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  1. Joe Bfstplk

    Free Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Amp Match Preset (ML Sound Lab)

    They are pretty impressive speakers. I had two in a Twin in the early '90s, and rolled it in front of the TV. The magnets affected the TV screen, pulling all but green colors to the bottom of the screen for a month or so. The Mrs. was not nearly as amused about that as I was....
  2. Joe Bfstplk

    My '90s rack rig (with improvements) in a .syx file

    I used RedWire Speakerbox's Weber Blue Dog 1x12" close-mic IR and a bit of the room sound from a different IR in that set. Basically a Vox Blue type speaker.
  3. Joe Bfstplk

    My '90s rack rig (with improvements) in a .syx file

    This preset represents the best bits and pieces of my evolving rig through the late '80s and the '90s with a few improvements here and there. Not all bits and pieces were all in the same place/time, so it's a bit of a timey-wimey fudge, but here it is: Flat 11dB boost (external controller 1)...
  4. Joe Bfstplk

    Free Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Amp Match Preset (ML Sound Lab)

    Just downloaded and imported it, and swapped in the RedWire MS12 Black Shadow IR I have hanging around. Can't wait to try it out! I used to have a 60W Mk IIC 1x12 combo with the MS12 speaker (ordered just before Christmas 1983, s/n 12118), but, sadly, without the '+' after the 'C', so it...
  5. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Building on the success of the previous work above, I have added a second amp (Solo 99, dirty channel), and set up the mixer block as a "head switcher" on external controller 3 (previously used to bypass/engage a drive pedal). In one fell swoop, I have duplicated everything that my old '90s...
  6. Joe Bfstplk

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    I generally misalign just a bit when mixing a close-mic IR and a distant-mic IR, making sure the center of the first peak of the distant mic IR is a smidgen after the same part of the first peak on the close IR....
  7. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Block and Preset Compare and Merge Tool

    +1. I generally use a particular collection of post-amp "rack" FX arranged a particular way when building presets, so this would be a nice tool....
  8. Joe Bfstplk

