

    Listening through Headphones - looking for an AU plugin

    Does anyone know of a AU/Mac plugin that you can put in series on track using a guitar amp sim to make it sound better?
  12. Adinfinitum

    Footswitch Question

    I set up the Footswitch Blocks Globally to have the FX i generally have per patch (luckily, most of the bundled/ factory / Axchange presets have some of these in each preset) Drive 1 Drive 2 Delay Reverb Phaser. Chorus Flanger X/Y Of course, not every patch/preset has those FX. Is...
  13. Adinfinitum

    AXE II compared to AX8 through a CLR

    My AXE II is in my home studio. I have it going through a CLR (after i tried a Behringer monitor, then a QSC - CLR was significantly better sounding to me). My AX8 is in my bedroom (because I'm too lazy to go downstairs most of the time). It sits next to a Helix, KPS, AF12 and a computer full...
  14. Adinfinitum

    Setting up Mission SP-2 for Wah and Volume

    i'm trying to set up a Mission SP-1 to be a volume pedal and then use the switch to turn on the wah and turn off the volume. I can get the SP-1 to switch between Vol and Wah, but when on Volume, the Wah turns on when toe down. Any ideas. I'm not using a Vol block because i dont want to add...
  15. Adinfinitum

    Wish Footswitch indicates name of Specific FX for 1-4 seconds

    I have the AX8 set to have Drive/Drive/Delay/Verb Chorus/Phaser/Flanger/Amp XY It would be awesome that either have the name of the FX underneath the type of FX, when hitting the IA. Have the FX name flash for 1-4 sexonds, just like the Patch name, or have the FX above the list of IA, instead...
  16. Adinfinitum

    Raw amp sounds - anyone know how to get them?

    i used to have a Mesa Boogie .22 Caliber Plus amp. It had this unique chain saw type overdrive. Also, my Marshall 1987x also has a raw crunch sound. Most modelers tend to have a very processed sound. Anyone have any techniques to getting a more raw, unprocessed sound?
  17. Adinfinitum

    Xitone 10 inch Powered Speaker - Awesome

    I just saw the thread on the 12 inch Xitone, here is some info on the 10 inch version I got last week. Mick at Xitone recently developed a special FRFR cabined for the digitally modeling master Michael Britt. I believe it is a 12 inch speaker in an open cabinet (may be a closed?). I asked...
  18. Adinfinitum

    AX8 and Ground Loop - Buzz

    i have a slightly insane bedroom setup. I have my guitar going into several Radial ABY switch boxes with isolation transformers to reduce hum. These are then connected to an AX8, Helix, Amplifire, KPA and Bias Head. My MacBook (running Logic and UAD Apollo) running synths, audio and UA/AU...
  19. Adinfinitum

    Ok, you can release that 4.0 firmware update any time now!

    throw us a beta bone at least!
  20. Adinfinitum

    Looking for smallest stereo FRFR for home use

    I have a CLR and Atomic Reactor for my Axe-Fx in my home studio (plus Mackie Monitors). I'm looking for a FRFR solution for my bedroom set-up - AX8. I've tried running the AX8 into the Aux in of a THR10, Amplifi and Marshall Stanmore. All sound "meh." I just tried running into the aux In of...
  21. Adinfinitum

    Hierarchy of Pre-fx

    I've been playing guitar for 35 years and would like some opinions on this. I know there are no absolute rules when it comes to order of Fx before the preamp, but in general Noise gate Compressor Wah Now here is my main question, which goes before the other most of the time Boost/OD or Mod...
  22. Adinfinitum

    Best method of making a preset for each amp

    Since the AX8 doesn't come with the same 383 presets as the Axe 2, I thought it would be great to set up a standard preset (with the IAs set to my typical pedal board preference of two drives, delay, verb on top and chorus, phase, flanger and Amp x/y on the bottom) and then just change the...
  23. Adinfinitum

    Is there a list of Presets available?

