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  1. Fabio KTG


    Can we PLEASE have a thread where all the djent kids can share their "tone test dj0ntOMGbulbsamazeballsIboughtBKPJuggsandaProTonepedal" recordings because 99% sound the same and this is why a lot of skeptics think that the Axe is a one trick pony. Every other metal recording is bloody djent with...
  2. Fabio KTG

    Which of the V3 OH Mesa mic's should I get?

    412-GTR MES-ST : OwnHammer.com - Store I don't think that I need them all, but some guidance would be appreciated. I tend to prefer mixed/alloy IR's rather than having to trial them all and spend hours tweaking and mixing it's. Are you about, Kevin?
  3. Fabio KTG

    Who is this guy?!!!

    He's freaking amazing!
  4. Fabio KTG

    Preconceptions can be deceiving.

    A way back, I chimed in on a conversation on Epiphone Vs Gibson and asked wether the cheaper model could hold a candle to the real deal. To cut the long story short, Clive (UnsungHeroGuitars) contacted me and asked if I wanted to try an Epiphone Les Paul for myself and evaluate it without...
  5. Fabio KTG

    Free Axe FX's for all!!

    I knew Cliff was thoughtful and generous, but this is something else!
  6. Fabio KTG

    Axe Fx vs The Real Deal

    OK, so this ass clown has made an unfair comparison and complains that the FX sounds different to his FRAMUS (which the Axe doesn't have btw) Simeon and I had a few words to say about this video. Me first "For all you tube snobs out there: First of all the Axe requires of...
  7. Fabio KTG

    Argentina Vs Germany: Place your bets!

    My guess is 3-1 To Germany. They haven't had a side this good since '74
  8. Fabio KTG

    Does anyone work for themselves or wish that they did?

    I've just started working for my mum's business after finishing my first year of Uni and I don't half envy her. She's been doing it 12 years now and I never knew how easy her life is compared to mine. It's got me questioning my future now and thinking about starting my own business. Aren't half...
  9. Fabio KTG

    How do I find the "sweet spot" during IR capture?

    OK, so i'll be going to a friend's house this weekend, who has a f**k tonne of amps and cabs (His dad owns a music shop and have access to loads). I'm going to beg him to let me capture some IR's when I go over, but I have no idea how to find the sweet spot or wether the particular speaker that...
  10. Fabio KTG

    AotW 6: Recto (Orange and Red) Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

    This has to be my favourite amp for high gain rhythm tones of all time. I've owned at least half a dozen Boogies over the years, from Dual and Triple Rectifiers, to the first Roadking in the UK, Tremoverbs, Rectoverbs, Triaxis, 2:90 a MkIV, Mk V and a Rocket 50. AFAIK, Most if not all Boogies...
  11. Fabio KTG

    UK Axe Fest 2014?

    Who's organising it? If it has been organised, when and where will it be? I missed last years and I really want to go this year. Hopefully it's not too far south. Nottingham/Peterborough is about my limit.
  12. Fabio KTG

    Does anyone suffer with a flaky scalp?

    Before I start, I am not affiliated in any way with the company/product that I'm about to mention. For almost two decades I’ve been plauged by a dry flaky scalp. I saw doctors and holistic practitioners, who all recommended different products from medicated scalp shampoos to massaging olive...
  13. Fabio KTG

    AOTW 5 ODS-100 CLEAN

    I'm not posting Polls anymore, for the simple fact that people are happy to vote on the poll but then completely ignore the following week's winner, when they voted for it in the first place. I shall continue doing AotW until I think that interest has dipped, then I'll leave it to another member...
  14. Fabio KTG

    Shure GLXD or Line 6 Relay G90?

