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    Is anyone using the FM3 for effects only? How are you liking it.

    Hello, is anyone using the FM3 for effects only? How are you liking it. I use the AxeFx III for recording. I am thinking of redoing my board with the FM3 with other pedals into an amp for live gigs. I am interested in hear what people who are doing this think, good and bad. Thanks for your...
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    Connection Questions , AxeIII to UA interface and CLR

    So I have my AxeFxIII connected to my UA interface. I also have it connected to my CLR. I want to set it up so I have stern to my UA and summed L&R to my CLR. Here is how I have it set up. I can't figure ho to get the sound to go to ouput 3 Thanks for any help, Chris
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    Can you have multiple libraries in Axe-Edit?

    Hello, Can you have multiple libraries in Axe Edit? I want to load up the Austin Buddy naked collection and the Brit Rock Royalty collection. I would also like to keep my original library. Thanks for your help. Chris
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    AxeFx 2XL and UA Apollo connection help

    Hello, what is the best way to connect my AxeFx II XL to my UA Apollo? I will be using this with a Mac and Logic. Thanks for your help. Chris
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    Pedals into loop?

    An effect pedals go into the loop? Thanks
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    FX8 into Suhr Bella, quick and dirty

    FX8 into Suhr Bella, quick and dirty, sorry for cell phone sound. In the room it sounds huge. Sorry I don'y know how to embed the youTube https://youtu.be/_1FC-QOrLJo
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    Updating question

    I have not upgraded anything in a long time. I need to upgrade to 11, axe edit 3. Latest drivers for Mac, fractal bot and the MFC. So it's everything. Is the a sequence in which I should do this? Thanks, Chris
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    Need help with a good volume block ala Mark Knopfler

    Hello, I need help putting together a good volume pedal block for Mark Knopfler type volume swells. Thanks for any help you may have. Chris
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    Different for me but it was fun to do.

    Maria (my Wife)and I went to Maria's cousins modern dance performance today, it was very good. I liked the ambient music so I did this. YouTube
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    Swart AST is right on, thanks Cliff

    I was very excited to try the Swart amp on FW 10. It was my amp that Cliff used to make his version so I really know the amp well and I really love it. It is my main gigging amp. Cliff nailed it, great job, I am so happy to have my Swart in the Axe. I just don't know how to control the Trem...
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    My 1940's DeArmond 601 tremol in Premier Guitar

    Here is another cool piece of gear I shared with Premier Guitar. 1940's DeArmond 601 tremolo. Chris Late-1940s DeArmond 601 Tremolo - Premier Guitar
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    Rush in Brooklyn Tonight

    I am heading out to see Rush at Barclays Center tonight. I have never seen them before. Should be fun.
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    Supro Super Trem Video demo

    Here is a demo of the new Supro Super Trem n the Axe FX II firmware 8.01. I am using the six inch oval speaker cab, a touch of reverb and delay. The guitar is a 2005 Fender Custom Shop Rory Gallagher Stratocaster. I really like this amp and speaker set up. The dynamics range really is really...
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    Firmware V8, Friedman BE test

    Here is a quick demo of V8 using the Friedman BE. I used my old Strat and my all mahogany Collings CLD. To change the tone for each track I just changed the speaker cab. Axe Friedman Test by CS Gray on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    Retro Channel Power amp and Axe II Test.

    Doug Myer of Mountan Cat Guitars and Lance Keltner were kind enough to let me borrow the Retro Channel Power Amp for a test drive. Thank you to you both. Here is a little background info to know where I am coming from. I am mainly a tube amp guy for many years, the amp profiling and...
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    Audeze LCD-2 user thoughts

    I am thinking of getting the Audeze LCD-2 headphones. At home I like to use headphones. Luke raves about them, you can see that in his signature. As they are very expensive I wanted to hear user thoughts good and bad. Thanks, Chris
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    Looking for guru in NYC

    Is there anyone in NYC that might be up for some tutoring in the AxeII and MFC101? I am moving along ok but a power session with someone would be great. I can pay a fair rate. Thanks, Chris
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    Axe II V.6 delay question. 2290 and multi head

    Hello, do any of you have any samples of these two delays 2290 and multi head (Space Echo). Do you think that Axe II V.6 delay can do these well? Thanks, chris
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