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    Educate me on Matchless DC30 ef86 plz

    I am using this model with stock/factory Matchless IRs (57 + 121 mixed around -4db). When i play my 58 custom shop les paul, i get a good tone with Bridge pickup but regardless how much i change the settings (just the main/authentic page) it's way too dark...way way too dark when i compare it...
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    Wish Global Block feature for Ring Modulator and Vocoder is missing!

    as stated in the subject...would be great, in my case especially if Ring Mod had the Global Block feature.
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    axe edit freezes and...

    with the latest FW and axe edit i am having weird issues. axe edit freezes every couple of hours, or all of a sudden shows blank layout/all empty blocks with weird/random shunts...in the mean time axe fx is fine, sounds and works as it should. but closing axe edit and reopening does not work. it...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    After almost 10 years of using Axe FX in studio and on stage lately i came to this, sharing my thoughts to see how others approach this... 1) I don’t need more than 2-3 amps. If you give a shot and use the same IR and Speaker setting, i think most will agree most amps sound almost the same...
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    Closest impedance curve for 2x12 pulsonic greenbacks/twin reverb cab

    i have two pulsonic greenbacks. one is 55hz and the other 75hz. both 16ohm. they are loaded in an empty fender twin reverb cabinet and wired stereo. wondering what would be the closest impedance curve for this setup?
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    Sysex messages for Delay/Reverb "Hold" and Amp "Boost" etc for controllers like Mastermind GT

    Is there a list or program/excel sheet to calculate sysex messages for Axe FX 3? To control bunch of stuff and to not run out of external controllers. Back in time i got a sheet from Fractal for similar stuff (delay block tempo division sysex sheet) which i shared on the forum and got also...
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    Bluesy guitar solo on rooftop in Istanbul...love the tone and guess what?

    Here is solo of mine on a track i have written, arranged and produced. And this was actually not even with Axe Fx 3, i recorded this 4 years ago with the 2!!! And i played the bass also through the Axe Fx 2. Love the tone&feel...and with the 3 it's even better. Can't be happier with the Fractal...
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    Output 4 Level (probably also 3) vs Out 1---21.5dB difference

    I am going from Axe FX 3 to UAD Apollo via S/pdif. To get the same level i need to turn the Out 4 Block Level 20dB and also add another 1.5dB in "Raw X(1,2,3 or 4)". Is this normal behaviour or am missing smth? The Physical knobs of Out 3 and 4 are maxed on Axe FX 3 (at unity gain, according to...
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    FS FAMC Liquid Foot Pro + I suggest not to buy any FAMC products!

    One of the best midi contoller out there in the market, if not the best. Can do more than any other midi controller. I am the first owner and used it with my Axe FX and with Ableton live. The Listing includes: FAMC Liquit Foot Pro + Custom built pedalboard Pelican IM3100 Case on wheels 3 x...
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    FS ToonTrack New York Studios Vol 2 SDX & The Rock Warehouse SDX &Superior Drummer 2 Crossgrade

    New York Studios Vol 2 SDX $99 (sweetwater price $149) The Rock Warehouse SDX $139 (only available on ToonTrack website for $179) Superior Drummer 2.0 Crossgrade $29 (plz pay attention, this is crossgrade/upgrade from EzDrummer 1) All for $199 I have...
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    Replicating Fuzz Tones only with Amp Parameters!?

    I am more and more getting to the point where i feel like i don’t need the drive block for boost, or distortion. As an example with amp models i use (trainwreck, plexi, hiwatt) i get much better lead tones just using the Input and master volume “Trim” and some other Amp Block parameters. Only...
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    Recording DI track - Axe-Fx 3 is NOT the main interface!

    Is this is a proper way of recording a DI track? Input one, 1 raw goes into Amp-Cab and goes Spdif Out Left (hard panned), than another raw goes only with shunts-empty blocks to Spdif Out Right (hard panned). In this case if i record the Right output which is Dry (no amp, no cab, no fx etc) is...
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    Sysex messages/programming for delay tempo/time for Axe-Fx 3

    Last year Fractal Audio kindly sent me an excel sheet of sysex messages to change the tempo/time in delay block. Which i shared on the forum and i think its also on the Axe Fx Wiki page. But its for axe fx 2. Is there anywhere a similar list for Axe FX 3? I know the information is out there to...
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    Sweep time length for capturing Cab IRs / Wav File time length for CabLab ?