    Title says it,all.
  24. Adinfinitum

    Marshall Stamore or IK iLoud - bedroom FRFR

    This is for bedroom use only. I'm currently using a Yamaha THR-10 as the monitor for my MacBook (running every amp sim plugin there is through an Apollo Twin), as well as a Helix and Amplifire through the Aux input of another THR. Guitar runs through an FX8 and M-13 and a few stomps then into...
  25. Adinfinitum

    Chris Squire - RIP

    It is with unimaginable sadness that I report that Chris Squire, bass player for YES, succumbed to cancer. A devastating loss to music. Even if you are not a prog rick fan, most likely, many of your favorite bass players were influenced by him.
  26. Adinfinitum

    Rush/Lifeson 2112 Meastro PS1-a Phase Shifter request

    I just got an FX-8 and am trying to get an emulation of the Maestro PS1-a phase shifter used on 2112. This is the one with slow, medium and fast tabs. I believe the Maestro is a 6 stage phaser, but I don't know how to set the other Axe or FX8 parameters. Any help would be appreciated. It...
  27. Adinfinitum

    Ability to Scroll through Amps

    I just received my RAC12 and one of the push in knobs immediately takes you to the Axe-FX amp selection screen. That got me thinking about whether it is possible to have MFC IAs set to Amp up and Amp down so that I can have a patch and easily scroll through Amps via foot switches - would make...
  28. Adinfinitum

    The Spirit of Radio patch Request

    Anyone have a patch for The Spirit of Radio that has the Oberheim 8 Voice Riff that plays during the chorus? Would be cool if it was set up as a scene with the Flange/Phase Riff split so you can play it as the same time with a tap tempo to keep it in time. Simeon - this has you genius...
  29. Adinfinitum

    My Favorite Presets / Patches

    After downloading 12.03, downloading some new patches from the Axechange and scrolling through the presets, nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than "Poltergeist Pig." I wish I was in a Pink Floyd cover band so I could use that patch for Pigs Three Different Ones. Also have great love for...
  30. Adinfinitum

    Updating presets - Question about resetting Amp Blocks

    I spent about three hours going through all V10 presets and cherry picked the ones I liked. I then consolidated them in Banks A, B and part of C. I then went through my V9 presets and cherry picked those and added them to the V10 presets. Do I have to reset the amp block for the V9 patches to...
  31. Adinfinitum

    When updating to Firmware 9.0 do you . . .

    need to do the amp block thingy (move it up to the next one then back) to reset the amp models or is it finally done automatically when you update the firmware?
  32. Adinfinitum

    Dilemma regarding firmware update

    I've owned an Axe for almost 4 years. I've methodically updated firmware and replaced banks and presets. With firmware 3.04, I can honestly say that the unit became everything it was promised to be those many years ago. Hype became fact. Patches and presets that didn't sound good, now sound...
  33. Adinfinitum

    Factory Banks and User Banks

    I know that 384 presets are a lot of preset locations, but it would be great to be able to have immediate access to the Factory presets so that when new firmware is released, we can keep our existing presets and download the revised factory set to compare. I've overwritten about 1/2 of the...
  34. Adinfinitum

    Patch Request - Gimme Shelter

    One of my all-time favorite songs. Anyone have a good Keef patch with that haunting trem??
  35. Adinfinitum


    When you hit an IA or XY, it will say DELAY or DRIVE. I'd prefer it flash the specific effect, such as DUCKING DELAY or SCRIPT 90 or Plexi when using XY. My kick tags tell me which fx block for each FX, but since each patch has a different specific fx, it would be more informative if the MFC...
  36. Adinfinitum

    Updating Preset Question

    When I got the Axe II, I made some minor changes to the Bank A presets by adding XY drive and Amp setting (mostly adding bright and Boost to the Y setting). I don't want to overwrite these changes with the revised bank. Should I just reset the amp block to set the amp parameters to the new...
  37. Adinfinitum

    Just how good is the Axe-fx II modeling???

    Yesterday, I was playing through my Randall MTS rig using two different Soldano modules (a Deluxe and a Salvado). Both modules sounded really good going through a Mesa 4x12 with V30s. I hooked up my Radial AB switch and started playing through Cliff's Soldano presets, Crunch and Lead through...
  38. Adinfinitum

    Getting a Rawer Sound

    When I owned my Standard, I used to point out (not complain) on not being able to get an "in the room" sound out of the Standard. Imassume it was user error. In any case, that has completely changed with the AxeII. I cannot believe how great it sounds. It is SO in the room. I'm actually at...
  39. Adinfinitum

    Updating Presets Question

    Question. I have replaced many of the original factory presets with my own variations and various patches from the forum. (Thanks , Raca and Dr). Of course, they are spread out over all 383 presets. What is the correct procedure on updating the existing presets to 2.0?. Do I have to replace all...
  40. Adinfinitum

    Steve Hackett patch

    Looking for a Gabriel Genesis era Steve Hackett Firth of Fifth patch.
  41. Adinfinitum

    Axe-FX II Patches - post here!

