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  1. Jimmytwotimes

    There's always time ...

    Haha - well as someone who stares at a computer screen for 8-9 hours a day, its the last thing I want to do on vacation. You're on vacation - get out and explore the world - disconnect - unplug - live life !
  2. Jimmytwotimes

    There's always time ...

    I see a problem here - taking a laptop on vacation ? I just got back from Fiji - I didn't even turn my phone on for 2 weeks - bliss !
  3. Jimmytwotimes

    Singers suck!

    I'll add to the funny singer stories - was in a band about 10 years ago - singer was great - but kind of flakey sometimes - not to the point where he would ever miss a gig. We didn't really talk much during the week, everyone knew when our gigs were and everyone showed up on time and ready to go...
  4. Jimmytwotimes

    Allan Holdsworth's Ultra for sale!

    That's cool - its always a crap shoot though when you use someone elses patches. Depending on what you use they could sound like crap. I remember when I first got my XL, I was all excited to go on axe change to get some patches - after I downloaded a few, I'm like - WTF, why does everything...
  5. Jimmytwotimes

    Guitar and tennis elbow?

    I would agree that it could possibly be a technique issue - or possibly that you're not warming up enough.
  6. Jimmytwotimes

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    You can have your opinion and say he doesn't have an understanding of modern sound. However, I don't know what your qualifications are to say that. I don't see that there are multiple " Rane" solo albums, world tours, and grammy nominations. But somehow you know more than him. This is an opinion...
  7. Jimmytwotimes

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    I find it interesting that people here are bashing Joe for what he said. I'm guessing that Joe is a more accomplished player and has more stage experience than anyone that has responded. He can say what he wants - if that's his experience and what works for him, then who cares ? The guy has...
  8. Jimmytwotimes

    Midlife Crisis Car

    Car problems ?? what are those ? I'm 48 and have had 3 cars in my life - all Toyotas - a Tacoma, 4runner and now an FJ. The only thing I have ever done to them is put oil in them - that's it. Is it the best looking most stylish vehicle? no... Is it the fastest? no... does it handle great? no...
  9. Jimmytwotimes

    Any neck crackers?

    Everything cracks on me - my knees, ankles, fingers, wrists, toes, elbows, back, and my neck. Its not like im trying to crack it all the time, I just turn my head and it cracks. The thing is, when it does crack - it feels so good - like all the pressure has been relieved. So its hard not to do...
  10. Jimmytwotimes

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    I'm more or less with you - I was never much of a strat guy. I have an American Standard and its OK. I have never fully bonded with it. But needed that strat single coil tone for some songs. I really only ever use it for Pink Floyd, Robin Trower, a few Pearl Jam songs etc. Ones where nothing...
  11. Jimmytwotimes

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    I'm going to come from a completely different angle on this. There are a lot of IT people and programmers here who all come from a very technical place. I am speaking for the "basic" consumer who has basic computer skills. I do not delve into any advanced parameters, I'm not doing assembly...
  12. Jimmytwotimes

    First gig with the Axe, and it sounded terrible

    Sounds simple - but easy one new users miss when using real cabs - turn off global cab modeling....
  13. Jimmytwotimes

    New Jensen speaker..

    I know everyone is all crazy about the new Celestion speaker thats FRFR. Looks like Jensen is getting in the game too.... I will be very curious about these as well... https://www.jensentone.com/jensen-full-range-digital-d-speakers
  14. Jimmytwotimes

    Guitar Opinions $400 to $600 Range

    I'm not sure if you can get one for 600 - might be more around 700 - but PRS SE series are some of the best bang for your buck out there.
  15. Jimmytwotimes

    Sonny Landreth: Fractal Artist and very under rated!

    Great video and playing ! I don't know that Sonny is underrated - I have always know him to be one of the best, if not the best slide player today. These are numbers 1 and 2 slide players today IMHO. Duane Allman still my fav though. Watching this made me seek out some more videos - thanks !
  16. Jimmytwotimes

    Tone versus Feel. The real amp in the room.

