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  1. DropTheSun

    Das Metall + Grinder Boost ❤️

    Signal Chain: Amp | Gate | Cab | PEQ | Reverb This amp was so easy to dial in and get the kind of tone I liked! It took like 5 minutes and I was recording! Das Metall FTW!!!
  2. DropTheSun

    Soldano SLO100 [video]

    This is a short clip of one of my latest songs. I used Soldano SLO100 amp for the main riffs and Cameron CCV for Lead stuff.
  3. DropTheSun

    Misha Mansoor Rig

    I am a big Periphery fan and love their guitar tones. Now, that I have had my FM3 some time, I decided to build a dedicated rig for myself to cover some of Periphery/Misha Mansoor tones. I have 7 Scenes to play with and in this clip I used the main tones: Suhr Badger, Friedman BE and PVH 6160...
  4. DropTheSun

    Strandberg Boden OS8 with Fishman Abasi set [playthrough]

    Any strandberg fans in here? I have been one for about two years, since I got my first Strandberg. My main workhorse is this Boden OS8. Super light and I love the ergonomics. It is really small for beeing a eightstring guitar. I swapped the original EMG pickups to Fishman Tosin Abasi set...
  5. DropTheSun

    5153 50W Blue with Orange Cab

    Axe Change: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8974 Dialed in with my Mayones Regius and BKP Juggernaut pickups Pay attention to the Gate Block settings. IMO adding Low cut gives the palm mutes more natural tone and feel this way. Same goes with the high cut setting in the...
  6. DropTheSun

    It’s been a while: Back to Fractal land

    I had my first Fractal unit (AFX II MK2) in 2013. It was my dream unit and something I had dreamed and safed my money forever. Somewhere in 2017 I sold my AFXII and bought Fractal AX8. Loved the formfactor! In 2018 I switched to Helix LT to see if I was missing something after using only...
  7. DropTheSun

    EV2 Expression pedal rubber feets

    Hi guys! Can I take the rubber feets off from the Fractal EV2 and put the screws back? Im planning to put some 3M Dual lock under the EV2 and attach it to pedalboard. @FractalAudio @Admin M@
  8. DropTheSun

    5150 Goes Death Metal

    I had so much fun playing these riffs. Hopefully it'll be a full song later. This was a test run with my new Strandberg Metal 7 guitar and boy did it deliver! :D Awesome guitar! I have Fishman pickups in two guitars now and they are becoming my favorite thing now. Riffs are dualtracked, no...
  9. DropTheSun

    Ormsby Hype GTR 8

    I wrote some grooves with my new(ish) Ormsby. Love this guitar! Gear: Ormsby Hype GTR 8 AX8 (Fas Modern and Shiver Clean Amps) Loki Midi Bass Plugin Toontrack EZDrummer 2 Reaper DAW
  10. DropTheSun

    Plini Friedman BE riffing

    Here is some Plini riffing using the Friedman BE amp and stock mesa/german cabs. ...Just hope to learn this full song someday.
  11. DropTheSun

    Plini Friedman BE Tone

    I founded a Helix Native presets, that were shared by Plinis Bass player . They used those tones on Salt + Charcoal single. This gave me an idea to rebuild a Friedman BE tone with my AX8, that has the same signalflow as those tones, that Plini used. I made a AX8 Preset, that should be in the...
  12. DropTheSun

    Strandberg Makes Me Do Happy Prog Riffs ;)

    So I finally got my first Strandberg a few days ago. In a nutshell: It is the Sälen Classic Butterscotch with Suhr Classic T PU's and it is my DREAM TELE. The finish and quality of the instrument is 10/10. It is just a joy to play. Here is a "Happy Prog Riff" idea, that popped in my head while...
  13. DropTheSun

    Strandberg Sälen Classic (do you have one?)

    I couldn't resist when I saw a Strandberg Sälen butterscotch used for a "bargain" (little over 1k€ overall). I've gassed a Tele and strandberg a while, so here it is all in one I guess.:D Will be getting it tomorrow. Can't wait to see how it works for me. Hopefully it will blow me away. Have...
  14. DropTheSun

    Fractal + Skervesen + Bare Knuckle = Hell yeah!

