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  1. paranoid

    High pitched squeal with high gain amp?

    Ok so not frfr. How did you connect the fm9? How did you set up the fm9 preset. if you bypass the fm9 does the volume of your amp signal change?
  2. paranoid

    High pitched squeal with high gain amp?

    Not sure what you mean by blue mode(I do not have an fm9) but patches with high gain and lots of treble can get a high pitch feedback from fr tweeters.
  3. paranoid

    Is this a defective unit? *Preset Uploaded* Low gain, muddy tone etc.

    If you are tickling the red, the guitar output should be strong enough to get plenty of gain. I am not sure why you have your preset set up where the volume varies so much between scenes.
  4. paranoid

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. paranoid

    Is this a defective unit? *Preset Uploaded* Low gain, muddy tone etc.

    I understand you live in an apartment, but you can't listen to studio monitors? Yes I assume what I hear is different than what you hear, What I hear is very boomy and has plenty (to much gain for my liking) of gain and volume except scenes 2,3,7,8 were the volume is very low. When you strum a...
  6. paranoid

    Is this a defective unit? *Preset Uploaded* Low gain, muddy tone etc.

    ok I see now you are using head phones. I think you should maybe try some monitors of some sort. I have mixed results with head phones good and bad.
  7. paranoid

    Is this a defective unit? *Preset Uploaded* Low gain, muddy tone etc.

    How are you monitoring your axe fx? on my rig your preset is very boomy and clipping output on scenes 1,5 very quiet on output but still bass boomy on scenes 2,3,7,8 not to bad on scene 6 which has plenty of gain for my ear. scene 4 is totally to much gain and clipping the output a little bit.
  8. paranoid

    Is this a defective unit? *Preset Uploaded* Low gain, muddy tone etc.

    I will try your preset later when at my axe fx, but for now, Have you set up input levels? What are the settings of the input gate? What type of guitar, pickups, tone knob?
  9. paranoid

    Can someone help me with my pickups?

    are the proper wires connected in the proper places? many pickup manufactors use different wire colors. I would try connecting the pick up straight to the jack and see what happens
  10. paranoid

    Tone Match Question - was I already close?

    looks like you are pretty close.
  11. paranoid

    Noise Gate Help

    Were are you placing the Zuul, or endless blockade? are you using them with fm3?
  12. paranoid

    The Fart Pedal

    It was targeted to Idiots of all types.
  13. paranoid

    Guitar Cases with plastic latches and handles?

    all those plastic cases Save time in manufacturing and labor cost, maybe not your guitar, or your wallet. they are however easier on your back.
  14. paranoid

    Your reason/justifcation for buying more guitars? help!!

    My wife knows she can buy a new pair every time I buy a guitar. I have almost 100 guitars, you should see the shoe closet.
  15. paranoid

    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    I love vintage gear, I have an axe fx II and an AX-8.
  16. paranoid

    Modern Guitars, Then and Now.

    My son is into Steinberger guitars with trans trem but they don't look anything like that model, I do not know the model, but the cam system is hidden in the trem unit, and you can use regular strings, or the special double ball strings. you put the ball end at the trem and the bare end gets...
  17. paranoid

    Is it me or the sound guy?

    you do how ever have an option of were you play. Of course if it is a dive that the house sound man cant be bothered to run the sound and lights for the entire show, chances are the patrons are to drunk to know the difference.
  18. paranoid

    Issues sending audio from PC to Axe FX

    Have you tried to reload the fractal drivers? your windows may have updated, have you tried to back up to an older windows update. If you can't play you tube at all I would really think it is an issue with the pc not the axe fx.
  19. paranoid

    Is it me or the sound guy?

    At that point if the actual front mix was bad I would adjust the desk myself and tell the sound person after the gig they are fired.
  20. paranoid

    The Fart Pedal

    I did not want to spell it out but it's the f***ing f***er.
  21. paranoid

    Which effects do you actually use?