    I have a Matrix GT1000fx that powers my port city 2x12.
  17. Jimmytwotimes

    Tone versus Feel. The real amp in the room.

    Coming in at the end of the conversation - all I can say is - I have an amp in my room and I have an axe fx in my room ( with a real 2x12 cab) - and no matter what I do to the real amp, the axe always sounds and feels better to me. IMHO.
  18. Jimmytwotimes

    LED "Bulbs"

    the technology is moving pretty fast - just over the past 2-3 years I have noticed a huge improvement. Not there yet - but I believe they will get there in the next few years... All my recessed PAR 30's are all still halogen. Every time I go to Home Depot I buy another one just to stock pile...
  19. Jimmytwotimes

    Impinged shoulder anyone?

    I would agree with you about chiropractors. As much as they would like you to believe it, they are not real doctors. I have a few friends that are doctors and other friends in other fields of medicine. They do "business" with chiropractors with referrals and reading radiology etc. They always...
  20. Jimmytwotimes

    LED "Bulbs"

    Agree - I always get 2700K - even that looks a little florescent to me depending on the bulb. Anything above that makes the room look like an office - bluey and cold. I much prefer the warmness of a incandescent blub hue.
  21. Jimmytwotimes

    LED "Bulbs"

    I have not see the one you mentioned. But I have found ones that I like the best so far, as LED's are concerned and seem to be the most "light bulb-y" ( meaning incandescent-like). They are the Cree high CRI - 2700k. So far I like them a lot - still waiting for someone to come out with a decent...
  22. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Holy crapoli - I was just messing around with a few amps I never use - came across the ODS 100 Ford 1- Wow - I did nothing to the amp and it sounds amazing with all the defaults. I am so stoked on this amp now - I may be changing my main amp from the Solo 100 to this. Huge improvement I think...
  23. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx III power conditioner or voltage regulator?

    I would say it depends - if you play at bars - many bars tend to be on the "older" side - and may have pretty jacked up electricity. I have been in some places where I'm seeing 90 volts come in to the house - not great for your equipment. A voltage regulator will keep you at 120 regardless of...
  24. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Amazing !! Thank you ! I don't know what happened to the Fender models - but wow.... So far they are striking me as being most improved...
  25. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Axe Edit still shows Quantum 11.00 - Is that what its supposed to show?
  26. Jimmytwotimes

    Def Leppard On Howard

    You would think that might be part of the studio - but I think the artists bring in all their own gear. Gary Clark Jr was in a few weeks ago and brought his own gear. Howard was saying after they left that he was talking to Phil and saying how amazing it is that he can get the exact same tone...
  27. Jimmytwotimes

    Def Leppard On Howard

    I heard Def Leppard on Howard Stern this morning - I have to assume they are using an axe III - the guitars sound amazing - I'll be curious to see the video of it when its posted.. If you haven't already - check it out !
  28. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    wahoooo - can't wait to get home! So it sounds like no beta then?
  29. Jimmytwotimes

    What is your approach when making new patches?

    I always kind of go in this order - 1. I have a tone in my head 2. I pick what guitar I want to use to accomplish that tone 3. I pick an amp 4. I go to the speaker page and adjust the 3 low res knobs to my cab res ( I use a real cab) 5. I only mess with the basic controls on the amp first - if...
  30. Jimmytwotimes

    Chair, yes chair

    I think my first guitar lesson, my teacher told me - no one wants to see you sit on stage, and most of the time you will be standing - so you will practice, learn, and perform standing. I haven't sat since ! I tried a few months ago - and found it really hard...haha There you go - no chair...
  31. Jimmytwotimes

    DAW For Beginner

    I second garage band - SUPER easy to use. I have a "lite" version of Ableton - I cant figure it out if my life depended on it, and I really don't have the time to get educated on it. Garage band is perfect for me.
  32. Jimmytwotimes

    When’s the last time you received or wrote a personal letter?

