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  1. NickCapp

    In a (Summer) Jam w. PERIPHERY

    That's the coolest thing ever.
  2. NickCapp

    Just saw Coheed and Cambria

    Awesome. I've seen them three times, the first time in 2004? I think they were using Mesa's at that point. Amazing band.
  3. NickCapp

    Starting first Partscaster

    I've been wanting to do this for years, hope you keep us updated with pictures!
  4. NickCapp

    Just saw Coheed and Cambria

    Just saw Coheed (as well as Taking Back Sunday) in Miami and they sounded incredible. Their floor controllers almost looked like AX8’s but I’m not positive. I know they used to have Axe Fx Ultras, just wondering if they’re running Fractal live still.
  5. NickCapp

    AustinBuddy possible Bass Presets for the Axe-Fx III - what do you want to see?

    I don't own a III yet, but it would be awesome to see ANY bass related work being done for Fractal products. That being said: Cory Murchy from Minus the Bear always has sweet sweet tones.
  6. NickCapp

    New XiTone cab

    Ordered this guy a while ago and just received it today. Working with @MicFarlow was a great experience and would definitely recommend his products. I started my Fractal journey with an Alto TS112A that has served me well, but I wanted to see how the other brands compared. Wow. After playing...
  7. NickCapp

    BKP Abraxas vs. Crawler

    That’s what my face would look like if my head was a molar.
  8. NickCapp

    BKP Abraxas vs. Crawler

    Is it bad that I got genuinely excited to see that YOU responded to my post?
  9. NickCapp

    BKP Abraxas vs. Crawler

    I am thinking about replacing the pickups in my Suhr Modern Pro HSH and contacted Bare Knuckle regarding their recommendation. The representative I spoke with recommended either the Abraxas set or the Crawler set with an Irish Tour in the middle position. From what I understand the Crawler set...
  10. NickCapp

    Paramore just blew my mind!

    @York Audio and you played at Steph Curry’s birthday party?!?
  11. NickCapp

    Paramore just blew my mind!

    Closest show near me appears to be a 4 day cruise?! Haha, that must be insane.
  12. NickCapp

    Has the Ax lll shipped yet?

    It was actually 51 when I left for work this morning.
  13. NickCapp

    Sectioned - New Single - FFO DEP/The Chariot - FW4

    The panning towards the end really tripped me out when I relistened with headphones.
  14. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Thanks! I don’t plan to play through guitar cabs anytime soon but maybe eventually. Currently awaiting a custom Xitone 1x12 after using an Alto TS112A for the last few years.
  15. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Are you sure that you’re not Aaron Smarshallll?
  16. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Awesome. I do have those IR's. I was reading somewhere that he uses real cabs live for stage volume at least - not sure if he is going direct or micing cabs like he was a few years ago. He has custom Mesa cabs with V30 and cream back right now.
  17. NickCapp

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I will buy one the day I have the funds available. I am a little over a year away from graduating from dental school, when I get my first paycheck I will be throwing money at Fractal (and my student loans) instead of BMW or Audi like my classmates. In the meantime I am extremely satisfied with...
  18. NickCapp

    Suhr Aura

  19. NickCapp

    Axe-Fx III Mesa MK IV (USA LEAD BRT) Demo

    All the tone comes from the Nikes.
  20. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    I think I am a lot closer with the BEV2 already just taking a drive out of the chain and putting a compressor.
  21. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    He's so awesome. Intervals is coming with Nick Johnston about 3 hours from me in a few weeks, but I don't think I'm going to get to go.
  22. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Haha, okay cool. Thanks for the information. I will try to post a clip if I am able to get any closer. I was just browsing the Yek PDF and realized I forgot about the Friedman Smallbox too - I will give that a try as well.
  23. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Thanks, I will try that out. Sometimes there are so many amps in here that I just don't know where to go. I just re-downloaded Yek's amp model PDF so that I can read up on some things I haven't tried out yet.
  24. NickCapp

    Aaron Marshall Intervals Mid-gain Tone

    Hello all, I am in the process of learning some songs from Interval's The Shape of Colour album and I am having a hard time getting a similar tone to the very beginning of the song "I'm Awake". I am using my Suhr Modern and have tried in both the humbucking and split coil positions on the...
  25. NickCapp

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Worth it.
  26. NickCapp

    i come bearing gifts (bass stuff) Enjoy ! SeeD

    Thank you SeeD, will try this as soon as possible!
  27. NickCapp

    Just another GGD2 and groovy metal!

