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  1. fractalz

    FS Axe FX III mk I

    Selling 2 Axe FX III mk I as I'm upgrading to turbo. Portland Oregon. Make me offer(s).
  2. fractalz

    New EP : Crow Eats Man "Cardiod"

    All guitars (except one) recorded on Axe FX III: I was sharing some examples from this EP in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/recording-settings-mono-vs-stereo.169586/#post-2038979
  3. fractalz

    Wish FM3: two Reverb blocks please!

    With the new ECONOMY mode, it is entirely possible to run two REVERB blocks in a preset. My use case is guitar + vocal mic in. I want a room reverb for the guitar and a plate for the vocals. I get the idea of limits to reflect the underlying CPU power and to reduce support requests. But...
  4. fractalz

    USB Extender (Cat5) that works with Axe-Edit III?

    I have two different brands of USB extenders in the studio and neither of them seem to work with Axe Edit III. Other USB devices (e.g., MIDI keyboards) are also problematic, so I don't think it is an issue specific to Axe Edit III. Are any of you using USB over Cat5 extenders successfully? If...
  5. fractalz

    WISH : FasLink on next-gen FX?

    I've been wanting something like the FX8 but with a remote footswitch so the main unit (and all the to/fro cabling) can stay by the amp(s). This is a wish for the assumed next gen FX? Unit to include a FasLink connection so it can be controlled by an FC pedal. Better yet, a rack mount unit...
  6. fractalz

    Wish Pedal as modifier : cycle through values more than once

    This one is a bit tricky to explain, but could be very useful. Currently, the modifiers cycle through a set of values, by default 0% to 100% once representing full travel of an attached expression pedal. What I would like is to have this cycle repeat N number of times with a phase offset...
  7. fractalz

    Wish Pitch Follower : modify pitch and track highest pitch

    I'd like to use the "Pitch Follower" as a modifier for the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter. I'm running into two issues: 1. the modifier screen has a fixed frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. I want the cutoff frequency to be the *same* as the pitch that is detected. Instead, the...
  8. fractalz

    AMP : Dynamics : "Feedback" Compression = Magic :)

    You should give the AMP dynamics section a look and in particular try out the "Feedback" Compressor type. From the manual: "The “FEEDBACK” type likewise compresses the block output, but also applies dynamics to the input of the block, so you will also get more distortion as you play harder and...
  9. fractalz

    Preset Per Song = Nightmare?

    I'm building up a set of patches for a cover band and have started down the preset-per-song path. There are some benefits like being able to set the tempos and custom delays for songs that require it. However, it is becoming a maintenance nightmare if I want to make small changes. I'm...
  10. fractalz

    Schaller "S" Locks - Shop Smart, Shop S-Locks!

    FYI - Schaller has come out with new strap locks and they fix the one issue that has bugged me about them - they are now *silent* when sitting and letting the strap go slack. They also have different sized strap pin screws (I use the small ones to fit the pre-drilled holes on my Ibanez RGs)...
  11. fractalz

    FasLink II in Patch Bay - is it safe?

    I think I know the answer to this, but thought I'd confirm... I'm building out a patch bay for our multi-room studio and was thinking of putting the FasLink II connection there to enable routing it to one of multiple MTLs. However, since it powers the FC's, I think it may have voltages that...
  12. fractalz

    Select Preset : Wrap function not working as expected

    I have a layout where each button on the FC-6 selects a different preset by INC/DEC +1, +2, +3 ... +6. I have Wrap set to go let's say from 100 - 200. When I have preset 194 selected, the FC displays presets 195 - 200, and I expect the following to happen: - pressing the first (+1) preset...
  13. fractalz

    Wish Slope controls in the Filter and/or PEQ block

    OK, I RTFM'd first, so, unless I can't read... Please add slope controls to the Hi Cut / Low Cut (Filter) and/or the Blocking (PEQ) controls to allow for different filter slopes, e.g., -3dB/octave, -6dB, -12dB, -18dB, -24dB. Thanks!
  14. fractalz

    Not a Bug Green = bad, Violet = good?