    I am trying to capture some IRs of my cabinets. I am using a DAW and a different method than doing it with Axe FX for multiple reason which doesn't matter here. Can someone tell me what should be the sine sweep length? I will use CabLab to convert the wav files to IRs. What's the ideal file...
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    Wanted - Lockout Studio Space - Room (around culver city)

    I am moving down to LA and looking for a space for my studio. Culver City or somewhere close. Room size around 100 sqf. I am in LA this week, so i can come over and check. Any suggestions highly appretiated.
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    MFC Edit to give away!!! who needs?

    I wanted to sell it but support told me I can't, but I still can transfer the license to someone. Who ever jumps first gets it...I don't know how the license transfer will be but, we will figure that out. 3-2-1....and
  17. unFILTERed

    Reverb in Amp Block ? - Any benefit soundwise?

    If my memory serves me right back in time there were some discussion why we can't get the exact reverb sound of amps which come with a plate or spring reverb. i kinda remember there were some CPU issues about baking the reverb in the right spot in Amp block. Would this be possible since we have...
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    Substitute for the "addictive" SDD Preamp?

    As @yek mentioned in his "Guide to Fractal Drive Models" the SDD Preamp has smth addictive. With the settings (drive 1.75, level 3.75) it adds definition to top end and with the low end i cant tell what it exactly does. It definately tightens things. but i feel like it does it without cutting...
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    thoughts on using 2 amps (dirty-clean) and mixing them via the Mixer block

    What do you guys think about this? I was avoiding to use 2 Amp blocks with my XL cause 2nd amp block was changing amp resolution from Hi to Low (which i can easily hear if i just listen - hear the guitar track). But with the Axe FX 3 its possible. Having a 2nd amp block doesnt change the Amp...
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    Wish Modifier/External Controller for "Tempo" in Delay Block

    lets say you want to change the Delay tempo from 1/4 notes to 1/4 triplets. It would help alot to be able to do this via an external controller (certain CC values for certain delay times, similar like selecting channels or scenes) i was doing this via sysex messages in my Axe Fx XL, which...
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    Wish CPU usage meter in Block Pages

    Its great to be able to see constantly the CPU usage when we are on "Layout" page. But we loose this when you hit "Edit" to select Block type. It looks like there is almost in every blocks page enough space to put there the CPU meter. So we can simultaneously see the change in CPU usage when we...
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    Wish Meter for Ducker Attenuation in blocks like Reverb, Delay

    The compressor block already have smth similar, so we are able to see when the compressor kicks in, how much it attenuates and so on. I think it would be helpful if we were able to see, as an example: how much signal is coming into the reverb block (could be a green line in the meter) and how...
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    Crashing and loosing/resetting all set preferences (midi mapping, I/O settings etc)

    This is my 2nd day with the new Axe FX 3, love it and all the added features and power is more than enough for any crazy fx loaded, complex routed preset you can come up with. As i was trying to program my Liquid Foot+ i ended up having this issue: I was trying to attach a modifier to wah...
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    New Music Video (Live) & Guitars Axe Fx II XL - Amp model Wrecker Rocket

    here is a recent relase. did the live production, played guitar & ableton push on this one. Also had the pleasure of mixing it. guitars are through Axe Fx 2 XL. Amp model Wrecker Rocket with TAF 1*x12 G12M IRs. Guitar is Fender Custom Shop 66 Telecaster. All preset, scene, tempo changes are...
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    New I/Os for personal InEar-monitor mix?

