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  1. DaveP

    Another Recommend Studio Monitors Thread

    Find a used pair of Adam A7's. I like them better than the A7x.
  2. DaveP

    Wish Help Button

    Would it be possible to add a "Help" button on the bottom of each parameter page that opens the relative section of the manual that it relates too? Hitting help would open a pop-up to the exact section in the docs that explains what each parameter does. Note: I work in telecom and support the...
  3. DaveP

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    Thanks. Each of the older units had their own voice. The delays in the 2290 were so lush. The reverb of the Lexicon, the effects in the Eventide. All served a purpose. The Serial Delays of the Eventide are awesome. The axe covers all of those areas extremely well. Not exactly the same but...
  4. DaveP

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    Sorry, not sure what happened to my post. Doh!. The Engle 580 was great as well. I had one of those. Plus they looked really cool. Chrome plated.
  5. DaveP

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    I owned a nice rack, TC2290, Eventide H8000, Lexicon PCM 70, 81 running a Mesa 2:90 stereo power amp, Engl 570 preamp. 2- 4x12 in stereo using a switchblade for routing. Now you can get that all in one device. The rack was overkill at this point. The Fractal is much easier to route effects...
  6. DaveP

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    It happens to me all the time. Forget to close axe edit.
  7. DaveP

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    Is axe edit closed?
  8. DaveP

    Using Full Res IR's

    I got the same noise when I added 2 cab block and used FR in both L/R. I noticed the CPU at 80% If I disengaged the FR on the second block it was fine. (I have a Turbo) I took it as a limitation that you cannot use 2 cab blocks running stereo FR cabs
  9. DaveP

    Joe Bonamassa Fractal or dis?

  10. DaveP

    Using Full Res IR's

    Thanks Jason, appreciate your help.
  11. DaveP

    Using Full Res IR's

    So you blend them with a regular IR hence the reason some suggest -12db?
  12. DaveP

    Using Full Res IR's

    I'm sure this was answered but rather than read through 50 pages to find it..... How do you use the FR IR's? Do you use them with a regular cab and use the FR in slots 3/4 L/R to create ambience? On their own they don't sound good unless mixed with a regular IR. Am I missing something?
  13. DaveP

    Using FM3 with Kemper

    I just added my Kemper into the FM3. Following this thread, worked great. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/help-using-kemper-with-axe-fx-iii.147468/ In this example the out 2 and in 2 insert the Kemper for pre and post effect or you could just use In 1>Out 2>In 2>Out 1 to use the KPA on...
  14. DaveP

    FC-12 Toggle back from effects layout back to preset layouy

    I have my FC12 setup to bank up and down on 6 and 12 buttons. 1-5 Presets 7-11 Scenes If I configure switch 1 hold function to the effects layout the mode changes to effects no problem. Is there a way to swich back to the previous layout without rockering the 6/12 buttons and selecting...
  15. DaveP

    AFIII Presets SinMix Metal Custom Preset - Only My own IR's

    Thanks for the link, Looking forward to checking it out. 👍
  16. DaveP

    AFIII Presets SinMix Metal Custom Preset - Only My own IR's

    Do you have any demo presets? Thanks
  17. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Presets - Bank A Preview

    Edit: Link not working here. Resolved, thanks. I was spoiled by the instant download the firmware link performed. SO much extra work work now. :cool:
  18. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 "Cygnus"

    My patches sound right again. Thanks, great update.
  19. DaveP

    AFIII Presets Fremen Presets masterthread (releases, updates etc.)

    It's the levels in the stereo image. i.e. Ares preset sounded full and had a good stereo image. Upgrading to 16b and release changed the balance. The new preset in 16 corrected it and 16.01 changed the balance and level of the stereo image again. In your example, the whole image shift to the...
  20. DaveP

    AFIII Presets Fremen Presets masterthread (releases, updates etc.)

    There is a noticeable difference in the Dual USA RTM patch (and others) from 16.0 to 16.1. Seems one side has a lower lever and needs balancing. And the tone changed. (Just one example from a preset I use a lot)
  21. DaveP

    Not Really Digging Axe Thru Headphones

    I love the axe through headphones. I use 600 ohm AKG K240 i've had forever. I have had more expensive phones but they never sounded as good as these. Guess it really depends on the phones. More expensive isn't always better.
  22. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Plug a guitar in inst jack on front panel. :cool:
  23. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Tried Cygnus and back on 15.1. The new firmware has some great things about it. It's seems more raw but I miss the chewy sounds of 15.01 Maybe i'll give it another go once the official release hits.
  24. DaveP

