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  1. AJ Vargas

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    +1 I posted almost the SAME thing (adding that the power switch should be in the front instead of the inputs) in the Seymour Duncan's FB page and the CM just told me "Well... if it works for Mark Holcomb, it should work for you too". :rolleyes:
  2. AJ Vargas

    FM3: When?

    I don't know exactly how it works for distributors and I know G66 in Europe has a waitlist just like US/Canada folks, but asked the distributor here in Mexico for when they'll have the Axe Fx III back in stock again and they told me "Not until the FM3 comes out in a couple of months" so...
  3. AJ Vargas

    AX8 does Metallica's "Call of Ktulu"

    @SilentUnderground is the one you're looking for, Carlos. Cheers!!!
  4. AJ Vargas

    AX8 not being recognized by Pro Tools

    He's not trying to record audio over USB. AX8 is perfectly capable of executing Program Changes via MIDI and MIDI over USB is certainly available, but... I've read some posts about PC's only being avalable via MIDI ports and not over USB, but as I haven`t tried myself I can't give further...
  5. AJ Vargas

    New Mac Pro coming in the fall

    I agree the new Mac Pro is worth it's money when the ROI is guaranteed, but for the typical Apple consumer, sure thing it's absolutely crazy expensive... My late 2010 Macbook Pro still gives me a run for it's money. I only upgraded it from 4 to 8 Gb RAM and only got into problems when I drown...
  6. AJ Vargas

    Recording software question

    Unless you have the isolated stems like the ones from the Guitar Hero/Rock Band series or the ones included in special editions of some albums (Dream Theater's Black Clouds & Silver Linings comes to mind) it's almost impossible to successfully isolate tracks from a CD. Really is just a general...
  7. AJ Vargas

    Devin Townsend Band - "Deadhead" - intro riff test

    Great!!! I can TOTALLY picture this being played on that monstrous big-ass Flying V... :eek:
  8. AJ Vargas

    Wish Multi-Comp in the AX8

    +1 For all of us heavy chuggers
  9. AJ Vargas

    AX8 does Metallica's "Call of Ktulu"

    Thank you guys!!!
  10. AJ Vargas

    John Petrucci tone: This Dying Soul Guitar + Drums. Ax8!

    Did someone said "share the preset??? LOL Seriously tho... Good job man, sounds great!!!
  11. AJ Vargas

    FM3 quick demo featuring Andy Wood

    I'm also tired of watching all types of gear demos where is just mindless noodling and people playing "melody is lava", LOL. But, man... Andy is spitting some really tasty licks in here!!! Love those Eric Johnson-style arpeggios here and there.
  12. AJ Vargas

    AX8 Discontinued?

    Just for the sake of total fairness: FM3's Firmware don't has ALL of the Ares options but not like it's gonna sound different. What I mean is that Cliff already stated that the FM3 FW shares the 'Core' elements of Ares, but had to cut out some deep parameters (just some of the ones you normaly...
  13. AJ Vargas

    Might finally jump into the Fractal world due to the FM3

    If it's half as good as been described, I say it's a damn good time to jump into FAS. Take it from a proud AX8 owner... :cool:
  14. AJ Vargas

    Best FW for AX8

    I for one can't say I've found bugs in my time using 10.01 but know some of you guys are. I think it would be useful to create a thread (and hopefully a sticky-ed one) on the Wishes+Bugs subforum to gather all the known bugs you guys have found ONLY in 10.01. I know there are many threads, but...
  15. AJ Vargas

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    Posted by Cliff over TGP forums: "The Axe-Fx III, FM3 and the other products in development all use the "Ares" architecture. This is a portable client-server architecture that allows easy porting of effects and models between hardware platforms. When we ported the Axe-Fx III models to the FM3...
  16. AJ Vargas

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    BTW, it just hit me... Cliff said that the FM3 Firmware is still in Beta. Something tells me that if the AX8 ever gets one last FW update that includes some or most of the ARES port, it's gonna be based off the FM3's FW as it already discriminates for things the lesser powered DSPs can't run.
  17. AJ Vargas

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    I'm also with you @Smittefar & @Josetxu on thinking that the AX8 hasn't seen it's true potential being displaced by the development of the rack units. Of course there's nothing to blame as they're FAS's flagship products, but somehow, the feeling of abandonment for the floor platforms (specially...
  18. AJ Vargas

