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  1. barhrecords

    FS SOLD Axe-Fx XL+ 1250.00 USD + shipping

    Selling my XL+. I bought this new from Fractal. Excellent condition with very minor rack rash. Continental US only. 1250.00 USD Pay Pal Plus shipping 20lbs from zip 35749
  2. barhrecords

    Amp building walkthrough

    I found this really cool in regards to how changes in the schematic and components affect amp tone. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/building-a-tube-amp-specifically-for-my-helix-the-uberschamp.1914275/ Made me feel like some of these can be affected in the fractal which is...
  3. barhrecords

    Q5.00 Ruckus Drive + Hook Amp

    The re-worked drives are very amp like. They respond to picking dynamics and gtr volume roll off differently. Really expressive for what I like. Here is the Ruckus pedal into the Hook 3B amp. Ruckus on 5/5 with the guitar volume rolled back.
  4. barhrecords

    FW4.01b New Legacy 100 Amp

    Three guitar parts on this demo all using the new Legacy 100. The slide and solo guitars use an 808 in front of the amp. The new drive clipping really pairs well with the Legacy.
  5. barhrecords

    First preset I found that doesn't sound better in Q4

    @ML SOUND LAB posted this preset in the Q3.x era.... thanks for sharing I really like this preset. This is the first preset I've found that I don't like when I switch modeling version to latest. I thought it was interesting and wanted to get other forum member's take on it.
  6. barhrecords

    Anyone use a s/pdif rca to toslink optical converter?

    I am wanting to connect the S/PDIF out of the Fractal to the TOSLINK optical in on my UAD Apollo interface. I see a bunch of converters for under 20$ US. Does anyone use one of these and does the quality of the converter affect the audio quality?
  7. barhrecords

    Wish: Paste to all scenes after the current scene

    I love the copy / paste scene functionality. But I like to program scenes from low to high and would love to be able to paste from the current scene "forward" and not paste into previous scenes. E.g. working on scene 2. Copy scene 2. Paste to scenes 3-8 but don't paste to scene 1.
  8. barhrecords

    Saw GNR live in Nashville last night...

    Phenomenal performance. Kicked major ass!!!! Slash is at the top of his game. So fluid with complete control of the guitar / amp. Stellar. Guitar god performance all the way. Then entire band was tight raw loud and full of energy. Slash's signature sound was there all night. He used...
  9. barhrecords

    Cab Packs 4, 10, 15 converted to UltraRes 2.0?

    Have Cab Packs 4, 10, 15 been converted to UltraRes 2.0? And are they available for re-download from the online store?
  10. barhrecords

    Help with custom scale

    With the pitch shift block using a custom scale, how does the key in the block relate to the custom scale? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the custom scale being relative to the key of A. I'm trying to create a lower harmony that is like a drone. In the key of D it would be A...
  11. barhrecords

    Q2.0 Two Stone

    The Dumble and clones sound like they were worked on too. Strat -> Two Stone -> ML 2x12 American
  12. barhrecords

    cabIR.ue - Marshall Pinstripe IR w Quantum 2.0

    The Marshall Pinstripe cab IR's in the cabIR.eu UK Triple collection have a great warm, broken in vibe. Very classic and immediate. Inspired from @Anand Mahangoe, I paired the JMPre 1 - OD2 with one of @fremen 's signature mixes in the cabIR.eu pack: MR_PIN68_SIG_04_TR The feel of Q2.0 really...
  13. barhrecords

    Q2.0 new OH IR + new Satch Amp

    FWQ2.0 Rhythm: Deluxe Vib -> OH 212 VX30 BLUE 121-02 Lead: JS410 Lead Or -> F149 Mar-Cb V30-Ch Mix (OH)
  14. barhrecords

    Q2.0 USB level change?

