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    Why not put the Cab block at the end?

    Depends on the live rig though doesn’t it ? Lots of digital boards have some decent effects then days, not to mention lots of people still run some outboard stuff in aux sends or on its own effects bus.... If your “live” it just an amp on stage, then yeah, before or in the loop if it has one...
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    Packed ports and empty shelves: Inside the issues behind the U.S. supply chain crisis

    And that is fine for some people but it also doesn’t mean it should be expected to be the norm everyone is expected to live by. Tom Brady seems to enjoy his wellness routine and all, more power to him, but I certainly don’t want to eat like that lol. The Rock enjoys hours in the gym and more...
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    DIY Bass Traps? Yes or no?

    I’ve done some and they seemed to improve the room a good bit. Nothing fancy, wood frame, sheets of rock wool (most expensive part really) and fabric covering. Built in a wedge shape to go into corners of the room. No fancy measurements or acoustical design, just something to minimize the...
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    Wish Photos of the Amps and pedals in the edit program

    One can never discount the association between visual perception and “sound quality”. We’ve all seen people take a generic pedal circuit, throw it into a stylish enclosure and charge $400 for it and people will claim it’s the best sounding OD pedal they ever played, even though the $30 Chinese...
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    Wish Photos of the Amps and pedals in the edit program

    I think that goes totally against the “use your ears, not your eyes” approach of dialing in a tone...... Not to say there is anything wrong with the request, but I think it’s just going against the core philosophy of Fractal. A phaser that sounds good is good, doesn’t matter if it’s got a...
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    The Smashing Pumpkins

    Smashing Pumpkins don’t even sound like the classic album tones live because that wall of fuzz is the epitome of a processed studio sound. Plenty of ways to get in the ballpark, but nothing is going to sound like the countless layers of guitar upon guitar you hear in the album
  7. L

    Soundcraft is hiding a design flaw in Signature MTK22 mixer

    Not like modern Mackie et al aren’t these days ?
  8. L

    Anybody else not having much success with factory presets?

    If it’s very capable as you state, and you have experience with tons of different gear over the years, why not make and share something for those who are looking for the different amp in the room sound since the Hundreds of presents oddly don’t offer this ? Lots of factory presents have...
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    Anybody else not having much success with factory presets?

    Back when I was a concert photographer full time (way before the smart phone era) I often went to a lot of sound checks and got pics of drum kits for drum magazines and things of that nature. I also got to play through the rigs of a few guitarist who I really idolized and I sure didn’t sound...
  10. L

    Anybody else not having much success with factory presets?

    I don’t know guys ..... I see guys like Cooper Carter, Mark Day, Leon Todd, Larry Mitchell etc sound pretty awesome without fail going through a bunch of stock presets..... Those guys are all super talented guitar players of course. I’m not saying anyone else isn’t talented, but I think when...
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    New firmware?

    I’d say if the fm3 can get something then the fm9 should typically be able to as well, but a III is not exactly a 9, just like how the 3 is not a 9. FAS seems to try really hard to provide as much as they can and don’t hold back stuff for marketing just to sell a higher priced unit which is...
  12. L

    Would an FC-12 in this form factor ever become reality?

    I would say it’s rather doubtful as they current form factor of the fc6, fc12, fm3 and fm9 all share a similar chassis design, which no doubt helps with keeping costs down. Making a new form factor would have new costs associated with tooling et al, not to mention current electronics boards...
  13. L

    Wish The ugliest and filthiest and nastiest sounding fuzzes known to man

    Half (or more) of the coolness of the Gamechanger plasma pedal/plasma pedal is seeing the “lightening” in the tube so that part would be hard to model lol
  14. L

    Aurora borealis could be visible in wide swaths of continental US, Europe on Saturday because of large solar flare

    Outlook not good for Florida but always a nice head up for folks up further North
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    New reverb, delays modeled or presets?

    I was curious about the same thing, if delay Xyz is a unique model or if it’s just taking delay ABC and setting the parameters to a certain value they sounds characteristic of XYZ? I know with the amp models it’s not just the same underlying model with like a different bass, mid, treble setting...
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    Your reason/justifcation for buying more guitars? help!!

    Because I work hard to provide for my family and after all their needs are met, I like to be able to treat myself to things I enjoy For some people maybe that is buying tickets to a football game, others is a new boat or rounds of golf. I like to stay home and play guitar. Probably cheaper...
  17. L

    Please add the dm-2 delay

    It’s a typical BBD delay, several options already there to perfectly emulate it
  18. L

    Another Recommend Studio Monitors Thread

    Presonus scepter s8 or s6
  19. L

    What sealed studio monitor do you recommend?

