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  1. RandyVanMartini

    Wish Tuner engage on exp. pedal heel down.

    I like this, but I think I would only want it to trigger the tuner on the FC and not the front panel.....that way the performance screen would stay. But yeah, this would sure free up a switch on the FC for something else...great idea!
  2. RandyVanMartini

    effects presets - do they exist?

    Yep, saving effects blocks for later use is the way to go.
  3. RandyVanMartini

    Process for transfering presets

    The III is a whole different animal than the II.....at least different enough that I would start fresh with your favorite amps and cabs. And we know you have patience “had the III since Christmas and haven’t touched it” :eek:
  4. RandyVanMartini

    Hold to scroll

    Yep, would be cool to be able to scroll through presets like we could with the MFC. Will probably lose the hold function on those switches, but that’s ok.
  5. RandyVanMartini

    Forum Maintenance 2019/06/07 - COMPLETED

    Definitely appreciate the update, seems snappier than before. That being said, a dark mode would sure be easier on the eyes. And these new emoji are LAME! :eek:
  6. RandyVanMartini

    Wish My remaining usability wishes for the III

    Maybe they could just make it to where it would be the users choice as to what screen is persistent when changing presets......seems like that would grant a whole lotta wishes........and damn.....where did our cool emojis go? ;-)
  7. RandyVanMartini

    Music Man Majesty vs Suhr vs Strandberg vs Tom Anderson vs...

    Man, that Tom Anderson you have there is drool-worthy! Would love to hear that thing through some high gain goodness! One like that might just be my next purchase.
  8. RandyVanMartini

    Journey's "Who's Crying Now" using Mark Day's Journey preset Axe-Fx 3

    Awesome playing! Yep, that preset is spot on too:)
  9. RandyVanMartini

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    They sure sound great that way though!;)
  10. RandyVanMartini

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    FYI, for me, these sound way better blended with my original IRs, than they do alone. I guess I failed to mention trying them alone, but yeah, did not dig them at all that way. YMMV
  11. RandyVanMartini

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    These are sounding pretty good used in moderation, mixed with the IRs I was already using. Very usable.....thanks again Cliff!
  12. RandyVanMartini

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    WoooHooo....4x12s!!! Thanks Cliff!
  13. RandyVanMartini

    Matte Jazz III picks

    These right here are the grippiest, longest lasting picks ever for me; https://www.zzounds.com/item--DNP518P?siid=189030&gclid=CMqX1qOZ1uICFU_wwAodR9AMzw
  14. RandyVanMartini

    Wish RTA Performance Tab

    Cliff, could we possibly get a performance tab added such as this? Thanks!
  15. RandyVanMartini

    Another should I sell my....

    I'd be in a different camp than most on this. I say, if it's just collecting dust, then off it! Besides, if it isn't getting any play time because of the Axe8, then you will be AMAZED with a III! Plus, it's not like you have to give it away. Just my 2¢...;)
  16. RandyVanMartini

    Please make an FM7

  17. RandyVanMartini

    Dream Warriors

    Pfhhh.....yeah right. Nice job Mark!
  18. RandyVanMartini

    FED UP with UPS!

    Yep, I've seen UPS pull that one before. If a package is scheduled for delivery on a Saturday,it seems like if they don't feel like bringing it on that particular Saturday, they just post up a "delivery exception" and BOOM......the driver is off the hook for delivery, and you're out of luck til...
  19. RandyVanMartini

    FC/Axe-Fx 3 display basics

    If they would implement this wish;https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wish-program-switch-to-pull-up-edit-screen-of-any-block-on-front-panel.150611/ then you could set the hold function to go to the edit screen of any block you choose.:D
  20. RandyVanMartini

    Couldn’t wait - bought Axe-Fx III

    Ha ha.....darn the luck!
  21. RandyVanMartini

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    I think we can expect @Freds55 ’s invite post any second...no? Pull’n for ya Fred!:D
  22. RandyVanMartini