    I have been temporarily using my XL+ as my Pro Tools audio interface. Since the upgrade from 1.06 to 2.0, my USB levels during recording seem to be hotter? Hotter to the point of clipping during tracking. I did a system reset and checked the IO -> Audio page and the USB level is correct...
  15. barhrecords

    Q2.0 with new Ownhammer 2x12 VX30 IR

    Kevin's captures of the Alnico Blue speakers have always been something I like. Here is the Q2.0 AC30TB -> OH 212 VX30 BLUE 121-02
  16. barhrecords

    Wish: AE3.5 Cab block filter slope moved to Cabinet page

    I wish the new filter slope parameter was moved from the Preamp page to the Cabinet page; under the low-cut / high-cut controls.
  17. barhrecords

    Q2.0 B+ Supply Meter

    The new B+ supply meter on the Amp block PWR DYN page is the shit! lol One of the many "goes beyond a real amp" features that make it fun to program and play.
  18. barhrecords

    Q2.0 Vox Top Boost

    I tried out the class A amps in Q2.0 this afternoon. I was curious about the new algos for the class A amps. The Vox Top Boost in particular has gained some "weight" in a good way :) Very expressive model and really is a joy and inspiration. AC30 TB -> @indeloon85 free IR 65 Vox 212 58 609 2
  19. barhrecords

    Lonesome Moan Blues - cabIR.eu UK Artist Cab IR

    Tried some clean-ish blues with the new IR's from cabIR.eu. This is the Marshall Artist 4x12 with the Cabinet Mix IR. Q1.06 65 Bassguy Nrml -> MR-ART71_CAB_M01_MULTI_I
  20. barhrecords

    Rattling Some Bones with cabIR.eu UK Triple Pack -> Q1.06

    I'd never heard of the Artist series Marshall cabs until this IR pack from cabIR.eu. But I love the G12H-30 speaker so I picked up this cab pack straight away. The "Art" cab with the G12H-30 is instant 70's Marshall in all the good ways. Really a lot of mojo in this cab. Markus recently...
  21. barhrecords

    Q1.06 Plexi 100 ->OH 412 MAR CB

    I love the G12H-30 Celestion speaker. I just bought the new Ownhammer IR's of this speaker. Really a lot of mojo in these. Clarity and vibe. Love it.
  22. barhrecords

    Q1.06 Orange + cabIR.eu OR-4X12_SIG_01_AM

    Decided to try the Orange amp models with the Orange IR's from cabIR.eu. Citrus RV50 Amp -> Orange cabIR.eu OR-4X12_SIG_01_AM Surprising to me that I could use this bone dry. There is no delay or reverb block in the preset. But it gets enough harmonic overtones that it just feels good dry.
  23. barhrecords

    MV Location Pre-Triode

    I understand the master volume location pre / post phase inverter (enough to be dangerous but that's about it lol) But what does putting the master volume location Pre-Triode do? I picture it like a third preamp gain control: Input Drive -> Overdrive -> Pre-Triode MV -> Power Amp Where the...
  24. barhrecords

    cabIR.eu Orange IR's FW Q1.06

    I got intrigued by the postings of the Orange IR's and decided to purchase them. They are really good and interesting. In another thread @FractalAudio was talking to @Morphosis about tracking loud and how it changes the top end so I tracked this loud just for shits and giggles.
  25. barhrecords

    Q1.06 Van Halen

    Using @Singtall Van Halen 1 preset from here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ill-tell-you-something-you-already-know.108083/ Charvel w/vintage DiMarzio SD SSD CLA drums Scarbee Rickenbacker bass
  26. barhrecords

    FW 1.06 Class A 30W Brt - Edgy Beatles

    This is the Memory Man delay into the new Class A 30W Brt amp model. IR is the free Vox IR posted to the forum
  27. barhrecords

    Acoustic guitar body modeling

    This white paper has some interesting research into modeling acoustic guitar bodies. http://users.spa.aalto.fi/mak/PUB/ICMC96_karj-smith.pdf This would be a cool idea for a block in the Fractal. It's more than just IR convolution; it give parametric control over the body resonances.
  28. barhrecords

    New appreciation for MultiDelay

    I never really used the Multidelay block live until our last show. The quality of this block is so high. Pristine atmospheric sounding. We play with a really dry live sound, so the multidelay really fills in the mix in a very cool way. This is in mono too:
  29. barhrecords

