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  1. h.c.e.

    What fresh Windows hell am I in for?

    I think that more an electron issue than anything else....
  2. h.c.e.

    Interesting Xenforo Features, Tips and Tricks

    I would imagine that, if you have the page open in your browser, and you get a notification that would otherwise only appear in the bell menu at the top of the page, it will also give you a desktop notification at the same time. At least that’s generally the way these things work.
  3. h.c.e.

    Not a Bug Can't see Scratchpad cabs

    Out of curiosity, does clicking the blue refresh button do anything? how about quitting and restarting Axe-Edit III?
  4. h.c.e.

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Well, in your case with the Filter here (since it's completely flat and just a boost, you could have the "min" of External 1 be 0.0 dB, and the "max" be the 11.0 dB, so when the switch is off it will have no affect. Furthermore, again, only for this block in this situation, since it seems like...
  5. h.c.e.

    Presets keep loading with tons of gain

    Some how the Control Switches aren't engaging "Input Boost" or "Saturation" are they? (Assuming these are the latest "v5" Presets where he added Control Switch modifiers for those... ) If you go to "Controllers" and then "Modifiers" on one of those presets, and do a quick test where you remove...
  6. h.c.e.

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    And that being said, as near term solution, I think if you remove the looper, Filter 1, Comp 1, and Drive 1 (or remove the External Pedal modifiers on the bypass knob of the 4 and instead just have them bypasses or not in your individual scene), your preset will stop clicking on scene change, at...
  7. h.c.e.

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Here's the simplest form of the problem It's beyond my ability to troubleshoot further, but maybe someone else clever will know a for sure fix. If you remove the External modified from those blocks at the start of your chain, the problem will go away. My suspicion is it has something to with...
  8. h.c.e.

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Yeah, there's a lot going on in this preset, some of which i question "why" (why the Mixer block at all, why the external controllers on the Return block's "Return Level", and "Output Level", etc) ;) For the moment I've narrowed it down to something happening with the Looper (why is this...
  9. h.c.e.

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Yes, that's the intent of the MIDI block, it's to broadcast a MIID CC or PC value on scene change, not receive MIDI. You'll need to use the MIDI settings to map MIDI messages to Axe-FX III commands.
  10. h.c.e.

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Filter, Comp, Drive, Flange, Chorus, Pitch, Filter, Delay, Rotary, and Reverb are all linked to global blocks, no one will be able to test that preset (they'll either get their own G1 global block, or, if they don't have a Global for that block, they'll get knobs all zeroed out)... you'll want...
  11. h.c.e.

    FC-12 / Permanent Mute Switch!

    Can’t you just set the mute option on the Tuner itself, so then you’ll ONLY mute when you activate the tuner? https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Tuner#Mute_while_tuning If I’m following your question right, sounds like that’s what you’re after?
  12. h.c.e.

    Wish Add an option to copy a specific channel to Clipboard

    The "Copy current channel to Clipboard" option is handy, but I on occasion find myself wanting to grab a channel of a block other than the currently active channel. So, if possible, would be cool to have a "Clipboard" option at the the bottom of each of the "Copy Channel [A-F] to" sub-menus...
  13. h.c.e.

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    Hold down the FN key on the far left fo the keyboard, then press the F# key while the FN key is being held down.
  14. h.c.e.

    ELI5: Why do I get clipping after the amp>cab chain

    Yeah, meant the one on the right… thought maybe you had a lot of level boost in the cab block going into the delay block, but if it’s at 0 dB, then it wouldn’t be that. Maybe post the preset and folks can take a look.
  15. h.c.e.

    ELI5: Why do I get clipping after the amp>cab chain

    What’s the Level control set to on your Cab block?
  16. h.c.e.

    Wish Option to link AMP and CAB channels

    What I'd love to see is a pervasive expression linking syntax for all (or even some, channel and bypass would be a good start) knobs, where the value of any block's knob could be referenced on any other knob by giving it a "BlockName.KnobName" style expression syntax, i.e. if you want Cab1's...
  17. h.c.e.

    Magnatone Panoramic Stereo Amp?