    Come at me people, I'm on the fence right now. Any reviews from owners out there? Ideally, I'd like to rack mount any wireless system that I decide upon, but sound, performance and reliability take priority first. What are the pro and cons and how do they compare to a high quality guitar...
  15. Fabio KTG

    AOTW 4 Friedman (H)BE

    Week 4's poll was a landslide victory for the Friedman (Hairy) Brown Eye. When I think of this amp myself, I imagine it to be a hot rodded Marshall. YMMV. The Friedman Brown Eye in the Axe Wiki [courtesy of Yek) Amp: all models - Axe-Fx II Wiki Friedman Amplification | The Brown Eye...
  16. Fabio KTG


    Ladies and mostly gentlemen, please cast your votes on next week's winner.... RECTO1 ORG MDRN (based on Mesa Dual Rectifier) PVH 6160 BLOCK (based on Peavey EVH 5150) FAS MODERN FRIEDMAN (B)BE (based on Friedman BE-100 Brown Eye / Hairy Brown Eye) Please remember that your comments...
  17. Fabio KTG

    AOTW 3 VOX AC-30 Top Boost

    Last week's poll was a landslide victory for Vox's AC-30 Top Boost. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/84459-poll-aotw-week-3-a.html So the AC-30? I'm not too familiar with this amp, other than to say some of the most famous rock royalty have used this amp as a staple to their...
  18. Fabio KTG


    Ladies and (mostly) gentlemen, please cast your votes! The winner will be announced Sunday April 17th. The candidates are as follows: Vox AC-30 Top Boost Amp: all models - Axe-Fx II Wiki Dr Z Maz 8 Amp: all models - Axe-Fx II Wiki Roland JC-120 Amp: all models - Axe-Fx II Wiki...
  19. Fabio KTG

    Candidates for AOTW Week 3.

    Could all the low gain/clean players post suggestions for AOTW 3, please? I create a poll at the end of the day to be used for next week's winner. Thanks
  20. Fabio KTG

    AOTK: Week 2 EURO UBER (based on Bogner Uberschall)

    AOTW: Week 2 EURO UBER (based on Bogner Uberschall) OK, so the poll for week 2 was a draw between the Uberschall and the Boogie Rectifier. Being the thread starter, I decided to pick one and stuck with my initial choice. The Rectifier Orange will be in next week's poll to be picked again...
  21. Fabio KTG

    Is there a shortcut command for shunt?

    I'm sick to death of having to right click, very time i want to replace a block with a shunt. Is there a quicker way?
  22. Fabio KTG

    How to determine IR length for UR conversion?

    OK, so I have a bunch of IR's and I have no idea which are suitable for Ultra Res and which aren't. How do I determine their length? Anything above 170ms is long enough, right? So how do I find out what's what?
  23. Fabio KTG

    A little help from my friends...

    If you wouldn't mind having a listen and giving me some opinions on the tone and how to improve it for a live setting. I can't tell wether its too muddy or not. Please forgive my horrible playing, I was just messing around in Garageband and record for 10 minutes at a time in case I come up...
  24. Fabio KTG

    POLL for Week 2 of AOTW

    OK, in order to keep things fair, lets alternate between high gain and low gainers each week. I've picked three well know models, all we need is a vote. EURO UBER (based on Bogner Uberschall) PVH 6160 BLOCK (based on Peavey EVH 5150) RECTO1 ORG MDRN (based on Mesa Dual Rectifier) Let...
  25. Fabio KTG

    AMP OF THE WEEK. Week 1 Fender 59' Bassman

    OK, I thought i'd get this ball rolling and see how this unfolds. I think next week should be a high gainer and alternate every week. Extracted from the Wiki (Thanks to Yek :)) 1. Based on: 1959 Fender Bassman, a low-to-medium gain amp designed for bass but more widely adopted by...
  26. Fabio KTG

    Major Rock FW 14

    Inspiration from Adam's beautiful video. I wondered what me and my 9 and a 1/2 fingers could improvise over a few chords in a major scale. Here's the ham fisted result. Just remember when you get frustrated with your playing.... At least you have all of your fingers on your fretting...
  27. Fabio KTG

    FW 14 Recto..... Holy F**k!

