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  1. K

    Who had the dumb idea of making 12" speakers the standard for guitar?

    I have a Dr. Z Maz Jr NR combo that doesn't get much love anymore, but it sounds terrific and fills a room. If someone is looking for a quality stand-alone cab: http://drzamps.com/product/2x10/
  2. K

    FM3 headphones jack

    These are really nice for that kind of thing: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AmPro20--westone-am-pro-20-ambient-earphones-clear
  3. K

    Mixers today

    Have you looked at the Zoom L-12 or L-20?
  4. K

    FS [Reverb] Axe-Fx II XL

    As stated in the description, AxeFX II XL in excellent condition: https://reverb.com/item/18769870-fractal-audio-axe-fx-ii-xl
  5. K

    Input to AX8 from Active Pre-amp

    I recently bought a violin pickup with a plan to run it into the AX8 so I can switch between guitar and fiddle without sending a different input to the monitor / board. They call it a pickup, but it is really a mic with an active pre-amp. When plug it into the AX8, I can get some volume out of...
  6. K

    Guitar Squeal

    I was using my AX8 at gig a couple days ago and had an odd thing happened starting in the 3rd set. Whenever I switched to my neck pickup (or middle position, which also uses the neck pickup) I would get high pitch feedback, like a microphone being pointed at a monitor. Of course the first...
  7. K

    A "guitar speaker cabinet" that's close to a FRFR

  8. K

    Choosing a digital mixer

    I'm pretty happy with the Soundcraft Ui16. I think the UI is great and works with any device with a modern browser (you don't need a separate app), but if you need physical controls it won't work for you. I run sound for our band when we play at a place with a larger Presonus digital board. I do...
  9. K

    Presets CPU% before and after the 10.00 firmware

    Let's say the only improvement to CPU usage is in the amp block. If that is the case, then that's the only reduction there would be no matter how many other types of blocks you have.
  10. K

    FRFR suggestions

    I have the Yamaha DBR10. It sounds great and should be plenty of power for your needs.
  11. K

    New Line 6 FRFR cab - Powercab

    For the included models, they aren't modelling cabs - they are modeling speakers. Apparently, the HF driver isn't even used when selecting one of the onboard speaker models.
  12. K

    Portable Line Array / Column Systems

    Has anyone used the smaller / cheaper portable column speakers in a band situation (the LD 5 Maui or the Inspire ip500 / ip1000, in particular)? I got an original Bose L1 when they first came out. I used it for quite awhile for vocals in rehearsal, but I couldn't get the rest of the band to use...
  13. K

    Are these Axe-Fx 2 hardware limitations?

    You could use Kick Starter (or similar) and as long as you get the required amount, release it to everyone and not have to worry about pirating. If you don't get it, you never start working on it an no one actually pays.
  14. K

    How do you boost signal for solos?

    I had my boost on the output level per scene, but it was difficult to manage (if you want to change the level, you have to do it for every scene, for example). I found it simpler to have a null filter block at the end of the fx chain. That way, you can clearly see when it is off or on and, if...
  15. K


    I don't really know how much, if any, it is colored because I haven't compared it to some other "flat" power amp. I just know it doesn't sound band and, in fact, I think it sounds good. As far as volume, I think it is plenty loud. I run it at about the 5W master setting and have no problem...
  16. K


    I use the 101 mini as a power amp to a normal guitar cab. No 4CM needed for me because I'm only using it as a power amp. I go from the AX8 to the quilter's FX return. I have the Voice set to Full ! and the Hi-Cut to flat (fully counterclockwise). Tri-Q is a pre-amp thing, so doesn't affect the...
  17. K

    Best amp models for a country twang tone?

    I was using the AC-20 EF86 T for a long time, but now my go-to is the Wrecker Rocket. It's mostly Voxy sound I like, but has just enough of the Fender "roundness." As for the effects order, I would put the verb at the end, but even then I usually leave it off because the slapback is enough for...
  18. K

    Out 1 Main Level ?

    I believe on max it is unity gain, so that's how I set it only when running as a virtual pedal board only into a physical amp.
  19. K

    Atomic CLR - Unable to reach Atomic Support

    See this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/whats-the-best-way-to-contact-atomic-amps-for-service-as-of-right-now.130189/ I don't even know why they publish that support email address.
  20. K

    Really bad whine with the AX8

    Is this something a humbuster cable would help?
  21. K

    What's the best way to contact Atomic Amps for service (as of right now)?