    Yeah, would love a Magnatone vibrato algorithm in the Axe-FX, it's very cool sound, that i've never gotten close with the "chorus with mix set to 100" vibratoeffect... I've also tried pitch block with LFO, but could never get the warble quite right, it's got a swampy hypnotic mojo all it's own...
  18. h.c.e.

    Seeking Help with OwnHammer IR Conversion

    Guessing OH must have captured some of their IRs stereo back in 2013? At any rate, Fractal’s syx format is mono only, so there must be a function in the .wav->.syx conversion logic that splits the channels into left and right files for you automagically. If you want stereo cab you’ll have to...
  19. h.c.e.

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.07

    Awesome! These two have been long time wants/issues for me. Thanks Michael, the best keeps getting better. :)
  20. h.c.e.

    Dweezil Breaks the Axe-Fx

    BIMT? Bummed I Missed That?
  21. h.c.e.

    AustinBuddy's new 1000+ Naked Amps TonePack for the Axe-Fx III is now available

    You can Export and Import Layouts (either 1 at a time or all 9 at once) in Axe-Edit III under the FC Controllers button... the file format is a ".fclayout" file. So in this case, if you wanted to import AB's layouts to your FC-12, you can: Download the file Click "FC Controllers" button to the...
  22. h.c.e.

    AustinBuddy's new 1000+ Naked Amps TonePack for the Axe-Fx III is now available

    Hey @austinbuddy first off, the updates sound great, thanks for all your hard work, loving the tones as always. One note though, I was wondering if for future releases you might consider exporting the FC-12 Layouts (either as the "all" option -- which would admittedly be fastest --- or maybe...
  23. h.c.e.

    MFC question - layout

    So you'd like Buttons 6-15 to be presets and buttons 1-5 to be scenes? If so, given the stock MFC config, you can just set: BankSize: 10 (under: Edit, Setup, then Page Right 6x) FirstPrstSwitch: 06 (Page Right once more) and that should do it...
  24. h.c.e.

    estimated shipping date

    in before the "soon" :D
  25. h.c.e.

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Meh, I prefer: [host:~] user% ;)
  26. h.c.e.

    Axe-Manage Cabs import (file name weirdness)

    In Cab-Lab 3 there’s an option in the tools menu to batch rename IRs to match filename on disk. Can’t recall off the top of my head if it only works on .ir files or if it also works on .syx files... but if it works on .syx then that should sort your particular situation there. (also, fwiw, I...
  27. h.c.e.

    How do I reset an effects block?

    "IN ANY BLOCK’S EDIT MENU ... Tap SHIFT then Double-Tap EDIT: Display a dialog to RESET the entire block back to default settings"
  28. h.c.e.

    Delete a Scene

    I disable Out1 on every scene at the start, and only enable it if I’ve set up the scene, that way if i step on a scene and get no audio i know it’s not setup for use (also I don’t name Scenes unless they’re setup). If I played live more i’d probably do the “most generic sound” thing instead, as...
  29. h.c.e.

    Delete a Scene

    Don’t delete the blocks, scenes are a collection of channel states and bypass states (and maybe anything a scene controller is doing) for the preset, if you delete blocks you will be deleting them from the preset. Id just delete the name of the scenes (to avoid future confusion), switch back to...
  30. h.c.e.

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.04

    You sure it's "1.1.4" and not 1.1.04? My suspicion is you're seeing the software update message from Axe-Edit III telling you that there's a new version (this version) of the AE software available, not a needed firmware of any kind... if that's not the case, take a screenshot of the message...
  31. h.c.e.

    Wish Version mismatch pop up

  32. h.c.e.

    Papery buzz under some models?

    Thanks for this info and explanation, really love these deeper insights into in the inner workings and design decisions of various amp circuits from an authority such as yourself. Also very well explained in that I think even I managed to follow and understand it ;)
  33. h.c.e.

    Fractal Bot Utility mode?

    You need to hold down the Command key (or Control on Windows) BEFORE clicking the device drop down, having the key pressed when a click on the menu is registered is what tells the menu UI to show the hidden Utility option. If you hold the key, then click the menu you should see the Utility...
  34. h.c.e.

    Ken Andrews / Failure; shout-out to FAS

    You're in for a treat!
  35. h.c.e.

    Newb q: how do I automatically receive email alerts for my own threads?