    I'm just going to let this speak for itself, because for once I am speechless. I've been jamming Linkin Park all afternoon (dat nostalgia) because I play in Drop C# anyway. I played the "just like before" part deliberately wrong so you know it's me playing. Here's One Step Closer by Linkin...
  28. Fabio KTG

    "Static Resoanaces"

    I just happened across this thread and wondered if anyone has noticed or experienced this phenomenon? Perhaps the more experienced studio engineers could chime in on this? I only share this, because he specifically mentions IR's and the Axe Fx in his speculations. Guitar EQ tutorial video -...
  29. Fabio KTG

    Do we have any Battlefield/PS4 players in da house?

    Add me on PSN The_Invader_Kilz Yes I am aware that "Kilz" is grammatically incorrect, however "Backdoor_Invader" and "Butt_Man" were both taken and my younger sister likes to bob on for a game from time to time. :D
  30. Fabio KTG

    J12-CN (based on 1964 Jensen C12N) Missing from Fractal UR Pack :(

    I've been looking through the OH Ultra Res pack and making sense of the cab abbreviations when I noticed that J12-CN (based on 1964 Jensen C12N) is completely missing from both the 1-12 and 2-12 folders. Can anyone verify this?
  31. Fabio KTG

    Tremonti inspired tone

    For those of you who aren’t’ fortunate to acquire the Ultra Res packs offered by Fractal, Own Hammer and The Amp Factory, fear not! There is a plethora of great sounding IR’s that you can still rely on. Seeing as nobody has released an updated Uberkab IR and mine wasn’t that great either, I...
  32. Fabio KTG

    Dis anyone have problems...

    Did anyone have problems... ... accessing the forum over the last few days? The forum wouldn't load in my browser (Safari) or Firefox, but suddenly started working today. Anyone else have this problem?
  33. Fabio KTG

    Somebody give this guy a broom

    So he can sweep the floor whilst he's playing... Man plays the electric piano and bass guitar while singing a song, amazing.
  34. Fabio KTG

    Monitoring Query

    OK, so I am looking at either investing in some better studio monitors (I have some KRK VXT4's atm). Possibly going with some Adam A7X's. I was wondering wether I should just add the Adams to the KRK's and use some kind of audio splitter/mixer etc or just ditch the KRK's all together? O r does...
  35. Fabio KTG

    Brightness control

    Ok, so for years I've had to tame the bright end fizz between Trable, GEQ, PEQ, Prescence, Gain and HP/LP filter to get the high gain tone that I can't even get in a tube amp. It's always been a compromise that gets on my hombres tetas. So, Cliff released the bright control and I've backed it...
  36. Fabio KTG

    Wish: Soft power off

    I played with my mate's Pod HD Pro X today. It's pretty cool and sounds better than I remember. He just turned it on and off on a whim and not once did his monitors pop. When I questioned him about it, he didn't even notice that it did that. I'd really like a soft power down feature added, to...
  37. Fabio KTG

    KSE MyCurse Tone Match

    So, I've been really getting into tone matching recently. One of the biggest sounding metal tones is from one of my favourite bands, KSE. I took a tone match from the MOGG Blog that I posted the other day. I then exported the tone match as a cab and then re- tone matched my preset to get it...
  38. Fabio KTG

    Tone Matching for Newbies

    There's quite a lot of info on Tone Matching in the forum, but I find it to be here, there and everywhere. Not the kind of thing that you'd know what to look for if you're new to Tone Matching. I thought that i'd collate all of my findings into one handily thread, where it's all there for you...
  39. Fabio KTG

    R.I.P Harold Ramis

    ‘Ghostbusters’ star Harold Ramis has died, aged 69. The Chicago Tribune is reporting the actor, writer and director, who helmed cult comedy classics including ‘Caddyshack’ and ‘Groundhog Day’, has died aged 69, following complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. However the...
  40. Fabio KTG

    PRS/Boogie Tone Test

    OK, so my recording and mixing skills are very basic, so don't expect Andy Sneap below. I wanted to hear my Boogie tone with my new PRS in context, so I knocked this one together. The guitars and bass are all Axe Fx Ultra Res. Any constructive criticism on the guitar tone is most...
  41. Fabio KTG

    Possible Bug in Cab Block

    Motor Drive acts like a bass cut when turned up. I don't remember it doing this. Can anyone clarify? FW 13.02
  42. Fabio KTG