    The REAL Mesa Boogie Mark IIC++

    I used to own 1 of the 12 original C++'s. This describes the differences in my opinion. "6 dB volume boost and more hair is the result of a 26 dB input boost" I personally didn't like the huge boost. It was too much and hard to balance with the other channels. I preferred the DRG C+ much better...
  25. DaveP

    Missing lowend in Cygnus on real cab

    Just wait until the bill arrives. :oops:
  26. DaveP

    Missing lowend in Cygnus on real cab

    Low end is where the bass guitar sits in the mix. Too often the guitar players tries to invade their frequency range.
  27. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    Where is Speaker Dynamics. I can't find it.
  28. DaveP

    Is this normal or a hardware issue?

    It's not a problem it's a feature. Helps you find Out 1 and Out 2 easier in the dark.
  29. DaveP

    [POLL] Do you buy or have you ever bought commercial presets?

    Yes, Fremen presets have replaced all the factory presets. Never looked back. Great starting point as these offer routing that might not otherwise be considered.
  30. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Now available in the store, no waitlist.
  31. DaveP

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Will this be something added to the AxeIII Mk II? Or a new hardware device?
  32. DaveP

    AFIII Presets Fremen Axe-Fx III "amp packs"

    My go to patch is: Dual USA RTM. Fantastic patch.
  33. DaveP

    There is a problem with the Axe-Fx 3 sound card driver

    Since the 12.07 is still GA, go to the support section on the fractal website.
  34. DaveP

    There is a problem with the Axe-Fx 3 sound card driver

    I would follow Chris's video instructions. Myself I just used Fractal-Bot and point to the 12.07 firmware. Downgrade is the same as upgrade just in reverse. Same your presets just in case.
  35. DaveP

    There is a problem with the Axe-Fx 3 sound card driver

    Are you on the beta release? What operating system? I had issues with 12.08b4. Downgraded to 12.07 and it was fine. I am using a Mac.
  36. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    Thanks, I found the link: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-usb-i-o-seems-to-disable-core-audio-mac-more-below.156742/page-3 It's fine on 12.07, problem started after update to 12.0.4b4. As soon as I downgraded it worked again. I didn't have to unplug the USB or reboot. Just worked.
  37. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    I upgraded to this release and lost by USB audio. I can still talk to the Axe with MidiBot and Axe Edit but cannot play audio (iTunes) trhough the monitors anymore. I downgraded back to 12.07 and everything is fine. Am I missing something?
  38. DaveP

    New factory presets?

    I think the Axe-III should come preloaded with Fremen presets. Best presets I have tried to date. Plug and play.
  39. DaveP

    Resolved: System settings default during every power up.

    Thanks, it does save the presets. The unit after being shut off all night, the first start up is always 000. I did however notice my output went back to -10db instead of +4. Could be the preset are stored elsewhere and not affected by the battery. I replaced the battery, still didn't fix it. If...
  40. DaveP

    Resolved: System settings default during every power up.

    Probably a simple fix, when I turn on the unit it always defaults to preset 000 instead of the last preset it was on before shutting down. Anyway to change that?
  41. DaveP

    Drive Blocks

    My setup is the 4CM into a Two Rock using clean channel. I found with drive pedals it is also the case. The level has to be significantly reduced to match the bypass volume. I do use my ears to adjust, that's common sense. but the defaults at 5 are extremely hot. So auditioning patches the...
  42. DaveP

    Drive Blocks

    When adding a drive block the level is extremely high. The default value is 5 on these. Is this normal? I find I have to turn the level between 1 and 2 depending on the type.
  43. DaveP

    Routing question

    Thanks for your replies. I think it should work for my needs.
  44. DaveP

    Routing question

    Is it possible to use input 2 and output 2 for mono effects send and return on a tube amp while using Input 1 and out 1 in stereo to studio monitors? I basically want to use the AxeIII as an mono outboard effects in the loop while keeping the first input/output in stereo to monitors.
  45. DaveP

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    it's hard to please everyone. This isn't anything new, the waitlist and anticipation is the same as it was in the earlier releases. This thread helps people get an idea of the wait. I don't think Fractal owes anyone insight into the daily workings of their company. I'm sure there are many...
  46. DaveP

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Not sure if this was answered. What is the sample rate max on the audio interface. 96K?
  47. DaveP

    FX8 with Mark II JP MIDI

    The footswitch doesn't have FX on/off. MIDI allows this functionality as well as toggling Shred on/off along with some other combinations. My idea was to use the FX8 for all the amp switching using an X/Y toggle for switches 1-8. According to the manual: The MIDI Block offers X/Y capability. The...
  48. DaveP

