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    Anyone A/B an Atomic CLR mkII and Laney LFR yet??

    Hi, I have seen a few threads relating to the Laney LFR 12" active FRFR cab but has anyone done an A/B test against the Atomic CLR mkII yet? link to laney https://www.laney.co.uk/products/frfr-lfr-112-active-cabinet I have the CLR mk II but might be in market for another cab for playing in...
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    AC-20 amp model producing a lot of hum??

    Hi, I am making a country guitar preset based on the Morgan AC-20 model and the AC-20 cab. When I use the amp model it produces a large hum. I have a new CLR mk II a few days and I thought it had developed a fault but lucky for me it only seems to be the AC20 models that bring on the hum. I...
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    Using External 1 to control IN 1 (INSTR) Volume , can a min/max range be set?

    Hi, my AX8 defaults to the expression pedal connected to pedal 1 being assigned to the 'IN 1 (INSTR) volume' parameter. For years to cut down on what I was carrying to gigs I went the route of a tube amp and basically set the amp with a good overdrive tone then using the guitar's volume pot to...
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    A modifier on external 3 is turning a block off when it should not be?

    Hi, I am building a preset in the AX8 based around a factory preset modeled on Slash's Marshall, I think the preset called 'destructive appetite' or something. I assigned an external switch on external 3 and linked it to the 'boost' switch in the amp block. It works as it should BUT when I...
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    Help need urgently, can someone help me?

    Hi all, I am getting ready to do a gig later and have a problem with my AX8. In the output block in the grid when I press edit to adjust the scene level there is a message being displayed as follows: OUT 1 BYPASSED. I use out 1 for FOH and out 2 for my FRFR wedge on stage. How do I take out...
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    Do you leave a 1U cooling space above your AXE FX III??

    Hi, I was wondering do you need to leave a 1U cooling space above your AXE FX III?? Is it ok to put it in a 4U rack with a power conditioner in the top slot above the AXE fx 3 (no spaces)? Just wanted to get some opinions. Don't see anything in user guide, but I may have missed it perhaps...
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    Delay block modifier link in 'bypass mode' window question?

    Hi, I have my delay block bypass assigned to external switch 4. This has means its switch button on the AX8 itself becomes inactive. I have noticed that with scene revert 'ON' the state of the delay block is not recalled when changing scenes when it is assigned to an external switch. Is this...
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    AX8 running out of DSP at gig but not during 4 days of testing??

    Hi, I built a preset during a few days for gigging at weddings. During the show we do not stop between songs as set list has been arranged to keep the audience dancing on the floor with no lull. So, I built a preset with a few scenes. The grid had a compressor, drive, amp, pitch, cab, delay and...
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    Can X/Y state of a block be assigned to an external switch?

    Hi, looking at the amp block edit page in AX8 Edit I do not see a modifier link for the X/Y state of the block.........can I switch between X/Y in the amp block using say external switch 4? I can link the bright switch for example as it has a modifier link. I am aware I can do it with scenes...
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    In AX8 amp block X/Y problem???

    Hi all, In the AX8 edit shouldn't I be able to assign a different amp type or library patch to both the X and Y state of the amp block? I am making a patch and what is happening is in the X state l am using a VOX AC30 amp. When I click to the Y state and select a USA clean type, the amp block...
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    Fractal-Bot not uploading presets??

    Hi, I have updated the firmware in the AX8 to the most recent version today, Fractal Bot has been updated also today. I have downloaded the most recent factory preset banks. When I attempt to load all the factory presets using fractal - bot I see the erasing and the programming in the screen in...
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    Here are two power amps may give best of both FRFR and Real cab sounds

    Hi, Fryette are bringing out a new 1U power amp that will function for FRFR and regular cabs: http://www.fryette.com/lxii-stereo-power-amp/ Synergy have a very similar Fryette designed one : http://synergyamps.com/index.php/hardware/syn5050 I think they are both very similar but the Fryette...
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    Amps with input drive & overdrive knobs, can overdrive be CC'd?

    Hi in the Carol Anne Tucana amp model the amp has an input drive and and overdrive knob. I was trying to link the overdrive knob to an external pedal to kick in extra drive for a boost rather than using the input drive but right clicking on it fails to open the modifier screen. Is it not...
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    Clapton's Bluesbreaker loaded with G12M or Alnico??

    I have just been reading a post from a forum regarding Clapton's 2x12 Bluesbreaker combo. It seems some folk are convinced he had to be using a bluesbreaker loaded with 2x Celestion Alnico speakers. The reissue Bluesbreaker has 2 x G12Ms. Here is the link to thread...
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    Using the AX8 can I control the AMP 'drive' with a pedal or switch?

    Hi, I am building a patch here around the Band Commander and 2x15 doubleshow cab. Is it possible to control the Amp block 'drive' parameter with a switch on the AX8, and external switch 1-4 on rear of unit or a CC on an expression pedal? I do not see a control link icon for the parameter in...
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    Confused about Fender Dual Showman listing in Austin Buddy List??

