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  1. GTBorderlines

    More thoughts on my experience with Kemper and Axefx II

    Interesting... i ran my Ax8 into KPA yesterday into an Mbritt Sc30 and FOH guy said it was the best tone he's heard yet. Coming from years of playing AxFxII direct. Again - I don't have a dog in the fight either and I think both have their up and downsides. But it is interesting that someone...
  2. GTBorderlines

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Thanks guys! @Larry Mitchell i see you're fairly close to me, good to see such great representation from home!
  3. GTBorderlines

    Anybody popped the hood on an AX8?

    It looks pretty packed in there to me. Take too much of that width away and you can't dissipate heat as easily either.
  4. GTBorderlines

    AX8 V6.02 Public Beta

    thanks guys!!
  5. GTBorderlines

    Implemented Timmy Drive Pedal

  6. GTBorderlines

    Effect Preset Blocks to download?

    +1 to that idea! Hopefully they see this!
  7. GTBorderlines

    How does this LM386 circuit boost bass?

    I can't see the picture but my guess is it's modifying the q-factor of a high-pass filter (or supposedly some other kind of filter for that matter). A high q factor equates to a boost in a selected resonant frequency.
  8. GTBorderlines

    Does the AX8 have "SPEAKER DRIVE" and "MOTOR DRIVE"?

    ^^ Speaker drive is there, motor drive is not due to excessive cpu load iirc
  9. GTBorderlines

    Q5.0 firmware released for Axe FX2!

    dang we're still waiting on 4.01! Guess I'll have to hook up my axe ii in the meantime :p
  10. GTBorderlines

    Do i need a power conditioner when i play live?

    I can't attest to the THD of a typical Furman voltage regulator, so you've got me there - but I doubt the THD is of any real significance to cause problems. True, SMPS have been around for a while now. But you can still implement them poorly. Keeping SMPS far away from the analog electronics...
  11. GTBorderlines

    Do i need a power conditioner when i play live?

    I'd like to throw my 2cents in as well: Power Conditioners are nothing more than a glorified outlet strip for the most part. They typically attempt to filter out high frequency noise, provide surge protection, and overcurrent protection. They will not protect from damage due to brown-outs or...
  12. GTBorderlines

    Fixed Preset bundle doesn't prompt to save cab?

    That'll do it... thanks Chris
  13. GTBorderlines

    Fixed Preset bundle doesn't prompt to save cab?

    As the name implies..I was attempting to save Larry Mitchell's Life Pad preset he posted a while back which has a cab that defaults to the scratchpad. Per Yek's explanation, saving the preset should prompt me to pick a cab slot to save the cab as well right? It never does. What am I missing here?
  14. GTBorderlines


    surge protection isn't the same as using a fuse. Surge protection utilizes GDT's and MOV's etc to quickly divert lightning energy to ground, while fuses protect from a longer term line fault. I'd recommend surge protection along with your switch, something to prevent lightning damage. Although...
  15. GTBorderlines

    Wish Scene Notes in AX8-Edit

    I just bought an AX8 myself and this was literally one of the first things I thought would be an excellent addition. The sleek design of the FS layout on the front screen is basically begging to have custom named scenes for ease of use!
  16. GTBorderlines

    Day One AX8 impressions for a Axe II owner

    I spent the better part of yesterday breaking my new AX8 in coming from an Axe II as well. First thing i tried to do was recreate my Axe II patches on my AX8. I've got a standard template that I run for the majority of my patches that has amp/cab, 2 drives, 2 delays, a comp and a reverb. And...
  17. GTBorderlines

    Power Conditioners: Snake oil?

    Help me de-bunk certain myths of power conditioners. Some people swear that power conditioners will help reduce noise in certain situations. I.E. noise from high frequency lighting units or likewise. I get that RF chokes and filters may help reduce line AC noise - but these fractal units all...
  18. GTBorderlines

    Brad Paisley Tone. Without A Fight

    really nice man! share that preset! ;)
  19. GTBorderlines

    ML Tutorial: How to mix IR's with Cab-Lab 3

    so you tend to use one of those 'balanced' amps for testing out cabs and then switch to whatever amp you wanted to use? I'm wondering how well that translates to class A amps using the same concept? Obviously they have much different gain structures. I don't have CL3 so can't test it myself or...
  20. GTBorderlines

    [SOLVED] Switching from preset 0 to 385 crashes axe fx

    that did the trick! I appreciate it. It's very strange that the preset was corrupted - i've never touched preset 383 (or anywhere close for that matter!) thanks again - I guess I'll keep this thread up for others that may have had the same problem. Unless and admin sees otherwise ;)
  21. GTBorderlines