    POLL Ultra Res Vs Normal Res

    One of these clips is the OH 412 MAR-CB V30-EN LIVE_MODERN Ultra Res and the other is the OH 412 MAR-CB V30-EN SS LIVE-MODERN Normal Res. The guitar is my trusty PRS Custom 24 with HFS/VB pickups and the amp is a Bogner Uberschall. The preset is identical, only the Cab impulse is different...
  43. Fabio KTG

    OH Scott Peterson Mixes

    I wonder if Scott could chime in here. What is the fundamental difference between the Modern, Vintage, Median and SP mixes? In the README file in the Fractal Cab Pack 3 (Ultra Res) it says... ""Mic Mixes" are also provided for every speaker: Live Modern - Custom mix designed for use...
  44. Fabio KTG

    R.I.P Phillip Seymour Hoffman

    The title says it all. One of my all time favourite actors. Heroin overdose at 46. 46! That's waaaaay to early to die. :(
  45. Fabio KTG

    A collaboration between me and Clark Kent

    I decided to create an impulse from my Bogner Uberschall and Uberkab. With a little help from a couple of people and some post EQ, I finally created a cab impulse that i like. Mr Kent gave me a recipe for a patch that works well with the cab. The preset that Clark recorded wasn't saved, but I...
  46. Fabio KTG

    Is it possible to run Axe FX on Batteries "mains" supply?

    Could I theoretically run my axe fx in the street with a battery powered monitor? Is there an AC/DC compatibility issue?
  47. Fabio KTG

    Just watched Lamb of God for umpteenth time

    They had Huntress and DECAPITATED(!!!!) supporting them. I got momentarily knocked out by a high elbow from some meat head, no neck, leather wearing grease monkey who's weight in stones is higher than his IQ. Not even an apology from the dick smoking douche bag. I came around in time to stop...
  48. Fabio KTG

    I/O Compromise for Single coil and Humbucker guitars

    OK, so now that I have the new Strat in hand, I want to integrate it with my rig. My I/O is usually set to 50%-ish for my CU24, but i've currently got it at 80% to get the Input fader peaking at 85-90%. This is too hot for a humbucker, so whats the best way around this problem? Unless Cliff...
  49. Fabio KTG

    NGD Strat

    I've hunted high and low for a hard tail Strat, but alas, I couldn't find one for a reasonable price. One company quoted me £75 MORE to route one less cavity! *sigh* In the end, I scoured Gumtree UK and found a chap selling a Strat with a MightyMite neck, with locking tuners and Lace Sensor...
  50. Fabio KTG

    A little chord help please. I haz the dumbz

    OK, so my new band is a wedding function band and "Love Shack by the B 52's is one of the songs that we're doing. 2nd to last chord in the chorus... "The Love Shack..... (C Maj) Is a little of a place where (G Minor #5) We can can (A Min #5) Get together (Bb????) (C Major) Is getting on...
  51. Fabio KTG

    Songwrting Techniques

    We have many guys here that cover existing songs, but I'm interested to know how many of us are original song writers. Below, isthe Dropbox link to a Power Point presentation on my technique that I employ when writing for myself and other people. Thought they might be of some use to you...
  52. Fabio KTG

    Clark Kent's SM57 Tube 2

    Evening peeps. I've been having some fun with Mr Kent's IR mixes. This IR is a work in progress. The Foo Fighter's track has received a good response from you all. Here's my attempt to riff like a metal God. BAHAHAHA..... *Sigh*
  53. Fabio KTG

    Foo Fighters My Hero clip

    Foo Fighters My Hero Using the USA PRE YELLOW amp and one of Clark Kent's Mesa Mix IR's (which f*****g rock btw) My other guitarist just got an Axe and wonders why he can't get his to sound this good.
  54. Fabio KTG

    Whats the best way to visually audition IR recipes?

    OK, so having watch our beloved Clark Kent demonstrate his epic IR mixes, the big thing that they all have in common is that they are pretty flat and the have a roll off at 4-8khz. I have cab lab, but I'd like a visual representation of what I'm hearing as I'm blending aural goodness. Can anyone...
  55. Fabio KTG

    Stumbled across these free IR's

  56. Fabio KTG

    I have an idea....