    So, I was just assuming that the IRs colored GREEN meant they were ultrares since, well, green = good, right? Then I RTFMd and found out that the violet ones are ultra-res. So, a head's-up and suggestion that maybe green should be for a-OK things?
  15. fractalz

    Fletcher Munson correction IR pack

    So, I had a crap rehearsal yesterday due to being distracted by my boomy / shrill patches that, of course, I created at low volume. This is one consequence of the the way we hear sounds at different SPL and is a familiar discussion on these forums, just search for "Fletcher-Munson". I was...
  16. fractalz

    Add more info in the Per-Preset FC editing page

    The blocks for the PP#s display what happens on TAP and HOLD (e.g., Effect, Bypass) but it does not say what it operates on (e.g., "Chorus 1", "Amp 2"), etc. It's impossible to figure out what they do just looking at them. To wit, my PP#1-12 all say the same thing: TAP: Effect, Bypass So...
  17. fractalz

    Add name to Per-Preset assignment dropdown

    Please add the display label assigned to the per-preset function along with the per-preset number in the "Per-Preset Switch" drop-down menu on the "FC Controllers" page. It currently displays: PP# 1 PP# 2 ... It would be helpful to display the function so I don't have to go over to the...
  18. fractalz

    Wish MacOS : Select text / focus on name panels

    If I get a text entry panel, the text should be selected and editable right away, not requiring a mouse click. For example, when selecting Block Library -> Rename it should allow the next keypress to replace the selected text. The text shows selected but the text field is not the "first...
  19. fractalz

    Implemented MacOS : allow tabbing through fields

    I'm doing a lot of editing this week and would love the ability to use the keyboard more. For example, cursor keys to change values, tab between editable text fields, etc.
  20. fractalz

    Implemented Block Info : add an indicator if channel ever changes

    Please add an indicator on blocks in the "Block Info" view if the block ever changes channels between scenes. This may generate false positives for unused scenes, but I'd rather investigate that than unwittingly have a channel change hidden due to a block copy/paste. Thanks!
  21. fractalz

    Wish Add "do I have any modifiers?" indicator to "Block Info"

    In the "Block Info" mode, please add an indicator to blocks that have any modifiers applied to any parameters. It is difficult to debug large patches that use a combination of scenes, scene controllers, control switches, and the like. This would help.
  22. fractalz

    Wish Value knob press = ENTER

    I keep pressing the value knob to enter menus and it takes me to the layout screen. Please create an option for the Value knob press to act as a select (enter). I did find how I can disable the current behavior, but I'd really like it to be selectable as an enter alternative.
  23. fractalz

    DEADLY BUG : Fractal Store website product order seems random!

    http://shop.fractalaudio.com - the products seem to show up in random order, different every time I visit. This messes up the script I wrote to watch for changes on this page. Please fix ASAP. The world may implode! :) EDIT : Fixed URL
  24. fractalz

    Synth : how to get accurate trills with LFO or Sequencer?

    I'm trying to create a patch for the Cranberries "Dreams" which has a crazy oscillating drone under the bridge... It sounds like it is harmonized trills (two voices) so I think I can achieve it with a synth block. My challenge is that when I set the "shift" modifier to the LFO and set my min /...
  25. fractalz

    AX8 : input distorting even with 18dB pad

    I've been trying to debug an annoying distortion on my AX8 patches and I've narrowed it down to the input distorting. I have the input pad set to 18dB and I'm using a DiMarzio ToneZone in the bridge position. I hear the distortion on a straight-through patch (input tied to output, all shunts)...
  26. fractalz

    Recommendation needed : full In-Ear Monitoring & PA System

    Imagine you and your hard-rocking band can afford to pamper yourselves with a top-quality PA and in-ear monitoring solution, regardless of the fact that you are just playing the local bars. What would it be? I know these very items have been covered in many threads, and I've read a bunch of...
  27. fractalz