    90% of the time, amp cab delay reverb When you mix all the colors, you get brown. if you use all the effects at once, do you get the pedal tone some want in another recent effects forum post?
  22. paranoid

    Favorite wood Combo for Electric Guitar

    If I like the guitar The wood type matters none. even got a particleboard Kramer that's pretty sweet.
  23. paranoid

    The Fart Pedal

    I sure hope you guys are joking. That's the dumbest guitar thing since that stupid dirty word named amp that sounds almost as bad as that pedal.
  24. paranoid

    Volume Drop only on one side??

    I do not see anything in your preset to cause a balance difference on my rig, but with my setup your preset is pretty loud, really loud on scenes 4,5,7,8 they clip the out meters instantly. Have you tried output 2?
  25. paranoid

    MFC 101 midi - Double Tap to switch patches problem

    Strange! Is your mfc in axe fx mode? how are you connecting the mfc to the axe fx? I had some crazy trouble in the past with long midi cables using the midi, and then later with cheap xlr cables using the fas link.
  26. paranoid

    MFC 101 midi - Double Tap to switch patches problem

    Have you set the mfc up for alternate presets? I have not done any programing changes to my mfc in years, but This is the only way that I am aware were a double tap of the foot switch will enter a preset.
  27. paranoid

    Cab question

    Cab lab.
  28. paranoid

    Wah is automatically turning on with no reason

    Is there a wah block in these presets. If so the original owner had them set up to work with an expression pedal you do not have connected. Have you tried a factory reset of all settings?
  29. paranoid

    Volume Drop only on one side??

    How much is going on in you presets? does this happen with mono presets with say just an amp an cab? What if you sum left right in the input menu. what if you some left right in the output menu?
  30. paranoid

    I need an new Expression pedal

    Ev-1 for volume, mission for wawah.
  31. paranoid

    Allowing external storage for FullRes IRs

    I do not have an axe III yet so maybe this would not help, but with a II XL and cab lab you can play through IR's with out loading them into the device. With axe edit you can also audition IR's with out saving in the device. many IR's can be saved on a computer, and or flash drive.
  32. paranoid

    How do you guys go about mapping your MFC?

    When I was playing with a band, I used set list feature in the mfc. I used maybe 20 or so presets that fit most songs, unless there was some unusual sound effect such as running with the devil. as far as the switches, all my presets are set up scene 1 dirty rhythm, scene 2 clean, scene 3 lead...
  33. paranoid

    Does the output jack need to be replaced after removing some EMG's?

    I would wonder if they are connecting the correct wires in the correct places? Not all pickups use the same color code. As for the trs jack, if it ain't broke it don't need replaced.
  34. paranoid

    No leveling needed!

    Very nice! I do my refrets with basic hand tools, and always have to level(tons of work). One of these days I would like to have a press and a fret wire bender, It may not help with my skills, but it could not hurt.
  35. paranoid

    two guitars one speaker

    It will work that way. But you could put a mixer in the middle and run a whole band through them.
  36. paranoid

    Shipped guitar acclimation warning

    so you put your guitar in the case in your heated air conditioned house, you go to an outside gig 24 hours in advance to let it get acclimated before taking it out of the case?
  37. paranoid

    FC-12 Feature Requests and Discussion

    There was an update for the fc's June 21 2021 posted in the fc forum. does that seem like they are forever forgotten Because Fractal was building a new unit?
  38. paranoid

    Favorite Coffee

    My favorite coffee is what my wife pours in a cup and hands me every morning.
  39. paranoid

    Axe FX II as interface

    Not positive but I think the axe fx needs to be the clock source. I am not a recording guru. but why use an interface just to control levels. I have done some recording using windows with studio one, axe fx as interface, recording 2 dry tracks, 2 processed tracks, and a midi track at the same...
  40. paranoid

    Meeting my Sweetwater "sales engineer" in person tomorrow

    You are gonna be in BIG trouble when you return!
  41. paranoid

    Meeting my Sweetwater "sales engineer" in person tomorrow

    Better bring the maternal to keep you in check!
  42. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    yes. you could try both. Utility menu, system rest.
  43. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    Thats crazy, I guess I would try a system reset.
  44. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    Have you tried a simple preset with just amp cab stereo delay?
  45. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    can you try outputs left and right instead of headphones?
  46. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    When I put ping pong delay in delay 1 I get repeats on both sides as expected
  47. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    Try changing the ratio in delay 1. As you have it the delays are the same in both sides so you can not hear the stereo field.
  48. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    with 2 500ms delays panned from each other the separation is hard to hear unless the you bypass one of the delays.
  49. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    getting panned delays with your preset on my unit
  50. paranoid

    effects have all gone mono or lop-sided...