    I We all know that FRFR systems are the only way to truly get the most out of third party cabinet impulses. The reason being, as far a my understanding goes is that 1. They "have an opinion", as in they colour your tone, so no matter what you put through it, it will always have that distinctive...
  57. Fabio KTG

    Movember anyone?

    I'm gonna grow a dodgy porn star 'tasche and harass everyone I set eyes upon at Uni to hand over a few quid in support of Male Cancers. Is anyone else feeling charitable? EDIT: I meant is anyone else growing for Movember? I realise that I sounded like I was asking for donations. My bad
  58. Fabio KTG

    Time to upgrade my floor monitor. Suggestions?

    I currently use an RCF ART 722A. I like the shape, sound and when I have my feet all over it, it stands up to the abuse. I've looked at the CLR's and I don't think that I like the shape. They look a little.... well narrow in length. I'm sure they sound awesome, but they look delicate and...
  59. Fabio KTG

    Extracting MIDI from recorded drum track

    OK, so I have some old drum recording from my old band and I've tried using Drumtracker with no success. Will Drumagog or Trigger do a better job? I want the ability to load up an audio file of a full drum kit recording and extract the audio, velocity and feel into a MIDI track so I can use...
  60. Fabio KTG

    You HAVE to watch this...

    Telekinetic Coffee Shop - MUCHOSUCKO.com I almost wet my pants laughing.
  61. Fabio KTG

    Does any one else shave with a straight razor?

    I started shaving back when I was 15 (I'm 30 now) and the cost of Gillette, Wilkinson Sword and other disposable blades became extortionately expensive over the years, to the point where I consider growing a Dumbledore. I happened upon a Youtube video of a guy talking about how much disposable's...
  62. Fabio KTG

    Mac workaround for "full screen" mode

    In System Preferences------>Accessability------> Zoom You can hold down CTRL/ALT or any other assignable modifier key and use the mouse to zoom in. Personally, I don't see the benefit of having a "proper" full screen mode, because if all the buttons scale up, it's the same as a zoom function...
  63. Fabio KTG

    That's it! I QUIT!

    I can''t suffer the indignity of being schooled in shred by a freaking 8 year old. It was bad enough with Anton Oparin, but THIS does it for me.
  64. Fabio KTG

    Not a Les Paul fan but....

    I'll just leave this here..... 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom Major Artist owned Vintage Rare Cool! Black Beauty | eBay
  65. Fabio KTG

    Boxy tone when mixing stock IR's with home made ones

    This is a strange phenomenon. If I have both my home made cabs together, they sound great, yet mix them with a stock cab and theres a weird phase issue. Can anyone chime in?
  66. Fabio KTG

    New OH cabs sound BEASTLY!

  67. Fabio KTG

    I have GAS

    "Guitar Acquisition Syndrome". I've been eyeing up Blackmachines for years and Doug has only ever replied to one, stating that "he was not accepting any orders at the time". I've found a luthier who will build a similar style guitar for around half the price of a BM. My only trouble is...
  68. Fabio KTG

    Dual Amp Tones

    Does anyone use a dual amp setup in their preset? Is there a rule of thumb to follow where selecting amps? A bass heavy amp to compliment a brighter sounding amp? Is there a cross over frequency? Do you pan them hard left and right or both centre? Thoughts please.
  69. Fabio KTG

    You know that you're addicted to the Axe when....

    You stay up all night to try the new firmware, when you have work in the morning. This could be an interesting game.
  70. Fabio KTG

    Loving 10.12

    Quick recording with 10.12 I can't sleep, so I thought I'd finally get around to recording my new PRS and FW 10.12. Quad tracked, panned hard left and right. No bass guitar until Student Finance grant me the wish of a Dingwall and B7K. Also, the guitars are intentionally louder than the drums.
  71. Fabio KTG

    Do we have any pickup wiring techs in the house?