    Using Friedman HBE V1 + ML 4x12 Djent IR here. I really enjoy how this combo sounds and feels. My Skervesen has BKP Holydiver in the Bridge and Emerald in the Neck. Like all of the BKP's i've tried, these are very dynamic and clear sounding pickups. BKP pickups have always added some extra magic...
  15. DropTheSun

    Original, Plini influenced riffing

    I made a great sounding rhythm tone using the Friedman HBE V1 + ML 4x12 Djent IR. I really enjoy how this combo sounds and feels. I've been listening a lot Plini lately and I think it shows in this riff idea.
  16. DropTheSun

    Skervesen - Fractal 5150 - LRS GB h75 m25 IR

    I got this awesome Skervesen 4AP Soul a few weeks ago. It looks, plays and feels just outstanding. It has a BKP HolyDiver in the bridge and BKP Emerald in the neck. They balance the bright natural tone of the guitar very nicely. I used 6160 Block and Live Ready Sound IR in this clip. I am beta...
  17. DropTheSun

    NGD: Skervesen 4AP

    FINALLY! For years I've been dreaming of owning a Skervesen Custom guitar and now it is happening at last! This is kinda Pre-NGD, 'cause the guitar arrives to me at friday. I'm just so excited and can't wait for it! I got this in second hand deal. It has been made in July 2017 and it's only...
  18. DropTheSun

    New Song: Pulsar [Ghostbusters Edition]

    Gear: AX8 (guitars and Bass) Kiesel Vader V8 Ibanez K5 Bass Reaper DAW Steven Slate Plugins EZDrummer 2
  19. DropTheSun

    AX8 and my Kiesel Vader 8 is a match made in heaven ;)

    I'm writing a new song... and this is what i've got so far. :D Little writers block atm, so off to sleep and see if I get fresh ideas the next day.
  20. DropTheSun

    Crushing FAS Modern with LRS LYN PC IRs

    Hi guys! It has been too long since i've been active in here. Summer has been crazy busy time for me... It looks like i'm gonna have more time for music now. Also, I just got some new Live Ready Sound IRs for testing and made a little clip using them. All I can say, that Tim knows his s##t. Just...
  21. DropTheSun

    Recto Riffing

    can’t seem to get enough of the Recto1 Red amp sim. Always my go to hard rock tone!!!!!
  22. DropTheSun

    Recto and Diezel: A Perfect Couple?

    I made a little mix with these two great amps. Love these tones!! Guitar: Mayones Regius 6 w/ BKP Juggernauts Edit: Forgot to mention, that if you like what you hear, you can download my ”High Gain Monsters” preset pack from here FREE...
  23. DropTheSun

    AX8: Modern High Gain Monsters

    PRESETS https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ihymsiud223klj/AX8 HG Monsters.zip?dl=0 Hi guys! It's been a while, since I've had time to play my guitar. But now I did and I got my hands dirty with dialing some Monster tones. I've always loved the Bogner Uberschall and Diezel high gain tones, but never...
  24. DropTheSun

    Testing the new [FREE] ML Sound Lab IR

    Check ML Sound Lab's FB page for this awesome FREE IR! It just f+#%ing works!
  25. DropTheSun

    Modern & Ambient Stuff with my AX8

    This clip has been recorded with my "live Rig", so I get the exact tones in Live as well. :) Super happy with my tones with AX8!!!! I use FAS Modern for the heavy sounds and Jazz 120 for Clean & Ambient tones... and Lot's of delays and reverb. :)
  26. DropTheSun

    Fas Modern is Da Bomb!