    Hi, I just noticed listed in the Austin Buddy 700 naked amps pack in the clean section the following: BF Dual Showman/ -CLN 68 Bandmaster-CLN I thought there was no Dual Showman model in the amp model list?? Or is it that he has matched a twin to a doubleshow cab? Any ideas??? Thanks.
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    Where should I place pedal type delays in signal path?

    Hi, I am working on a country guitar chicken pickin' patch. I am using the analog delay type, I think it is based on a pedal. I read somewhere that an analog delay pedal is best for country slapback. What I am wondering is should a 'delay pedal' type block be placed in front of the amp like in...
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    Is there a Standel amp model in Axe FX amp list?

    Hi, I am building a preset for country playing, I have being doing research and have found out only now about these old Standel amps a lot of players used in the day. Is there a Standel amp model in the AXE FX amp list, If not ............can we have one??
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    Best amp models for a country twang tone?

    Hi, I have to build a Country twangy chicken pickin type preset today on my AX8. I have the Austin Buddy pack too. I am thinking the following amp models will be the way forward for audition: Fender twin reverb Fender Deluxe reverb Dr. Z 38 Matchless DC30 Fender Band commander. I am...
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    Is the AX8 very susceptible to induced noise?

    Hi, I recently bought an Ax8. I have an Axe Fx 2 XL in the studio also but it never leaves it. I was playing at a wedding last night in Ireland and using the Ax8 main out 1 - L sent to the front of house PA via XLR. Out 2 was sent to an RCF Art 715 A mk II active cab for on stage monitoring...
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    Just bought AX8 is there a MAC version of FracTool?

    Hi, I have an Axe FX 2 XL but am waiting on an AX8 to arrive for grab and go gigs. Would any of you know is there a MAC version of the FracTool software ? Thanks, Gene
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    I'm thinking of purchasing an AX8, do you reckon there could be a mkII soon?

    Hi all, I am thinking of getting a AX8. I have an AXE FX II XL but need something handy to grab for gigs that come in - unexpected, I fill in on guitar and bass with groups who's guitarist or bassist is ill etc. Prior to buying my AXE FX II XL, I had only just purchased the MKII (without the...
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    Tone match electric guitar to acoustic guitar?

    Hi , I watched a YouTube video a while ago on how to tone match a Piezo pickup to the mic'd up tone from the same acoustic guitar. I can't find the video now. I seem to remember that when you do the tone matching and later wish to use the actual captured resulting curve (or is it the IR?) you...
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    Anyone using Red Sound Active cab for digital amps?

    Hi, just wondered is any Axe Fx user using the Active 12" cab by Red Sound with their Axe FX? If so, what is your opinion of it? Cheers, Eugene http://www.redsounditalia.com/en/prodotti/macrocategoria/music/categoria/active-cabinet/prodotto/6774/rs-lg12
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    Anyone using a Nova Acoustic KD12 as a monitor?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is using a NOVA acoustic KD12 active monitor with their Axe FX? It is like the Atomoc CLR in that there are more than one input channel (actually 3) so you can feed the Axe fx into it and a return aux feed from the PA mixer and a third one should you need it...
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    MFC-101 bank INCR/DECR display time change?

    Hi, just a quick question regarding the mfc-101: Q. When the bank incr/decr switches are pressed the mfc 101 display shows for example Bank 001:001-005 this stays ON the display until something is pressed. Is it possible to have this switch back to the current preset say after 2 seconds or...
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    Can IA switches be set differently PER preset rather than global?

    Hi, I am wondering something. When setting the function of the Instant access switches are these set globally or on a per preset basis? i.e. if I have two presets stored to location 5 and 6 when I recall the presets can the function of the IA switches be different between each? Also, is it...
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    Resetting amp block to defaults and bright switch?

    Hi, I am building a country chicken pickin' preset for a gig I have to do with a band next Saturday night. I am working with the Dr. Z 38 and Matchless DC30 amp models. I am wondering something regarding the BLOCK/RESET and RESET current effect type options in the drop down menu of axe edit...
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    In MAC Audio Midi setup only 3 ins and 2 outs??

    Hi, I need to check something with you all. I use a MAC running OSX 10.12.5 Sierra. In the Audio Midi Setup app I seem to remember that the Axe FX 2 XL used to show 4 inputs and 2 outs. Now I am only seeing 3 ins and 2 outputs. Now maybe I am incorrect but I think there should be four ins...
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    How do I upload cab pack into Axe FX II XL using Fractal-Bot?

    Hi, I just purchased cab pack 6 'Cabs in the attic'. According to what I have read I should be able to use Fractal-Bot to install the pack in the Axe Fx II XL but when I try the files are greyed out and it won't let me proceed to upload them as the 'OPEN' button is greyed out too. Any help...
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    Is there a 2x12 cab with a Jenson P12R and Celestion G12 Alnico?