    Awesome. Has a Danza/Ion Dissonance feel to it that indeed tickles my titties.
  28. NickCapp

    York Audio Bipolar Cab Pack Demo

    Put together a very quick demo of the @York Audio Bipolar Cab Pack with my new Gibson Les Paul. So far I am really digging both.
  29. NickCapp

    Jimmy Eat World

    Yeah, but still cool to hear about. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/jimmy-eat-world-rig-rundown.125089/ https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/jimmy-eat-world-switched-to-fractal.125291/
  30. NickCapp

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    Duuuuuuuuude. I had to stop playing to come post. Okay so, I have only tried the first couple of mixes for each cab...and they both significantly improved my tone on existing presets without tweaking a single setting. This is insane man! I hadn't really found a single Mesa IR that I enjoyed...
  31. NickCapp

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    Heck yeah man! I'm so pumped for you and am excited to try these out.
  32. NickCapp

    Jimmy Eat World switched to Fractal

    My buddy who is not a huge fan of the Axe Fx or any modeling saw them last week and told me that they sounded perfect. "Every guitar tone sounded like it was straight off of its album". I was so pumped to send him this video.
  33. NickCapp

    Cliff, Matt, et. al - A Serious Offer

    I wonder what changed?
  34. NickCapp

    Cliff, Matt, et. al - A Serious Offer

    Awesome news, I've been wanting to try the B7K! Anything that makes it easier to get a great bass tone is welcomed.
  35. NickCapp

    AX8 vs Bogner Shiva in Studio test

    That's a beautiful studio. Look forward to hearing the results of the IR of your cab.
  36. NickCapp

    So an update on my issues using the Axe with an amp...

    I'm glad to hear that you got things figured out!
  37. NickCapp


    I have a guitar up on there now. I had a pedal that I had been trying to sell for over a year, put it up yesterday and it was sold within 10 minutes. I like it so far.
  38. NickCapp

    What's out there?

    I was looking at getting one of these two eventually, I felt like these demos covered a lot of ground - granted they aren't DIs but mic'd cabinets. EDIT: This video appears to be DI.
  39. NickCapp

    John Mayer Tone

    If I'm not mistaken, I think thats the route that he went Mikko.
  40. NickCapp

    John Mayer Tone

    I don't personally find that to be the case. Before I made the purchase I found a lot of really good reviews for the Altos and few terrible reviews. I took the chance and I haven't had any issues. I did have minor discrepancies (nothing bad, just different) between the Alto and my monitor...
  41. NickCapp

    John Mayer Tone

    Nice stuff! I read most of your other thread, but didn't really feel the need to chime in at that moment. I was just going to say that, while I do play mostly through my monitor speakers for recording purposes, I play through an Alto TS112A when Im really wanting to feel like I am playing...
  42. NickCapp

    An AX8 101 vid for classic rock enthusiasts thinking of diving in.

    Good stuff! That's a perty strat too.
  43. NickCapp

    Me playing and singing an Our Oceans song

    Wow. That was amazing Tymon. Always dig your work, good stuff.
  44. NickCapp

    nobody helps me!!!

    In your other post it was Cliff that recommended you send it in, so it probably needs to be sent in.
  45. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    Since I did say I would post more pictures...
  46. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    Haha. You got me there. It went well, have moved on from the spring semester and am actually getting ready to drive to the other side of Florida so that I can take the first part of the National Board Dental Exam tomorrow morning.
  47. NickCapp

    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    Pumped! Been holding back on buying guitar IRs because of this.
  48. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    I for sure would like to try one. As you can see above, I did buy a Squire 5 string in January and posted a picture of it in February. Thanks for the advice though!
  49. NickCapp

    Cant find the Admins post that had the settings for the USA IIC+

    This might be what you mean: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/mark-iic-tips.112378/
  50. NickCapp

    5153, ENGL Powerball, Hiwatt clean & Ibanez RG8

    I'd be down to see the presets! Not going to lie...that synthy solo caught me off guard but I totally dug it.
  51. NickCapp

    New video for the new METALLICA MKIIC++ amp model in Q3.03! YEAAHHH

    It's working here! First song I ever learned on guitar was Seek and Destroy. This sounds a lot better than most of their albums haha.
  52. NickCapp

    Misha Mansoor and I bring you: ML Zilla

    Secrets secrets, are no fun. Secret secrets, hurt someone.
  53. NickCapp

    Lollar Jag pickups | Vibro-King | Mastery: One for the offset freaks

    Gorgeous tones, gorgeous guitars.
  54. NickCapp

    New (?) source of bass cab IRs

    Just purchased the Aguilar IRs and am reallllly digging them so far.
  55. NickCapp