    I dialed some new rhythm tones using the Fas Modern amp. Got so inspiring tone out of it, that I started to write a new song. :)
  27. DropTheSun

    Leon Todd's Preset in a MIX

    Thanks @2112 for your awesome support in this forum and great youtube videos. I took a test and downloaded some of your latest Axe Change presets and recorded a short mix with them. Sounds awesome to my ears! Presets used: MK IV + FAT LT Worship Lead in Cm ( My own Darkglass preset for Bass...
  28. DropTheSun

    TesseracT tone in original riff

    Need your ears guys! I'm trying to nail the TesseracT tones from the Polars Album. Haven't learned any of their songs yet, so decided to record my own riff in this test clip.
  29. DropTheSun

    AX8: Darkglass B7K test

    Preset http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5981 Felt like tweaking some bass tones today and felt like sharing them as well! :) Hope you guys like!
  30. DropTheSun

    AX8: Darkglass B7K test

    Took the first spin with this pedal sim. It's good to have some Darkglass love inside the Fractal units. :)
  31. DropTheSun

    CK USA Trad Presets in 9.03

    This is one of the best cab packs, ever made! The first official ML Soundlab Cab Pack for FAS gear. So I loaded new IRs to my AX8 today and remembered, that this CP7 has some cool MESA high gain presets included. I loaded them in to my AX8 to see how they sound after so many updates. I made...
  32. DropTheSun

    Vox AC30 and reverbs clip

    Here is some Voxy riffing for ya! :) Every track has quite a bit reverb on them, but the low mix keeps things nice and clear, yet ambient. I use these tones for live as well. Love the Vox tones for cleans and edge of breakup. BTW: This preset is my Live Rig preset, that has everything i need...
  33. DropTheSun

    Merry Christmas Guys!! (Silent Night with FW 9.03 in a modern metal context)

    Have the best Christmas holiday people! Eat well and enjoy the time with your family!
  34. DropTheSun

    FW 9.02 vs 9.03 (6160 Block)

    I just wanted to make a quick comparison of my go to 5150 tone after the new update and see if i can hear any differences. FW 9.03 brings instant clarity for sure. The preset is exactly the same. 9.02 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ayht4hy4z025w81/LRS%205150%209.02.mp3?dl=0 9.03...
  35. DropTheSun

    Would two amp blocks actually be easily possible?

    I read some old posts and walked into Cliffs sentence, where he said, that Amp block uses very low amount of the CPU. So this got me thinking, why wouldn't it be possible to add the possibility for two amp blocks? I actually don't usually need to use two amps the same time. But with two amp...
  36. DropTheSun

    AX8: Vox AC30 with Live Ready Sound Celestion Alnico Blue IR

    MAN!!! I got some insane tones together today! VOX AC30, everything at noon (BMT). Boosted in the second part with FAS Boost. Zero tweaking. :eek: Used `soon to be released` LRS Alnico Blue IR. No post processing. Gotta say, that I've been Soooooo happy with my AX8!! Three weeks already without...
  37. DropTheSun

    My 12 block post rock/metal preset

    This is kind of my super preset. I was able to squeeze every bit of the AX8 CPU, what I need from my live rig. I had to do some sacrifices, but nothing too dramatic. I usually use the OD 808 as my clean boost. But had to replace it with GEQ Block. I also had to lower the Cab and Reverb qualitys...
  38. DropTheSun

    Das Metall does metal!

    Ok. I re-recorded this song once already, right after i got my AX8 a week ago. But did it one more time. Reason for that was my love for the Diezel amp tones and I happened to see, that Silent underground Studio had just shared their new Das Metal patch, which I really liked. So i thought, what...
  39. DropTheSun

    DTS Recto Patch

    Sounds like this Double Tracked Single tracked with enhance block Download here http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5909 I've been playing with 5150 sims lately and now moved to rock with some Recto sounds. So this preset came together after some noodling and tweaking...
  40. DropTheSun

    AX8 Arrived! Full song MIX to celebrate this moment

    The good people from G66.eu offered the best customer service in the world and today my new AX8 arrived. Didn't do too much of tweaking, than picking up my favorite amp 5150 and LRS Metal V2 4 IR and I was pretty much ready to go! This song is my latest work, that i recently finished and wanted...
  41. DropTheSun

    I got chocolate today...