    Yup, that's the experience I remember too. As I recall I turned off the email nearly straight away (email is so last decade ;)), and after some time I then had to re-find the option to disable the automatic thread watching, as I found myself "un-watching" every thread I replied to anyways. For...
  36. h.c.e.

    Newb q: how do I automatically receive email alerts for my own threads?

    Or click these in your Account's preferences? I believe that will then default those checkboxes to on every time in "Create Thread" (and "Reply")
  37. h.c.e.

    Papery buzz under some models?

    Kind of curious if you feel you hear the same thing with the Maz-38 greiswig? I feel like that amp has produced what I’d call a “paper-y buzz” for me with the Ares modeling, regardless of guitar I’m playing (never really used the DC-30 model myself, but I should try and see if I notice the same...
  38. h.c.e.

    Link to download Axe-Edit 3.14.3, please?

    macOS: https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/axe-edit/Axe-Edit-OSX-v3p14p3.dmg Windows: https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/axe-edit/Axe-Edit-Win-v3p14p3.exe
  39. h.c.e.

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Heya Al, think there's a tiny bug in the Export as CSV option for Preset -> Cabs... looks like there's a missing new line after the Header line and before the Preset 1 line. FracTool 3.21 macOS 10.14.4 Easy enough to correct the result by hand, but thought I'd flag it for your attention since...
  40. h.c.e.

    Noob question on Send and Return

    Page 131-132 of the manual covers the two blocks and their two primary use cases really well.
  41. h.c.e.

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    https://www.fractalaudio.com/larry-mitchell-accurate-models-amazing-amps/ (original download link is on that page, presets/IRs are in the zip file)
  42. h.c.e.

    ii 2 iii?

  43. h.c.e.

    Wish Save Block Chains in a User menu

    So my Axe-FX can now mine crypto currency? Sweet, it'll pay for itself in no time! :D
  44. h.c.e.

    Sorta of a Dumb Question: Is it possible to turn down wattage on 6160 Block Letter?

    Variac control? https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Amp_block#VARIAC
  45. h.c.e.

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.02

    On Mac: open in “Preview.app” and the use “Tools” -> “Adjust Size... “ menu option On Windows: Open in “Paint”, click the “Resize” button in the “Image” tools section On iOS: mail it to yourself, “Mail.app” will give you a “Size” option when you click send (there’s probably apps for it too) On...
  46. h.c.e.

    Jazz 120 amp level bug?

    This has always been the case.
  47. h.c.e.

    Jazz 120 amp level bug?

    Go to Advanced tab and set Master Volume to 10? Default for that amp has always been 3 (for whatever reason, which has always seemed odd to me, because I didn't think JC-120s have master volume knobs), so when you reset it probably went back there? I don't believe it show up on the new authentic...
  48. h.c.e.

    Dropping IR files to the Axe-FX does not trim the silence

    Yeah, I've noticed this too. Axe-Edit III doesn't seem to take into account Auto-Trim or MPT, no matter the preference in preferences, or in the Browse menu pull down. Cab-Lab's wav2syx and ir2syx tools will for sure auto-trim if you want that option, I'd just run 'em through Cab-Lab (the free...
  49. h.c.e.

    Third Party Cabs for Axe Fx III

    Check the the Browser pane is visible on the left hand side (there a “show/hide option in the menu, or hit Ctrl+B (windows), or Cmd+B (mac) keyboard short cut. Once the browser is showing you should see the IR files from the folder you’ve “searched” for, then you can choose which files to drag...
  50. h.c.e.

    DAW For Beginner

    Ableton Live is cool as a live tool, but I think it limited as an actual according to hoyle DAW personally. Or maybe not “limited”, but sorta “not the right tool for the job”, maybe... I have limited exposure to Reaper myself, but it seemed pretty good when I was kicking the tires on it awhile...
  51. h.c.e.

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    My theory: placebo/nocebo effect and/or confirmation bias ;)
  52. h.c.e.

    How to Factory Restore Axe FX II XL+

  53. h.c.e.

    Question for Cliff - Vox Amps

    look for the “2x12 Class-A GB * AB” (or some similar name, not in front of unit at the moment to say for sure), AustinBuddy shot an AC-30 loaded with Greenbacks for one of his Cab-Packs, most of which made it into the III’s factory cab selections.
  54. h.c.e.