    I still always send handwritten thank you letters with a personal note in each. I think people are pretty surprised by it - and I have sometimes received thank you cards for my thank you card.. hahaha
  33. Jimmytwotimes

    Friendly reminder: tell your loved ones you love them

    Sorry to hear that - my condolences. My parents are both 78 and live 3000 miles away - I make a point to face time them every week. But I also know at this point that something could happen any day to them. So its hard to think sometimes when I hang up - will this be the last time I speak to one...
  34. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Funny because I seem to be noticing more high end on most of my patches... And a little extra gain. Sounds great though !
  35. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Cant wait to get home and try it out ! Thank you for all your work on this !
  36. Jimmytwotimes

    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    I have 3 PRS's and love them all. I have a custom 24, a CE24 with a Floyd and a SE Angelus. To me, they feel like home. The necks just have a great feel and I love the sound I get with them all. The quality and workmanship is top notch. I also love the 25" scale. I have never bonded with the...
  37. Jimmytwotimes

    GT1000FX advice... presets sound muffled

    All you have to do is go in global and turn off cab modeling - doesn't matter if the presets have a cab block - it will disable it on every preset.. Can you upload a preset that you are having an issue with ? Since I have the same amp and use a real cab as well, maybe I can help a little.
  38. Jimmytwotimes

    GT1000FX advice... presets sound muffled

    Don't know if you solved you issue or not - I have the same amp. Yes - I keep the amp volume around 2:00 and use the axe for volume control. Amp sims on. Some amps default settings just sound dark. Not all - but some. The Low freq res on the speaker page can help with a real cab - adjust to your...
  39. Jimmytwotimes

    Thoughts on ‘chasing tone’

    That's kind of the goal, isn't it? To take a variety of influences, and create your own style/tone from them...
  40. Jimmytwotimes

    How to make that preset?

    Just had a chance to try this - wow! Great job Simeon- this patch really has a ton of uses. Thank you !
  41. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I've been waiting for the official release - with comments like this, not sure how much longer I can wait !
  42. Jimmytwotimes

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    HAHAHA - not this year !
  43. Jimmytwotimes

    Vai saying Modeling is not there yet :)

    Exactly - hes being paid by a non-modeling company... Hes used an axe fx for years and has said how much he loves it in the past.
  44. Jimmytwotimes

    Tests today: tube power amp/speaker vs IRs

    I would agree that for me, not having an IR is one less thing I have to mess with and tweak. I do use IR's but for recording only through monitors - which I don't do a whole lot of. I love the tone I get from just a matrix power amp and my port city 2x12. So for me, I very rarely go into IR land.
  45. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II Epiphany - Unintended Consequence

    Why do different guitar players sound so different then, you might ask.. IMHO, this brings more justification to " tone is all in the hands" debate.. Why when I play a silver jub, I sound like me - or a mark IV or a Freidman or tweed - I sound like me. The amp provides the ambiance... more or...
  46. Jimmytwotimes

    What are your favorite guitar tones ever?

    Joe Bonamassa Dave Murray Alex Lifeson - first 5 or 6 albums Warrnen Haynes George Lynch EVH Mattis Jabs Jake E Lee (Ozzy era) Duane Allmän
  47. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II or AX8 for band practice and live shows?

    Same price ?? I would def get the II and MFC. More power and Ares FW. Not that much more to carry - one more thing. And one more thing to plug in. Just get a 2 unit rack case - done son !
  48. Jimmytwotimes

    Hair metal tone tutorial

    Thanks Leon - I actually don't have a III, but all this basic suggestions I applied to my XL and it sounds awesome !
  49. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Its like one louder....
  50. Jimmytwotimes

    Yngwie blues album

    Its kind of like when I first started playing guitar and taking my first lesson. My teacher told me more or less that there were two "directions" I could go - putting my main focus on one of them. That was the blues based direction or the classical based direction. Yngwie obviously went the...
  51. Jimmytwotimes

    Apple you're losing me.....