    Why not front ported ?
  20. L

    Gamechanger Light Pedal

    They do look really cool, especially in the dark with the reddish/orange glow intensity related to the input, and the white optical scanners sweeping back and forth, or the cool glowing bolts of the plasma pedal too. That is another one that I thought was crap for guitar but amazing on drums or...
  21. L

    Gamechanger Light Pedal

    I actually just bought this pedal and got it dropped off this evening. Man, this thing sounds amazing with synths! The optical mode, the gated reverb controls, the reflections and feedback modes..... it’s like it’s alive. Adds so much character and atmosphere to a typical pad sound. Makes it...
  22. L

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    Wow, cool story about Mr Richards, never would of guessed
  23. L

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    Could be! Maybe he’s a serious businessman and the whole “Keef” thing is just a persona he plays up because it helps sell records.
  24. L

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    I like the thought of Keef on a weekly management call inquiring about the state of affairs lol
  25. L

    Wish 16 scenes

    If we do 16 why not 24 ?
  26. L

    The Batman trailer out

    Looks pretty good. Robert Pattinson might end up surprising a lot of people I think. For sure looks like this movie takes a lot of style and inspiration from the comics and video games, and looks like really good sets and cinematography, plus a younger, angrier and overall unhinged Batman...
  27. L

    Bloom-style reverb?

    Bloom was an original algo from the old Alesis midiverb 2 rack mount processor, preset #49 I think, if that might help the search
  28. L

    Traveling on plane with cabs - XiTone wedge?

    Probably would still function fine but probably show a fair bit of cosmetic damage when the baggage guys toss them about
  29. L

    Paid presets ... pfff

    Great players sound great with most any amp/gear. For some reason lots of people think it’s the rig/preset. It’s like telling someone “what a great meal, I must know what type of stove you use” I mean come on, I could get a copy of every preset from famous artist fractal user and would I...
  30. L

    Paid presets ... pfff

    It’s just as bad if not worse in the synth market. Either guys are just creating a few dozen patches on synths that have automatic randomize functions and selling them as their latest “pack”, or on some analog synths that don’t even have preset memory they are charging money for a pdf picture...
  31. L

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    I’d like the horrible Alesis 3630 style pump for that classic French house/daft punk vibe myself. Be kind of fun using one of the finest processors ever made to emulate the sound of the “worst” piece of outboard gear in history (well save for the BBE Sonic maximized) lol
  32. L

    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    Wonder if anyone will covet my axe III and modern guitars in 70 years when they are “vintage” ?
  33. L

    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    Because people say it’s better than current obtainable stuff, and guitar players always lust after what they can’t have, thinking it’s the key to magical tone and amazing chops.... After all, most famous guys with that really cool gear sound pretty good, so must be the gear right ?
  34. L

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    I’ve gotten so used to mine I can’t play on a normal sized one anymore, feels way to easy to move it and I totally over do it. The stubby one feels just right and can give those subtle shimmer effects without accidentally doing a dive bomb lol
  35. L

    Reverb Before Amp Block & Signal Chain Question

    One method can give amp drive to the reverberated tone, the other reverberates the amp drive. They can sound different but not better or worse. Same thing with a delay, sounds different running a delay into an amp than delaying the sound of the amp.
  36. L

    Facebook is down.

    Way more people likely getting vaccinated today without all the FB’s medical “experts” able to tell them why they shouldn’t be lol
  37. L

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    If I was buying today, I’d get a mkII version Not selling my mkI, not buying a mkII, but if I was starting from scratch, yes, I’d for sure pay a little extra for the II
  38. L

    DAW control surfaces

    That is the thing though, I don’t think it really needs to be all that expensive or fancy. I could do without motorized faders just fine, and I don’t need any sort of endless encoders etc, basically just say 12 rows of knobs for eq, pan, aux et al. On my little Tascam model 12 mixer it has a...
  39. L

    DAW control surfaces

    Scaled down version of it anyways for enthusiast users. Kind of like how they made the ms20 ic controller for the ms20 software, or that Repro controller which is a one to one front panel of a Pro One for those wanted the hands on experience for every parameter. Basically just faders and a...
  40. L

    DAW control surfaces

    I tried a Raven a while back, and I’ve heard they have improved things a great deal since, but just didn’t really get on the touch screen. Cool concept but just not quite the same as having hands on knobs and being able to tacitly move around while listening and not really have to focus on the...
  41. L