    Wish: Program switch to pull up edit screen of any block on front panel

    Another cool thing that could be done with this, is if you set the switch to the RTA block, you could bring up the graph with a flick of the foot! No screen saver mode needed.;)
  23. RandyVanMartini

    White Screen of Death

    So are you going to take a gander inside for loose cables? Just wondering.
  24. RandyVanMartini

    When to shut off and how long to keep on

    I relish the fact that I can usually get mine to shut off for about 7 out of each 24 hours.:)
  25. RandyVanMartini

    Midlife Crisis Car

    No denying the pedigree of the 1st gen camaros! That’s probably what I would choose if not for the personal history I have with the 70 1/2.
  26. RandyVanMartini

    Wish: Program switch to pull up edit screen of any block on front panel

    True, but this would be more betterer!:D One flick of the foot, and you're there.
  27. RandyVanMartini

    Implemented Front panel encoders programmable

    This kind of goes along with performance mode too ; https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wish-program-switch-to-pull-up-edit-screen-of-any-block-on-front-panel.150611/
  28. RandyVanMartini

    Wish: Program switch to pull up edit screen of any block on front panel

    As the title suggests, I think it would be killer to be able to program any switch to pull up the edit screen of the block of your choice on the front panel. Let’s say you’re on a delay tweaking kick. You could save a lot of menu diving, having this switch programmed to the delay block. After...
  29. RandyVanMartini

    Coming soon...

    Boy I guess! :D
  30. RandyVanMartini

    Coming soon...

  31. RandyVanMartini

    Your Favorite Rake. In A Guitar Solo - String Perpendicular Or String Parallel (aka Scrape)

    I would consider this one to be a "rake", first one at 1:37.
  32. RandyVanMartini

    Powered speaker that the III fits safely on top of?

    You could get one of these from XiTone, like @WW Audio has here:
  33. RandyVanMartini

    Please make an FM7

    Thank you kindly sir!:)
  34. RandyVanMartini

    Mesa Lonestar Clean

    That sounds absolutely superb!
  35. RandyVanMartini

    Midlife Crisis Car

    Oh, and just to keep the thread on topic, how about a Challenger RT Hellcat!:D
  36. RandyVanMartini

    Midlife Crisis Car

    When I was 14, my friends and I used to drool over that car in SuperChevy magazine. Low and behold one day, here comes the kid across the street rumbling into his driveway in one! Black with white stripes, 365 horse LT-1, Muncie 4 spd, 4.11 gears......man we all about fainted! lol What a cool car!
  37. RandyVanMartini

    Just used the Axe-Fx III for client's country/pop recording

    Big Stuff is awesome stuff....I dig it! Good song all the way around.:)
  38. RandyVanMartini

    Midlife Crisis Car

    I think I'd have to go old school with an original '70 and a half split bumpered Z. :D
  39. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Update.... So yeah, this thing has worked flawlessly when right in front of the rig in the basement, as we have heard. This morning, I did a fun little test, where I strapped on the Les Paul, turned up to some pretty hefty volume, and proceeded out of Madison Square Basement, up the stairs, and...
  40. RandyVanMartini

    Tesla Love Song solo

    Hell yeah.....awesome!
  41. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Just be glad they didn't use DHL!
  42. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Got mine today, and just finished trying it out......your review is spot on with what I experienced. The only thing I can add, is that it does stay put when I do my Eddie Van Halen jumps (yeah right)!;):D
  43. RandyVanMartini

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    That’s really weird that you’re getting those results with the latest and greatest....I am getting the opposite here.....I think the III is sounding the best it ever has. What are you monitoring the III through?
  44. RandyVanMartini

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    Yep, loving the lightning fast preset changes! Not seeing a difference in boot times here though.
  45. RandyVanMartini