    I'm not prejudiced or believe in Fractal segregation, but since Standards, Ultras and II patches are not interchangeable, they should be segregated into "separate but not equal" threads. So, post your Axe-FX II patches in here.
  42. Adinfinitum

    Another X / Y Question

    I set up the X Quick Button to go to the AMP Block and Y to the Cabinet Block. No problemo. Now, when I'm in the actual Amp Block, I want to set the X Button to "Boost Off" and Y to "Boost On." I then want to set up the MFC to have IAs for X and Y. According to the manual, the X button...
  43. Adinfinitum

    Question - Switching between X &Y Settings via MFC

    Are you able to switch between X & Y settings (say have X be Plexi without Boost and Y with Boost engaged) via IAs on the MFC? This would solve not being able to have the Boost function in the Amp Block not-switchable.
  44. Adinfinitum

    Some questions about MFC and AxeFX II

    I'm reading both manuals now, but any help or pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. 1. I have the axe2 hooked up via Cat5 cable and set the MFC to Axe2 mode. Reset parameters on Axe2 ( I'll eventually figure out what IAs I want to go with which parameters). I also...
  45. Adinfinitum

    The Axe-FX Spinal Tap moment

    I think it is all together fitting that Cliff took the Axe-FX Standard and Ultra to 11 and then announced the II. Very Spinal Tap. But in all seriousness, what I appreciate the most is that he took the unit as far as it could go based on it's original specs and limitations. He continued to...
  46. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Fx II as Audio Interface - Plugin/re-amping

    If I'm reading the specifications correctly, Axe-Fx II is also a OSX Core Audio interface. Are there any plans to release a plug-in (AxePC) with Axe-edit to make re-amping easier? Since the Axe-fx has to be plugged in via USB , shouldn't be a huge problem with copy protection (similar to the...
  47. Adinfinitum

    Bank switching on MFC

    Can the MFC access all 3 banks of presets at once or do you to set up an IA for bank up and another for Bank down?
  48. Adinfinitum

    Rush - The Spirit of Radio

    Anyone up to making a Standard patch for Rush -The Spirit of Radio?. After playing the song for 30 years, I realized I was not only playing it wrong but using the wrong effects. I have a vintage Electrix Mistress Deluxe, which I always thought Alex Lifeson used on Spirit of Radio (well, at...
  49. Adinfinitum

    AXE-PC - Any update???

    The title says it all.
  50. Adinfinitum

    Plexi2 Emulation - Help with Tweaking

    I've been A/Bing my Plexi 1987 Reissue through as 1960A cabinet with the Plexi 2 model on the AXE-FX. The Axe-FX is going through a Atomic FR (which is a VAST IMPROVEMENT) over the QSC 122i. I've gotten it nearly identical so that when I quickly switch between the two (using a Radial Hotshot...
  51. Adinfinitum

    Knobs on the Axe-FX - A Question

    If I understand the release notes from the latest firmware correctly, the volume knobs taper was changed. If that is the case, are these knobs software driven and not typical analog pots? If so, is it possible to program them to act as knob controllers for anything in the Axe-FX such as Bass...
  52. Adinfinitum

    Request for the Old T75 CAB IR

    I have several patches that use the Old T75 Cab sim. I updated to 7.08, but then my go-to patches don't sound as good (to me) with the newer cab sim. I downgraded back to 7.04, back up to 7.08 a few times to see if I was imagining the differences, but they are there. In other words,sometimes...
  53. Adinfinitum

    Dweezil's Eruption Preset

    Just like to say thanks to Dweezil for posting his Eruption preset on Axechange. He really nails it. I especially love that he put in a pitch shifter to tune a standard tuned guitar down to Eb. Keep those presets coming Dweezil.
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