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    Reverse Delay

    I have Reverse Delay set in the mix (series) at 100% so all you here is a reverse solo. When I bypass it I lose my signal. I seem to remember with the Axe II when it was bypassed I still got sound. Is this a glitch or or change in the way it is setup?
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    2 1/2 years with Axe-Fx

    Easily the best piece of gear I have purchased in over 30 years of playing music I use it with guitar, sitar, bouzouki, mandolin and a few other instruments. With the exception of one screen freeze early on (was fixed by shutting off and turning on unit) I haven't had any problems during shows...
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    When I change patches starts on Scene 8

    Not sure what I did, but when I have my mfc101 mark 3 attached to my axe fx xl the scene starts at scene 8 instead of 1. When I unplug the mfc they start at 1. Anyone know what I did or how to fix this?
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    First Show with Axe!

    After years of gigging (last 10 with a Triple Rectifier Half Stack and a dozen pedals) I had my first show with the Axe FX 2 XL. The video 20141012 153007 - YouTube Setup was insanely quick and easy. I actually had space to move without a half stack blaring into my back. Output 1 went to...
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    Why no NJ/NYC AFX II Summit?

    Why are all the West Coast people having all the fun? As a new Axe user I would love to see one out here. I would be willing to help set it up if enough people are interested, but it would be great if some of the more advanced users were involved. Who is in? TOPICS -Live setups -Cab vs...
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    List of Axe FX Youtube Channels

    Is there a forum thread with a list of peoples Youtube/Vimeo/Web videos? If not there should be! Sometimes it is hard to find them because they don't specifically reference the Axe in the title or description.
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    Accidental Presets

    Working on a preset I stumbled upon this sound that was driving me crazy on where I have heard it before. After racking my brain I figured it out and with a little tweaking I came up with Axe-Change - Download Preset - I Ran-Flock of Seagulls - by swabere Anyone else want to share a preset...
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    Cover Band Set-up

    Hello All! I'm on Day three with my first Axe FX and I am loving it. I just ordered the MFC-101 and will be using it for cover bands. My intent is to program scenes for each song so I dont have to worry about boosts and flicking drive pedals on and off. Both bands has 60+ songs and I could...
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