    Q1.01 + Free Vox 1965-vox-ac30-2x12 IR

    @indeloon85 , here are some excerpts from our last show all using your IR. Thanks for sharing it with the community. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/1965-vox-ac30-2x12-ir.104715/ 72' Strat / Maple board / Kinman pups Deluxe Tweed / SLO-100 -> 1965-vox-ac30-2x12 IR This is the SLO. I...
  30. barhrecords

    First Live Show with Quantum FW

    Played my first live show with Quantum last night. (And our 4yr old woke us up at 5am this morning..coffee coffee coffee) I used the 5E3 Tweed and the SLO-100 and my 70's Strat with Kinman pups. Single CLR wedge for monitor with Ch1 a direct feed from output 2. I could control my guitar...
  31. barhrecords

    Possible to get L and R Outputs at different levels?

    I want to run Out 1 L -> FOH and Out 1 R -> vocal processor. I need Out 1 R to be -12db relative to Out 1 L. I also want L and R to be discrete mono. Is this possible?
  32. barhrecords

    Conversion Chart For Real Amp Settings vs. FAS

    The Fractal parameters for Input, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Master are scaled 0-10. When trying to match preset settings to real amp settings, some amps are scaled 1-10 and 0-11. For these amps, this chart shows the equivalent Fractal value. (I put this together whilst working on some...
  33. barhrecords

    SLO 100 Normal Channel Crunch Mode

    Is the Crunch mode of the SLO 100 Normal channel modeled in the Fractal model? I checked out the Wiki and did some forum searches but couldn't find the Crunch switch mentioned. I'm trying to convert from playing Gibson's to a Strat in my current band. So I'm dialing in a 90's Clapton tone...
  34. barhrecords

    Q1.01 Narrow Panel Tweed

    The Quantum Narrow Panel Fender Tweed Deluxe is inspiring.
  35. barhrecords

    Whole Lotta Fun with Quantum Vox AC30TB and OH Justin York IRs

    This is full of clams and played by ear... but I was having fun this morning :)
  36. barhrecords

    Quantum AC30 - OH Justin York IR

    This is a pretty dark 335 and it sounds spot on with the Q1 AC30 TB. Dark and rumbly :) Just like a real Vox with this guitar. The new OH Vox IR's in the Justin York collection are really special. At default settings on the Amp and Cab block, they just work.
  37. barhrecords

    Wish: Forward and Back Preset Navigation in AxeEdit

    I often find myself going back and forth between two presets that are not close to each other in slot number. Typically from bank A where my presets are for shows and higher banks where I save and have works in progress. I wish AxeEdit had back / forward navigation buttons, ala a web...
  38. barhrecords

    Fender "G" amp models in Q1 firmware don't seem as "Quantum"?

    My Concert 6G12 preset didn't really change for me after 19.x -> Q1. So I did a little poking around last night. Both the 6G12 and the other "G", the 6G4 amp model, don't seem as improved as the other Fender models? Specifically the 59 bass guy and 65 bass guy and the twin, wow I can...
  39. barhrecords

    Way to mute Out 1 L/R and Out 2 L but keep Out 2 R un-muted?

    I use Out 1 for FOH and Out 2 to drive a TC Electronics VoiceLive 3 for vocal harmonies and Out 2 to a dedicated floor wedge for guitar monitor. I want to keep the feed to the VoiceLive 3 active but mute the FOH and the guitar wedge. For singing acapella sections where the guitar is tacet...
  40. barhrecords

    FW19 6G4 Super + F022 2x12 Brown Super M160

    After all the crazy crap that went down in the United States recently, I needed a little healing. The 6G4 Fender Super plus the new 2x12 IR shot of the same amp:
  41. barhrecords

    Best way to attach Evelope Modifier to Volume?