    ...and there was a new AX8 in the box as well! Merci G66.eu ;)! Had to Re-Record my newest song: MAZE with the AX8 Man I love these tones!!!!!
  42. DropTheSun

    Long road to home :)

    Little story for you guys. :) I bought the Axe FX II MKII in 2013 after a long Gas and waiting. It was everything I wished for and more. There was nothing like it (and still isn't), not to forget how big firmware changes and developement has happened after that. I first played and recorded my...
  43. DropTheSun

    AX8 vs Helix

    Here is a little comparison of these two units in a modern metal context. Both units have the latest firmwares in. I used Fas Modern with OH Mesa IR from the Heavy Hitters Collection on the AX8 clip and Fatality with 3Sigma Zilla IR on the Helix clip. All the guitar parts have been recorded...
  44. DropTheSun

    Some AX8 modern rock/metal

    Mesa Rectifier sim and some groove. That is all it takes. :cool: Guitars and bass is all from the AX8. I used the Steven Slate plugins for mixing. Hope you guys like the tune. Peace!
  45. DropTheSun

    Oh man... Brit 800 #34 (had to stop playing and swap my pants)

    Yep! Took a little while until i took this Amp model a spin. I usually play with 5150, Mesa Engl... etc. Modern high gain amps. But today i wanted to rock on with some Marshall sounds and remembered this Amp sim. So i just opened an empty preset and added amp (Brit 800 #34) and cab (ML TV) ...
  46. DropTheSun

    Wish Scene naming on the AX8 screen.

    It would be helpfull to have a option to name scenes and the AX8 screen would show them, when you are in the Scene changing mode. I have my AX8 to show presets on the screen. When i change the Scene change function ON, the screen stays on the presets view. When i go to looper mode the AX8...
  47. DropTheSun

    AX8: Killswitch Engage

    AX8 with: Fas Modern and Ownhammer Heavy Hitters collection. Guitar: Mayones Regius 6 w/ BKP Juggernauts
  48. DropTheSun

    High Gain shootout with Q8 (Engl, Diezel, Friedman, Recto, Soldano, Mark IV, FAS Modern, Das Metall)

    I made all of my rhythm tones from the beginning after I updated the new FW Q8b for AX8. I used the new motor drive parameter in all of the presets and i just love this new addon!!! I decided to record these tones and see how they compare against each other and i gotta say, that i have a nice...
  49. DropTheSun


    Here is some djenty stuff, that i just got together. As usual, everything is recorded with AX8. The end of the song became pretty doomed. :cool:
  50. DropTheSun

    Ambient Rock Song: FW7.02b goodness inside

    New song from my band. Hope you guys like it. Gear: AX8 RAN Crusher FT7 Ibanez K5 Steven Slate Plugins
  51. DropTheSun

    Mastodon - Steambreather preset

    I absolutely love the new album of these guys! So i put my preset making pants on and tried to mimic Mastodons rhythm tone in the song called Steambreather. This song! Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5412 How it sounds in my setup...
  52. DropTheSun

    Modern 5150 and Ambient Cloud reverb clean (sound sample icluded)

    I got asked if i could share my presets, that i used in this song. So here they are. Hope you guys like them. I have dialed these tones with my RAN Crusher FT7 with Nailbomb/Blackdog pickups. 5150 Rhythm http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5328 Ambient Clean...
  53. DropTheSun

    How about some High Gain with this awesome Q7.01 update?

    Oh man! I just love this update! The best tones i have ever had this far!!!
  54. DropTheSun

    I Consider to buy AX8

    Yep! I am selling my Axe FX II and probably replace it with AX8. I have some questions to ask. 1. I read, that there is some amount of lag when swithing between presets. Some say it is a pain, some can live with that. I know, that scenes will reduce this, but scenes aren't always an option for...
  55. DropTheSun

    Axe FX II vs AmpliFIRE in a full song mix

    I love to do this kind of comparisons and this was really fun to make. So why not share it with you guys. :D I have my GO TO presets in my AFXII, that covers my Bass, Shimmer/Big reverb Clean and tight High Gain tones, that i use 90% of the time. I have had the Amplifire for few months now...
  56. DropTheSun

    So, what do guys like about this? Does it D...?