    Possible Bug : Pitch block resets Crystal Echos to 0 values

    I was editing a patch with the Pitch Block using the "Crystal Echos" algorithm. I wanted to reset it to the default, hopefully good sounding, settings. When I reset the channel, it goes back to the "Dual Detune" algorithm. If I select the "Crystal Echos" algorithm, it has the Shift, Detune...
  28. fractalz

    Wish Set Delay ducker position to pre-feedback

    Not sure how good an idea this is, but an effect I've been working on is a ducked delay that keeps feeding back once the ducker is released. Think about the ducker as it is - it is post the feedback loop of the delay. So, any playing mutes the delay output. What I want is the ducker to...
  29. fractalz

    Bug? Delay 2 mix not working?

    Please see attached preset. I have a parallel delay (Delay 2) with 0.5% mix but it is coming through as if it is more like 50% mix. I cannot get this to blend. This is a reduced preset - the original had a pitch block in front of it. I want a parallel path with pitch shift and repeated...
  30. fractalz

    CA OD3-Ultra : Input Trim (Real amps following modelers?)

    So I noticed the new Carol-Ann OD3 Ultra has an input trim knob for it's two overdrive sections. Great idea, I wonder what inspired it :) https://www.carolannamps.com/od3ultra.html
  31. fractalz

    Plex Verb - distortion for low "Reverb Size" settings

    I'm experimenting with the new Plex Verb and hearing some unwanted distortion. I found I could exaggerate it by reducing the "Reverb Size" setting with "Diffusion" at 100%. For example, Reverb Size 15% with Diffusion at 100% yields the "tin foil crumpling" like noise. I don't really use the...
  32. fractalz

    FS UAD-2 Octo PCI card

    speaking of UAD plug-ins, if you have a PCI capable computer, I’m selling two Octo cards. Recently upgraded to thunderbolt so I no longer need these. Universal Audio UAD-2 OCTO PCI https://reverb.com/item/19202723-universal-audio-uad-2-octo-pci?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  33. fractalz

    Define layout loaded at startup?

    Is there a way to set which layout is loaded at startup, or will it always load Layout #1?
  34. fractalz

    FC-6 great, but gap when channel switching drive block

    Just received my FC-6 today. This thing is a tank! It is working great but I was surprised to hear an audio gap when switching a scene that switched a drive block channel. The drive model was the same with only a slight change to the drive knob (it was actually a mistake, the blocks were...
  35. fractalz

    Wish ADAT I/O

    ADAT in / out for in / out 1-4
  36. fractalz

    Dokken : Tooth And Nail (help with Lynch sound)

    I'm prepping to audition for a Dokken Tribute band (takes me back to my formative years!) and could use some feedback on the sound I'm getting. I started with the "Brit 800" patch and tweaked from there. My take on his signature is a roomy sound with a slight chorus. I'm not really hearing...
  37. fractalz

    Confusion re: Output levels and meters

    I'm working to calibrate the outputs on my III to the same level so I can re-use block settings for "live" (In1->Amp->Out1) and "re-amp" (In4->Amp->Out4) paths in the studio. My plan is to capture the DI via Out3 copy In1, and reamp via In4->Amp->Out4. I want to make sure the same output...
  38. fractalz

    Question : In1 -> Out 3 same as Out 3 "Copy In 1"?

    Question : is routing In 1 -> Out 3 the same as setting Out 3 "Copy In 1"? I think the answer is NO since the first method will include the In 1 noise gate but the Copy In should not. I'm trying to set up for analog recording / re-amping without having to dive into menus every time I switch...
  39. fractalz

    Axe III - Noise on In2 w/Friedman HBE V2 (1.15)

    Hi - Did my first recording session this weekend with the AxeFX III. Two guitars, one on input 1 (front panel) one on input 2 L. I/O on In2 set to Left Only. With nothing plugged into In2, I get a lot of background noise from the amp. Noise Gate is turned off. Same test on In1 results...
  40. fractalz

    CPU Reserved for Amps?