    The best (maybe only) way is to email / PM Tom directly. When I had an issue I tried emailing support for a couple weeks and never got a response. I sent a direct messages to Tom and he replied very promptly (within an hour or two) and provided great service.
  22. K

    YOUR preferred country style amps

    I've been using the AC-20 EF86 T.
  23. K

    EV-2 reviews?

    No, I had only one cable attached to the EV-2 - from its output jack to AX8 input. The AX8 was connected via USB to a computer, but I don't know why that would affect the audio signal. However, when I have time this evening I will connect it to a completely different amp and verify that the EV-2...
  24. K

    EV-2 reviews?

    Yes, it is an audible sound through the speaker. In this particular setup: guitar -> EV-2 -> AX8 -> CLR. To trouble shoot, I unplugged the guitar cable going into the EV-2, so with only EV-2 -> AX8 -> CLR, I could hear the same audio noise through the CLR.
  25. K

    EV-2 reviews?

    Almost a "zipper," but it's pretty short. It starts at about 85%, then it stops about 95%.
  26. K

    EV-2 reviews?

    I just got my EV-2 today. I decided to try it as an audio pedal, first. I'm not sure what's going on with it, but I get audible noise in around the last 15% of the pedal travel. It is only when increasing the volume. I've tried it with different cables and without any input at all with the same...
  27. K

    Atomic CLR - FOS

    The main benefit of sending Output 2 to FOH is that you can set the output 2 level once and never touch it again so you don't mess with the FOH gain. That allows you to use your Output 1 knob to adjust your stage level and not affect FOH. As far as EQ, I would just send the same signal and let...
  28. K

    Power amp for Conventional Guitar Cab

    I was looking for a lightweight amp to use to power a traditional guitar cab and decided to try the Quilter 101 (http://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/productpage/101-mini-head). I really like the results. I have the amp modeling on and cab modeling off in the AX8. I go from the AX8 out to the FX...
  29. K

    Is stereo useless when FRFR speakers are too close?

    It seems like there are several factors that could determine the usefulness: - If it just helps you play better, then as long as you can hear the stereo imaging, great. - Are you also running through the PA in stereo? Then maybe the audience will also get the benefit. - What if you angled two...
  30. K

    Is it because I use a real cab

    Maybe the amp model/settings you are using aren't affected as much?
  31. K

    Best bang for the buck acoustic???

    I have a friend that has a Loar (I think this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/the-loar-lh-250-small-body-acoustic-guitar). I've played it a bit and it seems like a fine guitar to me. He loves it.
  32. K

    CLR Issue (Hum)

    I've tried for a week to contact Atomic support (emailing and through their forum) to no avail, so I'd like to ask if anyone here has experience with the following: I've had two CLRs since they first came out. Last night I was playing and after awhile a hum started coming from the CLR I was...
  33. K

    Wish VU Meters on Axe-Edit

    My suggested solution to the same question for AX8 Edit: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/add-vu-meter-to-ax8-edit.114498/#post-1374995
  34. K

    buying PA speakers vs CLR speakers or other high cost monitors

    It's perfectly fine to use the "common" PA speakers/monitors for your guitar. If it sounds good to you, then use it. Now, if you want some reasons to use a higher end monitor: You are coming from a traditional amp/cab setup. Whatever the audience is hearing is certainly not what you are...
  35. K

    Pedal Steel?

    I have one I use for my console steel. I have different amps on X/Y I change around just for something a bit different, but the Blues Jr. is surprisingly good with a few tone control adjustment. My pedal steel playing friend uses a real Blues Jr. (which sounds great) sometimes when he doesn't...
  36. K

    Wish Startup in Sticky Mode

    There is a discussion I started in another thread (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/startup-with-sticky-scenes.121546/) about being able to be in sticky scenes (or presets) mode immediately on startup. This could be some selection of specific options, like "Start Mode: Normal | Sticky...
  37. K

    Startup With Sticky Scenes?

    Thanks for the global scene assign suggestion. I may try that, but then I couldn't get back to individual effects when I wanted to. The reason I was thinking of selecting one of the F switches after startup is because it can be assigned to anything. That way it wouldn't be limited to just...
  38. K

    Startup With Sticky Scenes?

    Is it possible to have the AX8 be in sticky scene mode as soon as it is turned on? I looked in the manual (which is a bit dated) and searched the forums but couldn't find anything that would lead me to believe this is possible. I almost always use it in sticky scene mode at home, but when I was...
  39. K

    Nashville This Weekend - Band Recommendations?

    If you're going to be in the Opryland area, go to the Nashville Palace some afternoon and check out Pork: http://www.porkm.com. He's one of those players that can inspire you [to sell all your stuff].
  40. K

    Reverb on leads live, yes or no?