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    Not a single word that i've read of, not even a lonely 'soon' lost somewhere on the forums... yet, the only 'official' word on the AX8 from Cliff (albeit, made over the TGP forums) was that it is "a nightmare to program and port firmwares to since the engineer responsible for it no longer works...
  19. AJ Vargas

    JP-2C on Axe-Fx II

    I think it was mentioned once that the memory location for the base code (the modeling algorithms) is totally independent from the memory dedicated to store 'amps' (meaning the data used for the algorithms to 'build and run' the amp model) but, yeah, Cliff said many times the AFX II is EOL and...
  20. AJ Vargas

    Any word of a new AX8?

    If I recall correctly, Cliff once said that If he incorporated more of those elements (Color/touch display, USB audio, scribble strips, headphone jack, etc...) the AX8 would be much more expensive. It's not valid to say that Helix, Headrush, even the new Hotone's & Mooer's pedalboards they all...
  21. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    How about the AX8??? ;):D
  22. AJ Vargas

    Ares 1.03 latest release?

    Just about 20 mins ago...
  23. AJ Vargas

    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    IMO there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking (if it was, there would not be a wish-list sub-forum ;) ) but I totally get it when the asking turns little by little into demands and that's where it becomes annoying. FAS owes absolutely nothing to us, and Cliff & Co represents a tremendous...
  24. AJ Vargas

    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    Yeah, I know it's not 100%, but the modelling algorithms changed vastly enough so now it's referred to as "ARES" instead of "QUANTUM (with some ARES epiphanies here and there)". I know it's getting picky about it but the folks over at the Axe FX II sub-forum are getting crazy over how good it...
  25. AJ Vargas

    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    Because the Axe FX II first got 'some' of the Ares stuff under the hood of the Quantum FW, then was later when he went full ARES for it... Now, if we're talking exclusively about hardware support for the ARES port, then yes, we can argue if FW 10.01 is the last portion of ARES the AX8's gonna...
  26. AJ Vargas

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    That update (pre-Ares) was talked about and promised for months since AX8's 10 FW had things (new Friedman amp, maybe? I can't recall correctly) that the last Quantum for the II (with SOME of the ARES epiphanies) didn't. Then, Cliff announced the porting of ARES to the II platform as an EOL gift...
  27. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    There you go: Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release
  28. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    I'm curious to see if Cliff managed to squeeze the new Cathode Follower algo into this FW... :smirk:
  29. AJ Vargas

    AX8 does Metallica's "Call of Ktulu"

    Thanks!!! I got the drum & bass backing from here: https://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/play/metallica/the_call_of_ktulu_(sm).htm and matched it to the official "orchestra only" track from the DVD (from YouTube).
  30. AJ Vargas

    AX8 does Metallica's "Call of Ktulu"

    Thank you, man!!! It really blows my mind that the S&M concert is just little over a month away from turning 20. I still remember watching the VHS after High School, good times...
  31. AJ Vargas

    AX8 does Metallica's "Call of Ktulu"

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share this cover I did recently while we wait (hopefully) for new FW updates, hope you like it!!! :D P.S. I used a preset from Silent Undergound Studios' 'Preset a Day' so I dunno if it's OK to share...
  32. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    With all this talk describing 5 as "squanch bong" I can totally picture this at some Axe Fest type setting: -Dude, you NEED to try this Beta 5 Squanch Bong -Mmmm, are you sure? Let's see... *Crowd chanting* CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!
  33. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    I don't own an Axe FX III yet I'm most curious to hear the differences between this update and previous versions since Cliff mentioned the improved response on palm-mutes. Give me them chugs. :cool:
  34. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.02

    Say again? LOL Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.03
  35. AJ Vargas

    Ares 1 for AX8?

    One thing to remember (if I'm not mistaken) is that the guy whose job was all things AX8's Firmware is no longer working at FAS (Joe Rogers) so is expected for updates to be slow at this side until a new guy fills his position.
  36. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I guess it's because Ares is displayed as Quantum 11 on Axe-Edit...
  37. AJ Vargas

    Anyone Else Checking Regularly for a Post NAMM Fractal Announcement

    And the II just got it's final big beta update with very little room for improvement unless is bug fixing. The AX8 is a relatively young product (3 years by the time?) and currently in production so I'm hoping for more updates although I completely understand that the III is top priority for FAS...
  38. AJ Vargas

    The Spirit carries on using new firmware Ares

    Actually... that was The Best of Times from Black Clouds & Silver Linings
  39. AJ Vargas

    New AX8 firmware update?