    Edited Light

    When you change scenes from the front panel orAxe Edit, the box assumes you might be editing. Change scenes via FC or MIDI, the scene just changes. I recommend going mad. Sanity is overrated....:cool:
  9. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    I suspect that this was the crux of the biscuit. Perhaps the bypass state and controller interact in a strange way. Will investigate....
  10. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Looking forward to 6.0 beta2 or beta3 or whichever version/beta combo is next. The currently-removed beta is working fine here, so I will remain on this stage until the next arrives. :) I am glad the "reset" trick was highlighted up-thread, though, in case a problem does crop up later. :)
  11. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Sample audio post-fix Snippet of "It Don't Come Easy" contains a scene change from 1 --> 2, Leslie on --> off Snippet of "Short and Sweet" contains CC switching of chorus/flange within scene 2. Just before the ending improv bit, switched to scene 3 with no audible artifacts or blips. Thanks...
  12. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Added the null-filter boost and comp back, and slightly tweaked the chorus/pitch/filter to be chorus/pitch/flange with an added mixer afterwards. Also restored the cab I was using, so if you want that cab, it's available through RedWire's "Speakerbox" set. Weber's "Blue Dog" 12" AlNiCo. A...
  13. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    I am putting a few options back in per the filter bypass alternative method suggested by @h.c.e. above. I added back the filter per his suggested method. Also added the comp, with the comp bypass mode defaulting to 0.0:1 compression and 0db level, switching via external controller 2 to do...
  14. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Ok, stripped down to nothing that isn't being used. Much better now. I found that 5dB boost at the input block output level seems to equal 11dB boost in the null filter. Not sure about the reasons for that, but it works out to a 6dB difference, which lines up nicely with a doubling of...
  15. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Ok. I was trying to leave some "options" in the scenes via MIDI CC bypassing of comp and drive. Since this particular song that the preset is set up for does not require comp and drive, deleting them is not an issue. Ok, so it looks like I was using the scene controllers wrong, and using...
  16. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Also, I may have misremembered the current state of the scene 3 as including the 4.5dB rhythm cut being disengaged to boost for the solo. I had previously done that, but have since removed it and reverted to using the guitar volume to back off for the rhythm bits, as it cleans up the amp a bit.
  17. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Updated layout: Delay is side-chained and is using "mute in" bypass mode, which is being controlled by the Scene controller #2 shown above a few posts ^^^^
  18. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Removed vestigal mixer block and put looper inline in "thru" bypass mode. Also switched to factory cab, for easier loading. No change in blip. Punched up the delay repeats and it's definitely the delay getting a blip of audio as the scene changes.
  19. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    I copied a working "pedalboard mode" patch that uses external CCs from my fossil FC200 MIDI controller footswitch. I have MIDI CCs switching/adjusting just about all the blocks except the amp, cab, mixer, and send. The Return block is being used for my volume pedal and for my 4.5dB solo...
  20. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    I have a bunch of CCs set up on this preset's parent, and they work fine with my fossil '90s FC200 MIDI footswitch. I am trying to learn how to set up a few simultaneous FX switches as a scene change by converting a copy of a working 'pedalboard mode' preset to use scene changes, in prep...
  21. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Updated preset with global effects disconnected from global.
  22. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Tried using MIDI block, but the AxeFX III does not apparently listen to the changes specified here, and only sends the messages specified here to downstream gear.
  23. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Using Scene Controllers 1 and 2 to switch off/on the Leslie (SC1) and switch on the Delay and Return2 Output Level boost (SC2)
  24. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Tested preset with USB disconnected. Blip on scene change still occurs.
  25. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Preset, showing side-chained delay with bypass mode set to "mute in".
  26. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Note that on my "pedalboard" presets, including the one this preset was copied from before modding to try scenes, the CC control of delay input does not produce any blips. Have tried a few different approaches to building this. I assume I am doing something wrong. :grimacing:
  27. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    The preset has a delay effect, and one of the scenes has a delay in it, but the blips happen whether switching to that particular scene or any other. Is it a delay-related thing? Scene not quickly enough setting the input mute on the delay line?
  28. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Audio sample
  29. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    See attached patch. Audio sample to come. Replaced original patch with updated one - all blocks that were global are now local.
  30. Joe Bfstplk

    Short blip of noise when switching scenes

    Anyone else get this? Blip is worse when playing while switching. Just discovered this while trying out building a preset with scenes, in prep for building my first per-song patch (as opposed to a 'pedalboard' patch). Unit is hooked to Axe-Edit via USB. Blip occurs with scene change...
  31. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Split EL34 and 6CA7 into two settings

    Yes, they are more or less plug-in compatible, but a true 6CA7 is a beam power tube and sounds a bit different than an EL34 pentode. The bottom and top are a bit punchier.
  32. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Ampeg 7591/7868 Gemini and Echo Twin amps

    Saw these in the II wish list, but not here. The 7591/7868 is a gnarly little tube with a nice blend of EL84 grid sensitivity and a more 6V6-like tonal chatacter due to being a beam power type instead of a true pentode. I have a '66 Gemini I, and it is heavy. A digital one would be a lot...
  33. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    I am using several global blocks and had no issue.
  34. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Block Library should only save a single channel within a block

    +1 more for channel library
  35. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish The Ability To Save/Load Individual Channels for Blocks

    You can currently copy one channel of a block to the clipboard and paste it into another instance of that block, and you can also copy the channel over the others, so it doesn't seem too hard of a stretch to simply place another instance, paste in the channel(s) you want, and save that block in...
  36. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Block Library for the room parameters

    The OP's concept seems similar to my earlier idea to be able to quickly swap in just the power amp settings from a different amp model. Maybe the solution for both is more general and macro-scoped: the ability to copy a whole tab of settings and paste that into the same tab on a different...
  37. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish MIDI THRU through USB

    +1 more. Currently using my FC200 (Fossilized Controller 200 :D), would be nice to be able to capture the incoming CC and PC data for use in Logic.
  38. Joe Bfstplk

    effects presets - do they exist?