    I wonder (also assume) if the added input channels can be used for InEar - Monitor mix on stage where the engineer send either full mix without guitar to axe fx user or even maybe separate elements of the mix. I think this would be huge for some of us, to be able to control our InEar mix...
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    maximum nr of modifiers available per preset, 24 like the XL? and what about the bugs

    Axe FX2 (xl or xl+) has 24 modifiers available per preset. For some reason its also not possible actually to use all of them and a tonematch block. I remember doing it and running into issues, bugs and asked Cliff at LA Amp show and he told me that in my case (presets) its not possible to use 24...
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    Slap guitar funky stuff with AX8

    AX8 into Vox Ac15h1TV...reverb, compressor, looping and tone shaping (eq etc...) via AX8, rest Vox and Framus Diablo Pro...
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    Wrecker Rocket + Custom Shop Les Paul

    the wrecker rocker (trainwreck rocket) became my go to amp last 8-9 months. love how it sounds with tele, les paul or strat it doesnt matter...adjust the hicut and gain and it gets there quickly. here is a short phone recording-video from our last show in Reno-Nevada... note: we play all with...
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    FW 8.02 same bug with delay block modifiers-front panel

    i posted this before, just updated to new firmware and still you cant attach modifier to some parameters in delay block. like "input gain" of Lo-Fi delay. you can do it with ax8 edit but not directly form ax8 front panel. there are also other inconsistencies with other parameters and modifiers.
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    Bug? Can't assign external controller to delay "input gain"

    posted this a while ago under "ax8 discussions". i just installed the latest firmware and its still the same. example: select "Lo-Fi Tape Delay" in delay block and try assigning external controller via front panel of ax8. you cant, it doesnt even give it as an option. with ax8 edit it works...
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    Lo-Fi Tape Delay - missing external contoller for Input Gain

    i am both on my Axe FX 2 XL and AX8 on latest firmware, was trying to attach an external controller to Lo-Fi tape delay's "input gain". but it seems like it doesnt support external controller. On Axe Fx its possible. is it a bug? Also on ax8 "level 2" has external controller sopport but "level...
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    recorded a guitar solo with "two rock" model - 58 CS Les Paul

    Not one of my go to amp models but on this song i liked it. Guitar is 58 reissue Custom Shop Les Paul. IRs are TAF. Its almost my 5th year with axe fx and love this black box more and more as time passes.
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    Would AX8 "usb in" provide 5V 1A

    I am wondering if i can power line 6 relay g10 via AX8 usb connection. Does it provide some power if yes enough to replace the power supply of g10 (5V 1A)? G10 uses a usb cable from power supply to reciever.
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    Spdif and Analog out latency difference - comp filtering

    I am using 4 outs of axe simultaneously to record 4 different IRs in DAW. There is slight time difference between digital and analog out. Does anyone know how many miliseconds is it? Does it depend on some settings or is it allways the same?
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    sysex message to change delay blocks tempo division

    i would like to program the liquid foot buttons to change the sub divisions of delay block tempo. lets say from 1/4 notes to 1/8... i have no clue of these things actualy, what would be the command to type in this box? thx
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    new music video, all guitars & bass tone with axe fx, love the tone!!!

    here is a new release. i have to say, i love the guitar tone on this one. i dont remember which amp model it was but i remember using lighty the bit crusher on the guitar solo which comes in the middle of the song. gives it kinda broken sound on the sustained notes right before fading out...hope...
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    new album, guitars & bass all with axe fx...hope you guys like it.

    hi people, here is my most recent release which i produced, arranged, co written and played all guitar and bass tracks. right now available on our labels page but soon will hit other platforms. all guitars and basses done with axe fx...it was recorded 3 years ago with FW B.C. 6-7 or smth like...
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    axe edit - communication time out - get_all_cab_names ?

    whats can be the cause for this: Axe-Edit was unable to complete the following communication request: Initialization : get_all_cab_names all is updated to latest version.
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    Loading IRs via axe edit-cab manager-IR names end up different.