    DAW control surfaces

    Someone should make a controller that actually looks like a proper console with dedicated knobs for 4 band eq, comp, channel fader, 2-3 aux sends et al. Basically something that would be totally hands on, but still running through the daw once you set it up. On the new SSL one for example...
  42. L

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    Internet was created for sharing pornography and telling strangers why they are “wrong” about things after all.....
  43. L

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    When the axe II v2 came out there was complaining, same as the XL, then when the mkII was said to be at EOL and the XL wasn’t there was tons of complaining (Cliff came through and gave the original tons more life though) When the ax8 came out there was complaining, same with the III, when the...
  44. L

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    Guess you should of waited a few weeks on the fm9 too if there is a fm9 turbo announced in two weeks as well lol (Joking, no insider knowledge)
  45. L

    Axe III Upgrade

    I get where a lot of people are coming from with regards to the pace of upgrades. A few weeks ago the mkI still was top of the heap, then the full rez came out and there II had a clear advantage, and probably some people ordered one, then a week later there is yet another newer option. Fine...
  46. L

    Sanitizing a FM3?

    Just don’t put your mouth on it and you’ll be fine
  47. L

    Zakk Wylde preset?

    Wasn’t the rotovibe more of a phase 90 style phaser but with a foot controller for rate opposed to a true univibe style circuit ? I’d try seeing up an expression pedal controlling the phase 90 rate and or depth
  48. L

    How to make a Fender style relic.

    Always interesting to see how people go about relic builds, so many different techniques I personally have done checking in the Lacquer by rapid temperate changes, usually get it really cold with compressed air duster, then hit the the heat gun and it gets a nice spider web checking ala 40+...
  49. L

    OCD Duo? Has anyone seen this? Interesting.

    In case anyone else is interested.... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/adventures-in-building-the-ultimate-fc-external-switch-box-es.152788/
  50. L

    DAW control surfaces

    I had the behringer x touch and extender. Cant beat the bang for the buck. That said, I switched to a soundcraft mtk22, so I can route every channel through the faders and have real eq chsnnel strips etc. Don’t get the fun automation and recall, but it just made more sense to me having a...
  51. L

    OCD Duo? Has anyone seen this? Interesting.

    Mine is actually made of wood and painted black. Cost maybe $10 in parts total including the switches Just took the rubber side off the FC6 and added it the little extension I made. I also did a 4 switch one but it was kind of overkill I made a whole thread about the build step by step...
  52. L

    OCD Duo? Has anyone seen this? Interesting.

    I built similar for my fc6 a year or so ago, seems not quite as needed on the 9 since it’s already got 9 switches, and of course on the fm3 i wouldn’t want to give up my exp pedals.... really like the added switches on the fc6 though and I also added a knob Guess if you wanted a fm11 it would...
  53. L

    bug w/ Axe-Fx III Mk2 firmware 17 and current Axe-Edit

    New version of Axe-Edit supporting fm17 hasn’t been released yet
  54. L


    Will look forward to watching this one..... quite the career spanning many decades and styles
  55. L

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    The Axe does as good, if not better Octavio/a type tones as any hardware pedal I’ve owned. It’s just a picky type of effect, works best around the 12th fret, neck pickup, tone rolled back. Elsewhere on the neck it’s more of a clangy sound, weird octave down playing notes 4 frets apart on...
  56. L

    Non Guitar-Based Music

    Detroit techno and electro is good stuff, as is synth based cinematic scores ala Vangelis Bladerunner soundtrack
  57. L


    I guess if one has 2000+ presets and those presets don’t use any factory IR’s and you want a different IR for every present it’s possible, but it all and all seems a bit silly..... gets to where how do you even have time to play if your having to audition that many cabs ? ive bought like 20...
  58. L

    Waitlist Email

    What about if your in one of those states that doesn’t follow DST.......?
  59. L

    Which "Stock Drive" is closest to a "Klon" ?