    Don't stress about it........ Just hope............. Soon...........
  40. AJ Vargas

    Fishman Fluence?

    Seems like a 7 string version is on the way...
  41. AJ Vargas

    On the Passing of our Co-Worker Charlie Vessey

    My deepest condolences for you guys and his family. RIP
  42. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    HO-LEE COW!!! Glad for you Axe 2 dogs and needless to say, eager to see what things Cliff's going to work his magic for in AX8 land (and totally aware of the technical limitations we AX8 people face, but anything's surely welcome, hehe)
  43. AJ Vargas

    Wish Modeling of the 3

    There you go, from The Man himself... source: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/are-these-axe-2-hardware-limitations.136792/#post-1620984
  44. AJ Vargas

    On what speaker should I create sounds?

    If you don't wanna buy a set of speakers or just can't turn it up because you end up bothering the family/neighbours my suggestion is to book a couple hours in a professional rehearsal room with your band with the solely purpose on getting yourselves to sound right. That way not only you can...
  45. AJ Vargas

    Reamping with a Scarlett 2i2

    I have the 18i20 model -From the interface's output to AX8's FX return (IN 2), there's the constant hiss/buzz you guys mention. -From the interface's output to AX8's INSTRUMENT input (IN 1 as Leon Todd suggests in his videos), the hiss/buzz is gone and got nice (but not excellent) results. Now...
  46. AJ Vargas

    Mana - Clavado en un Bar

    Nice to see something from Maná around this place. Sergio Vallín is a monster. Good job!
  47. AJ Vargas

    Fixed Dunlop Rack Wah EQ section

    The 'wish' part in this thread changed to 'fixed', mmmm... Does that means that we AX8 (and IIXL) users will get it in the next FW release??? ;);):p
  48. AJ Vargas

    Fixed Dunlop Rack Wah EQ section

    Just noticed the III got this "Wish" implemented. Really hope the AX8 and the II get this in the near future (among other goodies from Aresland :D).
  49. AJ Vargas

    New AX8 Feels Different From Last

    Dunno what amps are you using, but my advice is to update to v10.01 as it fixes some amps having asigned wrong bias parameters. If anything, responsiveness to pick attack is improved with v10.00.
  50. AJ Vargas

    So, Whats everyone's favourite amp model?

    I've always been a Mesa Mark and EVH fanboy, but the new Friedman 18 C45 is seriously "taking ass, kicking names" lately, LOL.
  51. AJ Vargas

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta #3

    Must... resist... recording session in progress...
  52. AJ Vargas

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    Cliff: First of all: THANK YOU for your constant support and aim for improvement!!! Just to let you know that it's not taken for granted and vastly appreciated. As I am in the middle of a recording session it's impossible for me to test this Beta (and I'm dying for) so, I'll have to wait for...
  53. AJ Vargas

    Is this possible? (Looper)

    What I do is putting the Looper block last in my chain so I can record the wet signal. Once doing that, I move the block out of my chain so I can redirect it to Out 2, so I have my chain split between GTR playing thru Out 1 and Looper thru Out 2... I hope it makes sense, LOL. Keep in mind that...
  54. AJ Vargas

    Re-Amping Question

    I'm pretty sure he meant AX8's Out 2 (echoing Input 1) > Focusrite. You use the AX8 as DI box...
  55. AJ Vargas

    Re-Amping Question

    Better yet: Just put the Looper block first in your chain and forget about re-amping.
  56. AJ Vargas

    Help - SPDIF Connection Doesn't Work [Scarlett related?]

    Focusrite Control > Device Settings > Clock Source > S/PDIF Tell us if you have luck. ;)
  57. AJ Vargas

    Help - SPDIF Connection Doesn't Work [Scarlett related?]