    I am changing the syx file names in my computer folder but when i drag and drop the IRs in axe edit the name change doesnt translate...why? Is there a solution?
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    2. single-video of my new project 089

    here is the teaser of the new song-single which will be released soon. a well known great clarinet player (Göksun Çavdar) from istanbul joined us on this one. here is the teaser.... follow us on: facebook 089 youtube 089 instagram 089 twitter 089 next release will be a guitar and bass loaded...
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    new single & music video out, guitars are axe fx 2

    not a guitar heavy song but still guitars are through axe fx2. hope you guys like and enjoy, if yes much appretiated if you share and spread the word. thx single is avaliable on most online stores like itunes etc...to buy directly from my label: ANASON records
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    AXE Fx 2 vs HELIX my 2 cents after A/B test

    first of all, i am not endorsing or related to any of the companies. The reason i compare, write my opinion on forums is to help people, get ideas of others and learn from it, help developers add up features (incase they pay attention and think it make sense) etc... my helix arrived yesterday...
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    teaser of upcoming music video of my new project "089", all guitars and bass axe fx

    full video and single will be out next week. album start of 2016. all guitars and bass are axe fx. composed, arranged, produced this album and played all guitars and bass. and i also sang on all of the songs with my friend with whom we started this project. not a guitar heavy sound but still on...
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    Les Paul 58 VOS into VOX AC30 some fuzz greatness

    Have a drive block with fuzz infront of Vox AC30TB sim. IRs are TAF. Really love this vintage vibe. Hope you guys like it... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    customshop 66 tele and plexi50w and T.A.F IRs. - short clip

    just started recording my next album, guitars will be all axe, bass would be sometimes axe sometimes UA 6176. anyways, i will everyones in a while share also youtube videos. this one is an instagram video, even though the audio file is exported from DAW the convertion rates of instagram is...
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    axe edit-copy/paste-transfer speed

    i know its alot to move around almost 450 presets but 2 hours...is it ok? maybe i have some issue with my settings (usb) or drivers?
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    help-home wifi-cant open forum webpage

    since 2 days i cant open the forum page through home wifi(doesnt matter if i use ipad, phone or computer) any browser i use says "pate not found" tried resetting the router, cleaned cookies and browser cahce...didnt help. any ideas?
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    Going on the road for 8 weeks leaving guitars in hardcase or just on guitar stand?

    I will be gone for 8 weeks, should i better put my guitars in my studio in their hardcases or leave them on the guitar stands...humidity is ok, temperature drops down abit at nights but not too bad...what would u guys advice, is there anything wrong about a les paul, strat, lakewood acoustic...
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    delay-reverb/ wish there were presets of certain models just like in amp/drive block

    i like the delays and reverbs in axe, for live they do the job but still need to tweak alot and in most cases i feel like i am just getting close but not nailing it. i kinda miss smth what i had in my line 6 echo pro, memory man... why there isnt replica/modeling of some famous pedals or rack...
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    open back cab / 1x12 , advices

    i have nl12s but i finaly found out that i actualy like the open back cab sound alot more. i use mostly vox, marshall, fender and the dumble amp sims lately. was thinking of getting maybe the handwired vox 2x12 alnico blue cab but i need also a good match for the fender or dumble amps, probably...
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    Looper Block - MFC MKIII issues

    Weird things happen when i use the looper block, first time looping is ok, but if try to stop, restart, overdub etc....mfc wontt show the updated looper status, it still records, plays but the lights of buttons and screen stays the same, i am on latest mfc fw and axe is on fw 18.04. Is there...
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    Cablab VST for MAC??

    will there be VST for mac in future releases and if yes when? i cant find any info regarding to this...
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    Compressor Block X/Y switching-Midi CC

    is it just possible with scenes? i couldnt find the CC nr for this or couldnt find a way to attend a NR for it.
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    sounds to me as if the spl has less gain than before...does it? it sounds to me better, i set drive to 10 on the amp block and i can use my volume knob on my guitar with higher settings...with the previous FW i felt like having too much gain if i turned the volume knob on guitar fully... ps...
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    Power amp for Yamaha NS10s and Auratones

    Would Yamaha A100 be a good choice to power all 4 speakers? 2 NS10s and 2 Auratones 5Cs
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    Blue MoFi Headphones with Axe Fx?