    Is it possible to have 2 different Axe-Edits? 1 to Laptop, 1 to Mac

    Me personally, I have Fractal-Bot set to send files to: /Users/<username>/Documents/Fractal Audio/backups The backups go to the backups folder with their usual YYMMDD-hhmmss style names (i.e. "190311-181746-bank-A.syx"). When the backup has finished I select the backup files and make a zip out...
  55. h.c.e.

    Is it possible to have 2 different Axe-Edits? 1 to Laptop, 1 to Mac

    I’m a little confused from your description here, let me see if I follow fully... Laptop -> Axe-FX III #1 Desktop (i.e. “Mac”) -> Axe-FX III #2 When you “backup” (so using Fractal-Bot?) it works okay from one of the computers (you don’t mention which), but doesn’t work on one of the other...
  56. h.c.e.

    Fractal Audio AMP models: The Presets (Q7.02)

    might be between NAVEDA and COLODORA? :D
  57. h.c.e.

    Reset types and applications

    First, let me say that I think there’s generally waaaay too much tumault regarding block resetting for firmware updates. Resetting or not resetting is never gonna cause complete protonic reversal or ruin your unit or the experience of using it. Reasons to reset: it might help solve an issue, if...
  58. h.c.e.

    Firmware upgrades, general question

    From the front panel: edit the block and push in Knob A (it'll say "Reset" above it), press enter to confirm when prompted From Axe-Edit III. select the block and chose "Reset Channel" from the "Block" Menu (or press the key combo: Command+I on Mac, or Ctrl+I on Windows)
  59. h.c.e.

    Authentic amp controls - amazing

    rac12 is not compatible with the III.
  60. h.c.e.

    [ SOLVED ] Hz Conversion Wav2Syx

    The "Axe-Manage Cabs" tool in Axe-Edit will convert wav Technically you can use either, the wav2syx conversion will take care of doing the sampling rate conversion to the Axe's 48 kHz. Some will debate which "sounds" better, but for all intents and purposes use whichever you want (or whichever...
  61. h.c.e.

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.01

    The FC editing, is really well put together in Axe-Edit (I mean, to be fair, the whole FC configuration in general, whether in Edit, or on front panel, is really well thought through... very discoverable and easy to get going for such a powerful feature set. I'm impressed). The Export/Import...
  62. h.c.e.

    Forum User-FAQ section

    Well, I suspect it generally falls into one of two camps. Some people don’t have the “time” or patience to search through the search (or google), and then others don’t see the answer within the first few pages/entries of results and just ask the question... there’s probably even a “third kind”...
  63. h.c.e.

    Forum User-FAQ section

    And then someone will, probably with just a tinge of "snark" and/or "sigh", either say "there's an FAQ for that", or "RTFFAQ" (hopefully at least take the half second to copy and paste the link when they do), then someone will accuse them of being a smart ass for not being helpful enough (or...
  64. h.c.e.

    fc12 vs mfc101 image?

    google to the rescue... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fc-dimensions.138778/page-2#post-1646252
  65. h.c.e.

    Wish Block Library should only save a single channel within a block

    I’d be in to this too. With four channels now it’s easy to save blocks that cover many flavors, but invariably I find a situation where I want channel A from this block, channels B and D from this other block, and channel C from that block.
  66. h.c.e.

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Jam Ray (based on Vemuram Jan Ray)

    You call it the “Boo Teak Drive” pedal (naturally you then put it in a teak wood case, with a hand woodburnt ghost graphics for ultimate boutique vibe and upcharging ability). The next part is crucial you then cover the board in black epoxy so no one can tell it’s digital (also everyone knows...
  67. h.c.e.

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Finally got a chance to play around with this firmware, lost 20 minutes on the Tone of Kings (though for true authenticity, I think you should have to be on a wait list for 2 years before it will make sound when you select that drive type ;-P ), and then lost another hour on the Blues OD. For me...
  68. h.c.e.

    Implemented Keep new SV Bass, but PLEASE restore the old SV Bass amp model too!