    Ford vs Chevy bmw vs audi tubes vs modeling etc etc etc... there's always going to be someone to complain about one thing and someone else who loves it. Get what you like...
  52. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Just saw this thread - I actually thought it was the axe III thread - wow - this is awesome !! Can't wait to try it ! Thanks team for the continued support of the XL !!!
  53. Jimmytwotimes

    David GiImour auctioning guitars. About time he gets an Axe-Fx III!

    Agreed - One of the things I love about Joe Bonamassa. I can't even guess the value of all his vintage guitars and amps - but he takes them all on the road and plays them every night. Hopefully someone will do the same with these guitars.
  54. Jimmytwotimes

    Crackling Sound When Playing

    Try new/different cables. I have found faulty cables to be a source of this "cracking" in the past.
  55. Jimmytwotimes

    It’s the Day after Tomorrow in the Midwest

    Aren't you frying there now ? I thought I read that Australia is having the opposite problem - extreme heat ! Hope to visit there within the next year or two... theres no global warming though - nothing to see here !
  56. Jimmytwotimes

    Rhythm training app?

    OR start learning Rush, Yes, and King Crimson tracks... 4/4 will soon be a piece of cake for him ! And sometimes foot tapping is counter-intuitive - I have never been a fan of that.. maybe stop the foot tapping...:D
  57. Jimmytwotimes

    Rhythm training app?

    Get a metronome app - practice rhythm only exercises. Practice in different time signatures finding the "1". Accent the 1. I'm sure theres also some videos on you tube about practicing rhythm. It was easy for me - I was a drummer for like 20 years ;)
  58. Jimmytwotimes

    You couldn’t make it up...........

    We're at a balmy 50 today... luckily the vortex missed us. I understand though - when it snows here the whole city shuts down as well - and we have no snow or ice removal.
  59. Jimmytwotimes

    "modeling technology" and Artists & 75% of the time..lol

    Seriously - I literally just saw a video of him a month ago or so - I think it was from the Generation Axe tour, and he had two Axe Fx he was plugged into. But like someone else said - Synergy probably approached him and gave him a bunch of money - so of course hes going to promote and say what...
  60. Jimmytwotimes

    A question of sound Good...

    Ok - you can tell the sound guy you want " authentic" tone and see what happens... hahaha
  61. Jimmytwotimes

    A question of sound Good...

    Really ?? I thinks its totally designed for use with a real cab.. I get an amazing tone with mine. Granted it is easier to only haul your axe to a gig - but I actually find it much easier to dial in a good tone with a real cab than with an IR through a PA..
  62. Jimmytwotimes

    Tech is great, but let's still use our smarts

    Ever see the movie, Idiocracy ? Not the greatest movie - but seems to becoming more and more of a reality unfortunately. You make very valid points Chris.
  63. Jimmytwotimes

    Matrix GT1000FX 1u Fan Noise

    I have a 2 unit - zero fan noise - I check sometimes to see if its actually moving...haha
  64. Jimmytwotimes

    Hello all.. new inspired member here..

    I started late in life as well - I played drums from the time I was 6 until around 30. Started taking lessons and playing guitar around 33. I'm 48 now. I say stick with what you have - take lessons - practice, a LOT. I practice 2 hours a day and feel like its still not enough. Once you get to be...
  65. Jimmytwotimes

    Axe-Fx II vs. AX8

    Maybe look for a used POD 500 - shouldn't be more than 200 bucks or so. Use it as a midi controller - and while it doesn't come close to the axe in tone- you still have it as a back up if anything would happen to the axe. And it sounds ok.
  66. Jimmytwotimes

    Going from FRFR to poweramp/cab

    Whenever I use my strat - I use a cab block. Because the single coils are a bit more thin sounding, I find the cab block beefs things up a bit. But I never use it with humbuckers.
  67. Jimmytwotimes

    Feel: Cab vs FRFR

    I have used both. I still prefer a real cab and matrix amp. To me, it does feel and sound better/different - So I know what you mean and it is hard to describe. I know there are a ton of people here who swear by FRFR- and that's great ! I personally prefer the sound and feel of a real cabinet.
  68. Jimmytwotimes

    Going from FRFR to poweramp/cab

    yep - turn off global cab modeling - leave amp modeling on. Don't use your old patches - start with new ones. Unless you want to set up to use both foh and a real cab - then you have to run 2 different chains in the patch. When you start a new patch and pick an amp, you should have to do very...
  69. Jimmytwotimes

    Any way to "measure" remaining life of the battery?

