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  1. pima1234

    "A Really Good Price"

    Spherical, yet quite pointy in parts. "Heed! Pants! Now!"
  2. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I can recommend the Ammoon one, based on my experience. It's an inexpensive solution, and I'm impressed. The key is "will it hold up over a long gig?". That is not something I've tested.
  3. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    FYI, the Ammoon wireless system has been working flawlessly.
  4. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    There is a new router in the sanctuary. But really, last evening, it was solid. For whatever reason, this past Sunday morning, it didn't connect. So, good ol' cable as a backup.
  5. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Worked well at rehearsal this evening. It does seem to be a little finicky, but was solid for a good hour and 1/2.
  6. pima1234

    Good Week for New Music

    Putting the album in my cart now. (And that's very rare anymore, but man... Bruce Hornsby, from back in the day? Some good stuff.)
  7. pima1234

    Good Week for New Music

    That Bruce Hornsby album has a Sting meets Eels kind of thing going on, with bit of Discipline album in there. Very cool. I'd have to listen to more, obviously...
  8. pima1234

    Embedded Programming in decline

    Part of the problem are the companies themselves. Not looking for the best product to sell and ones which can be contintually improved upon. That's what's become all too rare.
  9. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I'll know after tomorrow morning.
  10. pima1234

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    My 2009 iMac is still kicking. Granted, I don't anything intensive with it ('cept all those open tabs in Chrome... lol).
  11. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I ordered the Ammoon 5.8ghz one available on Amazon. So far so good. Less than 1/2 the price.
  12. pima1234

    Do you think Gibson Guitars new CEO can turn the company around?

    The main thing that will help them is restructuring their debt. Without that, no recovery would have been possible.
  13. pima1234

    Chair, yes chair

    Roc n Soc drum throne. Also, The Guitar Chair. I'm really a classical guitarist, so that is wonderful. Expensive, but worth it. https://originalguitarchair.com/
  14. pima1234

    U2 - “Zooropa 360” Clip

    Really not bad. Sounds pretty close to that live version. The original studio album takes it, IMO, but still a nice job trying to replicate that live sound.
  15. pima1234

    Drive Block Status

    I completely agree. I used to own a room full of very nice amps (cabs too, of course), and tons of pedals. My favorite tones (clean, break-up, drive, etc.) always came from the actual amp. No pedal replicates that fully. The only thing that came really close were the Kingsley pedals. They are my...
  16. pima1234

    Eric Clapton's Life

    "Welcome to old age, gramps..." She lost me. Brat!
  17. pima1234

    For all those lusting for a Klon...they're baaacck

    I've played a real Klon, and yes, there's something about it. For those prices, give me an Axe FX III.
  18. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    That's not a bad thing. I recall some models seem to have more gain that their real-life counterpart. More realer all day!
  19. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    Gotta get me a III...
  20. pima1234

    Price Increase

    Also, maybe not "in the world". Keep your eyes posted for a used one. They come up now and then. No worries. Sometimes, awesome things (like the AX8) come to those who wait.
  21. pima1234

    Saw Crash Test Dummies last night

    God Shuffled His Feet was altogether written, produced, mixed, and mastered incredibly and well. Great songwriting, and plenty of musical talent. I'd love to see them on tour.
  22. pima1234

    Yek's Organ (preset)

    Looking forward to hearing some demos.
  23. pima1234

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    Oh, but you're supposed to have a "real job", and just "play" music on the side...
  24. pima1234

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    I'm not one of those people who believes music should be free, or that "professional" and "musician" is an oxymoron. That's a construct of a failing society. Very dystopian. If this helps boost the profession of musicians, I'm all for it. Music itself transcends money. But it still makes the...
  25. pima1234

    Phil Keaggy

    I'd be so happy to nail that scale run in "In the Light of Common Day". He picks the notes, with minimal slurs. Incredible. I don't have that right hand.
  26. pima1234

    Phil Keaggy

    The reason (along with keeping my dad's memory alive) I became serious about guitar. 1991, Beyond Nature. Truly inspirational. I finally started being able to play those compositions at age 42. I just got to see him in Nashville, at the Sing! Conference. I've been in touch with his booking...
  27. pima1234

    Anyone using a piezo-equipped guitar? What amp model?