    New song! Gear: Axe FX II Chapman ML7T Ibanez K5 Bass Steven Slate Plugins It's cool, if you give some feedback! Also doesn't hurt if you start to follow me on soundcloud. There is going to be some grazy tunes in the near future.
  57. DropTheSun

    Demo: CloudCity (Q7, Ambient, progressive metal)

    Building up songs for the upcoming EP and this is one of them. Will have minor changes in the final mix. Gear: Axe FX II Chapman ML-7T w/ BKP Blackhawks Ibanez K5 Bass Steven Slate plugins
  58. DropTheSun

    Yamaha hs7 or hs5?

    I'm thinking of replacing my KRK Rokit RP6 monitors to new ones. I have a Yamaha HS7 and HS5 in my mind, but can't decide which one to choose. Any help and info of your experiences of these two wpuld be nice! Thanks!
  59. DropTheSun

    Quantum 6, 5150, ML Soundlab CP13 : DJEEEEENT riff

    Perfect 5150 rhythm tone for my taste and i tried some (new to me) delay trick in the lead guitars.
  60. DropTheSun

    Need help to achieve this tone

    Hi! I've really started to love this kind of ambient modern type of reverb/delay tone. But don't actually have any clue where to start. If someone happens to know how to dial this with Axe FX II, it would be great. You can listen what I am after from this song. The tone starts in 1:40
  61. DropTheSun

    iCTRL R mini

    If you are looking for a small midicontroller with a great features... This might be it. I just ordered mine and can't wait to test it out. The iCtrl-R Mini is the first MIDI floor controller equipped with gesture recognition technology, the Vslider, so you can control tones just by moving...
  62. DropTheSun

    Blindtest: Axe Fx2 vs Amplifire (Recto + ML SOUNDLAB)

    I wanted to give it a try to get as close as possible with Atomic Amplifire to match my Axe-Fx Dual Rectifier tone. Here we have three different rectifier tones. One is Amplifire and two are Axe Fx2: Can you hear the difference?
  63. DropTheSun

    Q6 Recto-EVH-HBE Clip (ML Soundlab)

    My Favourite Amps are sounding better than ever. So happy, that Axe FX II Mark II users got this new Q6 update too. Thank you Cliff! Amazing job!! Mesa Rectifier EVH 5150 Friedman HBE
  64. DropTheSun

    Strymon Cloud Reverb

    Here is some ambient and dirty riffing with "Big Sky" reverbs.
  65. DropTheSun

    Is Anybody Using The Redwirez IRs Anymore?

    I have the big box pack from the Redwirez and realised, that i haven't used them in a very looong time. Although once they were my goto ir's. How do you guys feel about it? Do you still use them?
  66. DropTheSun

    Q4 Path Of Shadows [ML Soundlab Zilla-tor-Tilla]

    Full instrumental song (idea). Sorry for the sloppy bass track this time. Had to nail it in one take and it has some tiny timing mistakes somewhere. :D For all guitartones i used MLZilla cabs. They are my new favorite hands down! I think this is kind of a angry yet beatiful song at the same...
  67. DropTheSun

    Bulb Zilla Groove!

    Using the bulb rhythm preset in this one, that came with the cabpack. This is just a quick idea, that i recorded today.
  68. DropTheSun

    Goood ZILLA! NastyMixTest

    Well, This cab pack absolutely blows my mind! Good god how amazing these IRs are! Here is just a quick riff of something i'm working on atm.
  69. DropTheSun

    roVes EP: Alternative rock with nice female vox :)

    This is my bands first EP. It includes four songs. I had a great time making this EP. The songs, recording, mixing and mastering are made by me. This was my first real recording project, so there was ALOT to do and learn. In the end i'm very happy how the EP is sounding now. Hope you guys like...
  70. DropTheSun

    Setting Axe fx II when using other gtr plugin?