    I'm noticing that adding / removing Amp blocks does not change the CPU usage of a preset. Does this mean that there is a certain amount of CPU reserved for Amp block usage? What if I want a preset with just FX and want to use more than the CPU allocated to just FX? Is there Amp-only CPU on...
  41. fractalz

    New studio build thread - King's Hill Sound - PDX

    Because there aren't enough recording studios in the PDX area, here's my addition... https://www.gearslutz.com/board/photo-diaries-of-recording-studio-construction-projects/1223089-kings-hill-sound-portland.html
  42. fractalz

    LB-2 not an attenuator - options?

    I was about to purchase an LB-2 but then read more closely the attenuation notes: “The X-LOAD LB-2 can be also be used to partially reduce the volume of your amp by diverting half of its power to the load.” Ok, so down by 50%, but I was expecting continuously variable output to the speaker...
  43. fractalz

    Saint Benjamin - "Diana" (AxeFX III FX and AxeFX II Guitars)

    New single "Diana" from one of my indie-label artists "Saint Benjamin": http://kingshillrecords.com/artists/saint-benjamin - The electric guitars were recorded through the Axe FX II XL. - Solo electric post-processed through Axe FX III to add compression. - Solo acoustic Piezo...
  44. fractalz

    Wish Advanced search - search content (e.g., amp, effect, cab name)

    This wish is for an advanced search that would allow finding presets with various components, for example, all presets with the "Brit JM45" amp. A few suggestions on how to implement: - simple UI way : add a checkbox that says "search contents" (default disabled). When enabled, search the...
  45. fractalz

    Need suggestions for integrating III in studio - which ins / outs?

    So I'm reading the manual trying to figure out the best way to integrate the III into the studio. Per the manual, "Outputs 3 and 4 are at unity gain when set fully clockwise". This is great, except that output 3 & 4 are unbalanced. I've been using I/O 1 & 2 for the balanced connections, but...
  46. fractalz

    Not a Bug Edit over MIDI much slower than USB

    Axe-Edit III running through a MIDI interface is so slow as to be unusable for me. I've tried two different MIDI interfaces. It takes forever to load the Amp UI and changes made to the knobs seem to never make it over to the hardware. After a few edits, the MIDI light on the Axe is flashing...
  47. fractalz

    BUG ? - Pitch - Crystal Echos - Feedback types not working

    In the Pitch Block, selecting "Crystal Echos" and then modifying the Feedback Type does not change the output. In particular, the "Ping-Pong" type is not pinging or ponging. EDIT : this is using the front-panel.
  48. fractalz

    Eventide H9000

    So, the Axe FX III and Eventide H9000 were launched around the same time. Here's a thread to talk about the H9000. My first take and attempt to describe it is that it is like having 64 Eventide H9's in a box. It is organized in "Sessions" each with 4 "FX Chains" containing 16 "algorithm"...
  49. fractalz

    Crow Eats Man - EP (all Guitars on Axe FX)

    Hi - I just published the first EP from my studio and indie record label. The guitars were all done on Axe FX and I think things turned out great. Let me know what you think! http://kingshillrecords.com/artists/crow-eats-man You can listen here: iTunes ...
  50. fractalz

    Islander "New Wave" intro effect?

    Hi - Has anyone tried to duplicate the intro effect on Islander's "New Wave": Sounds like some kind of modulation into a delay, but there is some added break-up that I wasn't able to get.
  51. fractalz

    Chess the Musical - surprise musical number (to me)

    I just signed on to play a concert version of "Chess" the musical and heard a strangely familiar tune in the soundtrack: Time to crank up the "Legato" model...
  52. fractalz

    RESOLVED : AX8 8.0 beta : Out 2 Copy Out 1 Not Working (FX Loop Present)

    Hi - I'm about 2.5 hours from dress rehearsal. Been using 8.0 beta all week with much success. That is, until I tried to configure outputs for the house and my monitor. Desired setup : - Stereo out via Out1 to FOH (acoustic Piezo comes in In2 L, mag comes in In1 L) - Using FXLoop block to...
  53. fractalz

    Bug? Weird sample rate change when auditioning amps

    Q8b1 Steps: - create a patch - click on amp block - open amp selector - click on pin to make it sticky - start auditioning amps rapidly (I was going sequentially in order from start) Expected Results: Each amp is heard in turn Actual Results: Many amps will play the audio slower and with...
  54. fractalz

    Anyone know the tool I need to remove this?