    FX8 with Mark II JP MIDI

    Thanks Chris, I will play with it some more. It would be great if the Mesa would allow your to use the footswitch and the MIDI at the same time. Unfortunately it's one or the other.
  49. DaveP

    FX8 with Mark II JP MIDI

    I am trying to wrap my head around using the FX8 as a midi controller for switching channels on the JP-2C. I understand the footswitch assignment part but is it possible to use a pedal board layout using 8 separate effects both pre/post (4CM) and use it to switch channels on the amp? Would...
  50. DaveP

    Buy that new guitar or the AX8?

    PRS do not hold their value. If you plan to buy and flip it to buy the AX8 (when available) be prepared to wait a while before it's sold. Resale on a PRS is the worst unless you're willing to give it away.
  51. DaveP

    14.03 Firmware

    See I wasn't imagining it.
  52. DaveP

    14.03 Firmware

    No Tucana, that was the first thing I checked for. Soon I bet.
  53. DaveP

    14.03 Firmware

    I just received my unit and it came with 14.03. What's new in this release?
  54. DaveP

    About all those expensive "new" AxeFXIIs on Ebay ...

    They have been in stock on the web site all day.
  55. DaveP

    Equator D5 - Wow!

    Yes, you can order direct through the Equator web site. 399.00 with free shipping until May 31st.
  56. DaveP

    I will pay you to help me, please....

    I actually heard Scott will pay you 50 dollars to help. :)
  57. DaveP

    Unit hang up (Blank Screen and only crackles out of my monitors)

    I got is sorted out. Mine was a unit problem. It was just delivered and most likely caused by shipping. Most have taken an impact along the way. I am getting a replacement unit. Fractal Support is excellent.
  58. DaveP

    Unit hang up (Blank Screen and only crackles out of my monitors)

    I don't use axe edit, my issue was directly from the unit.
  59. DaveP

    Unit hang up (Blank Screen and only crackles out of my monitors)

    What preset where you on? I have an issue with preset 118 and others. When it land on it the unit freezes up and screen goes blank. A reboot clears it but you have to scroll the wheel to get past the bad preset. May or may not be related. I went back to preset 118 and it happened again so I...
  60. DaveP

    Weight and Dimensions of Boxed AXE-FX2

    It's about 21 pounds. I always thought the weight on the UPS tag at 17lbs was off. Cheaper to ship at 17 compared to 21. Most of the time shippers like UPS don't check. It's not 17 though.
  61. DaveP

    Did I make a mistake?

    Some people say they have had a good experience and others not so much. I had communication issues with them not responding. Before and after the sale. They disappear. Seems to me unless you are building an entire setup and have a recording contract you are put second. I don't deal with them...
  62. DaveP

    Reliability Estimation

    There will always be a certain percentage of units that fail and they usually fail in the first few days of use. Now take into consideration the number of units without any issues compared to the ones that do. No one posts that they have a unit that works fine. We only hear about the ones that...
  63. DaveP

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 6.02 Up

    20 minutes? Mine took about 45 seconds. Latest version of AxeEdit and iMac.
  64. DaveP

    5153 Impressions

    I just tried it with the German tonestack. Kick azz. It's not as dark as the passive. Great suggestion. Thanks
  65. DaveP

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 6.01 Up

    If you have the axe edit setup for Ultra or standard mode they will not appear. It must be set for Axe II
  66. DaveP

    Free Axe-2 Wallpaper

    I wonder how long it's going to take until someone uses that picture on an eBay ad.
  67. DaveP

    What's with the fan noise?

    Yeah, I took the lid off and checked it out. It's all racked up at the moment but it's mounted like the old fan just a bigger fan. I don't recall the rubber grommets like the 60mm had but maybe I just didn't notice.
  68. DaveP

    What's with the fan noise?

    I just received a new unit about 2 weeks ago and noticed the change. Not sure when the exact date this was implemented.
  69. DaveP

    What's with the fan noise?

    All the new units ship with an 80mm fan. The original fan is 60mm. This has quieted the fan noise down considerably. So they do listen.
  70. DaveP

    Do the 6.0 factory presets sound bad to anyone else?

    It depends on your system. If you have something that's close to the original setup Fractal used to tweak them then they sound fine. It's like downloading another users preset. They very rarely sound great without adjusting them to your system.
  71. DaveP

    Please read at least through page 5 of this forum before asking a question

    Looks like Jennifer Hudson singing on those weight watchers commercials.
  72. DaveP

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.07 Available

    Maybe it just fell off due to the weight.
  73. DaveP

    Note to self...