    most of the effects are mono. do you mean they are only coming out left or right? possibly Take a look at the i/o menu settings, see if the output settings are stereo, or copy left right, or mono.
  51. paranoid

    WTB Magnetic tags for AX8

  52. paranoid

    NGD - Jason Becker Kiesel

    Nice! Now if it makes you play like Jason.
  53. paranoid

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    for covers I print out the lyrics, and write the chording over the lyrics while playing along. once I have the jist of the cords and figure out the key I wing the solos in which ever mode is easiest to get the fingering patterns that sounds close to the original.
  54. paranoid

    Footswitches Not Working- Short term fix for gig?

    you may be able to flip through scenes with an external switch to get by. you could use a couple of presets, one for lead, one for clean, and so on. i would pull the cover of and have a look at the cables. unplug and replug them and see what happens.
  55. paranoid

    Your best electric guitars, do they sound great acoustically?

    never really played any of mine unplugged, if it sounds good plugged in what difference does unplugged make? they are electric guitars.
  56. paranoid

    AxeFx Ultra: can it be readily controlled via midi by Helix (3.11)?

    I am sure it will not be Ginormous, but will involve some time depending on how many presets you use. When I used the hd500 to switch my ultra, I set up patches in the hd to match the presets it was controlling on the ultra, that way if the ultra went down the hd was already to be a back up. At...
  57. paranoid

    AxeFx Ultra: can it be readily controlled via midi by Helix (3.11)?

    never had a helix, but used an hd 500 to make midi changes on an ultra. it worked but I ended up using an fcb 1010 with much better results. On the pod hd every pod preset had to be edited for every function wanted on the ultra. fcb was also alot of work to program until I had found an editor...
  58. paranoid

    Global noise gate to all presets?

    the Input gate on my axe II goes along ways, if it makes little change for you, you may want to tune up your guitar a bit. To much noise gate really hampers sustain.
  59. paranoid

    Question about installing drivers and online editor

    yes they will install properly without the unit.
  60. paranoid

    WTB Looking for a Sonoma GuitarJack Stage

  61. paranoid

    Good times...

    Pretty good memory since its been "so long"
  62. paranoid

    Just got an AX8. wondering about downloading presets

    Welcome to the forum. If you load a preset and there is no volume, check the preset for external controllers. Many good presets on the axe change. I will Second the Leon Todd. Lots of good info there.
  63. paranoid

    I wished I had an axfx3 25 years ago.

    Some times I miss that old four track tascam.
  64. paranoid

    I wished I had an axfx3 25 years ago.

    What did you say? I can't hear you for all that ringing!
  65. paranoid

    Good times...

    looks pre axe fx, but we wont hold it against you.:cool: What all was in the rack back then?
  66. paranoid

    Wiring pickup straight to the output jack

    Gonna be hard to kill unwanted noise when not playing if not at your volume pedal.
  67. paranoid

    Best Shoes for Long Gigs

    the audience does not see it any ways, they will never know!
  68. paranoid

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Need is a creature of invention. ideas like this are what made America Great. to bad we are now going down hill.
  69. paranoid

    Best Shoes for Long Gigs

    put a rubber mat behind your mic and pedal board. stand on it. helps feet and back.
  70. paranoid

    Vote: strip the finish off the entire BACK of the Les Paul; not just the neck?