    New Cab Pack! FAR FIELD Session 1

    Waiting on the 4x12s.:)
  46. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Yep, mine shipped from Texas as well. Took DHL eight fricking days to get it from TX to my local post office here in KS! Apparently, I will have it tomorrow. Sheesh!:rolleyes:
  47. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Congrats!......I'm still waiting.....shipped on 4/30.......can't believe they use DHL......DHL sucks!!! lol
  48. RandyVanMartini

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Well said, and I agree.:)
  49. RandyVanMartini

    Volume Block - Jumps / Not Smooth with Expression Pedals

    Just curious, does the little yellow dot on the slope line in the edit modifier screen, jump like the volume does while moving the pedal or does it move smoothly?
  50. RandyVanMartini

    Ready to purchase III, but knowing my luck, a MK2 would probably show up soon...

    I don't know man, Cliff's liable to finally add the Talent control on the MkII.....
  51. RandyVanMartini

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    Oh man, I better get rid of this danged ol FC-12 I have...I mean what’s the point...............NOT!:D Thanks Cliff!
  52. RandyVanMartini

    Preset inspired by Andy Wood from Axe-Fest

    Wow....nice playing! The tone ain't bad either....;)
  53. RandyVanMartini

    JP inspired IR

    Is a cool shirt..... https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=4O_NXMmgJYyWtQWJk7CACw&q=t+rex++guitar+shirt&oq=t+rex++guitar+shirt&gs_l=img.3...38359.42091..43122...0.0..0.90.624.8......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i67j0j0i7i30j0i8i7i30.ucQCcgFpmKg#imgrc=_
  54. RandyVanMartini

    Greatest band of all time?

    No way to choose just one...... Beatles Zep VanHalen They all made a huge impact. Then you have to include Rush on pure musicianship alone.
  55. RandyVanMartini

    Happy birthday Matt

    May you find all of the Glittering prizes and endless compromises that you're looking for, on your special day!:D
  56. RandyVanMartini

    Any bedroom only players using an Axe-Fx 3?

    Yep, Madison Square Basement noodler here, checking in...;) As Chris said, I use a III because it’s the best sounding piece of kit available.....no justification needed.
  57. RandyVanMartini

    Please make an FM7

  58. RandyVanMartini

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Alright! I'm rockin the Windows 7 start menu along with the AeroGlass effect on everything in Windows 10....it's like 2009 all over again!:D Love it!
  59. RandyVanMartini

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Seems like it would be hard to record the effect you get with w\d\w.....how do you go about it? Just curious.
  60. RandyVanMartini

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Working on that now.;)
  61. RandyVanMartini

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Man, that is great....don’t know how I ever missed this! Years ago I installed something called Start8 or something like that, and it was buggy crap. This classic shell is the sh!t, thanks! The only thing missing now is a way to change the border padding of the windows like you could in 7.
  62. RandyVanMartini

    Golden ratio delays

    Eureka! :D
  63. RandyVanMartini

    Noise when changing presets??

    Hey, I remember this thread!:) Just FYI, still haven’t had this issue with my III since then.
  64. RandyVanMartini

    Center channel with wet left/right?

    Very well said! :)
  65. RandyVanMartini

    Benatar's Heartbreaker

    Love that song......nicely done Mark!
  66. RandyVanMartini

    Implemented Display exact value / position of the Output-Knobs

    Pretty sure he’s talking about the output knobs on the front of the unit.
  67. RandyVanMartini

    Center channel with wet left/right?

    Hmmmm, all I can say to the guys saying they don’t see the point is, have you tried it with your digital rig? Yes it’s true that it would be a pain in the ass to haul around, but there’s no denying the sonic advantage! I mean, the CLRs in stereo sound fantastic, but when you add that dry 4x12 in...
  68. RandyVanMartini

    Thick baritone Herbie walls!