    I have audio technica atm50 and some other headphones in my studio...and had no headphone which gave me a similar feeling/sound as my frfr speakers (adam a5x). I know that technicaly some tone will be allways missing with headphones...but i was wondering if anyone tried those and what the...
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    a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic...
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    new reverb / as studio room emulation on top of IRs yes or better later with plugins

    i really like to mix the new studio a or studio c reverb, just tiny bit on the IRs and gives them more real recording feel as if a cab is really miked up in a studio... what do you guys think, would u record completely dry and add this room emulations reverb with plugins such as convulution...
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    Recording with axe - brainstorming - 4 HIRes IRs with 2 Cab blocks- what do think?

    i have always been using 2 cab blocks and 2 IRs out of my Ownhammer library representing 2 different mics... Today i decided to record 4 Hires IRs (2 different mics + room and rear) via 2 Stereo HIres Cab blocks, each IR in individual block panned hard R/L and one Cab going out to Output1 via...
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    output 1 (spdif) vs output 2(analog) into RME Fireface 800 / latency - phase ??

    i am trying to record 4 Hires Cabs at the same time via 2 Hires Stereo Cab Blocks one going to Output 1 the other one going to Output 2 via FXL Block. I am having phase issues between both outputs....is this the nature of the box that there is a different latency for each output or am i doing...
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    Acoustic Guitar Recording Mics Vs. Tone Matched Direct Piezzo out/Advice needed

    I have a decent pre amp and 2 Mics (Neumann TLM 103 and AKG C1000s...) My question is: would it make sense to tone match my guitars piezzo out to mic recording. only reason i wanna do this is to stop setting up mics and plus cos of the noise bleeding in the recordings if some one is loud in...
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    video from new york gig...hope u guys enjoy

    intro for the show, all improvised...i start playing the guitar after the half, before it i am on ableton-push. guitar is all axe fx, frfr, no amp, no cab...direct FOH. cleans are plexi 100W normal, lead is same amp with drive block (ts).
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    Help / 4 CM / FXL Block / No signal from Output 1

    FXL block is in the middle of chain, when i turn it on, no signal comes from output 1...there is signal coming out from fx send and signal comes back to fx return. but as i wrote no signal on output 1... any ideas?
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    FXL bloxk / Spdif out / Output 1

    what am i doing wrong? i send the signal from axe fx spdif out to spdif in of saffire pro. works good, no issues. i want the signal tp go through ableton and come back to axe fx. i m using the fxl block for this. so axe fx fx send goes to input of saffire and saffire's chosen output sends...
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    scene increase midi cc 123 doesnt react

    i programmed 2 buttons of my softstep midi foot controller for scene increase and decrease... decrease with midi cc 124 works but to midi cc 123 axe doesnt react...what can cause this?
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    Axe Fx / Gator GSR-2U studio 2 Go rack bag / anyone own or tried it?

    I will soon fly to ny and than europe for some gigs and looking for a rack bag for axe, my laptop and stuff... Does anybody know if axe fits in gator studio 2 go, i am concerned about the handles on the front side...
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    Scenes on MFC Screen...

    I know it was asked many times before...but will it happen, is it possible? Makes things hard on stage not knowing which scene you are using...can happen when you use, scene up & down IAs.
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    in some presets i have ping pong delay or some other stereo fx. it functions with output 1 to FOH or output 2 to my guitar cabs. But just now i realised when i go in my interface (RME Fireface 800) through SPDIF even though i get signal in both SPDIF channels i dont get stereo sound. The SPDIF...
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    Metronom out just to headphones?

    is there a way to do this? that metronom click just goes to headphone out but not to main out (out 1)
  70. unFILTERed

    Volume pot sucks out the high freqs when turned down/too much

    On my telecaster, when i turn the volume pot little down to get cleans out of breaking up tones it sucks out way too much highs compared to my other guitars...any idea how to solve this?
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    crank the MASTER VOLUME TRIM with non MV amps people :)))

    i know it was mentioned in fw 15.02 release that the amps tolarete higher mv settings now...but i didnt think it could be this sweet. i crank the master volume trim between 2-3 with my ac30, doubleverb or plexi 100 watt patches. you get such a warm sounding nice singing lead tone....IMHO better...
  72. unFILTERed