    I’d say if you didn’t like the sound of Camillo’s setting you just might not like the sound of a Klon as I found it spot on with my Centura. of course, my Centura actually sounds “best” just using as a buffer in front of some other pedals. I really don’t like the Klon dirty, only for a clean...
  60. L


    because after more than a decade with FAS gear I’ve learned that whenever Cliff comes up with something he says is new and improved, it’s always been better. Not always so night and day I can tell a massive difference, but always improved.
  61. L


    Given this same thing happens every time I’m pretty sure he’s gotten used to it lol I mean remember back when the original II wasn’t getting anymore updates and only the II XL was getting the wah block updates etc ? people were up in arms and then we got rid of the feature where you could...
  62. L


    that is where my confusion came from, I know it won’t have the power of the III in terms of cpu, nor all the same blocks, but what about things like NVM ? Is that same spec as the mkII ? And if so, what will that mean ?
  63. L


    Maybe silly question or already answered and I missed it, but will the fm9 be similar to the III mkII in terms of memory ? I have a mkI right now and wouldn’t upgrade to a mkII most likely, and not even sure I’ll get a fm9, BUT.... if the fm9 can parallel the mkII, it might make buying the fm9...
  64. L


    I’d be all in favor of 32 choice IR’s as I rigutnkie have tens of thousands on my HD from over the past decade or so, and never have bothered to load any of those into my III mkI as the factory stuff is so deep to cover all my needs, and honestly out of the factory stuff I only use a handful of...
  65. L

    Did you marry that unconditional fan that never missed your gigs?

    No, because in my case it was always another guy who just seemed to criticize my tone and gear choices lol
  66. L

    Studio One/Axe as Soundcard/External Effect Routing

    I’ve tired working combining some outboard gear with a DAW (studio one and Ableton) and frankly find it just doesn’t work given the added round trip latency and gain staging issues. Couldn’t do any parallel processing due to the latency between the DA and AD round trip and couldn’t manage to...
  67. L

    Amp characteristics lookup

    One persons “harsh” is another persons “cutting” or “present” tone... what one person calls “thick” another could describe as “muddy”..... subjective taste, guitar/pickups used etc would make it pretty hard to have anything near a consensus as far as describing an amp using words
  68. L

    Use FC Controller wirelessly from 50ft?

    Big name pros often have a tech on the side of the stage with an identical switching system
  69. L

    Wish Mesa branded preamp and power amp tubes

    Cliff is generally the smartest guy in the room when it comes to these type of issues so I tend to believe him
  70. L

    Wish Mesa branded preamp and power amp tubes

    Marketing things to guitar players is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel as the power of suggestion is so strong lol remember when tons of guys were paying $400+ for Vertex wah pedals and swearing on their life how it was the best and most authentic vintage circuit on the market and it...
  71. L

    Has anyone sniffed/looked at the FASLINK II protocol?

    With the new fm9 coming out there are likely to be a bunch of affordable fc6/12 hitting the market is all I know lol
  72. L

    Guns N Roses

    One of their best and most original songs. Well done 👍
  73. L

    FM9 is perfect (an FM3 perspective)

    FAS is a smart company, both in terms of technology but also running a profitable business. Give the people what they want but also make sure your keeping the company growing and profitable. not always easy to balance both sides but FAS has been stellar in that regard since my first Ultra...
  74. L

    FM9 Wishlist

    It’s a great suggestion I think I use a fc6 and III and one of my concerns going to a fm9 is losing that large display on the FC6 with patch name. The III screen is great, but pretty small if trying to read at a distance, and the fm9 is essentially a III display on the floor so maybe a bit...
  75. L

    Shipped guitar acclimation warning

    Yet another thing to love about relics..... maybe you can get a little free finish checking for free when you pull it out of the box lol
  76. L

    Is it just me...

    I saw an add on FB, big going out of business sale for them, usually $299, you can get one for only $79.... Then I looked on eBay and saw dozens of Chinese sellers offer them for $19.99 lol just like those “handmade” galvanized pipe rockets and angler fish etc for hundreds of dollars on Etsy
  77. L

    FM9 -- I'll Miss the Rhino Bars

    Little JB Weld and reuse the old ones.....?
  78. L

    Any ideas about European availability?

    far easier to arrange return shipment and service domestically than internationally in the unlikely event there is an issue
  79. L

    Wish Green Ringer - analog octave up without fuzz

    Just back off the drive on the octave fuzz and it’s pretty much a “clean” octave up. I used to have all the Armstrong plug into the guitar jack “pedals” and also tried the EQD clone. Both were just that pretty generic 12th fret octave sound ala an Octavio, octavia etc
  80. L

    Delay type

    I’d guess the vintage digital is based on early rack mounted digital delays with the typical “crunchy” 12 bit digital sound. they stuff went out of fashion as higher bit rate and more pristine and realistic effects came along but there has been a big resurgence in interest in that 80’s...
  81. L

    Most over-produced/mixed guitar tones you love?