    [SOLVED] Switching from preset 0 to 385 crashes axe fx

    This bug has always haunted my unit for a number of FW versions - even before quantum. If I accidentally hit the thumbwheel the wrong way and go from preset 000 to 385 (or whatever the last preset is) my axe fx II crashes and makes this god awful noise if anything is plugged up to any audio...
  22. GTBorderlines

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    nobody else having the axefx freeze when switching cabs?? No? just me? cool - i guess ill wait til official release!
  23. GTBorderlines

    Reverb X/Y pop

    Hey guys, didn't know where to post this so mods feel free to move it to its appropriate place. I've got an issue when switching X/Y states of the reverb from a simple Studio C to a very ambient spacey reverb (like deep space or north church) that causes a POP whenever switching back and...
  24. GTBorderlines

    LeSs GaInZ??

    ^^ this. fantastic sound
  25. GTBorderlines

    Level matching algorithm?

    Cliff talked a while back ago about creating a preset / amp level matching algorithm? It's hard to do it at apartment volume and not a whole lot of time to tweak at sound check!
  26. GTBorderlines

    New Ownhammer L-BB Packs ! LG - MG - HG [SeeD]

    Im digging that clean tone, what amp did you use for this?
  27. GTBorderlines

    14.02 - AST Fun TAF and Fractal UR Cabs

    Swart Atomic Space Tone, the "Nuclear Tone" model if the AXEFX
  28. GTBorderlines

    USB Direct vs Audio Interface

    only reason i use an interface is to...well.... interface from my laptop to my studio monitors.
  29. GTBorderlines

    MOONFLOOD: Kraken Lullaby

    sick, very dream theatre-esque. nice playing on all parts!
  30. GTBorderlines

    New OH cabs sound BEASTLY!

    nice sound. v30's?
  31. GTBorderlines

    Show some love for the super reverb - with a ZenMaster Drive in front!

    You can feel the soul coming out of that one, nice playing 8)
  32. GTBorderlines

    Deluxe Reverb - wow!

    great vibe to it, great sound!
  33. GTBorderlines

    My first Axe II recording :)

    So tight, very nice!
  34. GTBorderlines

    Axe II firmware 10 video ... awsome dynamics !!! ( suhr modern )

    i can't stop looking at that finish :)
  35. GTBorderlines

    How to even up output levels?

    check out the status meters in the utilities page . utilities > status meters. From there you should be able to see input, output and CPU usage & get volume relatively close
  36. GTBorderlines

    My first Axe II recording FW 10 Euro Blue

    Roll tide! haha nope I haven't ever been. I've been meaning to a while now, GC has usually kept my business...even though I hate the customer service :( i'll be sure to stop by there sometime this summer!
  37. GTBorderlines

    My first Axe II recording FW 10 Euro Blue

    Nice to see someone from b'ham repping :), nice playing man.
  38. GTBorderlines

    AC30 scene changing using Logic Pro in v10

    SICK. DUDE. Seriously nice groove to it.
  39. GTBorderlines

    Tender Surrender Double Verb FW10

    shredddd! nice man!
  40. GTBorderlines

    Chillout Music (teaser)

    very chill vibe, more please!
  41. GTBorderlines

    VIDEO with Brit Silver FW 10...my dog is not impressed

    I dig it. Nice playing Adam!
  42. GTBorderlines

    AxeFx2 with studio monitors

    Make sure you're not cutting the bass on the back of the power amp of the HS50ms. There's a room control setting which decreases bass, as well as the 80hz and 100hz low cut . To use them to their full extent make sure you don't have anything cut ie flat response. Keep in mind the speakers...
  43. GTBorderlines

    Short Blues Noodle Clip featuring Bassguy 65 and ODS100

    seriously nice playing man. love that 347 sound with the fender!
  44. GTBorderlines

    Is the Axe a viable amp?

    people say modelers can't come close to a real tube amp, then FW 10 does and people start complaining about it being too much like tube amps...:roll bunch of guitar diva's in here.
  45. GTBorderlines

    My Dear Double Verb is Dead

    ...I love the fw10 double verb. Very thick sounding amp to me. What monitors are you listening to it through?
  46. GTBorderlines

    Country Amp suggestions

    +1, single coil tele all the way for country.
  47. GTBorderlines

    AE 1.9: Beyond Embarrassing

    I swear man, some of these guys going full stupid on this forum. Trying to program a 5x5 2d array with random walking behaviors took me 3 hours alone. You want something better than AE1.9 program it your own !@#$%^& self. I guarantee Fractal Audio will be done before you.
  48. GTBorderlines