    Lespaul or not, its a tool if you think you will like it better stripped get started. To many spend to much time worrying about whats coming in the future.
  71. paranoid

    Soldering Question

    The pot contact
  72. paranoid

    Soldering Question

    be care full not to get the pot to hot while soldering to it.
  73. paranoid

    AX8, HS8's and bass for home practice?

    play some bass tracks trough the monitors before you buy a bass and see how they handle it.
  74. paranoid

    Sanding neck on Fool guitar

    I have close to 100 Charvels some valuable, some not so. At my place they are all players. Some pay extra to have a $5,000+ new Gibson or Fender beet up to look used, A guitar is a tool, that can be a collectors item. Only you can decide, but I would sand it to bare wood in a flash If I thought...
  75. paranoid

    New old guy

    You may be able to find some one near you to help one on one. If in central FL I would help. ps I still use a flip phone, and have made many presets for the axe II since I got it in 2014.
  76. paranoid

    Volume pedal vs Expression Pedal

    many use the boss pedal, it should work fine. are you connecting it with a trs cable?
  77. paranoid

    Zero Fret

    Some had to have it first. They sold for a wile, but are not produced now.
  78. paranoid

    Do you have a cheaper guitar that you like as much or more?

    Very hard to beat a model series Charvel. I have many USA Charvels (standard, custom, limited run) and always play the models.
  79. paranoid

    Zero Fret

    Open sting tones will also match fretted string tones. It may just be because it is not the norm. Some times things that are different just do not sell well. Like Harley V-rod's, very stylish, water cooled, did not vibrate much, went very fast, but did not sell well.
  80. paranoid

    Why no discount for badly scratched and rusted guitars?

    If you pay extra for a new guitar somebody beat up intentionally, I am sorry but you are a MORON!
  81. paranoid

    MFC 101 to only select scenes

    Which mfc? With the mkIII in none axe fx mode it is very easy to make the bottom row only select scenes, at least with the axe II. they can be set to only send cc# and value.
  82. paranoid

    MFC Switch Labels

    Did you email them? I know the page is old but they may have some left over. There are some listed on e-bay.
  83. paranoid

    MFC Switch Labels

  84. paranoid

    MFC Switch Labels

  85. paranoid

    Change two blocks at once without scene?

    why not just use scenes?
  86. paranoid

    Recommend IR's please

    My advice, I would pick a stock cab v30 that is close to what you are looking for, and play it a wile. If v30 ain't doing it try some other stock cabs it takes some adjustment time to go from amp cab tone to record tone, no sense buying lots of files just to sit at you computer and click through...
  87. paranoid

    Wish Axe-Edit amplifier list with extra info

    I often find myself trying to get some pro musicians tone by the gear they use, just to tweak it until it sounds like what I want to hear anyways.
  88. paranoid

    EQ High Hat and Cymbals out of drummers head set mic. How?

    +1 on less gain, tell the drummer to sing like he plays. A small amount of cymbal in the mic should not be to much of problem unless you are recording live.
  89. paranoid

    Stripping the nitro finish off the back off a brand new Gibson Les Paul

    I would strip it off in a heart beat. bare wood oiled feels way better!
  90. paranoid

    Recommend IR's please

    Use an amp close to the type of your own amp. Shoot an IR of your own cab the way you mic it when you play out. Do not tweak anything other then what would be on a real amp. Do not over think it and fall in the rabbit hole unless that is were you really want to go.
  91. paranoid

    Wish Axe-Edit amplifier list with extra info

    some times I wish there was less info in the amp and cab names, It makes finding our own tone harder.
  92. paranoid

    Anyone using a HP laptop running windows 10 have ax8 edit issues

    Works pretty good for me, only freezes up every now and then when playing youtube while the edit is open.
  93. paranoid

    My greatest fear ...

    My fear would be that her new boy friend would tell her what they cost!
  94. paranoid

    Ax editor

    Are all your presets and ir's still on the ax-8 its self?
  95. paranoid

    Wah Pedal Confusion

    I do not have an fm3 so not sure why the min and max show engaged and bypassed, if those are adjusted does it make a difference?
  96. paranoid

    Wah Pedal Confusion

    Does the pedal function correctly other then the auto engage? am not familiar with that expression pedal, but sounds like you may not need the reverse adaptor, or maybe you need to invert the off value %.
  97. paranoid

    Can AxeFx 2XL patches be shared with AxeFX 2 users (non-XL)?

    not as they are but they can be converted with fractool
  98. paranoid


    I guess those guitar bodies are car mufflers?
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