    +1 The mock Steel String Singer tweaks to the old SV Bass were super tasty when paired with neck pickup and position 2 and 4 on a Strat. My immediate thought when I tried the new model with a bass was, "this is great, but unfortunately can't see how this will cop the SSS thing for guitar anymore".
  69. h.c.e.

    Wish Memo Block

  70. h.c.e.

    Emulating the Klon, uhh ... Soul Food

    Gonna guess by "12" he means, "to match setting 'Volume' on the original pedal at '12 o'clock'" (i.e. "in the middle", "straight up", "at 5", or however you prefer to refer to that position of a knob)... The way I read that is... If you have a Soul Food (envision starting with all knobs "in...
  71. h.c.e.

    Fractal-Bot error sending sysx to Axe-Fx 3.01

    For whatever it's worth, no issues here, I've tried backing up both the whole system, individual bank selections, and single presets without error. Also no error on transferring FW 3.0.1 or individual presets... Mac version of Fractal-Bot, are the three of you having issues all Windows version...
  72. h.c.e.

    Fractal-Bot error sending sysx to Axe-Fx 3.01

    (assuming you mean Fractal-Bot v2.11.1, if you really mean 2.1.1, upgrade now, that's old) Steps I would try to resolve that... Disconnect USB Power off AFX III Disconnect any other MIDI gear Restart computer After computer restarts, and before opening any other programs, or reconnecting any...
  73. h.c.e.

    Wish Cab block (negative mic distance values, or manual IR trimming capability)

    You could try installing the free Cab-Lab 3 Lite version, and use it’s Tools -> wav2syx utility. Can-Lab 3 Lite won’t let you connect to the III hardware either, but checking on it’s auto-trim option on batch wav2syx conversion widget should work (it did in the full version for me the other...
  74. h.c.e.

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.12

    Mac: https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/Axe-Edit-III/Axe-Edit-III-OSX-v1p00p12.dmg Win: https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/Axe-Edit-III/Axe-Edit-III-Win-v1p00p12.exe Enjoy
  75. h.c.e.

    [resolved] Problem with bass preset with new firmware - really distorted

    Preset using the SV Bass model, and is "2.x" in your world something pre 2.05? SV Bass amp is a new model as of 2.05, and it's headroom characteristic and levels are quite different (by design) in that new model. "2.05 ... Reworked SV Bass amp model. Model is now based on a 1970 Ampeg SVT with...
  76. h.c.e.

    EQ On/Off Amp Block on Firmware 3.00

    Advanced Tab... like 5th item down Won't see it in Axe-Edit III yet I don't think, usually new controls require an Axe-Edit update, which tends to come within a couple few hours to a couple few days of a new firmware's non-beta release generally.
  77. h.c.e.

    I might go back to 9s on my guitars

    For me, it’s always been 11s or gtfo... I bought a new guitar awhile back that came with 9s and it just served to make me realize how way too heavy handed and hamfisted I am for anything under 10s. When I hear about folks like BB and Billy Gibbons supposedly using 8s or 7s, I can’t even imagine...
  78. h.c.e.

    Wish Cab block (negative mic distance values, or manual IR trimming capability)

    To be fair, if you're having to go to 5-10 ms to line something up, you're not even going to see it in the align window anyways ;) About a 3x increase on the current range to 1030 would push it past the 3ms window of the align tool, which seems like a reasonable enough range to me, but, from...
  79. h.c.e.

    Wish Cab block (negative mic distance values, or manual IR trimming capability)

    Alternately, what about just doubling or tripling the mic distance max, so the offset can cover more of the 3 ms range of the align window, instead?
  80. h.c.e.

    Newbie Question: Mono Synth Output

    Maybe try putting a Volume block between IN3 and OUT1, set Input Select to "Left Only" and then adjust left pan to center? That might move the signal to centered mono.
  81. h.c.e.

    AXE 3 manage cabs!!!

    Not 1000 scratchpad slots but 2048 user slots, numbered U1-0001 through U2-1024. The "scratchpad" thing you were probably noticing is the "Audition to:" pulldown menu to pick the scratchpad slot (#1-16) that the Auto-Audition feature uses (when you click the Auto-Audition button)
  82. h.c.e.