    Hi - I'm replacing a board in an SSL AWS 948 console. I've run into this nut with two slots to remove. Any ideas what tool I need for this? I'll also post a link to a video showing how they say to remove it. Watch at 0:50. http://www2.solidstatelogic.com/videos/workstation-control-panel
  55. fractalz

    TC MojoMojo/DarkMatter emulation?

    Has anyone built a drive block that emulates a TC MojoMojo or DarkMatter?
  56. fractalz

    Bug? Axe-Edit 3.13.0 : Alert Overload

    New in Q7, I'm getting about 7 or 8 alert panels when I'm bringing up Tools -> Manage Presets. It seems the panel comes up once with about 3 alerts, goes away and then comes up again with the same alerts. Then once it is up to stay, I get another couple alerts. It's really frustrating...
  57. fractalz

    Wish : second press footswitch behavior

    I recently used some features of the MFC to create secondary footswitch behavior and would like to see this in the AX8. The two I used most were : - second press of footswitch dials up a different scene (think of a rhythm preset toggling to a lead, and then back again) - second press of a...
  58. fractalz

    A couple of Paul Gilbert transcriptions

    I've recently posted a couple of Paul Gilbert transcriptions (with notes and tab) on my website. I thought some of you may be interested. The first is a nice lick from Paul's new album and the second is a full transcription for The Last Rock And Roll Star. Use Your #! Turn Signal The Last...
  59. fractalz

    HELP! Tempos constantly changing when switching scenes / presets

    What it says on the tin. I have a few presets where I have set the tempo and want that to drive delays and such. every time I come back it seems like there at a different tempo. I have tap tempo set up so I can use that, but I really wanted to be set when I go in. MFC is not in axefx mode...
  60. fractalz

    BUG : AMP 1 X/Y change mutes AMP 2

    I'm using 2 Amp blocks on my XL FW Q3.03. In Scene 1, I'm using Amp 1 X and Amp 2 Y. I have a VOL block in front of Amp 2 that is off and set to mute in bypass. So, Scene 1 is only Amp 1 X. Scene 2 uses Amp 1 Y and Amp 2 Y, VOL block is on. So, Scene 2 is both Amps in their Y state. I had...
  61. fractalz

    Transcription : Bill Connors "Add Eleven"

    Add Eleven - I sometimes think Bill Connors does have an extra finger on his left hand. This blog post was 20+ years in the making, so I thought I'd share it here: https://zazula.me/2016/06/28/bill-connors-add-eleven Enjoy!
  62. fractalz

    Patch+Scene change on IA?

    Hi- I took a brief tour of the manual and the forums but didn't turn up much on this topic. I'm looking for pointers to set up my MFC as follows: S1 : Patch 1 Scene 1 S2 : Patch 1 Scene 2 S3 : Patch 2 Scene 1 S4 : Patch 2 Scene 2 Thanks in advance!
  63. fractalz

    Jump Start Your Jazz

    Hi - I thought this article might be of interest to folks in here. I've deconstructed the opening to Greg Howe's Jump Start and applied one of the more interesting sequences a number of jazz chords: https://zazula.me/2016/06/21/jump-start-your-jazz/ Enjoy!
  64. fractalz

    Great first rehearsal with AX8 and FR12!

