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    Cab Lab Plugin license not found

    Already got a ticket in but probably wont hear back before the weekend. Fresh win 10 install. Latest version of ilok and plugin. Can't get the plugin to load in Cubase even though the ilok manager says all is well. I re scanned plugins many times. Anybody else? Thanks in advance....
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    Can a looper recording be saved in a preset?

    Hi all, Couldn't find anything after a bit of searching, so I'm asking. I can't save the looper recording in any obvious way unless I made a mistake somewhere... Thanks in advance for any replies!!
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    What about a web class on just the amp block?

    Not to take away from Cooper's classes, which have been great.....but I couldn't help wondering if enough interest could generate a response from anyone who might be interested in doing it. Not sure who would feel comfortable tackling the subject, cause its a bit of a beast. (Maybe Cooper) I...
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    How does one save the IR dump as an IR file?

    Got midiox to receive the dump but it does not do IR format. What to do? Does it actually dump a file? Does it go anywhere? thanks in advance.
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    Noise floor on output 2 has gone up considerably in 14

    Double checked it by going back to 13.07 then back to 14 again. The noise floor is now much louder on output 2. I already had that output padded to keep it quiet.
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    Communication Time out here as well (FIXED)

    Crashes the Axe as well. I have to reboot the Axe every time it happens. Windows 7 64bit
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    Can current Cab-Lab process UltraRes IRs?

    Thanks Frank
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    Bryston Amps anybody?

    Gotta see if other people are using these with their axes. Super amazing tone!!!!!! Recently got a 3B NRB to try with my BM15 passives. Also about to try out a 4B ST which is supposedly less bassy and more accurate. I didn't like the 3B on my mains cause it was a bit too colored even though it...
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    Question about higher noise floor on Out 2

    HI all, I did a search and found some posts on the subject and "that shouldn't be so" seemed to be the response. Also there is mention of a circuit mod on out 2, which I'm not sure about. Out 1 is more quiet on both balanced and unbalanced jacks. I've plugged into various sources like a...
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    Using Atomic CLR with no cab sim

    Hi All, I'm absolutely loving my CLR's. The one thing that I'm not loving so much is are the cab sims. I've been all over the map trying them out and tweaking them for who knows how long. As one might expect, Your not going to get away from a mic'ed sound since that is thier nature...
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    Possible phase alignment problem with CLR

    Hey all, Just got a couple of CLR wedges. The only hitch so far is that they sound out of phase with each other when running the cab sim and distorted tones. Strangely they sound fine when running my bass and clean tones. I can even get amazing tones(clean and bass) with no speaker sim at...
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    Unit takes 12 seconds to boot.

    It takes 3 seconds before anything happens then fully booted at 12 seconds. The lag before any activity is what makes me wonder. Thanks
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    Did anybody film Cliff's presentation from Axe Fest II?

    At this point it would mean the world to thousands of Axe owners who couldn't be there including myself. I know a lot of people do much to help with knowledge around here, so please don't take offense. I just think that is of glaring importance to many and doesn't seem to be getting any...
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    Question about preamp bias

    Been looking through Cliff's posts about the subject and had one question. How is the harmonic ratio odd/even affected above and below zero. In other words: below zero does? Above zero does? I understand that farther away from zero has a more pronounced affect, just want to be sure about...
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    Manual update?

    Not looking for any debate, just wondering. A simple answer from anyone who knows is all that's needed. Thanks in advance to Cliff or anybody from Fractal who responds. :mrgreen
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    Does MIMIC only function with Power Amp Sim ON?

    Ya know....What the title said8)
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    question about V10 and preamp only (no PA)

    I know that the latest and greatest has broken major ground with power amp modeling. Right now I'm working my axe->tube power amp->mesa 4X12 presets. When I switch between v10 & v9 modeling I hear little if any difference. Not wanting to hear something that isn't there, I decided to ask if...
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    Anyone notice a level diff between balanced and unbalanced on out 1?

    I caught this while experimenting with I/O. to isolate, I A/B'd the left out into the same input on an amp without touching any levels and the balanced is several db softer than the unbalanced on out 1. I tried different cables to verify and got the same results. Curious:ugeek
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    Output question...

    Is copy out 1 to out 2 supposed to be bypassed with an FX loop block inserted on the grid?. The manual appears to imply that it shouldn't. That is what is happening in my case. I want to use the humbuster feature on output 2 but don't want the fx loop block to feed the output, which is why I'm...
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    Das Metal, Herbie and Dizzy

    Wondering if anyone was noticing that between the three, The Dizzy has been thinner and brighter for me. Despite anything I say here, I'm still totally jacked up about the new stuff. I was focused on the change in dynamic content and after hours of playing hadn't noticed that the Dizzy 4 was...
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    kinda nice that the Axe helps you notice that your tubes are going

    I hadn't thought of that advantage until my Engl started sounding really boxy compared to my Axe...new preamp tubes were needed :mrgreen Kinda started sounding like the adult voices from old peanuts cartoons. wah, wah.....wah,wah,wah Super cool!
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    Can't access Fractal website with Firefox

    Sorry, not sure where to post this but I can't access the Fractal website with Firefox. Thought I'd see if anybody else was having the same problem.
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    unhappy that my pinch harmonic thread got moved to preset exchange, wah!

    I posted that thread to get feedback on amp techniques for getting good pinch harmonics. Because I posted my preset I was working on it got moved to the preset exchange forum. My thread traffic stopped which kinda sucks. What's the rule here. I was engaging in a discussion not trying to...
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    Pinch harmonics with medium gain type amps?

    So,I'm having no trouble getting rich overtones and pinch harmonics when using high gain amps and high guitar volumes and lots of treble. My question is what about lower gain amps. In this case I'm working on a blues patch with medium gain for a good floyd type sound using a Les Paul like the...
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    Trouble with 5.07 update and user cabs

    Hi all, just checking to see if anyone noticed a change in the gain of there homemade cab IRs. Mine got way quiet after the update by several db. The stock cab IRs are still normal loudness of course. I can redo them as they are not that hard to reproduce. I've also noticed strangeness in...
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    curious about input levels

    I have noticed that both my Les Pauls don't tickle the red as instructed by the manual. They will under certain circumstances like heavy neck pup on cleans but not the bridge pup. I have the input set to 100%. Is this something I should try to correct? I'm thinking that possibly my pups are not...
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