    I have just rewired a Custom 24 2013 from the stock configuration to my own preference. Everything works except now my volume is always on. Well it makes a tiny difference, but it always sounds like a tone control sweep now. Any ideas where i have gone wrong? Everything seems OK.
  72. Fabio KTG

    Does anyone have a spare $60,000 lying around?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/271149509473 Just another reason to love the Axe.
  73. Fabio KTG

    Ill never buy Yamaha again!

    I have a 16 channel mixer from Yahama. I take to and from gigs and it gets used quite a lot. One of the fader knobs has always been a little loose and last week it feel off and I didn't notice until this morning. I spoke to Yamaha and they want to change me £6 to deliver a replacement part on a...
  74. Fabio KTG

    The Song Association Thread.

    The rules are simple. What's the first thing (song) that comes into your head, when you watch this video? Post a YouTube video in response to the one above yours. LET THE GAME(S) BEGIN!
  75. Fabio KTG

    How to copy real drums in MIDI

    I'd like to expand on my MIDI drum production skills. I see people doing covers of songs and the drums sound spot on, down to ghost notes and even idiosyncrasies. I have no idea how people can copy KSE's drum parts down to a T, so they can do covers etc. Do they extract the midi from the...
  76. Fabio KTG

    Just for fun: The "offensive" meme thread.

    Nothing too close to the bone, racist, sexist or homophobic, obscene etc. This is my younger brother ALL over.
  77. Fabio KTG

    Message for Clark Kent.

    Being hit in the face by a Mack truck by General Zodd must have left a mark. How on Earth did you manage to defeat a horde of extra terrestrials AND upload your perfect IR? Man, you got some crazy skills. And you girlfriend is a fine piece of ass. PS. Don't fry my brain with your...
  78. Fabio KTG

    Strat Tone from a PRS

    I did some more mods on my PRS tonight. I ditched the stock pots for the Bare Knuckle 550k pot and a push/pull coil tap, giving me 3 Single coil and 3 Humbucker options. I've been trying to nail a Strat tone with my PRS and here's a close as I can get it. Stock pickups, no EQ. Guitar is panned...
  79. Fabio KTG

    What is your favourite NON rock/metal group/artist?

    And I mean anything that is deliberately guitar based music like punk/blues/ska etc. Mine is Daft Punk, although they do have plenty of guitar parts in their music, the majority is sample based and dope grooves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4cgLL8JaVI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmi60Bd4jSs
  80. Fabio KTG

    New Aristocrats album..

    My all time favourite guitarist, Guthrie Govan and his band The Aristocrats are about to launch Culture Clash, their second album Exclusive DVD Preview: The Making of The Aristocrats' 'Culture Clash,' with Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann | Guitar World
  81. Fabio KTG

    What's your guilty pleasure?

    OK, I'll go first. In addition to loving ABBA, I love upbeat and camp show tunes (think Family Guy) and stuff like this..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3RjCiq1ICY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3RjCiq1ICY (Mods please fix :) )
  82. Fabio KTG

    Komet Concorde

    I'm usually a high gain player, but I was flicking through some factory presets, I came across #75 Can You Hear It Ring? So I changed the amp to the Concorde and played the least "gain" solo that I could remember, which happened to be the first solo from Guns 'N' Roses's (Dylan's) Knocking on...
  83. Fabio KTG

    The audacity of some people...

    I was browsing through a certain competitor who shall not be named affiliated websites and came across people selling "their" profiles. It struck me that this is not something that any of us in the FAS family has subscribed to, but then again, t's not us with the ££££££'s of expensive amps...
  84. Fabio KTG


    Today, I picked up this beauty. I've always wanted a purple guitar, so I look the part when I play Prince covers. http://www.soundaffectsmusic.com/prs-custom-24-2013-model-armando-s-amethyst.html Today, I'm like a dog with two d***s
  85. Fabio KTG

    One way to kill time...

    I'll just leave this here.... Man runs out of gas, sets up drum kit to kill time | Matt Bosso - 97.1 WASH-FM | Today's WASH-FM
  86. Fabio KTG

    CAT 5 Issue.