    Ideally, a high gainer, with a Metal Zone. Seriously though, good post. I'm interested, too. What I would want to do is use an acoustic IR with the piezo, typically (not necessarily always). So you guys are saying the IR isn't really necessary? I'm surprised. I always felt it helped with the...
  28. pima1234

    Is This The End Of Solid State?

    Here's what I got out of it: "[He] came into their home uninvited after 1 a.m...." Their door was open then... Yeah, okay. That might be stupid of them? Just sayin'. I lock up tight, and we're in a low crime (relatively speaking, to um, Detroit...), small rural city. Also, the vacuum tube...
  29. pima1234

    Dead time between songs ideas???

    Gorgoroth supports this message
  30. pima1234

    Dead time between songs ideas???

    Monty Python bits. Just preface with "...and now for something completely different," and you should win them over!
  31. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18

    Shouldn't. No changes to amps or anything.
  32. pima1234

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

    He's running a recording studio.
  33. pima1234

    Xitone Michael Britt or Valvetrain Powertrain

    Another Xitone supporter. Wish I could buy another.
  34. pima1234

    The owls are not what they seem

    The owls are not what they seem
  35. pima1234

    Matching a Klon Centaur

    When I played one, it was largely a "feel" thing. Really cool what it does, but I've found similar flavors in the Axe FX that I like at least as much (and I've been through a ton of great pedals over the years, just like most of you guys). Same old story: there's still nothing quite like the...
  36. pima1234

    2x12 sized FRFR

    I owned a pair of passive 2x12 Xitones for a while. They were absolutely awesome.
  37. pima1234

    Strandberg guitar bought - tested - and sent back

    You need to give a Klein-style headless a try, if you haven't already. (see my profile pic). I have 3, and they're the only electrics I have. Sadly, I almost never play electric right now...
  38. pima1234

    Your Roku is Spying On You

    No doubt that Spectrum is spying on us. We'll be dropping their cable and voice service ASAP. I'm sure our Samsung TV is, too.
  39. pima1234

    FS AX8 for Sale - $100,000,000

    Checks bitcoin account... lol
  40. pima1234

    Redwirez is dead?

    It's the sad state of things.
  41. pima1234

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta #4

    Cannot wait to install and play around with this. And someday... an Axe FX III will be mine!
  42. pima1234

    Shopping for a new processor for acoustic

    Zoom AC-3 is working for me
  43. pima1234

    Looking for a good humidifier...

    Vornado Evap40 for mid-size rooms. Works to keep our basement humidity up during the long Michigan winters.
  44. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    Warranty was 2 years and the repair was needed not long before it ran out. I look at it this way, Blue has since replaced the MoFi with other headphone lines. And, it makes sense to me that a good set of cans with a good headphone amp should do the trick.
  45. pima1234

    Kingsley Jester into Axe III

    As a huge Kingsley fan, I'm interested in running a Jester (or Jouster, Juggler) into the Neunaber Iconoclast Speaker Simulator. That would be a killer mini-rig.
  46. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    Yes, my set of MoFis stopped taking a charge. They were under warranty, and I have a replacement now.
  47. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    I have the Blue MoFi and Beyerdynamic DT880 (600 ohm). There's no simulating the sound and feel of speakers with headphones, but those two do a great job.
  48. pima1234

    One of these is not like the other. Klon/Centura content...

    Can I have your bike? LOL (damn I need to start riding again...) And yeah, I'm inclined to agree with your post. Sure, there was something really unique about the Klon I played. Then again, it was though an awesome Twin, with a fantastic ES335. So, that certainly had something to do with it!
  49. pima1234

    One of these is not like the other. Klon/Centura content...

    Now if only I had the opportunity to play electric once in a while... I could actually enjoy it at stage volume. Yes, it's a great pedal.
  50. pima1234

    My strings smell like onions.

    And yes, that would be incredibly irritating! I would change my strings over that before dull tone.
  51. pima1234

    My strings smell like onions.

    It's what's for dinner?
  52. pima1234

    One of these is not like the other. Klon/Centura content...

    Right. I can get so much of what I want out of the available choices in the Axe FX (II or AX8). That being said, I have never used a good drive pedal in front of my AX8, so I would only be comparing with a real amp. As of now, my only analog gear is an ADA Rocket A10 and an early Ethos pedal...
  53. pima1234

    One of these is not like the other. Klon/Centura content...