    New (?) source of bass cab IRs

    In which case I will have to grab those Aguilar IRs.
  56. NickCapp

    New (?) source of bass cab IRs

    I'm still using the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V 5-String that I got earlier this year per your recommendation haha. Which I love by the way.
  57. NickCapp

    New (?) source of bass cab IRs

    Yes please! Want to see how different it sounds with my bass.
  58. NickCapp

    New (?) source of bass cab IRs

    Wow. Now do I want to save money and buy one or two or just buy all of them...
  59. NickCapp

    New (?) source of bass cab IRs

    Look forward to hearing more about these. I appreciate your time and effort. I have both the ML and OH cab packs for bass and so far I am enjoying the OH pack a lot. 33 dollars for 6 more cabs seems worth it to me haha.
  60. NickCapp

    My new single "Dayzed" - FAS Modern / Friedman HBE + ML CP 13

    Nice work. I really dig this mix, thats an amp combo that I need to try out in the near future.
  61. NickCapp


    Thanks, I'll try those changes! I find that most of the bass presets I've found on the forum are INSANELY complicated. On this clip I just took the citrus 200 into two OH AMPG IRs and got decent results, but knew that I needed to go more in depth to get it to pop.
  62. NickCapp


    Thanks for checking it out. It's my first time really trying to get a full mix together in this genre and I felt like I'm heading in the right direction.
  63. NickCapp


    Working on some new material and I decided to pick up the OH VXT, 112DLXVRB, and AMPG cabinets after hearing awesome demos from @JustinYork. I am pretty pleased with the guitars, need to work on the bass some more. The drums are currently a place holder until I can get the material to a real...
  64. NickCapp

    Doom 4 - Metal Cover Video (Q3.02)

    Awesome work. So stoked for this game to come out.
  65. NickCapp

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Matchbox D-30 (Matchless DC-30)

    I also would like to be on the list.
  66. NickCapp

    Ultra Owner thinking of the big upgrade to the Axe Fx II XL+ -- Lots of questions!

    You won't be disappointed. If you cruise the Axe Fx II recordings you can find tons of stuff that will show the styles you mentioned above executed very well. I personally love the AC-30/DC-30, Fender Deluxe, Friedman amps, and Bogner Shiva models for the styles you've mentioned.
  67. NickCapp

    Ultra Owner thinking of the big upgrade to the Axe Fx II XL+ -- Lots of questions!

    I purchased an Ultra early last year, I played it for about 9 months and loved it. I didn't have the funding for the Axe Fx 2 when I made the purchase but really wanted the versatility. After using the Ultra for that time period, listening to everyone's Axe Fx 2 clips, and noticing the...
  68. NickCapp

    OwnHammer 112 DLXVRB - FAS Q3 Deluxe Verb

    Awesome stuff! Need to pick this and the 212 VXT set up very soon. I have been super pleased with the 212 VX30 so far.
  69. NickCapp

    Fractal Audio AMP models: The Presets (Q7.02)

    Wow. I went through your presets last night. You improved the sound on a couple of my favorites and turned me on to new amps that I didn't think I had any use for. The Vox amps in particular sounds SUPER authentic to my ear, I actually sold an AC15 and AC30 to make the Axe FX purchase and I...
  70. NickCapp

    Stock vs commercial IR

    I haven't been a user nearly as long as most of the others responding here, but I can say that I spent about two weeks with the Axe Fx II using only the stock cabs and was satisfied. A few demos of some of Mikko's cabs came out that really caught my ear and I took the plunge. I have been...
  71. NickCapp

    The legendary "Misha Mix 08"

    I've never heard this version with Devin Townsend...did he do any other songs with them? That was amazing. He was sooooo good the last time I saw him when he was touring for Addicted.
  72. NickCapp

    Something in 6/8. Breaking writer's block

    Wow. That was awesome!
  73. NickCapp

    Cab Pack 23 - ML USA 2x12 + Citrus 2x12

    That was rad!
  74. NickCapp

    New Frontierer track - 7's/Ibby/BKP/Axe-Fx/Total Destruction

    I got some serious Tony Danza vibes from that. Which is a super good thing in my opinion.
  75. NickCapp

    Short metal clip: my first clip posted here

    This is my first time posting a clip here, and its EXTREMELY short. I wanted to test my new bass in a heavy mix and thought I'd try to recreate a mix that I enjoy. The riff is very similar to Beneath The Massacre's No Future from their Dystopia album, not exact. Unfortunately at the moment I...
  76. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    Didn't feel like creating a new topic for this. Taking a quick break from studying (Neuroanatomy test tomorrow) to show you what came in today. I will post more better quality pictures later this week.
  77. NickCapp

    Tesseract's Dystopia cover - 5153 50W and Cab Pack 13

    Can tell you're having fun! I dig it. That album rules all the way through too.
  78. NickCapp

    Recording some black metal. What to use?