    I don't generally use reverb live - I think it just pushes the guitar farther back in the mix and /or sounds muddy in a room that isn't treated properly (i.e. every place I have ever played live). I use slapback delay instead of reverb in live situations.
  41. K

    Noise/electricity problem during live gig last night

    So, would toggling the AX8's XLR Ground lift switch have fixed the problem?
  42. K

    Wish Add VU meter to Ax8 Edit

    Not for sending audio or real-time updates, but it could potentially be done by sending samples (sending one update / second with the peak for that time frame, for example). If the tuner works in the editor, there should be a way to do this.
  43. K

    AX8 FootSwitches not responding....

    According to the OP, it happened with the latest firmware.
  44. K

    Morphing AX8

    If you really need a super-fast switch, what about using a drive pedal (or two) instead of trying to switch amps? Maybe in combination with increasing a cleaner amp's gain.
  45. K

    AX8 Wish: Additional Input Pad Option

    Since there is no specific AX8 wish section, I'll post this one here: Include a 3db option for the input pad. For more than one of my guitars, 6db is too much and 0db is to little. 6db is great if I'm doing some hard strumming but I can barely get a green light on single not leads. 0db is good...
  46. K

    Presets for the Atomic CLR

    Is you CLR at a sufficient volume? When you are comparing to an amp, make sure both are at a similar volume.
  47. K

    USB Power Surge

    Just an update to this thread, I opened a ticket and sent it back last Friday. However, UPS didn't get it there until yesterday. Looking at the tracking, it sat about an 1.5 hours a way for a couple days before they delivered it to Fractal. Whenever there is a choice, for this and several other...
  48. K

    AX8 Shipped, So.........

    The manual has some information for those users that are familiar with the Axe Fx. Have you downloaded and read it, yet?
  49. K

    AX8 input level leds

    In the hour or so I was able to play my AX8, I worried about the input levels as well. If I strum really hard, I can start to light the red when pad is at the default 6dB. However, playing single notes barely lit up the first LED. If I put the pad at 0, then I could get a pretty bright red when...
  50. K

    USB Power Surge

    Thanks for letting me know!
  51. K

    USB Power Surge

    I created a ticket. Also, this is probably completely unrelated, but is it common that the Output 1 signal is slighlty audible even when the Out1 knob is all the way down?
  52. K

    USB Power Surge

    I just received my AX8 and I am unable to connect it to the PC through the USB port. Every time I try, I get a message stating there is a power surge on the USB port. This is a Windows 10 machine and I'm using the same cable/port that my AxeFx II XL was using (and it works fine for MIDI, audio...
  53. K

    New AX8 video

    So, in a place where they only sell the Helix, a sales person told you he was sold on it?
  54. K

    Amp / Cab for Steel Guitar

    If this is still correct: Cab: all models - Axe-Fx II Wiki, then the cab 31 is 2 JBL D130s. I missed that one, but I'm going to give it a try...
  55. K

    Amp / Cab for Steel Guitar

    Is anyone else playing steel (pedal / console / lap) through the Axe? I recently picked up an old Gibson console and have been using a Vibroverb model with a 1x15 IR. I was curious if anyone else has any amp/cab/settings you found to work well for steel.
  56. K

    FW12 to FW19 Lonestar settings advise?

    You might try some different amps. I remember one update that really affected an amp I used. I just couldn't get the same tone/feel back. So, I gave up and started going through different amps and there were 6 others on default settings I liked better. Now I don't sweat an update where amps are...
  57. K

    EZdrummer2 or Superior Drummer?

    I've been looking into this kind of tool, too. I saw MT Power Drum Kit 2 (MT Power Drum Kit AU VST Drums Sampler Plugin Instrument) is free. Has anyone tried that one?
  58. K

    Blue Screens of Death

    Which OS?
  59. K

    Axe FX II Is Freezing Randomly

    What firmware version did you have before upgrading? Does it only do it on some presets? I had that issue with some of my presets when I upgraded to the 15.x versions. Similar things were reported by several others, but the only explanation was that it was a "corrupt preset." So, I had to...
  60. K

    Bug? FW 15.02: Axe freezes with Tonematch block

    Are you sure it is specific to the Tonematch block? There are other people having freezing issues after updating (me included), but the presets don't necessarily have a Tonematch block. Does this happen whether or not the USB is connected to a computer?
  61. K

    I update to 15.2 ... now my axe freezes up ....