    Good to be a home office worker sometimes. Except for those cabin fever Jack Nicholson moments. :)
  74. DaveP

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.07 Available

    Nobody has posted here in a while. Made ya look. :)
  75. DaveP

    Is 6.0 supposed to be out today?

    Yes, this time next year ;)
  76. DaveP

    Saying good buy and good ridance

    I actually preferred the first clip. Had no idea which was which. Is it ready yet? Are we there? :)
  77. DaveP

    Saying good buy and good ridance

    I vote 1st half Axe
  78. DaveP

    Saying good buy and good ridance

    Ah, I get it now. I am such an asshole. :)
  79. DaveP

    Saying good buy and good ridance

    I find it interesting that someone would sell days before a major release such as 6.0. I mean what would it hurt to load up the new version and test it out. Out of curiosity if for nothing else.
  80. DaveP

    Focal Solo6 Ba

    I went for the Solo6 because of the Beryllium tweeter and larger enclosure. I'm sure the 65's are great speakers. I didn't have the chance to compare them side by side.
  81. DaveP

    Why was Output 2 designed to be wideband?

    Bet there would be no complaints if she hissed out of output 2. :)
  82. DaveP


    I think that gets stripped when you do the final checkout. It's just 775 plus shipping.
  83. DaveP


    On the Matrix web site it's: 485 British pounds sterling = 774.8845 US dollars I would buy direct. Skip the middleman. What are you gaining by going through TM? Just one more person in the loop that doesn't need to be there.
  84. DaveP

    Why was Output 2 designed to be wideband?

    I will have to try the 4CM again. I used it with a Mesa C+ and didn't notice it. I'm sure some amps are more prone to this issue than others.
  85. DaveP

    Why was Output 2 designed to be wideband?

    More hiss than the real counterpart?
  86. DaveP

    Matrix GT800fx v GT1000fx - review + vids

    I can't speak for how flat the design is only the impression I got playing them both. There isn't a world of difference, it's subtle in the openness and perceived response in the low and highs. I have played a lot of SS power amps and they all had a different tone and feel to them. Some...
  87. DaveP

    AXE sighting or just a joke???

    I think it was sitting on the 4x12 cab (evh5153 side)
  88. DaveP

    Please don't post "Deals Gone Wrong" threads

    It's putting Cliff in a defensive posture.
  89. DaveP

    Followup Review from the Boutique Gear Snob.

    Power amp and guitar cab. Solves everything. IMO. I like the sound of the real cabinets. I think it's the only way to get that "in the room" feeling of a real amp.
  90. DaveP

    Followup Review from the Boutique Gear Snob.

    With the changes in 6.0 on the horizon I would give it another chance. Never know, it just might be what your looking for. It's a constantly changing product and what you don't like about it today you could love tomorrow.
  91. DaveP

    Matrix GT800fx v GT1000fx - review + vids

    I have been playing the GT1000FX for a couple of weeks now. I used to own the 800 but didn't have them at the same time. I concur with your views on the 1000. It does feel more open. I really like it. It's like going from the 800=EL34's to 1000=6L6's. You get more bottom and top end from the...
  92. DaveP

    suggested best SS Power Amp

    You can order direct from Matrix, I live in the midwest and it took about 3 days shipping UPS from the UK. That's fast. Why go through a middleman when you don't have to. Fantastic customer service. A++ all the way.
  93. DaveP

    Make your own iPad stylus

    I recently picked you an new iPad. I was looking at the stylus pens and saw a couple of youtube videos that tell you how to make them. Some more complicated than other and requiring you to find conductive foam etc... I just made on using a chop stick, McDonalds straw, a regular blue household...
  94. DaveP

    Can't get a good clean sound! Sounds like its clipping but he gain is very low!

    Did you try turning the speaker drive off in the amp block? This can cause that. I wish that would default to off on all the patches.
  95. DaveP

    What makes a corrupt preset?

    This pretty much sums it up. What more is there. Reload the preset.
  96. DaveP

    Version 6.00 Preview

    Is it done yet? :)
  97. DaveP

    Version 6.00 Preview

    Christoph is that you?
  98. DaveP

    Version 6.00 Preview

    From what I gather from the other company that does this is.... they have a default amp block which is applied to the matched source. This method leaves limited adjusting from the original source capture. I think the Axe will allow you to select the amp model that closely resembles the amp your...
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