    AFAIK you have to manually set the Scarlett's clock via Focusrite Control to 'External' and 48 KHz which is AX8's fixed sample rate. On a side note, I have the 18i20 and to this day I'm unable to make it work, go figure... LOL
  58. AJ Vargas

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    I know that porting FW from the II to the AX8 takes time, and surely appreciate all the hard work the guys @FAS put into this for us to enjoy. Still... I'm sad today wasn't FW Friday. Oh well... :p
  59. AJ Vargas

    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    Can wait to see (hear) what kind of epiphanies Cliff brings to the table in Quantumland
  60. AJ Vargas

    Crybaby Rack Controller and the AX8

    I found that a store nearby carries these: https://www.jimdunlop.com/product/dcr-1fc-7-10137-00609-6.do And I'm curious if anyone has used them with the AX8 and/or the AXE FX to control wah. I mean, it's possible to use it to turn the wah on/off using the toe switch AND control the wah effect...
  61. AJ Vargas

    Wah distorts clean presets

    The JP95 has a boost pot inside... With my CBFH Dime Wah, playing the clean channel of a Peavey JSX with the boost engaged was imposible, so I'm positive you're facing the exact same issue. Unlike the CBFH, you can't turn off the JP95's boost via a mini switch on the side of the pedal (the only...
  62. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    Boom!!! Still waiting for the official (non-beta) release though...
  63. AJ Vargas

    Are you successfully using your AX8 via s/pdif?

    For the Scarlett 18i20 with Mac users: Just stumbled upon this https://us.focusrite.com/downloads?product=Scarlett+18i20 It's a new revision of their firmware, just released earlier this month, and this are the notes that come with it: Changes since last release: Change to fix an issue that...
  64. AJ Vargas

    Are you successfully using your AX8 via s/pdif?

    Me too. I have the exact same problem with my new Scarlett 18i20 Gen2. With my Mbox 3, S/PDIF sync was not a problem (same Macbook Pro same OS (Sierra), Q 0.02). But with the 18i20, I can get it to sync no matter what I try, but... the one thing I discovered is that when everything is hooked I...
  65. AJ Vargas

    Fixed Dunlop Rack Wah EQ section

    I have the CBFH Dime Wah and absolutely love the boost option for leads.
  66. AJ Vargas

    Fixed Dunlop Rack Wah EQ section

    Watching Leon Todd's (@2112) excellent work in this thread https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/petrucci-and-cantrell-wah.128421/ I think it would be awesome if somehow @FractalAudio, @joe rogers and crew could implement the 6-band EQ section of the Dunlop Rack Wah and/or Petrucci Wah...
  67. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    *soon intensifies*
  68. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Public Beta

    Just when I was thinking why the official release of the 7.02 rev for the AX8 was taking so long... :eek:
  69. AJ Vargas

    Harsh presets at high volume

    I'd really appreciate a "Fletcher-Munson for dummies" sticky, specially from the guitar player's POV.
  70. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V7.02 Public Beta

    So, they really managed to put Motor Drive into the AX8... (Never lost my faith in FAS Engineering team, you guys Rock!!!)
  71. AJ Vargas

    Wish Wishlist: Bass Amps and Effects

    Sill have high hopes for the BK7... :)
  72. AJ Vargas

    Presets and Pickups

    There are many factors to consider into the equation besides pickups. I have two guitars made of mahogany, one is a LP style (Fernandes Monterey) and the other is an Ibanez RG, both have the DiMarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge and yes, they sound pretty different thru the same exact presets. I...
  73. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    I know, that's why I posted my reworking of the verse... ;)
  74. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    Cliff Chase, Axe FX, Motor Drive, Fanboys Talk, No regret, FW update, Forum's tense, this post doesn't even makes sense :D
  75. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V7.01 Released

    Nothing at all AFAIK... I guess since Cliff said that he will tell the engineers @ FAS to *TRY* to fit the Motor Drive parameter into the AX8, people are assuming there will be a 7.02. If I remember correctly, there was a Rev 6.03 for the AF2 but we AX8 people stayed with 6.02 as the Rev 6.03...
  76. AJ Vargas

    Best low weight live solutions for Axe FX?

    So... Anyone who had a chance to test the new power amps by Seymour Duncan? I'm curious as it seems they are supposedly designed with the modelling gear in mind.
  77. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V7.01 Public Beta

    The three times I updated my AX8 I did it downloading directly from Fractal-bot, never had any issue.
  78. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V7.00 Released

    One rule I discovered in my short time being a happy AX8 user in Fractal-land is: Whenever a new FW shows up, don't immediately update if you are currently active into live playing/recording and always wait for the final release. If you are free and like experimenting, Betas are a really nice...
  79. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V7.00 Released

    Woot, final release already??? YESSSS!!! Too bad I'm at work ATM. The next couple hours will be excruciantly long... Thanks FAS!!!
  80. AJ Vargas

    Quantum 7 for AX8 ?