    I've got (Simeon's I think?) violin preset and I'm trying to attach envelope to volume. I want to be able to control the overall volume with pick attack. I've got the modifier attached but I can't get the volume range I'm looking for. It seems like no matter how hard I pick I get about...
  42. barhrecords

    Question about MIDI program change messages

    To get an external controller to change the Fractal to preset 400, what midi messages needs to be sent?
  43. barhrecords

    Search for preset by keyword and then export? possible?

    I like the way the AxeEdit preset picker lets me type in a keyword and shows me all the presets that match by name. What I want to do is then export all those presets in one operation. Is this possible? I don't like the way the Tools -> Manage Presets browser works though. The...
  44. barhrecords

    17.04 vs 18

    I still have FW 17.04 on my AxeFx II Mark I. FW 18.08 on my XL+ I played my first big show with the XL+ this weekend. It slayed (despite being a festival gig with the associated share of cluster f*cks lol) For the first time, I had the Mark I and the XL+ both in my studio at the same...
  45. barhrecords

    Anybody using the Dangerous Music 2-Bus Summing Mixer?

    I know a few of the forumites are studio cats. Anybody using the Dangerous Music 2-Bus Summing Mixer? I'm thinking of getting one and wanted to know what some users think.
  46. barhrecords

    Tips for Nuclear Tone Amp Model?

    I really want to like the Swart amp. I'm a big fan of the actual amp. I've got the new Cab Pack 10 with the Mic+DI Swart IR's. I just haven't found the key to making the Nuclear Tone amp model sing like some others, e.g. Concert 6G12. Anybody getting "wow" factor out of the Nuclear...
  47. barhrecords

    Cab Pack 10 1x12 Blues Jr FW18.03

    I've seen lots of players tear up a Blues Jr. I've never really be able to bond with the real amp. But these Cab Pack 10 Blues Jr. IR's really match up with lots of other amps. These particular IR's seem to have a cutting edginess to them. A little bit of snarl. Really cool...
  48. barhrecords

    Cab Pack 10 1x12 Ampjet IR and FW18.03

    The new IR's from Cab Pack 10 have incredible clarity. My guitars sustain and ring for days. Check out the low E pedal on this clip. It was recorded at super low monitor volume too. Just rings like a keyboard pad. Deluxe Tweed -> 1x12 Ampjet 57 B -> Stereo Tape Delay -> Reverb
  49. barhrecords

    X32 mixer and in ears

    Anyone mixing their own in ears using a Behringer X32 desk? I'm using a presonus 24.4.2 studio live, I like the stereo linking but the efx are all mono. I much prefer true stereo mixes / efx for in ears vs. mono. If anyone out there is mixing their own in ears using the X32 stuff, how do...
  50. barhrecords

    Long AxeFx II User... New XL+ Day :)

    Just unboxed my new XL+ (AxeFx II Mark I is in the rehearsal space... aka the garage :)) Can't get off of factory preset 14... The Recto Orange Norm amp model is sick... I will get my AxeFx II Mark I in here to A/B the new LCD. Just from seeing it in my studio, the XL+ LCD seems...
  51. barhrecords

    Rupert Neve Designs DI Box for Mic + IR Shooting

    I wonder how good this box would be for shooting Mic plus DI IR's? Rupert Neve Designs – RNDI: Active Transformer Direct Interface I know the "Neve" name has all sorts of voodoo associated with it. I haven't totally drank the Neve koolaid. Some of the original Neve consoles are just...
  52. barhrecords

    Question about Midi CC messages

    Solved!! Question about Midi CC messages Edit: SOLVED: Had to disable USB on the sending device before the MIDI ports on the sending device would work. NO ISSUE with the Fractal. I've got a device sending on Midi Channel 1. CC 19 (Hex 13) value 64 (Hex 40) for ON and value 00 for OFF...
  53. barhrecords

    FW17 Morgan AC20

    Wow, this amp just delivers such a HUGE track. I find it so easy to bond with this amp. Can't wait to see what improvements come next to the Fractal! Just too fun to mess around with this box.
  54. barhrecords

    FW17 New Super 6G4

    This amp is a little sweeter than a blackface reverb. And maybe a little bit forward in the low mids too. Loving it. Rhythm and lead using same preset. I just kick in a Rat for the lead.
  55. barhrecords

