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  1. BCy2k

    Has Anyone here ever needed to use a Line "Isolator" with their AX8 or XiTone?

    Such as a Radial IC-1 Icecube? I recently ran into an odd 1st for me. I purchased an older XiTone active wedge that has the Martix GM50 amp module in it. When I plugged in my AX8 I was greeted with an incredibly loud hum. Indicating a ground loop issue. I tried lifting the ground on the AX8...
  2. BCy2k

    Axe-Manage Cabs Question

    When using Axe-Manage Cabs (In AX8 Edit) to load and/or audition IRs I'm running into an issue when the IR file name is one of the longer ones in terms of characters. Anything over 31 characters in the file name ends up being truncated off the end of the file name. I tried using a couple...
  3. BCy2k

    Out Post Looper Location Problem

    I've checked my global looper location, as well as the looper location for a single preset. They're both set to out post, to record a loop with pre & post effects into the looper. It's not working. When I play back my loop it's sans delay. I've looked at a lot of things, including the manual...
  4. BCy2k

    Using FX8 in 4CM with Humbuster Cables, Question about adding an H9

    Currently my setup is an Atomic AmpliFire connected via 4CM to my FX8. I made my own humbuster cables for this initial setup and they made an audible difference for me. I like this setup a lot. I control everything via the FX8 & scenes. Usually I only need one preset to get through most gigs I...
  5. BCy2k

    AX8 Looper?

    Does the AX8 have a looper, and if so, how much time does it loop in mono/stereo? Thx.
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