    OWNHAMMER Vintage 4*12 Wave files long enough for ULTRARES?

    are those files long enough to convert to ultrares with cablab?
  73. unFILTERed

    4 button External switch / looper / cant figure out

    I programmed my four button external switch to control axe looper. Switch 1 record, 2 play, 3 dub, 4 reverse. I have one problem i cant solve, i need to press record or play sometimes twice, to first action they dont react. Any one knows what i should do?
  74. unFILTERed

    Telecaster pickup upgrade / t2 switch / control plate...any ideas

    Is it good, does it make sense? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=310992823182
  75. unFILTERed

    93-94 American Stratocaster Deluxe with Lace Sensor - Any ideas

    i might get one for 800 USD...its in good condition. I never owned a strat, are the american deluxe with lace sensors good ones? is the sound different than fender single coils?
  76. unFILTERed

    want a les paul, need advice

    was in germany last week and played this one and fell in love: Gibson Les Paul Reissue 1955 2HB VOS Custom Shop Sunburst - Musikhaus Hieber Lindberg now back in US and looking forward to buy one and trying to understand/learn more about les pauls. the one i liked was a custom shop re...
  77. unFILTERed

    advice / help...smth is wrong with my guild's neck pick up

    its about my 1973 guild starfire. when i choose the neck pick up (with or without the bridge pick up) it buzzes / crackles...it seems like it happens around the note F on the G String. and if i turn the tone pod of the nech HM down....its even worse...out of control :) .... the closer i get to...
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    ebay sell - paypal pending ??? can it be a scam

    i just sold a laptop on ebay. the buyer send me the money via paypal but the money is pending...can it be a scam. i know this happens alot in craigslit...just got similar offers in craigslit, people telling me they will pay via paypal but the money will be pending first...as soon as i ask...
  79. unFILTERed

    ableton tempo sync issue with fw 14.02

    i am trying to record some guitars in ableton. everything is set usual, if i send tempo sync data from ableton to axe, the sound cuts out randomly for some miliseconds. i dindt have this problem before, its doesnt matter if i send the tempo data through USB or midi cable. axe fx is...
  80. unFILTERed

    converting .syx to .ir

    couple of months ago i made ultrares IRs of NL12. i would like to mix them in cablab but since they are .syx it wont work. is there a way of converting them, hope i wont need to shoot the IRs again and export them as .ir files. thx
  81. unFILTERed

    Bay Area Axe Fx meeting...

    Anyone interested in an event like this...experienced axe users getting together to talk on axe rigs, setups, share ideas, knowhow about axe and axe related equipment?
  82. unFILTERed

    neck pick up issues with axe fx / is it just me?!?!

    both with my framus diablo pro and guild starfire iv i cant use my neck pick ups (humbuckers) Axe enhences the pick up difference more than traditional amp and somehow with neck pick ups i end up having too much low end. If i dial less bass or add lowcut than i end up loosing my bridge pick up...
  83. unFILTERed

    advice needed for second pair of studio monitors

    i have a pair of adam a5x...like them alot. what would u guys get as a second set. yamaha ns10, auratone cubes.... and would it be ok to power them with a hifi amp, smth like technichs or yamaha?
  84. unFILTERed

    laptop cooler for macbook pro retina??

    hi, i have a one room studio and when i record vocals or acoustic guitar i need my macbook retina to be silent. sometimes the fan kicks in, its not too bad but would be better without... any advices, ideas...suggestions for a good and really silent laptop cooler? thx
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    AXE AC30 TB vs REAL HANDWIRED AC30 TB (too much low end)

    i was at guitar center yesterday had my axe fx 2, matrix gt1000fx and NL12 with me and asked the guy in guitar department if i can put my rig near a hw ac30 tb and A/B it... Did it, just for fun, i knew and know axe sounds as good/better...and even the guy in guitar center was saying that it...
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    3 different mics going through SPL CHANNEL ONE mk2 preamp. hope it helps NL12 users for recording and sendind signal to FOH. and people wondering how nl12 sounds, they might get an idea. http://www.semihyanyali.com/buyural/MATRIX%20NL12%20ULTRARES%20IRs.rar
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    ownhammer new 1x12 and bogner 2x12, are they HiRes?