    Haha, wow I hadn't heard about this! It's been since 2008ish since I kept up with any of their music.
  79. NickCapp

    Recording some black metal. What to use?

    This is true. It has mostly to do with the types/styles of riff that are predominant in the music, but also to do with the type of vocals, and the overall mood of the music. I played in a band that was dubbed technical death core...as opposed to you know..simple death core I guess haha, but I...
  80. NickCapp

    ""AXE FX 3"" AT NAMM - who would have known! Far Out!

    Just opened that link in my immunology course, thankfully I had my computer muted. I freaked out a little bit.
  81. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    Will do. Once my Axe Ultra sells I'm going to pull the trigger on some new gear including the bass.
  82. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    I just wanted to thank you all for your input. I got to play both the Sub Ray 5 and the Squier VM Jazz Bass V today and I am going to go with the Jazz bass. Going to order it in the olympic white finish.
  83. NickCapp

    Angry Bjords - Brit JVM + ML Cab Pack 20

    Tones are great all around, I really dig the bass at 23 seconds in.
  84. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    I thought about used Sterlings by MM, but it's more than I want to spend. Also looked at MIM Fender and Sire.
  85. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    I'm trying to see if I can find them both in a guitar center. I just moved to the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area for school and haven't had a chance to make it down there yet. Im not much of a bass player but I guess getting one in my hands and being able to hear it will be the best way to get an...
  86. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    Do you by any chance have any clips that demonstrate it's versatility?
  87. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    I want to be able to get tones ranging from metal to rock to indie/folk. I wasn't sure how much passive vs. active would matter for my purposes?
  88. NickCapp

    Cheap 5 string bass for recording

    I am looking at purchasing a cheaper bass for recording. I have spoken to a few bassists I know and have been told to check out the Squier VM Jazz V and the SUB Ray 5. Does anyone have experience using either of these basses with the Axe Fx 2? I'm open to any advice including other basses...
  89. NickCapp

    ML Bulb Angle Citrus: The second Misha Mansoor / ML Cab Pack

    I do not have Cab Lab either, but I bought this cab pack right before Christmas and have only played with the Misha mixes so far because of how great they sounded right off the bat.
  90. NickCapp

    Quantum 1.05 vs 1.06 DC30 Test

    The sound is great in general, but I do like 1.06 better.
  91. NickCapp

    New 8-string groove track! Quantum 1.05 and Ownhammer Mesa. Ibanez TAM10

    Had to do a little Meshuggah style head bang. Couldn't help it. Awesome stuff.
  92. NickCapp

    It's the time of year again...

    I am the same way. I'm changing that this year! My Axe Fx II XL+ arrive Friday!
  93. NickCapp

    It's the time of year again...

    That's right: August Burns Red's Sleddin' Hill album. One year in the future, I'd like to get a band together to play these live haha.
  94. NickCapp

    Misha Mansoor + ML Hangout and Cab Pack 19 talk!

    These sound amazing guys, may be something that I have to invest in. I ordered my Axe Fx II XL+ on Friday and was already excited...now I don't know if I can physically wait.
  95. NickCapp

    CAB-PACK 19 [BULB]- SAVAGE 120- ENGL IRs, Djentish !

    The amount of talent on this forum never ceases to amaze me. Great stuff!
  96. NickCapp

    Recommendations on which OwnHammer/Redwirez IRs to get?

    From the Axe Fx Ultra I enjoy the cabs I listed above. When I used to own a 6505+ I always enjoyed playing through Mesa and Vader cabs. I think most recordings that I enjoy have been through Mesa cabs but I can't seem to get into most of stock Mesa cabs. I play a lot of types of music but...
  97. NickCapp

    Recommendations on which OwnHammer/Redwirez IRs to get?

    I am not sure if this is the right place to do this but I am a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cabinet choices available from OwnHammer and Redwirez. I am new to the Axe Fx Ultra and am trying to figure out the best cab IRs to use. From searching multiple year old forum posts I am...
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