    Ok - now that we know the type of battery and that it should be replaced, where might one find the battery once the cover is off? I'm not an electrical engineer and not familiar with motherboards. Just a quick google search and I found this - I'm assuming this is where the battery goes ?
  70. Jimmytwotimes

    Time off guitar and practice

    I take a 2 week vacation ( to travel) every year - and take probably another week or 2 off for other random travels. I find that when I'm gone for 2 weeks - it takes about 2 weeks to get back to where I left off. Now if you play any kind of very fast music as your main type - Metallica for...
  71. Jimmytwotimes

    Harmonizer Help

    Thanks all - I will try it out tonight !
  72. Jimmytwotimes

    Harmonizer Help

    I have actually never tried to use the harmonizer until today - and I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing. I have tried both the fixed and intel modes. And to me it sounds like there's like 3 or more notes being played - almost like a ring modulator or something. I'm actually trying to play...
  73. Jimmytwotimes

    Stuck in a playing rut. Best practice tips please

    Agree with all of the above - I might add doing pentatonic scales ascending and descending with 3 notes at a time - so play first 3 notes, go back to the second note and play 3 notes, go back to the 3rd note and play 3 notes etc... And yes - backing tracks have been extremely helpful to me - I...
  74. Jimmytwotimes


    ^^^ yes - 114 is high...I have a Port City 2x12 and its happy place is around 85-90....
  75. Jimmytwotimes

    Paul Gilbert is god (as if we didn't know that already)

    He is awesome - I have learned a great deal from him when he used to have his columns in Premier Guitar I think it was ?? Anyway - class act - AND he lives in Portland. I keep hoping to run across him at some point, somewhere...
  76. Jimmytwotimes

    Is there any need for a tone knob on a guitar?

    I use them - sometimes you want to give the audience a little break. I always dial in my tones with the tone knob all the way up. In a live setting - sometimes this can be too much bite - the tone knob is a fast easy way to tame it down a little. I never used to mess with it - but from years of...
  77. Jimmytwotimes

    Amp simulator vs “the real thing” argument

    All I know - is that I saw Metallica a few days ago - and they are 100% axe fx - and they sounded amazing. And the 16000 other non-guitar players in the audience thought they sounded amazing too.
  78. Jimmytwotimes

    EVH Cool Interview

    He is a freak - he definitely put his 10000, 20000, 50000 - whatever hours in. I remember when Valerie Bertinelli was on Howard Stern a few years ago, she basically said that the guitar never left his shoulder all day- every day. Even sitting on the toilet playing...
  79. Jimmytwotimes

    Is Matrix GT1000 too much for 1x12?

    I Have run two 1x12's and one 1x12, and a 2x12 and 1x12 with the 1000 - have never had an issue - like any amp, don't crank it till the speaker pops! Sounds awesome !
  80. Jimmytwotimes

    How many tried the III and decided to just keep using the II?

    I have an XL and am more than happy with it... I'll wait another 5 + years for a IV....
  81. Jimmytwotimes

    Troubled guitar player strikes again (switch or not to switch)

    I don't know that the Axe is any more or less "forgiving" than a tube amp. You sound like what you sound like. Whether I plug into a tube amp or the Axe , I sound like me. If I suck at dynamics, or have sloppy picking - doesn't matter what I'm playing through - it still comes through.
  82. Jimmytwotimes

    Saw Joe B last night and was at meet and greet ...

    Saw Joe Bonamassa last night - this is the 4th time I've seen him and he never fails to impress. His tone is possibly the best live tone I have heard. He played for a little over two hours - did two encores. Amazing player and I think his singing has improved a lot over the years. Had meet...
  83. Jimmytwotimes

    Two 412 cabs stacked or side by side?