    Frickn’ nice.....must revisit the Herbie!
  69. RandyVanMartini

    Dream Theater - Home solo and full cover

    That was great....nice job!
  70. RandyVanMartini

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Oh, come on, tell us how you really feel! :D
  71. RandyVanMartini

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Yep, that's what the image says! LOL
  72. RandyVanMartini

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    I'd still buy one!:p:D;)*shrug* lol
  73. RandyVanMartini

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Well, I guess I'm going by the quality of my EV-1s .....haven't had to send them back once...really, I promise!! lol
  74. RandyVanMartini

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Ummm, maybe send it to the same place I would send my Axe Fx III to, if it broke. *shrug*
  75. RandyVanMartini

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Hell, if they put out something like this, I don't even need one and I'd buy it!!!:D
  76. RandyVanMartini

    Thinking about my next unit, questions

    Get the Axe III, and you can answer 90% of those questions yourself with the trial period.....bet you won’t send it back.:)
  77. RandyVanMartini

    Center channel with wet left/right?

    I run what you would call a wdw set up, with a pair of CLRs in stereo, and a Matrix power amp and 4 x12 in the center. I run the center totally dry, but I also allow quite a bit of dry amp signal in the CLRs as well, as I think it sounds way better that way. I find that normal stereo chorus...
  78. RandyVanMartini

    Wish Two Output Modes per Amp Block

    Actually, I think we’re talking about two different things. If I blend the FRFR output of two different amps into a cab block and then effects, then I get the blended amp sound plus effects, to Out 1...which is the intended outcome. I can then blend the SS power amp+cab output of the same two...
  79. RandyVanMartini

    Wish Two Output Modes per Amp Block

    Hmmm, I haven’t really tested the difference between the modes, but just used them accordingly. Can you expand on the need for split effects? So you wouldn’t be able to blend the two FRFR modes to one effects chain?
  80. RandyVanMartini

    Wish Two Output Modes per Amp Block

    Just wondering if it would be possible to have more than one output mode per amp block, so that you could send one to FRFR and one to SS power amp + cab. This way, you could actually have two different amp models sent to both your FRFR and to your power amp and cab, simultaneously.
  81. RandyVanMartini

    The correct way to hard pan dual amps while retaining stereo effects?

    Not at my Axe Fx now, but I think the cab block is where you would select this.....input mode.
  82. RandyVanMartini

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.06

    Another good one!...Thanks Cliff!
  83. RandyVanMartini

    Guitar Setup and how setup affects Axe-Fx

    Ahhh, no worries! Now, you guys got me thinking about this, and yes, I can hear pretty big differences between the different pickups in my guitars, although they're not all the same wood. The thing is, I would have to say that speaker choice and\or IR would still hold the top spot for me, as...
  84. RandyVanMartini

    Guitar Setup and how setup affects Axe-Fx

    You refer to the “axe “ several times...do you mean the guitar or Axe Fx? Just curious.
  85. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Well now's a fine time to announce this!;) Let us know whatcha think when you get it.
  86. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    And there you go;) I contacted Carvin since I was thinking something went wrong with my order, and they promptly pointed out that the item was for pre-order and would ship on 4/26 to 5/2 or sooner, like I already knew.;) Guess I was literally a day short of getting one of the earlier batch. At...
  87. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Hmmm, well bradlake and the op seem to be happy with theirs....we will see!:)
  88. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Thanks for the info.....when I ordered, one of the images said it ships 4/26-5/2, so yeah, they must have run out and waiting on more. Gee, where have I heard that before!;) Oh well, I guess I’ll get it when I get it!:)
  89. RandyVanMartini

    New super lightweight wireless...

    You got yours...great! Did they send you tracking info or did it just show up? I ordered, but haven’t seen a thing.
  90. RandyVanMartini

    Very different sound with headphones vs monitors

    I never grab headphones to play through unless I absolutely have to! That being said, I purchased some open back HD650s, and I must say, it’s obviously not as good as through the big rig, but they sound pretty darn good.
  91. RandyVanMartini

    How’s your bracket now ?

    None of it really matters anyway, since Kansas wasn’t in it! :p:D;)
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