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    fm3 all knob button size dimension?does anyone have it the correct measurement?

    if anyone have it, can u share it with me?thanks
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    ZenRigs FM3 screen protector

    does anyone have the exact measurement of this screen protector such as all the knob button and size dimension?
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    fx8 blinking light problem

    done it yet its not solving the problem.seem like must be the hardware problem
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    fx8 blinking light problem

    there three type of reset, the last one is erase system flash,do u know any detail about this?
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    fx8 blinking light problem

    will try this later,thanks for the suggestion 🙏🏼
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    fx8 blinking light problem

    yup its keep blinking all the led for at least 20minutes above then after that back normal(during the blinking sometime its suddenly change scene or off some of the block) i have done cleaning n check the inside cable connection.but the problem still not solve.
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    fx8 blinking light problem

    everything gone crazy and blinking not as normal fx8 led blinking when we change preset n etc.
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    fx8 blinking light problem

    my fx8 having some issue on the fs light some time keep blinking itself,does anyone encourer this problem?any solution? im done update the firmware and chat mark but the last thing he ask was to ship it back to the factory.prefer to solve this diy since im in asia
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    How to setup FX8 direct to audio interface recording and get good tones?share ur setup beside miking please

    any suggestion are welcome on getting good tones as live sound as miking but using a direct input.share ur thought and experiment.thanks
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