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  1. Z

    Q2.01 - Plexi 50W Nrml - bright cap doesn't work [NOT A BUG]

    On the Plexi 50W Nrml amp model there is no audible change when activating the bright cap, even with huge values. Checked using both the latest Axe-Edit and the front panel. You can change the values but no change in sound at all. I haven't played with this parameter on this amp for a while but...
  2. Z

    Struggling with clean & semi-driven tones with Studio Monitors.

    Sorry in advance for the long post but I thought I do the one rather than start 3 or 4 separate topics. I have had a Standard for a while though have used it sparingly (especially recently) & am now into my 10th or 11th day on the AXE II & trying to determine whether to keep it or not. I am...
  3. Z

    A Virtual Effects Loop on the Amp Block

    The idea would be to sit this between the pre-amp and power amp sections of a standard amp block. This would allow, among other things, the following: 1) The ability to take just the pre-amp of another amp & mix it with the pre-amp of the other amp & use the one power amp for both stages...
  4. Z

    Building a better tube amp...in software.

    Hi guys. Long time lurker, first time poster. Something I have had in my mind for a while was mentioned by GM Arts & Stratoblaster in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10977&start=50 Namely the possibility of building an amp in software which is not possible and/or practical with actual...
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