    This is what I have been doing. It makes setting up new presets a bit easier.
  39. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    +1. Mac context menus working perfectly. :) Also digging the improved power amp feel.... :)
  40. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Any chance between now and 6.0 beta becoming 6.0 official that the "Jumped Hipower" Input Drive control label can get tweaked so the "authentic" page labels match the "ideal"page labels, per my comment in this thread...
  41. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Dang, I just got 5.09 beta loaded last night and was going to start poking around with it. I guess I'll jump straight to 6.0 beta, then, since the backups are already done (I do backups before and after a firmware update...).
  42. Joe Bfstplk

    [Video] Perform Tab tutorial

    Hmmm.... I watched this a few days ago, but the past few days have been a tad hectic. This uses the 5 knobs below the screen, right? Is there currently any function assigned to the push switch from each knob? If not, there is space in the interface to use the push switch to save the...
  43. Joe Bfstplk

    Noisy Fan

    Got nail polish? A little dab on the nut where the screw comes through it should keep it from loosening again without permission. Blue Loctite will work, too.
  44. Joe Bfstplk

    Ax Fx-III - FC-12 - Boss FV-500L - Expression pedal!

    Is there a knob on the left side of the pedal? If so, it sets minimum value, and it sounds like you want to turn it all the way down.
  45. Joe Bfstplk

    How are you using Scene Controllers?

    Leon (Ragdoll) Todd has a bunch of videos on YouTube. Doubtless he has one that goes into some of the MIDI/FC controller stuff....
  46. Joe Bfstplk

    How are you using Scene Controllers?

    I am going exactly the opposite direction, starting with MIDI CCs and waiting for my number to come up on the FC list so I can play with the scenes. Can't wait to be able to switch scenes easily. My 20-year-old FC200 doesn't play entirely nicely with the scene switching, but has pretty good CC...
  47. Joe Bfstplk

    Read The Manual

    I have RTFM'ed a few times, and have MTFM'ed for a few bits, but still discover new bits now and again that 'click' only after being pointed back at a particular spot in the manual. Of course, I am also prone to asking, "Hey, where is the __?" just before literally bumping into whatever it was...
  48. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx 3 Noob Question...Virtual Capo/Pitch Shift/Harmonizer...

    You can also assign a momentary switch to control volume at any number of places in your signal chain, so that it mutes when you step on it....
  49. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III, Matrix GT1000FX, 2 Xitone Passives: WOW!

    'Should' is a word that is often a harbinger of disappointment....
  50. Joe Bfstplk

    Amp in the Room?

    Am I the only one that heard this in my head in Arte Johnson's German accent? Will give this a try later this week when things settle down a bit here....
  51. Joe Bfstplk

    I'm probably an idiot...

    This ^^^ I have to learn from others' mistakes. There's not near enough time to make them all myself!
  52. Joe Bfstplk

    The Sweet Spot

    Great video. Can't wait to get some more time to really sit with the gear and tweak stuff in. I keep getting caught up in enjoying playing through it, and I get distracted from the 'homework' of learning about all the things there are to tweak! I am still discovering more amp models I like...
  53. Joe Bfstplk

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Have a look at the pic in my post a page or so back to see my approach. The IRs usually have a big peak at the left end. I slide the FF one right so the top of its peak is just a little to the right of the top of the close-mic IR's peak. Play around a smidgen at a time with the alignment...
  54. Joe Bfstplk

    Hipower Jumped knob titles

    In this case, I think it's actually the two volume knobs for the two input channels. I turned each down one at a time and the sound still came through each time, and when both were down, there was no sound, which seems to indicate two parallel inputs. One had a lot less low end than the other...
  55. Joe Bfstplk