    I just got back from a rehearsal for the musical "13" and it went great! I used the AX8 and Matrix FR12. The FR12 held up fine with a live drum set. The night started with me playing a chord to check levels and the bassist next to me immediately said "now that's a great tone" and went on to...
  65. fractalz

    WISH : Tuner Mute IN2

    I'm using a mag/piezo setup with piezo coming in IN2. If I enable the tuner, only the mag signal (instrument in) is muted. My piezo sound still comes through IN2. So, if I need to tune while on an acoustic patch, the guitar still comes through. It would be nice if there was an option to mute...
  66. fractalz

    WISH : AX8 Tune based on IN2

    Maybe this can be done, but I couldn't find a way to tune based on IN2 (FXLoop). I'm using a MAG/PIEZO setup and was initially going to use just IN2 L/R but noticed the tuner wasn't responding. If there isn't a way to get the tuner to see IN2, this is a wish for that feature.
  67. fractalz

    WISH : AX8 Send/Return blocks

    I'm using a mag/piezo guitar and using the FX Loop in for the pizeo. That means that my FXLoop block appears early in the grid. I'm only using one FX Loop input and thought of putting my H9 in the other FXLoop channel. Problem is, I can't route the post-cab output back to the early column...
  68. fractalz

    WISH : AX8+ w/separate reverb DSP/CPU

    I'm setting up my first gig on the AX8 and, like others, am having trouble getting my patches to work with any sort of reverb. I know I'll end up turning it off for the gig, but I like playing with reverb in my monitor. Here's a wish for an AX8+ with a separate processor for reverb duties.
  69. fractalz

    JP Match The Master Contest

    Interesting... http://www.guitarworld.com/ernie-ball-and-dream-theaters-john-petrucci-announce-match-master-contest/26185 More product placement than explanations of the riffs you are supposed to match, but some videos of JP in action: http://matchthemaster.amplifiertv.com/channel/John+Petrucci
  70. fractalz

    High Quality audio sharing sites?

    Have you found any sites for sharing audio that allow you to post / stream high-quality files? Soundcloud compresses things too much for me - I don't want my files to sound like they are under water. I've been posting files to Amazon S3 and sharing links from there, but I'd like to find...
  71. fractalz

    Vai Academy, Vail - Anyone going?

    Anyone heading to Vai Academy in Vail next month? I'll be there. I'm excited and a bit terrified to play anything in front of these guys! Vai Academy | All About Guitar
  72. fractalz

    ADA MicroCAB IRs

    Hi - I posted a few IR captures from my ADA MicroCAB speaker simulator on the exchange: Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More "Hi Boost" is at 12:00 and "Thump" is at 9:00. I can shoot other settings if there is interest. Enjoy!
  73. fractalz

    Bug? Spacebar not always toggling bypass mode

    I've noticed that the spacebar is not always toggling bypass mode. I've seen it toggle X/Y state, for example. It seems that some controls (e.g., X/Y buttons, Pages buttons in editor) are stealing keyboard focus and disabling the spacebar bypass toggle functionality. This seems new in the...
  74. fractalz

    Wish Ability to modify input/output routing via Axe-Edit

    I'm using my Axe-FX more and more as part of my DAW workflow (tracking, re-amping, general effects processing, etc.) and find myself switching the input/output options quite frequently. It would be great if the input options showed up in Axe-Edit so I can modify them from the computer. A...
  75. fractalz

    Bug? Scrolling in preset/cab browser is painfully slow

    Scrolling through presets or cabs in the browser window is very slow / laggy on the Mac. This occurs on a Mac Pro and Macbook Pro (retina). As slick as Axe-Edit is, using this window always frustrates me since it is so terribly S L O W. I'll attach a sample of the process during...
  76. fractalz

    Bug? Modifier (LFO) disconnected after MIDI Clock is received

    I'm noticing that controls with an LFO modifier assigned are lost when the Axe-FX receives MIDI Clock information from Logic Pro X. Axe-Edit 3.1 Axe-FX II XL 15.07 Logic Pro X 10.0.7 STEPS: 1. launch Axe-Edit and load a preset with an LFO assigned (e.g., 231 - Choral Canyon) 2. click on the...
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