  81. AJ Vargas

    AX8 V6.02 Released

    It's good to know Q7 is currently being worked for the AX8 and I'm like all those cats on the internet: I can has soon???
  82. AJ Vargas

    New video (progmetal stock cabs)

    Thank you, man!!! For sure gotta try this combo out tomorrow. Cheers!!!
  83. AJ Vargas

    Santana Smooth guitar sound?

    I'm having a really hard time dialing in a modern Santana sound on the AX8, specially Smooth... Tried the Mesa Marks, the Dumbles and can get into the ballpark but nothing really satisfying, even put some fixed wah on top but always end up lost, ha! This is the isolated track if someone wants...
  84. AJ Vargas

    Hello, WOW! Just WOW!!

    Welcome and wait 'til Q7 drops for the AX8, it's gonna be weedlin' EPIC, or so I've been told... :cool:
  85. AJ Vargas

    New video (progmetal stock cabs)

    Sounds killer man!!! I totally understand if you don't want to share the patch (It's YOUR sound, anyways) but, mind sharing what cabs you used? Cheers.
  86. AJ Vargas

    Fw 7

    Even though I've been the proud owner of an AX8 since december, I've seen (for years) how hard Cliff and everyone in FASland works and their passion to always push the envelope is absolutely stellar. As long as they're keeping the passion for their art in developing the best processors for...
  87. AJ Vargas

    Another solution for amplifying the AX8

    I've been gazing the posibility of a Katana 2x12 as an amp for the AX8 (for rehearsals, monitoring on stage and amp in the room feel), if you could upload a video of your setup that would be awesome, man.
  88. AJ Vargas

    Wish Multi Channel amp

    I'm absolutely not versed in any of this technology, programming whatsoever but... maybe some kind of algorithm could be applied into this, let's say like when you're driving manual transmission and want to shift from one gear to the next, you have to take your foot from the gas pedal to engage...
  89. AJ Vargas

    Wish [Hypothetical] AX10: 4 wishes (circa 2018)

    Hope it supports 4K streaming... :p Now, seriously... The only thing I'm missing in my AX8 is reamping and maybe a lil' bit of CPU power to bring the Pitch block on par with the Axe. Other than that, the AX8 already gave me what I wanted and more since I ditched my half-stack - pedalboard rig.
  90. AJ Vargas

    Quantum 7 public beta?

    DAMN!!! I got fooled...
  91. AJ Vargas

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Nice!!! How do you like the JP95??? I'm a Petrucci fan myself and been GASing for one since it's announcement, but I want to know how well it goes with the AX8 in terms of tone sucking and if somehow clips the input signal when it's engaged, etc... I like the idea of having the JP95 instead of...
  92. AJ Vargas

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    The real question here is: Does it weedle-weedle???
  93. AJ Vargas

    Do I have the newest firmware?

    Also, both Fractalbot and AX8Edit shows your current firmware when your AX8 is connected. When I received mine like a month ago, it came with Quantum 5.0X (can't recall exact version) and first thing I did was an update to the latest 6.02 version via Fractalbot.
  94. AJ Vargas

    Short video: Ax8 Live through FOH

    Nice!!! I agree, that Petrucci solo is hard to nail live and you did very well. Just an observation, it'll be great for the video to be shot a little further in front of the band to really appreciate how the AX8 sits in the mix, you know, from the audience's perspective.
  95. AJ Vargas

    Wish Cab 4x12 Petrucci V30 Mix ultra res

    +1 Hope there's a chance
  96. AJ Vargas

    Wish Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI

    +1 on this!!! Especially for working with a downtuned 5 stringer.
  97. AJ Vargas

    what presets to try the first time with an AX8

    Dude, just check out the new post by M@ (sorry I didn't paste the URL, I'm below 10 posts so I can't post any, ha)
  98. AJ Vargas

    AX8 Factory Presets Update 6p02

    Huge thank you Matt and FAS, just in time!!! My AX8 arrives this friday, cannot wait to fire it up, update and play the hell out of it. :D
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