    Hi! I have just rarely used other guitar plugins after i got afxii. But now i'd like to try Bias FX standalone version for mac. The problem is, that afxii clean signal is present when i play using Bias fx. So far i have greated empty preset, that only has shunts in it and i disabled the gate...
  71. DropTheSun

    So, about those factory presets...

    They are pretty awesome! I'm little late in the party. Just checked FAS web site and there was new updated versions of the factory presets. Who ever made these, has done excellent job! Just wow! I used my RAN Crusher with bkp Blackdogs set and the presets just worked out of the box!
  72. DropTheSun

    First song from our upcoming EP

    My band roVes has released the first song from our upcoming EP. The lyrics are in Finnish, so many of you may not understand anything what we are singing about. :D This was my first true record,mix and master project. I used Axe FX II for all the guitar and bass tracks, which worked great as...
  73. DropTheSun

    DI volume level question

    This question has troubled my mind for sometime, so I have to ask. I've seen DI tracks from other ppl, that look to have higher level, that my DI tracks do, when looking them in my DAW. For example: I have purcased Fremens Q2.0 Presets package, that includes some of his DI tracks. His DI...
  74. DropTheSun

    Juggernauts are coming (some progressive groove inside)

    I got some crazy groove going on today. My Mayones Regius did well! :D This was kind of an tonetest after I had re-adjusted the pickup height in this guitar.
  75. DropTheSun

    HBE V2 and CP13

    Got my most awesome guitar (RAN) in my hands today after a long break. I've been too busy lately and haven't got any time to play my guitar for weeks. So i updated the latest firmware and saw, that the HBE model has been updated. I actually really like this new HBE V2 model and wanted to record...
  76. DropTheSun

    Quantum 2.0 Beta 3 Rectifier Tone! OOOOH!

    New Guitar, New Firmware... More coffee!!! :D
  77. DropTheSun

    Q1.06: Cab Pack 19 Alt Rock Head Bang

    This is my second teaser track from my upcoming EP (There will be vocals too). I had a great help from this forum when i was struggling with my mix and now i have a good starting point to continue recording the rest of the EP. Hope you enjoy this track. Thanks! ;)
  78. DropTheSun

    Criticize my MIX: ML Soundlab CP19 + all the tones are from Axe FX II

    Hi! I'm going to record an EP soon, that will include five songs and i'm making a lot mix tests at the moment to achieve a good starting point for the rest of my project. So every feedback is important to me and highly appreciated. UPDATE 10.1.2016 New MIX UPDATE 12.1 2016 NEW MIX UPDATE...
  79. DropTheSun

    Super Metal Audition Contest Entry

    This is my version of the Rob Scallons Super Metal Audition Contest. I recorded the bass and guitars with Axe FX II and used SD 2.4 Avatar for the the drum programming. I mixed the song using Reaper. The guitars are tuned to B standard to make this song sound more me. :confused: I also made...
  80. DropTheSun

    Super positive energy using Cab Pack 19! WOW! :)

    This cab pack is definitely one of my favourite! It is just WOW! :D I took the guitar in my hand and started playing with the IR's and this riff was born in a second. Man, that is some good ir pack right there! :)
  81. DropTheSun

    Inspired by Devin Townsend

    So i watched the Toontracks live video, where Mr. Townsend Wrote/Recorded his song in about two hours. That video was so inspiring and the song as well, that i wanted to try and make a little mix using a part of that song and tried to mix that together in Devin Townsend style. I did my best to...
  82. DropTheSun

    Here Is Some Modern Mesa Tones

    Let there be rock! :D and Happy Halloween guys!
  83. DropTheSun

    Quantum Mesa Mark IV #mlsoundlab Rock Riff

    My son took a good 60 minute nap, so i had some time to create new riff ideas. Here's one of them.
  84. DropTheSun