    You are not the only one having that issue. Has your USB been connected to a computer when this has happened? Please join our discussion here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-bugs/87977-sudden-loss-sound-lock-up.html
  62. K

    Sudden loss of sound with lock-up

    Have you had it happen when not connected to USB? It was happening last night so I unplugged the USB and played for quite a while without it happening. Then, I tried plugging in the USB and I played for another 20 minutes without it happening. I thought there may be some difference in...
  63. K

    Sudden loss of sound with lock-up

    I doubt it is the Mac/PC driver either, but it could have something to do with how the Axe is communicating with it (did something change with that in firmware 15?). However, let's say that has nothing to do with it, then the problem is in the preset. I have had trouble in 2 (but mainly...
  64. K

    Sudden loss of sound with lock-up

    Mine was still locking up on Windows 8, so instead of going back a driver I tried going to the beta driver. Same thing - after 5 or 10 minutes it locks up (on the preset I posted in another thread).
  65. K

    Sudden loss of sound with lock-up

    I have the same issue: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-bugs/87379-cab-selection-locks-axe-fx-ii-v15-0-a.html
  66. K

    Bug? Cab Selection Locks Axe Fx II (v15.0)

    So, after the last post (a couple of weeks ago) I loaded all the updated factory presets then loaded my presets back. I did this after upgrading to 15.02 I hadn't had the preset I was using cause any problems since then. However, today I just copied that preset to use a different amp and cab...
  67. K

    Bug? Cab Selection Locks Axe Fx II (v15.0)

    I got it to happen again today once, but then tried for 10 more minutes or so and couldn't. When it locked up it was on a completely different cab (some user cab). I'll report back if I can find a consistent pattern.
  68. K

    Bug? Cab Selection Locks Axe Fx II (v15.0)

    I don't know that this matters, but I was strumming while scrolling through the cabs. That's really what threw me - all of the sudden the audio stopped. When I tried it without audio it worked, but that may just be coincidence.
  69. K

    Bug? Cab Selection Locks Axe Fx II (v15.0)

    I updated to v15 last night and was playing it for awhile without issue. Then I decided to try some of the new factory UR cabs. Again, I played through some without issue. Then, I landed on the Triptik cab and tried it for a few seconds then scrolled off and the axe locked up (no more sound...
  70. K

    Are there other options to the MFC?

    You can do a lot with scenes and a couple of footswitches.
  71. K

    One second delay between scenes switching

    Are you looking at an effect block when you are doing this? If that is the case, hit Recall and try it. The scene switching delay is more noticeable for me when looking at blocks while editing a preset.
  72. K

    Recording Vocals through Axe-FX II

    I have a preset I have used for scratch vocals. It has has a compressor and tube preamp amp block (other stuff, like reverb, as needed). I used the second input and had to crank the input level, but it worked quite well.
  73. K

    Volume compensation between single-coil and humbuckers

    You could adjust the input in the amp block (using a controller and/or scenes). Or, you could use some block in front to boost when your use single coils (or cut for humbuckers). If you don't want any other coloration like the the compressor might give you, use a null Filter block.
  74. K

    Wish Scene 1/2 Default to Scene 1

    Could we have the Scene 1/2 switch default to Scene 1 when coming from Scene 3 or greater? A bonus wish would be to have the LED be red when 1 is selected, green when 2 is selected and not lit when some other scene is selected.
  75. K

    Dr Z

    I haven't played a Wreck, but yes - I think it will need to get loud to get a lot of gain out of it. I have a couple of attenuators, but I just don't like playing amps as well with them (I've used them with a Rt. 66 and and Carmen Ghia). How much volume do you need? If you can live with just...
  76. K

    Dr Z

    Yes. I have a Maz Jr. NR and an Rx Jr. I've had a few others, as well.
  77. K

    So, I guess I've been practicing more lately...

    I think you mean "axefoliating."
  78. K

    Sound City movie analogue VS digital technology

    I just saw Sound City last night. It is a great show. After I saw it, I bought the album (yeah, in digital format) and it has some great stuff on it, too. In the end, I looked at the analog / digital stuff as just facts about what happened and I didn't really feel one way or the other about...
  79. K

    CLR in a rack

    That's what my wedge grill looks like.
  80. K

    CLR in a rack

    Mount the AxeFx above it, put some wheels on that thing, and you have an Axe-CLR combo amp. When you get to the gig, just connect your guitar and foot controller and play!
  81. K

    FRFR "Amp In the Room" Experiment

    @Thomas-Hawk: I have the active CLRs. @jimfist: When I first heard it, I thought "that's just like an open back cab!" Then I thought, "you know what else sounds like an open back cab - an open back cab!" So, if I really only wanted that sound, I would think I might as well use a power amp...
  82. K

    FRFR "Amp In the Room" Experiment

    Oh, I missed that thread. From a quick read, it didn't look like anyone actually tried it?
  83. K

    FRFR "Amp In the Room" Experiment

    In the I/O menu there are Output 1 and Output 2 Phase parameters.
  84. K

    FRFR "Amp In the Room" Experiment

    I finally got around to trying something last night with my 2 CLR wedges. With my tube amps I used open back cabs, so I'm used to the sound that comes out of the back and the reflections that mix with front. That's what I think of when I hear people say they want "amp in the room" sound. So...
  85. K

    Country Player needs some help from a Marshall Guy!