    I know 4x12 isnt....but not sure about the new ones....and is fractal packets already converted for download?
  88. unFILTERed

    OH IRs 4x12 vs 2x12 vs 1x12

    I have the 4x12 modern and vintage package...like them alot and thinking about buying the new ones...but wondering if there is a huge sonic difference which u cant achieve by some eq and stuff. Or in other words wondering what should i sonicaly expect? Would be great if someone could upload...
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    DUMBLE ODS CLEAN - love the cleans - how to break the tone up???

    i love the cleans i get...pretty fenderic but for my taste better than twin or bassman. but i have a problem getting light break up tones. if i higher input or master it gets compressed and i loose alot of the nice clean tone i like...if i put a drive block with smth like tube drive or zen...
  90. unFILTERed

    Kurt Rosewinkel recording direct with AXE FX 2 :)

    saw this photo on facebook, the guy who made this photo told me he is recording without an amp and just with axe...i think kurt was / maybe still on the fractal forum. some didnt realise and probably dont know even what a great guitar player and composer he is...
  91. unFILTERed

    Robben Ford gig yesterday night / Dumble Ods question / tips

    Saw yesterday robben ford live at yoshis oakland. Great great band, energy, playing...and ofcourse tone... I need some advice since i will give the dumble ods simulationa a try... I use 4-5 main tones in my patches: clean - light break up(crunch) - fuzz - distortion(drive) I know i can get...
  92. unFILTERed


    have a wah block (cry baby / auto engage) infront of the dumble ods clean amp. when i move the expression pedal and the wah kicks in volume gets really high (i hit the red on out put 1) my patches have almost the same volume level and this happens just with the dumble ods clean sim. is...
  93. unFILTERed

    humidity & heat in my studio

    hi guys, i moved to a new house and i have a detached office which i set as my studio. its great but unfortunately right now even in california the temperature in my room is 54 F. when i turn the electric heater on and stay really long in the room (7-8 hours) it goes up to 65. and it...
  94. unFILTERed

    advice for a PC user who will switch to MAC in his studio / hackintosh??

    i have been working sice years with PCs but feel like time to switsch to mac. does anyone have experience with HACKINTOSH. would it make sense? right now i am using a AMD 6 core processor with 16gb ram and the performance is actualy good enough for what i do. i might also think of mac pro...
  95. unFILTERed

    a short NL12 video with AC30 model / clean - light break up stuff.

    i fell in luv with them and have 2 now in set up and sold my fender 2*12 cab with V30s. Cant realy get an impression through this video but at least u can get an idea by my playing/jaming what i like and these cabs make me happy. guitar is framus/diablo with jeff beck humbuckers and a single...
  96. unFILTERed

    adding photos?

    how do u guys add these good quality photos? (with higher resolution and data more than 50kb) i see u upload them somewhere else like photobucket than share the link but the photos show up in your threads...when i do that, just the link shows up...how do u do that ? :)))
  97. unFILTERed

    weird sound / sound file is attached / is this aliasing

    with certain amp models its more clear. its there wirh frfr, cab and on any output. i was planning to report it in LA Axe Fest but as i was testing the stuff at matrix room i dindt hear it. in the recording the amp model is Plexi Normal, even if i delete every block in the patch (else than the...
  98. unFILTERed

    axe fest / suggestion

    Was at the axe fest in LA today. Great event, nice to meet some forum members in person. Dont know if smth this way will happen tomorrow but it would be great to cover how to set a good basic amp tone (not only these jcm - friedman stuff as usual but also some cleans, light crunch tones)for...
  99. unFILTERed

    help needed / weird sound since last gig !!!

    played a gig saturday night, 2-3 times my volume dropped and sounded more distorted four couple of seconds, it got normal again and i played the gig till end. today is the first they i play the axe again and i realise there is a weird sound, mostly i hear it on patches with gain, distortion. it...
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