    AND not to mention the weight of those things !
  84. Jimmytwotimes

    Please Advise: Axe-Fx III Through a Power Amp and 2x12 Cab

    I have an XL with a Port City 2x12 and EV 12L and ASW KTS-70 ( 8 ohm wired in parallel - so 4 ohm load ) and power it with a Matrix 1000. The first thing I do on EVERY preset I start, is go to the speaker drive page - turn comp to 0. Then I go to the speaker page and adjust the low res freq to...
  85. Jimmytwotimes

    Question for Dolken/Lynch serious fans...

    Yes- under lock and key is about a quarter step down..
  86. Jimmytwotimes

    Zappa Hologram tour officially announced

    Yeah - not a big fan of Ahmet since he kind of squashed zappa plays zappa. I know they have supposedly "resolved" family issues, but it really should have never been an issue in the first place. I'm a huge Dweezil fan, hes a class act, great player, and a very nice guy. And I'll always support...
  87. Jimmytwotimes

    Gain Stacking

    All great suggestions - I will do some more experimenting this weekend. I think I need pick " more clean" amps to start with and mess around with the drives from there - so many options. The axe is really limitless !
  88. Jimmytwotimes

    Gain Stacking

    Anyone do this? If so - what amps and drives are you using? I've messed around with it with little success. But I'm thinking its user error...
  89. Jimmytwotimes

    New Dream Theater Coming

    Man I hope they are retuning to their roots a little - the Astonishing, was astonishingly bad... As a fan since 1990, that was a huge disappointment. Also - I kind of feel like ever since the departure of Portnoy, theres a little something that was lost. Mangini is great, no doubt. But I just...
  90. Jimmytwotimes

    Another female rocker - Just so many

    To get a little back on topic - I recently have seen a few lessons online with Lindsay Ell. I will start by saying, I am by no means a country music fan - quite the opposite. But reading her approach to playing slide guitar, something I have been struggling with, opened up a whole new approach...
  91. Jimmytwotimes

    Price Increases Possible

    I live in Oregon - we don't have sales tax here - which is nice...
  92. Jimmytwotimes

    D'Addario NYXL strings

    Yeah - they are great strings - I have always used d'addario strings. I have my first set of nyxl's on a PRS with a floyd now - they are about 2 months old - I'm still debating if they are worth the extra $. They do seem to sound a bit clearer to me and seem to be lasting longer and keep that...
  93. Jimmytwotimes

    ngd. suhr content

    The bigger question here is - where can I get that penguin blanket ?? My wife loves penguins.... Seriously though - beautiful guitar !
  94. Jimmytwotimes


    I have tried one and agreed with posts above - too hard to use - still have to tune all strings with floating bridge etc... IMHO you just can't go wrong with the 'ol Boss TU3...
  95. Jimmytwotimes

    copying blocks to another preset

    You got it ! Or - what Paperjace said if you want to go that route...
  96. Jimmytwotimes

    copying blocks to another preset

    Its literally cutting and pasting from one preset to another - like you would in any windows or IOS program.
  97. Jimmytwotimes

    Am I the only one that wants a Marshall Silver Jubilee reissue?

    I think I fell in love with the original '87 model when I heard Joe Bonamassa use it years ago. He used it live all the time - man that amp sounded sooo good. The silver jub in the axe is pretty good - not one of my fav Marshall models for some reason. Seems like it takes a bit of work to make...
  98. Jimmytwotimes

    Hand Cramping?

    Totally agree - I'm 48 and sit at a desk all day. About a year ago I started having pain in my hips, back, shoulders, and arms.. A friend recommended yoga - and the results are startling to me. Within two months of doing it twice a week, 90% of the pain was gone. After around 10 months of doing...
  99. Jimmytwotimes

    Gibson Announces New CEO and Other Executives

    Unfortunately for the employees there - I fear this will be the next step.....
  100. Jimmytwotimes

    Thought I should take the old fatty a$$ cat for a walk...

    hahaha - that's some funny shit there ! At least you got the harness on - I don't think I could even get that far with our cats !
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