    Hipower Jumped knob titles

    Hi-- Not sure if this is a bug or I'm completely off my rocker, but the "Hipower Jumped" seems to be modeled after a HIWATT DR103, which has two input channels similar to a Marshall or Tweed Bassman, which are normally labeled "Normal Volume" and either "Brill Volume" or "Bright Volume"...
  56. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Increase number of Control Switches

    +1 more. More is better with controllers. ;)
  57. Joe Bfstplk


    I once, 20 years ago, beta tested and suggested a few features for the Peavey TubeFEX upgrade, and I have maintained a friendship with the guy I helped (John Fera), and was a winter NAMM guest of theirs in 2001 (bumped into Dweezil Zappa, andsaw Spinal Tap!) and again in 2019, though I have not...
  58. Joe Bfstplk

    Midi Block Basics- Video

    Excellent vid, Leon. The fun isn't limited to audio gear, either. If you have a MIDI lighting controller that responds to PC and/or CC commands, you can just as easily add a suffusion of yellow on scenes 4-8 as add a wash of reverb....
  59. Joe Bfstplk

    Patch Leveling

    Oh, and use Leon's trick: utilize the looper so you don't have to juggle guitar and knob twiddling.
  60. Joe Bfstplk

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    I like to put the room/far field IR's first big peak just a tiny bit after the close-mic IR's initial peak, generally. That lines them up so bass response from the close-mic'ed IR is not trashed from out-of-phase cancellation and just the boominess is reduced, and any reflections in the FF IR...
  61. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    ...and per-preset perple. ;)
  62. Joe Bfstplk

    Sustainiac simulation?

    Yes, but Kiesel makes really nice guitars to order....
  63. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    Looks like you suffer the same deficiency in finding things that I do - namely the requirement that you ask "where is the ____?" before tripping over the thing you couldn't find. :oops:
  64. Joe Bfstplk

    Using a tablet with the Axe-Fx 3 questions

    Just got mine, can't wait to try it.
  65. Joe Bfstplk

    NAD Axe-Fx III - New to hi end modelers and bought an Axe-Fx

    Starting out with this unit definitely feels like you're opening Pandora's can of worms, but as you go deeper into the rabbit hole it starts to make more sense. You just need to keep digging (and forget the left turn at Albuquerque) and you'll find the treasure. Leon details a great method...
  66. Joe Bfstplk

    How NOT to Dial In a Killer Tone

    It's good to see others admitting to "duh" moments. Makes me feel less unique. Forgetting to switch on the cab sim is the aural equivalent of chewing on tinfoil. Did that for a second to hear the diff. Accidentally shut off global power amp simulation and adjusted a bunch of presets with it...
  67. Joe Bfstplk

    New Axe-Fx III

    Plenty of time to sleep when you are 6 feet under. Blast it all night long! :D There is a lot in the manual, even on the 3rd and 4th iteration of the RTFM process. Don't be afraid to ask questions, as the only really stupid question is the one you don't ask. The answer may be a polite...
  68. Joe Bfstplk

    Problems with Axe-Fx III as USB soundcard

    Just unhooked my Scarlett i/o box and set up with the AxeFX III as the i/o device, and found everyhing works quite well, except for Youtube videos are REALLY LOUD as they default to 100% volume, and I always forget to turn output 1 back down after playing....
  69. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Tube Substitution Optimization Option?