    FW17 New Dumble Ford 1 - Slide guitar

    Wow the Dumbles in FW17 are firmly in the David Lindley tone zone for slide. The Ford 1 Dumble just sings. It's got that great thing going on where the notes seem to get louder when you hold them. Like they are moving toward feedback and getting bigger when you sustain a note.
  56. barhrecords

    FW17 Mid Gain Is So Sick

    The Plexi 50 High, like many of the amps in FW17, just jumps out of my monitors like my analog rig. This is the amp in the room tone. I am pushing lows and low mids here on purpose for a single guitar live show.
  57. barhrecords

    FW17 1959SLP Marshall Rich Harmonic Content

    The amp models in FW17 have such a great rich harmonic content. I find it easier than ever to dial in preset that sounds just like playing my analog rig in the room. Ridiculous realism. The end of the clip trails off into perfect feedback just like my analog rig. The preset is...
  58. barhrecords

    FW17 Chorus Dimension 1 vs. Dimension 2

    I really like both of these toward the end of a preset to keep the stereo image. Is one of these the new analog BBD algo and one a digital sim?
  59. barhrecords

    FW17 All Amps Improved or Placebo Effect?

    I had been building a new Deluxe Reverb preset for an upcoming show. When I loaded FW17, with no change, it seems to have a little more bounce to it. Playing it feels a little better and the upper mid range seems open and sweeter. I wonder if there is anything in FW17 that would have...
  60. barhrecords

    16.02 Utility -> Preset -> Update Amps All Presets problem?

    I loaded 16.02 over 16.01. After Utility -> Preset -> Update Amps All Presets I get no sound from the presets? A blank preset or one from scratch no problems. I'm getting the input meters but no output from existing presets. I did a Utility -> Reset too. And I checked all the...
  61. barhrecords

    Factory IR 1: 1x6 oval fw15.02 has changed?

    This doesn't sound like a 1x6 speaker anymore? :)
  62. barhrecords

    Santiago IR's in Ultrares?

    I saw on another thread where the factory Santiago IR's are now UR. Are there any more UR versions of the Sanitago IR pack? I love the Echoplex IR and some of the others in that pack.
  63. barhrecords

    AxeFx sighting... rigs for Linkin Park

    From Friedman's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FriedmanAmplification/photos/a.554965171267105.1073741827.356819001081724/594364643993824/?type=1&theater
  64. barhrecords

    Possible to load an IR into a tone match block?

    I have a Plexi preset that I use James Santiago's Echoplex preamp IR in front of the amp in a CAB block. I would like to use two UR CAB blocks after the amp. I was wondering if there was a way to use the Tone Match block for the echoplex IR or even for a CAB IR? I am really wanting 3...
  65. barhrecords

    Won't Get Fooled Again - Intro

    I just got my Charvel super strat back from the shop with Suhr pickups and the Suhr super strat wiring. Forgive the clams but I've always thought this intro was cool Factory patch 98 Round Lead with an LFO Filter added at the end. This was done in 10 minutes. The filter could probably...
  66. barhrecords

    Wish WireWorld / Michael Wagener would make some IR's for the AxeFx

    I was reading about a project Michael Wagener is working on in his WireWorld studio. His selection of cabs + outboard gear + expertise would be a wicked combination to create a killer IR pack for the AxeFx.
  67. barhrecords

    Bug? AE 3.09 crash when closing with cab ir picker window open [SOLVED]

    I had the IR picker in the Cab block open and I accidently clicked the main window close icon in the upper right. This causes AE to crash. Windows 7 64 bit SP1
  68. barhrecords

    Comparing Palmer UR IR's to TV Mix

    I am running a signal generator into a preset that has a cab block and a straight line out. Then I'm looking at the difference of the cab and test signal. I found the Palmer IR's to look like pretty simple filters. The TV Mix Cab, in comparison, shows all the jagged response of a speaker. TV...
  69. barhrecords

    How to convert stereo IR .wav files to mono?