    Hi again, I read somewhere recently that there exists a 2x12 cab IR consisting of a Celestion G12 Blue and a Jenson P12R. I think it is in one of the cab packs. Anyone know which one? I think it would be an interesting cab for a preset I am about to make up in axe edit. Thanks again. E
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    Extra blocks being added to signal chain I didn't put there!! ???

    Hi all, a strange thing has happened some of my presets. I had a few new presets with just compressor, amp, cab and reverb. That is how i built them. I just noticed it now has, wah, phaser drive,flanger rotary and delay added to the grid though they are in bypass mode. I didn't insert them...
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    Is there a model of an acoustic amp in the amp Library?

    Hi, I have a Line 6 Variax standard which I use for a solo show sometimes as I alternate between acoustic and electric type tunes/songs during the set list. The variax has a few acoustic models including Martin D28 and a big body Guild jumbo. They do the job but I reckon I could seriously...
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    Resonator effect?

    Hi, I was just using the resonator effect in a clean/on the verge of breakup patch featuring a Division 13 11 watt model and matching 12" speaker. Checked online, there is not all that much about the resonator effect in the WIKI but there is a picture of a Dobro resonator in the description. Is...
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    Would anyone happen to know where the reverb tank in a Supro is in the circuit?

    Hi, would any of you happen to know where in a Supro amp is the reverb in the circuit?. Is it before the preamp section or between the pre and power amp? I'm making a preset based around the supro model. Depending where it is in the circuit should I run direct into it in series before or after...
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    Best Low watt amp model to build 'do it all' preset by altering guitar volume knob

    Hi everyone, Happy new Year to you all. Before I bought my Axe FX 2 XL I got rid of all my high wattage guitar amps because they were just too loud for most gigs and I am micing them up through front of house PA anyway. So, I moved to low wattage amps from 5 to 13 watt instead. I normally set...
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    Clapton's Marshall stack live at Filmore East March 10th 1968?

    Hi everyone, I'm building a rig in Axe edit based on Clapton's Marshall stack used live at Filmore East March 10th 1968. This is the show the famous version of 'Crossroads' was recorded at, as seen in Black and white footage. My understanding is Clapton possibly switched to the 100watt...
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    Diming the controls in amp block

    PLEXI 50W 6550 (based on Marshall Super Lead 1959) model description the following is one of the notes added: Try diming all controls, except Presence (set to taste) and Bass (low or off). Is there a function or a 'option or command' click I need to do in Axe edit to disable the control or...
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    The Friedman ASM-12 with Axe FX 2 XL

    Hi, are any of you using this The Friedman ASM-12 with the Axe FX 2 XL? How do you find it? I might get one.
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    In factory preset 005 'Double verb' should the reverb block not be before the amp?

    Hi, I am wondering something................. I have read here http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Reverb_effect that the reverb block should be in front of the amp block if you are looking for an authentic built in 'spring reverb' sound in an amp. Yet in the factory 005...
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    After firmware update do I no longer have to update amp defaults?

    Hi all, I have Quantum 3.01 installed in the Axe FX 2 XL. Should use the 'set amps to defaults' in utility menu or will this change the amp block in only the currently loaded preset to their default state. I used to reset all amps in all presets or something following a firmware update but I...
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    In Axe edit is the bypass mode in the mixer page of a block same as what the IA switches toggle?

    Hi all, I am trying to figure something out. On the MFC 101 mk III I have the bottom row of switches set up to select 5 presets. IA switches 6 to 17 are for toggling blocks on/off tuner etc. It is in it's factory default state. I was using Axe edit yesterday and set up an external dual switch...
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    Wish I wish I could set the I/O input - Instrument in on a per preset basis!

    I use a lot of guitars at a show. It would be nice to be able to set the instrument in in the I/O and save it per preset or at least per bank. I have to manually change this when I change guitars. I read in a fractal forum that you just set it so it does not clip the input meters very often...
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    How can I switch amp boost on/off with toggle switch connected to MFC101 mark III?

    Hi, folks, I have created a good patch based on the Champ 5F1 model. I was trying earlier to turn the amp boost switch ON/OFF using a toggle switch connected to the switch 1/2 jack on the MFC 101 mk III but it does not seem to work. Is there no CC for the amp boost function? Surely there is. I...
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    Switching scenes from controller making Axe fx 2 enter edit screen??

    Hi Axe FX users, I have a problem I'm trying to fix with my Axe FX 2 XL and Scenes. I have an MFC 101 mk III and intend connecting pedals to it, expression and momentary or latching types. I also have a small Rocktron Midi Exchange which I will be using where floor space is tight as it is...
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    One preset will not recall using MFC-101 MKIII via Fastlink?

    Hi all, I am a new AXE FX 2 XL and MFC-101 MKIII user. There seems to be a strange thing happening with my rig. I have saved a preset to preset location 384 but switch 5 on MFC does nothing when I try to recall this patch but works fine in all other banks. (both AXE FX 2 XL and MFC are set to...
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