    Needed a LOL today. Thanks :)
  70. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Set Lists

    Back in my day, we only had 127 presets, and we were thankful for it. Uphill. Both ways.... ;) Seriously, though, it would be cool of there was a way to plug a thumb drive into the USB connector and use that for extra storage of presets and cabs and stuff, so a computer to do backups and...
  71. Joe Bfstplk

    Fletcher Munson correction IR pack

    The curves are mostly similar, so going "up" in volume relative to the volume which the sound level at which the sound was dialed in, one would need would subtract a fair amount of bass and a little bit of the very high end. The 1k - 6k range part of the curves stay relatively the same shape all...
  72. Joe Bfstplk

    Fletcher Munson correction IR pack

    Exactly this ^^^^^^ The curves are well-known, and were shown in F & M's original work for many different volume levels, so the rate of change in each frequency band relative to the others and to the perceived volume change should be a doable bit of math. One knob for +/- 100% EQ curve ought...
  73. Joe Bfstplk

    Amps as Drives? Awesome!

    Hmmm... amp into amp... I guess we need a Bogen Challenger PA amp model, then, to get that Terry Kath vibe going on....
  74. Joe Bfstplk

    Michael Dolce's Ping-Pong trick

    Hass pan, will travel.... ;) The ear picks up both sides, but the grey matter between them hears the one that arrives first and decides that the sound is coming from that side, and that the later-arriving side is just ignored, basically....
  75. Joe Bfstplk

    Any decent Chorus sounds?

    Edited original faulty memory of patch settings with actuals. Easy to vary amount of dry by adjusting filter gain or just removing that block entirely if desired. The key bit is the detune||chorus which sounds as thick as a milkshake loaded with Wonder flour....
  76. Joe Bfstplk

    Any decent Chorus sounds?

    I use TriChorus set for a slow chorus, QuadPitch set for +/-6.2 and +/-9.4 cents detune (both set 100% wet), and a filter set flat and -3dB level, all in parallel. The result is a super-thick chorus that doesnt have much wobble to it.
  77. Joe Bfstplk

    Supremo Trem (Supro 1624) is AMAZING!

    ...aaaand, the Supremo Trem sounds great with the 360/12. The fuller bottom under the chime seems to suit it better than even the AC20 does. It especially shines through the OH 410 BOG IR, which is a Bogner 4x10" loaded with Weber Blue Pups that I found over on OwnHammer's site.
  78. Joe Bfstplk

    Supremo Trem (Supro 1624) is AMAZING!

    The 360/12 is my 12-string Rickenbacker guitar. ;)
  79. Joe Bfstplk

    Supremo Trem (Supro 1624) is AMAZING!

    Tried the Supremo yesterday. Definitely in a similar vein to the AC20, but with a bit more low end. It really loves my Strat. I ended up using an AC30 Vox Blue IR with it. Will have to try it with the 360/12 and see how that sounds....
  80. Joe Bfstplk

    New Cab Pack! FAR FIELD Session 1

    My KRK Rokit8 studio monitors are SOLID down to 35Hz. I imagine a single 12" with a coaxial tweeter and a powerful enough amp would not have any problem filling the room well enough to chase out all the insects and small, furry animals.... :)
  81. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    Yeah, that'd work, too. In this case, dropping one of the nearfield IRs was adequate to git 'er dun, as it sounded fine with just one and the room IR. That particular room IR is great added in with the close mic. A little dab'll do ya. I started at 0dB and backed it off until the sound was...
  82. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish I'd like the + and - BIGGER on the left side for presets and scenes

    This ^^^^ EggZackly this^^^^ My mouse accuracy is crap.
  83. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    I figured as much, which is why I dropped one, but thought it a bit odd that this one program used more CPU than the others, even afterwards when they all are set up with the same FX blocks and Controller functions, and only differ in the amp/cab used, and that it only started when it got the...
  84. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    I didn't see much change in CPU usage, with the exception of one program, which jumped from ~70% usage to ~82%. It's the 5F6A Bassguy patch, with one extra IR loaded - the 6" room sound one. Removing one of the two original IRs drops usage down to ~77% or so. Weird.
  85. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    Sounds like it was recorded in Dubly....
  86. Joe Bfstplk

    Supremo Trem (Supro 1624) is AMAZING!