    I've got several stereo IR .wav files from Guitar Hack. CabLab doesn't convert them. Is there some pre-processing that I can do to convert these to mono? And does a mono conversion change the resulting sound?
  70. barhrecords

    FW14 Big Hair Amp Model Gain problem?

    I was cobbling together a hair metal preset and using the Brit Brown, FAS Brown and Big Hair. The Big Hair amp model seemed over gainy? I had to reduce the input trim to .5 and lower input gain down to 1'ish with the MV at 5? I was just wondering if maybe there was a bug in the Big Hair...
  71. barhrecords

    Wish - Copy to all scenes

    I wish there was an AE function that would copy the current scene to the other 7 scenes.
  72. barhrecords

    Wish AE could re-link IR's in the Cab blocks by name

    I wish the presets that use Cab blocks would store the IR by name such that AE could find the IR by name if it happened to be in a different slot. E.g. when you load a preset and the IR's used don't match the same slots than when the preset was created, AE would prompt you and then upon...
  73. barhrecords

    New 5E3 based amp from Grammatico

    This is a cool looking 5E3 clone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YaXGPH49YA It sounds like it delivers the 5E3 overdrive in spades.
  74. barhrecords

    Preset leveling using Waves Loudness Meter

    I've been using the Waves Loudness Meter plugin in Pro Tools to see if I could use it to volume match different AxeFx II presets. I setup Pro Tools with a mono track containing a pink noise -20dbFs test signal. I run Pro Tools S/PDIF out -> AxeFx II -> S/PDIF -> Pro Tools Utility -> Reset...
  75. barhrecords

    Bug? Preset name change after update all presets

    In FW 13.01, I happened to be on factory preset 39. After I updated all presets: Utility -> Presets -> Update all presets <ENTER> The preset name was changed to "Bypass" when I went back to Recall mode.
  76. barhrecords

    Automatic preset volume leveling - Measuring percieved loudness

    There is an interesting article in this month's Sound On Sound magazine related to perceived loudness of audio as it relates to mixing, the so called "loudness wars". It references this white paper: http://www.itu.int/dms_pubrec/itu-r/rec/bs/R-REC-BS.1770-3-201208-I!!PDF-E.pdf Some really...
  77. barhrecords

    Help with Delay Settings

    I'm trying to setup the Delay for the GNR Welcome To The Jungle Intro. I'm using standard tuned guitar, 104BPM, I've got the delay setup for 16th notes. I can get close enough for what I need with my DAW using Waves H-Delay: But I can't get the delay in the AxeFx quite there...
  78. barhrecords

    Rush Clockwork Angels DVD - acoustic songs?

    I got the Rush Clockwork Angels DVD as a gift this year. The clarity of guitar tones (and bass and drums and keys) is just spectacular. From the rig rundown the AxeFx II is used for efx on the E GTR and there is a dedicated separate AxeFx II for the piezo guitar output for acoustic guitar tone...
  79. barhrecords

    Anyone using the RJM Mastermind with the AxeFx II?

    This is pricey but I love the display with each button: Using a Mastermind GT/22 with a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II - YouTube
  80. barhrecords

    FAS Led Drive is killer!

    I had never really given the Led drive a shot till now. This thing is the master of crunch! Love this drive model! Axe-Change - Download Preset - Supro Trem HB barH - by barhrecords 70's Gibson 335 w/stock pickups
  81. barhrecords

    Pop Rock Ballad

    I was messing with this chorus preset. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/78456-80s-tri-chorus.html Really nice for rock ballad stuff.
  82. barhrecords

    USA Lead - FW 12.02

    I love the gain of this amp model. This is without a drive pedal. The gain is there but with balls and clarity. Axe-Change - Download Preset - IIC+ HB barH - by barhrecords 70's 335 with stock Gibson vintage output PAF pups.
  83. barhrecords

    Firmware 12.02 AC30 TB - Strat

    Can't stop playing the AC30 TB model. This thing is ridiculous. I posted this in recordings too: I was reading in another thread about the AC30 TB whether or not it was sounding okay in firmware 12. So I hacked this together. This was one take for the rhythm and lead so pardon the...
  84. barhrecords

