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  1. dnasurfer

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    i thought i would post the global settings as well for this patch...
  2. dnasurfer

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    not a problem
  3. dnasurfer

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    for those wanting the Patch, Here it is.... enjoy (if it doesn't work - someone please pm ) Jamie
  4. dnasurfer

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    if anyone would like the patch for this video just give me a message
  5. dnasurfer

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    thank u sir:-)
  6. dnasurfer

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    I brought a axe fx Ultra of a friend of mine a while ago....and i was curious what type of tone i could get from it- (i have Owned a Axe fx 2, ax8 in the Past ) and now the Ultra. On this video i was going for a Steve Vai tone, and after several times of trial and error i came up with this sound...
  7. dnasurfer

    Is this Love preset

    Thanks Mark,, awesome preset... i liked it so much i had a go with it. (i used your preset and played with the delays a little)
  8. dnasurfer


    thank u so much!! can't wait to try it!
  9. dnasurfer


    great presets!-i wonder if u haveone for "deer hunter"?
  10. dnasurfer

    Axe 8-Animal def Leppard- feedback

    hi I'm playing over the backing tracks-it doesn't have guitars- just vocals bass guitar and drums
  11. dnasurfer

    Axe 8-Animal def Leppard- feedback

    I just brought the Ax8 recently and playing around with a few sounds- i really dig the mark day "is this love" patch... it seemed to suit this song..... any comments welcome
  12. dnasurfer

    Best Audio Interface (that will not color sound) to use with AX8?

    tried it last night and it worked well:-) i have to admit-the mark day presets were mean,
  13. dnasurfer

    Best Audio Interface (that will not color sound) to use with AX8?

    thanks man- i seem to work it out- change the time clock to 48- as well as on my MacBook pro-via"audio midi setup"
  14. dnasurfer

    Best Audio Interface (that will not color sound) to use with AX8?

    hi i got the 6i6 today and having a problem setting up world clock and routing in the mixer of the 6i6, any ideas u can give to a newbie- any ideas will be so appreciative thanks jamie
  15. dnasurfer

    Newbie Question: AXE8 won't connect to garage band via USB

    HI, does anyone have this problem??... i just want to connect my Axe8 via usb to garage band to do a little recording. i have no problems connecting to Axe edit, and i have update to the axe8's latest firmware, I turn off wifi when i try to to connect axe8 I go to garages bands preferences and...
  16. dnasurfer

    [Moke's Custom Presets] 'AX8' Thread - Updated to Q9.04/10.01 -New presets, Videos, Huge Discounts

    Hi Moke i just brought 6 of your presets and i don't receive my axe8 until tomorrow lol----i just brought because of the forum members reviews about you!!!! mean!
  17. dnasurfer

    Joe Satriani Patch

    thanks for sharing
  18. dnasurfer

    New way to level presets?

    never tried it like that before-interesting concept though- i may give it ago cool thanks
  19. dnasurfer

    TUCANA 3!!! The best tone I ever heard! Cliff, PLEASE model all channels :(

    hi, anyone got any amp settings for this amp-tried it out last night at the gig- really nice
  20. dnasurfer

    Shadows Presets

  21. dnasurfer

    The loner with my Axe-Fx II

    Awesome- my best friend use to love this piece so much- he always wanted me to play it- after watching your video i got around to finally doing it- thanks for the inspiration:encouragement:
  22. dnasurfer

    Vai and Devin Townsend OMG you should see it!!

    devin devins the man… haha:lol
  23. dnasurfer

    Shadows Presets

    woaa thanks very much for the presets
  24. dnasurfer

    Examples of excellent vibrato

    malmsteen, vai and Becker-
  25. dnasurfer

    Shawn Lane isj tone

    gr8- ill give it ago thanks for the link 8)
  26. dnasurfer

    Doug Aldrich Patch

    cheers for sharing the preset mean.
  27. dnasurfer

    Sounds like The Shadows

    mean - can't wait
  28. dnasurfer

    A new track featuring the "Cavernous" preset from 13.07

    thanks cool-thanks for sharing 8)
  29. dnasurfer

    New hold and freeze effect

    thanks for the share
  30. dnasurfer

    REQUEST: Devin Townsend Clean

    I'm glad someone else ask about devins sounds… [ QUOTE=jeffpengelly;626029]Hey guys, Does anyone have something that sounds like Devin Townsend's clean tone with his huge reverb? I haven't been happy with any cleans I've tried to dial in so far and see his clean tone as being 'perfect'. This...
  31. dnasurfer

    Violin patch v13 with scenes + ultrares

    mean.. thanks simon! did a gig in the weekend, and since it was a high class venue kinda thing… i thought i would use ur violin patch for a couple of intstrumentsls- by the shadows- it sound mean!!! thanks :eagerness:
  32. dnasurfer

    Violin patch (+ Ensemble feature!)

    I'm ring to use this at my gig on saturday- thanks a million
  33. dnasurfer

    Heavy Devy on EMG tv, Axe-fx II content

    devin i totally agree- his vocal range is so killer-- :shock
  34. dnasurfer

    Having Sustain Issues

    this was a really good help--- thanks danny
  35. dnasurfer

    Patches and amps revealed

    thanks man
  36. dnasurfer

    Who's Afraid to Gig Beta Firmware?