    I'm no newb, so one would think that i'd have no issue switching from MIDI to CAT 5 in a heart beat. MIDI works perfectly fine, but when I plug in my CAT 5 cable that has always worked fine, I get a timeout message. The MFC powers up fine (2.16) Axe FX I/O USB ADAPTER MODE is set to OFF...
  87. Fabio KTG

    Error 18 when updating with Axe Edit Beta open MAC

    Took me 5 mins to realise that Axe Edit was open in the background. I kept trying to put the MFC into UPDATE MODE and kept getting an ERROR 18 message. I closed Axe Edit and all is well with the world again.
  88. Fabio KTG

    Worlds greatest trick shot.

    Yahoo! News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines SAY WAAAAT?
  89. Fabio KTG

    Somebody please explain.

    Output levels/connections - Axe-Fx II Wiki OK, I've read this, but it's not sinking in. If I want to send one XLR to my monitor and the other XLR to FOH and use both OUTPUT LEVEL knobs on the front panel to control each XLR output separately, how do I do it? I feel thick today.
  90. Fabio KTG

    G66 Customer Service is second to NONE.

    So my unit is about 5 months out of warranty and I thought "what the heck, I might "upgrade" the fan to a quieter one, now that warranty voiding is no longer applicable. I messaged Sussi at 9pm my time, 10pm hers asking about a suitable fan to purchase of my own accord. Not only did she reply...
  91. Fabio KTG

    Scenes Help

    I've set up my scenes with bypass states etc, i get all that, BUT... When i have my clean amp signal chain all bypassed, i still get a "clean" tone audible in my dirty chain. I've bypassed all blocks and i can still hear it. There no other shunt lines in my preset. Any ideas?
  92. Fabio KTG

    Possible DISPLAY OFFSET bug?

    I've set my DISPLAY OFFSET TO "1" in the Axe, so my patches start at "1" instead of "0". No problems.. MFC SETUP--->Axe FX DisplayOfst to 1.. My presets still start at X000 and not X001. Using latest firmware 2.16
  93. Fabio KTG

    Error 17 help

    I've updated my MFC plenty of times. This is the first time that i've ever had an error message. Connected via MIDI OUT on MFC and MIDI IN on Axe fx 2 MCF powered via phantom power via adaptor and 7 pin midi MFC functioning normally and changing presets etc. Using Fractal Bot 1.1 Axe FX 2 MIDI...
  94. Fabio KTG

    Jensen test IR

    Here's a test IR of my buddy's Jensen C12N loaded 212 cab. He's getting into making IR's and making use of his HUGE cab collection. I've blended a few with different mics, although I can't remember which ones specifically and one at the back of the room for ambience etc (his idea, not mine)...
  95. Fabio KTG

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    Here's my 2002 PRS Custom 24 in Violin Amber. It has been heavily modified to suit me. After an accident involving my left fretting hand, I lost a good centimetre from the tip of my finger. I accommodate for this, I sanded the back of the neck by good half inch. Not only is the neck thinner and...
  96. Fabio KTG

    I have GAS

    I hate to mention "the competition", but the tone that Lasse gets out his Kemper after profiling his Uberschall kicks me in the nuts, every time I hear it. I want a Kemper rack to save me hours of tweaking like a meth head and expand my sonic capabilities. I feel like such a lazy Judas...
  97. Fabio KTG

    RCF help!

    My RCF ART 22-A started "rattling" today, after being in storage for the last 4 months. It hasn't had that much use, so it can't be an amp problem. It started rattling when i "chug" - low frequencies etc. I've taken it apart and back together, and it's making a distorted sound that isnt there...
  98. Fabio KTG

    Can somebody explain....

    How to perform the system clean that people are performing prior to installing FW10? I'm having a few noise issues, tried reset system params etc, so I thought it might be worthwhile to wipe the Axe and reinstall FW10. I couldn't DL the link for some reason. Can I perform the wipe with Fractal...
  99. Fabio KTG

    Setting up patches to use the Scenes integration

    I've made a patch, one with a dirty amp, the other a clean amp. Sounds great through my PRS with BKP Aftermaths. Just thought id share it, so i could show the basic setup of a patch that makes use of scenes. :)
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