    Have you tried a Drive block with your low gain presets? I think the Zen Drive and Eternity drive models (and some others) are pretty good at giving you gain while retaining some clarity. For amps, check out one of the Badgers or Buttery - they can get some pretty good mid-gain with clarity...
  86. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    Well, the original post describes it in more detail, but it is basically amps (at least the ones I'm using) that have no negative feedback. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if I don't have something else going on with how I'm setting those amps because it seems like others would be having this...
  87. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    My CLRs have worked great right out of the box, for me. Maybe if this happened on every amp model type or program music (which it does not) I would think it had something to do with them.
  88. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    Would the room be the cause if the same room does not exhibit the behavior on amp models with negative feedback?
  89. K

    Some scenes forget programming

    If it was just the wah that has the problem, I would suggest checking to see if the the auto-engage is on. However, someone else just said the it happens with a cab block, so it must be something else. You said it happens on 2 and he said 4, so I think it must be the even scenes with the issue. ;)
  90. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    Oh, I'm sure a parametric EQ before or after the cab block would do the same thing. I was just trying to find the root cause and the LFR seems to be it. I guess I'm thinking I should fix the problem as close as possible to the source of the issue. Reducing the LFR works for me, so I thought I...
  91. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    This is definitely not "flub." If you play a low E, it isn't there. If you play an A, it isn't there. But if you play a G, it is obvious. I used the term "boomy" because I thought that might be what others were using to describe the same thing I'm hearing, which turned out is a just big...
  92. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    Unfortunately (at least for me), that doesn't directly address the problem frequency. EQing those frequencies would remove too much of the surrounding frequencies before getting to the 100Hz area.
  93. K

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    Picking a favorite is tough, but I do like the Rice Custom guitar I had made last year.
  94. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    A while ago there was some discussion of CLRs being "boomy." I have a pair of wedges and never thought I noticed it. But, on some presets I started noticing a pronounced low end at or around the low G. It didn't happen with every amp model, though, so I ruled out the CLRs. Also, just lowering...
  95. K

    Scene question and Solo Boost?

    The same amp retains its setting across all scenes. You can have 4 distinct amps (Amp 1 [X], Amp 1 [Y], Amp 2 [X], Amp 2 [Y]) in one preset, but only two can be used at one time. If you adjust the Master of Amp 1 [X], that adjustment is for all scenes for that amp (but the other 3 are not...
  96. K

    Scene question and Solo Boost?

    My normal preset setup is scene one for the base tone and scene two for the lead boost, but it is keeping the same amp settings per preset. That way I don't have to think about it too much on most any preset I use (until there is a special song that requires more scenes). However, if you are...
  97. K

    Any Country Music / Clean Picken /Chicken Recordings?

    It's the AC30 TB with: Drive: 3.72 Bass: 4.31 Mid: 5.00 Treb: 4.33 (BRT is ON) Hi Cut: 0 Master: 10 Cab is Factory 93 (30 Blue Mix) with Room Level of 38.8% and 6.48 for size. No mic, but if I use the 421 it gets very close to Paisley's tone on the first CD. It sounds a bit thin by...
  98. K

    Any Country Music / Clean Picken /Chicken Recordings?

    Here are a few samples I just made for you. I like a little more aggressive sound (especially that AC30 - I was trying to get the sound of the Paisley's first couple of albums). In the second one I'm using a pitch block to do some of the "East Bound and Down" lead. I used scenes to switch...
  99. K

    Effect of Input Impedance (1M + Cap)

    The comments are basically what the manual says - that there is a general pickup loading difference depending on the selected impedance. I'm looking for what, specifically, the added cap does to the tone. I can hear a difference, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Is is something as simple...
  100. K

    Effect of Input Impedance (1M + Cap)

    I was messing with the Input Impedance parameter and when I switched between 1M and 1M + Cap, I seemed to like it with the added capacitor (at least for whatever preset I was using at the time). I was just curious as to what exactly the cap is doing to the signal, tone-wise? Is it similar to...
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