    AC30 TB Clean - My Blue Rainbow

    I was reading in another thread about the AC30 TB whether or not it was sounding okay in 12. So I hacked this together. This was one take for the rhythm and lead so pardon the clams :) Axe-Change - Download Preset - Clean Vox + Pad SC barH - by barhrecords 70's Strat with Kinman pups
  85. barhrecords

    FW 12.02 Parallel Delay Level -80db

    The attached preset has a delay block with mix 100% level -80db. The block is in parallel with the main line in the grid. I still hear the delay with level at -80db. I thought -80db on the level would make the delay inaudible or at least very low in the mix? I'm not trying to turn of...
  86. barhrecords

    Amp block input select L+R Sum vs. L Only

    Is there a fixed drop in level going from Amp block input select L Only to L+R Sum?
  87. barhrecords

    Steely riffing with the 5F1 Champ 12.01

    Here is some riffing I was doing today on my first 5F1 preset Axe-Change - Download Preset - 5F1 Champ HB barh - by barhrecords The guitar is forward in the mix on purpose so you can here some of the great detail in this model. Edit: I was using a 335 from the 70's with stock...
  88. barhrecords

    Modifier Damping

    Is damping supposed to affect both the attack and release of the curve? It looks like it affects the release portion more than the attack with envelope as the source. Richard
  89. barhrecords

    AE retains old values

    It's been so long since I used the old AE I was sure if it was the same. But if I clear a preset and then add a block, if the block was in the preset before I cleared it, the new block will have the settings from the old preset. I believe this is the case if you delete a block too. 1...
  90. barhrecords

    Wish Page Up / Page Down to choose IR or Amp type

    I wish if a CAB block or AMP block are selected in AE, then page up and page down would cycle through the IR's and amp types respectively. This would allow a footswitch like the AirTurn to be used to quickly audition amps and cabs.
  91. barhrecords

    Help with the Crossover block

    I want to split the input into two rows with one row getting the signal above the crossover freq and the second row getting the signal below the crossover freq. I've read the 10.02 manual entry for the crossover block but I'm confused between the Low L / R, High L / R and the common mixer pan...
  92. barhrecords


    I'm wondering if AxeEdit might be better called AxeRemote now? Not a negative. I'm loving it!!!!
  93. barhrecords

    Environmental noise when shooting IR's using the AxeFx II

    How critical is environmental noise level when shooting close mic'ed IR's? I was thinking about getting a Matrix power amp for IR shooting and was wondering about the 1U vs. 2U amps in relation to fan noise. I would prefer the 1U for form factory but since my first application is IR's I...
  94. barhrecords

    Thoughts on Suhr HSS wiring?

    In particular, Anyone have an HSS guitar setup to automatically split the bucker in position 2? And are you using RWRP in the middle? And last but not least, are you using a 470K resistor for the SC's with 500K pots for the whole guitar? Richard
  95. barhrecords

    AxeFx II Ad in Vintage Guitar Magazine current issue

    Page 27 of the current issue. Pretty tastefully done with some copy about honoring vintage heritage with respect. I dug it. Richard
  96. barhrecords

    Anyone have some Hendrix style Octavia settings?

    I can't get the octave distortion to give the class Hendrix octave fuzz. The fuzz is harsh and the octave up is not as pronounced as I would like. Anyone have some Octavia settings? Thanks, Richard
  97. barhrecords

    V10 Swart Amp

    I was messing around with V10 Bank A preset 62. The tremolo on that amp is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Richard
  98. barhrecords

    FW10 first thoughts

    All the amps seem to have grown balls!!!! That's a good thing!!! The mid gainers and rectos have that nuts on low end thump that was not there (by default) before. Factory preset 8, no tweaks, with my Les Paul, kept me playing for an hour straight. Bloody brilliant all around!!!!
  99. barhrecords

    V10 Mimic whitepaper

    Blown away!!!! What a break through!!!!
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