    Hell yes I'm going to use it on new years eve night gig!…. do or die
  37. dnasurfer

    More Scene controller Tips

    man- i wish someone would do a youtube video on this subject-sound awesome as
  38. dnasurfer

    Do You Guys Always Upgrade

    Yeah i do- its interesting to see the progress of the patches-i saved- and to compare- I'm starting to notice more vibrance of the tones, and the organic undertones coming to the surface- ---hmm i`ll stop with the poetry:-)))
  39. dnasurfer

    Footage from live bar gig

    wow! mean as
  40. dnasurfer

    Please rework/MIMIC the Carvin Legacy

    i have to agree i owned one for a while and the model on the axe fx isn't that close... i tried several ways to see if there was at least a suitable out come, but nothing as of yet, i would like to use it live if someones got a preset thats willing to give me a try :-)
  41. dnasurfer

    Shadows Presets

    thanks very much awesome!!!!!
  42. dnasurfer

    Proper Preset Volume Adjusting?

    i agree.. i Notice all the patches that i have stored, like HB, and the legacy patches, dont quite cut through and need abit more eq setting for them to cut through- i find when you have the volume right for songs at the beginning of the night night- change when more ppl are added in the room-...
  43. dnasurfer

    RedBox Five - CAB Pack for AxeFx II

    your the man!!!! thanks a million
  44. dnasurfer

    Sounds like The Shadows

    thank you so much, i tried the url link, but it said it wasnt found????? i will try tonite, again thank you :encouragement:
  45. dnasurfer

    Sounds like The Shadows

    does anyone have a setting for `peace pipe?`
  46. dnasurfer

    Sounds like The Shadows

    thanks very much for those setings ...
  47. dnasurfer

    ADA MP-1 classic...

    friedman hbe with chorus is along the same lines as the ada mp1..... but use the saturated,fat button for a bit of balls as well as one of the petrucci cabs, :devilish:
  48. dnasurfer

    Another thanks to Cliff....

    5 stars cliff *****
  49. dnasurfer

    TUTORIAL: Using Scenes on the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101

    I never really quite understood the scenes idea until i saw your video, and chris after, yours really helped me out with the mfc layout, and im stoke.... thanks to u and chris from New Zealand
  50. dnasurfer

    Thorndendal model

  51. dnasurfer

    Firmware Version 10.11 Now Available

  52. dnasurfer

    Expression Pedals Set as Volume & Whammy - Problems

    that was mean advice- i had the same problem...
  53. dnasurfer

    Tip on Strong/Fat Clean Tone

    screw it- im gonna try it today :-)
  54. dnasurfer


    I just did as you said- Awesome!!!!!!!!:encouragement: thanks very muh.. works like a treat
  55. dnasurfer


    cool thats a big help- im going to try it tonite thanks for all the help
  56. dnasurfer


    I currently having a problem with getting a nice pitch shifter sound: im using a high gain sound (5150) with reverb/delay chucked in for good measure but i need a harmony guitar for a certain part of the guitar solo (a 3rd) but when i use the pitch2 block and turn it on- it sounds really...
  57. dnasurfer

    how do i hook up my mission sp-1 to my mfc?

    just one more thing if i hook up a ep-1 do i need trs cables for them as well?
  58. dnasurfer

    how do i hook up my mission sp-1 to my mfc?

    o dude your videos are awesome- i think i balls up by buy a normal trs cable stere on one side and on the other- 2 mono connections
  59. dnasurfer

    how do i hook up my mission sp-1 to my mfc?

    hi i just got my mission sp-1 pedal today and i was wonering if i can use my trs cable stereo on one side of the cable, 2 mono jacks on the other?!!! is this possible... any help will be gratefully appreciated
  60. dnasurfer

    Who has " sold it all" and gone AXE FX??????

    its the best investment i ever made- :encouragement: take the first step!!! and any troubles-come to the forum-
  61. dnasurfer

    Is there a quicker way to get all the patch volumes the same???

    or do i have to go through every patch and change the volume myself to get the same volume? is there a faster way on the axe edit??
  62. dnasurfer

    Help! i Just Brought A axe fx2 from US- POWER QUESTION

    Haha s#@! F!@# me!- me and my friend spent hours on it today-! my god! im happy as can be-
  63. dnasurfer

    Help! i Just Brought A axe fx2 from US- POWER QUESTION

    "Just get the right cord for it and plug in. It'll handle the voltage change automatically. I strongly recommend downloading the manual. Then you won't have to worry about stuff like that". thanks!- i feel abit better:-)
  64. dnasurfer

    Help! i Just Brought A axe fx2 from US- POWER QUESTION

    Wow! i finally done it and brought a axe fx 2 from eBay- ( i brought it from the us)- i live in New Zealand- but im wondering if anyone know's if i have to change the power transformer- or.... is there a button to change to my country's power source 220-to 240 volts ac- does anyone...
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