    Of course doesn’t stop people from hoping to find a pedal that will magically give them that wall of sound lol
  82. L

    Collectible Strats

    I don’t think anything modern will be collectible in the same sense a pre cbs era was. difference was no one bought those and saved them for future value. Now days people buy things for the purpose of investment, likely without even an interest in playing it. as such, because limited...
  83. L

    Fatigue with the "I am hitting the CPU limits" on the FM3 talk???

    It’s Fractals fault really.... Mai many people said they simple want the power of an Axe III, but in the form factor of the FM3, oh, and they don’t want to pay any more than a FM3 for it either..... so basically we just need a axe III floor editor and if they could sell it for say $899, it...
  84. L

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    indeed. If they were sub $100 and tons listed in ReverbI doubt there would be much desire for one. but when it’s $4k and rare, it becomes a virtual “must have” it’s not so much the sound but the bragging rights IMO Though it is a nice buffer in a hardware chain for sure, but there are like a...
  85. L

    Buffer Before FM3

    If you like the tone of a buffered pedal before it, then it’s the correct thing to do. Doesn’t need it, but buffers can sound subjectively good, or at least different. with my Centura KLone, I found even with the pedal disengaged it’s always on buffer sweetened the tone, and I actually liked...
  86. L

    Jay's two new free IRs

    I actually worked at a music store way back in the day. We used to have so many people come in and bring a cd on their discman or sometimes even a cassette as I’m that old, and it was always “what gear do I need to get this sound” and the tone in question was always a popular in the day...
  87. L

    Jay's two new free IRs

    You’d think after a year of lockdown people would be tired of hearing their amp in their bedroom sound, right ? Why does no one want the sound of their guitar playing Madison square garden instead of Madison square basement ? why does no one want to sound like their favorite album ? why the...
  88. L

    Jay's two new free IRs

    Interesting.... of course the typical TGP “discussion” ensued with Jay kind of egging it all on by being, well Jay lol
  89. L

    Rack gear lover bought a Axe FX3.

    True, and the perform page is awesome, but..... you can only twist one knob at a time, opposed to having your hands on multiple expression knobs. Unless latest firmware changed this behavior. Also, you can’t really do a super wide sweep with the front panel knobs as they have that variable...
  90. L

    Rack gear lover bought a Axe FX3.

    Everyone loves a nice big rack...... the amount of I/o on the Axe 3 makes it work great with other rack gear and a patchbay for an unbeatable combination of older and newer gear. I love having the amazing huge reverbs of the Axe that are on par with eventide, lexicon etc, and then also my...
  91. L

    Mayer used an Axe-FX 3 for his new album

    I work 40 hours a week at a job I don’t particularly love but it pays the bills... if I could of written a few hit pop songs at age 14 and never had to work a real job again in my life you bet I would of done it. can anyone here really say they wouldn’t like the royalties JM still is making of...
  92. L

    Controller Like Boomerang Wholly Roller

    Seems essentially a sideways mounted expression pot with a larger contact area “knob” for your foot, or just a simple pulley running from a larger roller to a smaller expression pot shaft would be pretty easy to knock together. I had one of the real ones ages ago and really never liked it much...
  93. L

    Do you turn the AxeFx off when it's thunderstorming out?

    Or for more fun, how about the lightning strike tracker lol...
  94. L

    Do you turn the AxeFx off when it's thunderstorming out?

    Guess what the weather over my house looks like again this afternoon ?
  95. L

    Is little to no feedback just the way it is with modelers?

    Feedback happens plenty fine with solid state amps, PA speakers etc. nothing to do with tube amps except that they are loud and directional. play a modeler through a high wattage power amp into a directional guitar cabinet and it will feedback just like anything else
  96. L

    Meteor Shower!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

    Sadly cloudy in Florida last night and when not cloudy still a billion bugs eating you up, but will try again tonight just the same
  97. L

    Do you turn the AxeFx off when it's thunderstorming out?

    yep, new Axe or FM3 is pretty cheap compared to new HVAC. I know....
  98. L

    Do you turn the AxeFx off when it's thunderstorming out?

    Living in the lightening capital of the US, I’d probably not be able to play for a few months at a time if I unplugged every time there was a storm lol. We get like 3 crazy storms full of nonstop lightening and basically all red/orange on the radar about every day in the summer here in Tampa...
  99. L

    Do you turn the AxeFx off when it's thunderstorming out?

    Not a bad idea but odds are generally in your favor for not getting struck
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