    So you're saying the hype is real? I agree, having played the real thing (actually, a Klon Centaur Gold). Loads of amazing pedals out there, and yet a real Klon does have something unique going on.
  54. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III - my first preset: VH

    Has all that great tube amp growl and strong treble. Love it!
  55. pima1234

    I bought a Ceratone Centura and it’s actually pretty awesome

    I was able to play on a real Klon Centaur a while ago. Really wonderful pedal. Definitely NOT $1500 good, but I was surprised, and I've owned a ton of great drive pedals over the years.
  56. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    Getting a shiny new acoustic soon. Paid for that a while ago, thankfully. whew!
  57. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    Yes, I enjoyed your demo, along with many others. Glad to hear that the Axe FX III compares well. I just need to get my electric rig set up again, finally. Moved to a new house, then moved my office, which I had never fully set up in the first place...
  58. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    I'm not playing electric much lately. I'll hook up everything and work on it. Thank you! :-)
  59. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    That was my exact feeling years ago. I couldn't get enough in the mix.
  60. pima1234

    Axe-FX III Pitch block vs Digitech Drop

    That's what I noticed in your demo. The photos prove it. That's a win for Fractal, for sure.
  61. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    On that note, I'm guessing you've probably seen the new EQD Pyramids. Pretty sweet.
  62. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    How are the effects in the Axe FX III? I'm specifically interested in the flanger. Hippie Tim's demo of the rotary sounds great. Thanks
  63. pima1234

    Axe-FX III Rotary vs Ventilator vs Boss RT-20

    I'd say the Axe III is excellent. Very convincing effect. I've been hoping to hear more demos of the modulation effects on the III.
  64. pima1234


    We have to place a ban on your teeth!
  65. pima1234

    NGD Godin A12

    Yup. Nylon Multiac Duet Ambience here. Great guitar. Getting a custom acoustic made though, so I might be selling mine.
  66. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Just got mine earlier today. 1:08
  67. pima1234


    Yeah... Okay, but different band from what they used to be.
  68. pima1234

    DAW preference for old dog

    Definitely give Reaper a shot.
  69. pima1234

    Anyone actually happy here and enjoying their gear?

    Working in music (20+ years now); and, for as much as I really like what I do (particularly right now) and am thankful for the unique opportunity to use my talents and training professionally, making a living in music is a struggle. (yes, other careers have their own challenges, of course) I...
  70. pima1234

    Klaughn pedal hits the 10k mark :/

    TGP member ____ (Lawyer?) needs to pay his substantial tax bill... (I recall seeing that in ad descriptions many times)
  71. pima1234

    NGD - tomorrow morning...

    Candy Crush responses? lol
  72. pima1234

    That pudgy 10 year old "Technical Difficulties" kid

    Shoot. Who cares what he looks like (lol). The young man can play!!!
  73. pima1234

    Klaughn pedal hits the 10k mark :/

    Kirk is not amused
  74. pima1234

    Pro Tools vs Reaper

    I do like, and use, Reaper. But, I'm looking forward to getting back into the full-featured Samplitude. Everything down to Redbook CD authoring, direct from the DAW. Folks, if you have any tips for mastering in Reaper, I'm all ears.
  75. pima1234

    Klaughn pedal hits the 10k mark :/

    You didn't spell it correctly. It's really "Chllahnn".
  76. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III vs Kemper Profiling Amp

    This is hard to explain, but I feel like I was hearing an actual guitar amp better with the III. The Kemper in no way sounds bad. I enjoyed it when I owned one. (I cannot wait to get a III someday!) Clearly, it's difficult to accurately compare the two, but nice job.
  77. pima1234

    Will US/China Trade Tariffs affect AxeFx Prices?

    I think we all hope it doesn't, naturally. Let's hope pure, unbridled capitalism can find a way! (I reiterate, no political debate here...)
  78. pima1234

    The problem with low wattage tube amps.