    Non-Minimum Phase IRs

    If you have the “Minimum-Phase Transform” (sometimes styled variously as “Min-Phase” or “MPT”) option ticked on in Cab-Lab processing (Lite, or full), or you have the option turned on in Ax-Edit for Ax-Manage Cab imports (it’s in the Preferences, or in the Axe-Manage Cab Tool’s Browse menu) your...
  83. h.c.e.

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05

    Out of curiosity, is your III acting as the audio interface via USB in that example, or are you connected to the Apollo with the analog outs? I'm using the III's USB as the audio interface, and I have my patches leveled such that I hit about 0 to 1ish dB on the Out1 block, and in Logic then I...
  84. h.c.e.

    AustinBuddy's new 1000+ Naked Amps TonePack for the Axe-Fx III is now available

    You might find anything using the SV Bass model might need to be re-leveled and re-gain staged if not reworked some... at least in my experience, on one of my own presets that used that model, it was way louder and (owing to a high MV setting it seemed) putting out a lot more power amp...
  85. h.c.e.

    Wish UD Rep Pedal...

    Yeah, I'd think you could probably get your phone's sound through the III... like if you had a 1/8" stereo Y-splitter to 1/4" L/R adaptor, plugged the 1/8" end to the phone's headphone jack, plugged the two 1/4" plugs on the other end into Input 2 jacks on the rear of the III, and then added an...
  86. h.c.e.

    Wish UD Rep Pedal...

    Not sure what you're wishing for exactly here, but just looked up this "pedal", and well, I'm not even sure you can reasonably call it a pedal... it's basically a USB input device with a few stomp switches that controls a Chrome or Safari extension that accesses basic youtube api features to set...
  87. h.c.e.

    Axe-Fx 3 Input "Noise Gate" Threshold Setting ... is this normal ?

    Yup, totally normal. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/noise-gate-settings-between-ii-and-iii.139842/#post-1658127
  88. h.c.e.

    Question regarding CPU usage and Cab block

    Sure, but ToneMatching IRs (especially ones in the factory banks) seems like a bit of an end run around fractal's IP to me... I don't know that any EULA expressly forbids it, but I'd personally say, air on the side of "while it's technically possible, for all intents and purposes, maybe don't do...
  89. h.c.e.

    Question regarding CPU usage and Cab block

    No, there's no way to combine fractal IRs outside of Cab-Lab (or the cab block). Also, keep in mind there's no way to access the factory IRs directly from either of the 2 Factory banks or the Legacy bank and then mix them in Cab-Lab, so, since austinbuddy's presets use factory cabs, it may be...
  90. h.c.e.

    Non-Minimum Phase IRs

    By default, if you never changed the settings, MPT. In AE-III go to: Settings -> Preferences... -> Cabinet Import -> IR Processing and set it to "None" if you want Raw syx conversion (there's also an option in Axe-Manage Cabs tool under the browse menu toward the bottom somewhere (not in front...
  91. h.c.e.

    What suffix to look for to find Axe-Fx Cab Packs?

    and if the zips been unzipped they're predominantly .ir and .syx files inside (along with a .pdf)
  92. h.c.e.

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.09

    Try the following: Unplug USB cable Turn off Axe-Fx III Wait a few seconds Turn on Axe-Fx III Restart computer wait for computer to fully restart Reconnect USB Cable between III and computer Launch Axe-Edit III If it's still not working, might be worth trying a different USB cable and USB port...
  93. h.c.e.

    Adding external effect pedals

    Output 3 L into pedal, then pedal out into Input 3 L (or connect in stereo for stereo effects) Grid might be something like: IN1 -> [stuff] -> OUT3 -> IN3 -> [other stuff] -> OUT1 Bypassing IN3 (or any IN block) will cause it to function like a shunt. When an IN block is active, it discards...
  94. h.c.e.

    An update from a newb

    You might prefer running your III into a power amp that feeds a traditional guitar cab approach then? (just be sure to bypass cab block IR processing if you’re going that route).
  95. h.c.e.

    Adding external effect pedals

    Two options... 1. put fuzz between guitar and instrument input, engage fuzz with its stomp switch, rock out 2. use a combination of OUT/IN blocks (3 and/or 4 are expressly geared for this) to setup an “FX Loop” type setup you can place anywhere on the grid, toggle IN# bypass state to bring...
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