    Giant Steps goes overdrive

    yeah, the dumble cuts a little better in the mix. fantastic playing by the way.
  49. GTBorderlines

    Rack mounting, or rather - not

    Haven't looked at mine in a while, but i think they are welded/mounted somehow to the chassis of the unit.
  50. GTBorderlines

    TMA blocks and V10

    TMA did change quite significantly IIRC. Specially the low end has gotten much more accurate. EDIT: check this link for a little more on it: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/66097-fw10-tone-match-upgrade.html
  51. GTBorderlines

    Cliff's tribute. Because the man deserves it!!!

    v10 had me playing 4 hours straight tonight...hadn't done that in a long time :) thanks Cliff!
  52. GTBorderlines

    V10 Update

    Roll Tide :)
  53. GTBorderlines

    Facebook post

    that's the axe fx ultra.... v1. :lol
  54. GTBorderlines

    Facebook post

  55. GTBorderlines

    Dear Fractal...

    that damn word will end up driving me crazy. "soon" ....:shock
  56. GTBorderlines

    Vinai T FW10 beta 65 Bassguy & T808 preview

    beautiful sound. can't seem to wait any longer :)
  57. GTBorderlines

    Dumble Clip (April Fools!)

    "Do IT F... IT" :)
  58. GTBorderlines

    Firmware 10 Trance shredding!!!

    i'm not a big 'rave music' fan, but this made me wanna go to a club and fist pump until I blacked out.
  59. GTBorderlines

    Original Metal Tune (Patches Included)

    Very nice playing, great work!
  60. GTBorderlines


    I usually start with a PEQ block around 100-130hz depending on the preset for me. Maybe change the amp's speaker resonance on the low end a little bit as well.
  61. GTBorderlines

    Axe-Edit Not Working!!!!!

    I second.
  62. GTBorderlines

    FW10 Preview Van Halen II VIDEO Mark Day

    siickkk nasty man. killer tone
  63. GTBorderlines

    BETA TESTERS: Have you found

    Brilliant. This is why i'm studying to become an electrical engineer. Just have to get through the programming classes. :) Major respect for what Fractal is doing!
  64. GTBorderlines

    FW 10 Preview Do-Over Video Scenes and NGD

    ohhh yeaahh, that's one mean amp right there. can't wait 'til V10 !
  65. GTBorderlines

    The Reaction - Marco Sfogli cover

    very nice playing. very defined! unusual question: what brand case is that? i'm on the look for a new 4u case that doesn't round in the corners :)
  66. GTBorderlines

    Black Crowes, Slash, and Joe Satriani in a blender (but less bloody)

    really thick, creamy sound all around. love the way you mixed it all 8)
  67. GTBorderlines

    Guess What Amp I Just Bought

    This is one of those days that i'm really, really, REALLY, stoked that I'm an AF2 user :)
  68. GTBorderlines

    Scenes From a Memory Tone Match - Fatal Tragedy Cover

    very sick, chunky sound. Nice playing 8) patch would be cool!
  69. GTBorderlines

    Special project for a young man stricken with terminal cancer

    Really, really inspirational, what Zach is doing. Thanks for sharing. Wish the best for him.
  70. GTBorderlines

    Testing the FW9 Vibro King

    very sweet sound and tasteful playing. thanks for sharing!
  71. GTBorderlines

    Hans Zimmer - Inception 'Time' Cover/Remix

    sounds fantastic man. keep 'em coming!
  72. GTBorderlines

    Axe makes recording a breeze!

    Awesome song man, nice sound!
  73. GTBorderlines

    OH Cab newbie advice needed ;)

    Great stuff Kevin, quick question though - and excuse my ignorance, but i'm guessing the Mesa V32 on your site isn't the same IR that's already in the axe fx 2? Attached is a screen shot of the AF2 cab wiki although I'm sure you know of it. Again, excuse the ignorance, just trying to get things...
  74. GTBorderlines

    OH Cab newbie advice needed ;)

    I'd say your 2 cents go a pretty long way here. Those 2 were the cabs I figured were the best fit, just looking through the site. Confirmation is nice though. I appreciate the quick replies gentlemen! I'll probably end up snagging Kevin's recommendation (i'll send you an email later about it)...
  75. GTBorderlines

    OH Cab newbie advice needed ;)

    Hey guys, Been creeping on this forum for about a week and a half (when I ordered the axe fx2:D) and decided to get some of the highly praised ownhammer cab IRs to go with it. Unfortunately, after my recent acquisition I'm pretty broke so I only got the tier 1 option. That's where you...
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