    Quantum REV1 Mesa IIC+ #MLSOUNDLAB

  85. DropTheSun

    Ghosts inside my Axe FX II

    New song using FW19.00.
  86. DropTheSun

    Axe FX II (FW19.00) vs Positive Grid Amp Match

    I Amp matched one of my favorite Rhythm preset from my Axe FX II using the Bias Desktop Pro Amp Match function. The Amp sim is the 5153 RED and i used PG Bias 5150 sim of course on the Amp Match. What do you think? Is the Amp Match close? PS: The tones change on a fly on that sample clip...
  87. DropTheSun

    FW19.00 FAS Modern is sick!

    Ooooh the grit and sizzle. :D
  88. DropTheSun

    FW19: No sound from output 1 or 2 [SOLVED]

    I updated my AFXII from FW18.12 to FW19.00 yesterday. Everything worked great. In the end of the day i reset system parameters from the AFXII Utility menu and shut down the AFXII after that. Now i turned the AFXII on and noticed, that there is no output sound. Input lights blink, so that means...
  89. DropTheSun

    CLR Active Cab noise: Is it normal?

    Hi guys! I noticed, that my active cab is a little noisy, when i turn the volume up. I've set the Cab levels as the Atomic CLR manual says. The input level is set so, that the red light won't clip on the cab. Then the master volume of the cab is set to maximum. I first thought, that it was...
  90. DropTheSun

    Randall ISO 1x12 and 4x12 IRs anyone?

    I've heard some nice tones from Keith Merrow and Ola Englund using these cabs. Does anyone know, where to find IRs of these two cabs?
  91. DropTheSun

    ENGL Savage FW18.10 in a mix

    I made a new rhythm patch of ENGL Savage Sim and recorded a short mix with it. I used the new Fractal Gb160 Factory Cab and added R121 mic on it.
  92. DropTheSun

    Bulb Patch in a mortal hands

    So, after a long wait from FW9 it's time to look how Periphery's Misha Mansoor Axe FX II preset sounds in the new and shiny FW18 in a mortal hands with the lag of talent. :lol This is the Rhythm/Lead patch double tracked L/R and Lead tone in the middle. I use my Mayones Regius 6 w/ BKP...
  93. DropTheSun

    How does Bulbs and Nollys Rhythm tones work on FW17.04?

    Do i sound like Periphery? To me no. But these presets are good to go even today. I just reselected the amp blocks to update them the new parameters. I quadtracked the guitars. Nollys preset is darker and Bulbs preset has more high end, so i think they work good together. Or what do you guys...
  94. DropTheSun

    Original Song: Earth (FW 17.03 + Cab Pack 7 CK stock IRs)

    Here is some modern rock tunes for you. :encouragement: Preset for the rhythm guitars are from YEKs My favorite amp models Angel savage amp. Seem to work great for modern tones. There are many great presets more to play with.
  95. DropTheSun

    Poll: Axe FX II vs EZmix2 (Full song mix)

    Here is a interesting comparison especially for homerecorders. I have recorded and mixed this song with Axe FX II. I also recorded the DI tracks and that gave me an idea to make a little comparison, that how good the EZmix 2 holds up agains the Axe FX II. I used Guitarjons Meshuggah...
  96. DropTheSun

    Merry Xmas to FAS Forum

  97. DropTheSun

    Original song: Wolves (Ambient, groove, modern rock)

    What can i say? All the bass and guitar tones comes out from Axe FX II.
  98. DropTheSun

    What if there were no Fractal Audio Axe FX?

    Our tracks would sound something like this. Wouldn't they? :) This is a little teaser from my upcoming track. It includes only my rhythm guitars DI tracks and some drum mapping for the name of groove. You will get to listen the final song and mix later. :D
  99. DropTheSun

    Dead Queens are here! (New Song & New Project)

    I decided to share one of my new songs, that has been waiting on my computer for some time. Everything is done using Axe FX II as usual. :) Tell me, what you like this one.
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