    If we're talking about truly "low" wattage, the ADA Rocket A10. I'm really enjoying that. It's my only real amp. All depends on the guitar (pickups) of course, but there are lower wattage amps with a reasonable amount of headroom. I went through a number of those tube change amps (Emery Sound...
  79. pima1234

    'Real' HIWATT → X-LOAD LB-2 → XL+ running Fane/WEM IR's

    That fuzz! Awesome demo. Great showcase of some killer products. Clearly, the X-LOAD is something special.
  80. pima1234

    Rush's Permanent Waves full album performance!

    RUSH were so brilliant at this point.
  81. pima1234

    Rush's Permanent Waves full album performance!

    Him doing every, single part. Essentially, note-for-note.
  82. pima1234

    Rush's Permanent Waves full album performance!

    Jacob's freaking Ladder!!! Wow... And Natural Science? damn...
  83. pima1234

    Rush's Permanent Waves full album performance!

    His vocal range is nothing short of impressive. The whole thing is one ambitious, awesome project!
  84. pima1234

    I Need a Chord Lesson

    Triads. Yes, of course.
  85. pima1234

    Strandberg Fusion

    After this Michigan Winter, Florida is exactly what my family and I need!
  86. pima1234

    Strandberg Fusion

    In so many ways, I would completely agree about the aesthetics. Peregrine is incredible in its simplicity. I miss that guitar very, very much. Life changed very quickly 4 years ago, due to a bad decision to relocate. Anyhoo... both guitars have a great acoustic tone, with Peregrine having the...
  87. pima1234

    I Need a Chord Lesson

    I would agree with that about Norwegian Wood. No real need to over-complicate the chords with fancy music theory. Just call it what it is, and use shorthand. Much simpler, and it makes perfect sense.
  88. pima1234

    I Need a Chord Lesson

    All major/minor chords consist of only 3 notes. A C chord is C-E-G. Am is A-C-E. If the lowest note of a chord is anything other than the root (same note as the letter name of the chord), you have a slash chord (technically called an inversion), so C/G, or Am/C. A C/A chord is not technically...
  89. pima1234

    Strandberg Fusion

    I am so thrilled you are enjoying it. Have any demos? I got some very nice sounds with that guitar. Incredibly vibrant and responsive.
  90. pima1234

    Strandberg Fusion

    No, but Mike may have increased his prices as his demand grows, and rightfully so. Peregrine is a beast of a guitar. You'll notice, of course, my Forshage Orion in the photo. Same concept, similar shape. Very different execution, with both builders being top-notch. I currently own 3 Orions (my...
  91. pima1234

    Congratulations FAS and good luck with phase 1

    Sad to be missing out on the initial release, but the wait will make the anticipation that much greater. And, I'll get to learn by reading, watching, and listening along the way, thanks to the great members of this forum!
  92. pima1234

    Sweetwater Used Marketplace

    The page has been sitting up in my browser for a couple weeks now, waiting for me to list a couple guitars I really don't want to sell, but will almost certainly need to. (waiting on hospital bill...) Really hoping they will have hit on something extra they can add to their already excellent...
  93. pima1234

    This is what happens when your power is out for 5 days because of a nor'easter...

    It is no fun relying on the generator. Much of the US needs to upgrade the power grid. Sucks man. Hoping your pipes stay unfrozen! My office/studio is in the basement... No transfer switch breaker to the basement. We've been pretty lucky in this house. Need Spring. Seasonal allergies be damned!
  94. pima1234

    This is what happens when your power is out for 5 days because of a nor'easter...

    I would feel the same way! Hoping you have a good generator.
  95. pima1234

    New bed..... Sleep #

    Tempurpedic has been pretty good for my wife and I. I do feel as though it makes muscles lazy, i.e. work less. I definitely move less in that bed than any other. The right frame makes a huge difference! After 10 years, ours has started to wear out. I'd like to try the 4" Purple, but don't have...
  96. pima1234

    Anyone have a Furman PL-PLUS DMC ?

    Yes. I have one and it's none more black when powered off.
  97. pima1234

    14 Heritage Guitar Workers off the job as company heads in new direction

    I can't imagine ever buying a new Gibson. At not until they fire this CEO.
  98. pima1234

    Piezos are cool

    I really need an electric with a piezo.
  99. pima1234

    The Hipower and WEM cab... I'm tellin' ya! Vid and preset.

    Tone is definitely in the fingers. They also built that preset. Win-win. So nice! Lots of great coming together.
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