    Will have to give that one a try. Have been really digging the Morgan AC20 EF86 Treble lately....
  87. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Additional Feedback Send and Returns

    Yes, me too. I was splitting the chain into 3 chunks: Stomps Amp(s) Rack/console Recently merged the stomps and amp(s) chains to get one send/return back to play with elsewhere. The return has a nice level control that is convenient for volume control, or, as I am using it, for a 4.5dB cut...
  88. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Pitch to MIDI Block

    Seems to me, to do some of the incredible pitch/harmonizer stuff the AxeFX III already does, the pitch info must already exist in the box somewhere and must be fairly robust/data-rich.
  89. Joe Bfstplk

    My Song "Light" - Inspired by David Gilmour

    Che bella chitarre! Quando suonila, io sentito David Gilmour con un po de Steve Lukather. Molto bene!
  90. Joe Bfstplk

    The RCB Boost is great!

    I will have to give these a look. I have been using a filter set flat with 11dB of gain to bump up the level of my single-coil guitars to match the humbucker guitars, at least while going through and picking my favorite amp models. Sounds about exactly like the time I built in an FET booster...
  91. Joe Bfstplk

    The RCB Boost is great!

    Me too. Someone needs to invent a 'Moar Cawfee' boost. Seriously, with the number of options available, it's like trying to remember the names of all the stray cats on my back patio.... LOL!
  92. Joe Bfstplk

    Deluxe Tweed Question

    Even more fun is to *not* jumper the inputs and use the cathode coupling below the input stage cathode cap's cutoff frequency to add bass and cut mids. Just turn it up above 3 o'clock on the normal/mic channel, then plug into the bright/instrument channel and dial in that volume and tone where...
  93. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx 3 Amp Block Valve Configurations?

    Ah, so it is there already and I just didn't find it yet. Will dig around and see what I can do there. Thanks!
  94. Joe Bfstplk

    Axe-Fx 3 Amp Block Valve Configurations?

    A "cab impedance mismatch" selector allowing load mismatches from 1/2 to 2/1 with a number of steps between (2/3, 4/3, 3/2, for example) would be nifty. Amps respond differently when loaded with non-optimal speaker loads. Part of the tweed Bandmaster sound is the 2.667 ohm load on a 4 ohm...
  95. Joe Bfstplk

    Making coil splitting work

    I do this on one of my Strats that has a bridge HB. Works really well, a bit less volume drop than a split. Another possibility is to do a split with a 10nF to 47nF cap (try a few different ones in that range) instead of a straight wire. This retains a bit of the hum cancelling and...
  96. Joe Bfstplk

    iPad with Peterson tuner set up

    If you connect the iPad to an audio output and send your dry signal to that output in addition to sending it through your FX, amp(s), and cab(s) it should work.
  97. Joe Bfstplk

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    +1 I had one in the late '80s. A friend found it in the trash and I bought it from him for $50. I wish I could have afforded to keep it, but I was beyond broke and it needed a quad of EL34s. I borrowed the FAC control concept for the EF86 channel in my Simone amp, to have more choices than...
  98. Joe Bfstplk

    Tri-Chorus || Quad Detune || Dry = The chorus pedal I wanted in the '80s...

    Was plunking around on the AC20 model that I tweaked for EL34/6CA7 outputs, and decided to look at the chorus and detune blocks I'd saved in the library last weekend. I had one of the early Yamamaha guitar processors with the "Pitch C" patch, which was my favorite chorus at the time, so the...
  99. Joe Bfstplk

    Actual RTL numbers for Axe-Fx III?

    On second thought, let's not go to the Fractal Forum. 'Tis a silly place.... ;)
  100. Joe Bfstplk

    Actual RTL numbers for Axe-Fx III?

    Given siund's rate of travel in air, 1mS = 1.13' at sea level. 8ms is 9.04'. So, at 8mS, the latency is the same as if the speaker was 9.04' away. Pretty typical distance for many stages.
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