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    Need some feedback on midi switcher setup / performance

    I am about to purchase a midi switcher to use with my FM3. I am looking at the Voodoo Labs Control Switcher. I have searched the forum and found threads of folks having issues with a long lag for the midi switch to take place. My first use would be a simple latch relay to change the channel...
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    Wish Default Value Tool for Amp Block

    This wish is for both AXE and FM3 editors. I would like to have a reporting option in the amp block that would review all settings in the active amp block channel (i.e. the one with focus in editor) and then pop up a modal window that lists all the parameters that are NOT at that default values...
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    Implemented Bypass for Global Graphic EQ(s)

    For my uses a few memory presets for the Global Graphic EQ would be the ultimate but in place of that having a method to bypass the Out1 and Out2 eq would be of use for me. I would use it for playing on different (unknown) speaker systems. If the eq setting I happen to have dialed in does not...
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    Dynamic Channel Select via New FC Switch Category

    My wish list item is a method to further tap into the channel selection of the block using the AxeFx III and a FC controller (6 or 12). It involves creating a new FC Switch Category (Channel) and the subsequent actions when it is activated. Here are some of my thoughts on how to implement my...
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    FM3-Edit wishlist item

    I would find it very useful if we had the ability to change the BankSize from the Setup section of FM3 edit. Even just to read the banksize would be helpful. I find I am changing the banksize parameter fairly often as I am using the FM3 standalone and with the FC-12 and FC-6. I currently...
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    Using a FC-12 OR a FC-6 on an Axe-Fx III

    Hi all, I have been searching on this (forum and manual) but have not found a definitive answer for the following: I have and Axe III and use it with an FC12. I have been considering getting an FC6 as well to use at gigs when floor space is an issue and also to pair with the FM3 down the road...
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    Wish: Option to Display the current Layout Number

    I would find it very useful to have an option that you could select that would display a 2 character Layout number, for current layout, on the FC Main Display. Something like L1, L7 or LM just before either the Preset Name or the Scene name. Some of my layouts appear very similar when just...
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    Wish: Bank Size Option/parameter for Bank:Inc/Dec function

    I realize that "Bank Size per Layout" has already been requested but I was wondering, as a smaller step, if a Bank Size option could be implemented just into the Bank: Increment/Decrement function ? Not sure if this would be less effort. I use the Bank Size of 10 with my FC12 but would find...
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    Can I change the secondary (flash) display time on main display ?

    This is easier with a quick scenario... On my FC I press the Bank Increment, the main display temporarily flashes the next bank numbers and the target preset name in the new bank, then goes back to regular display. My question: Is it possible to change the length of time the main display...
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    Wish: Expand FC character set to include flat symbol

    I'm not sure if this is possible to be done with an FC firmware update. Its not a big deal but I still think in terms of Eb and Bb as opposed to D# and A#. Two of the bands I play with occasionally, tune down a 1/2 step. I find the flat symbol more natural/easier/less distracting when tuning...
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    Bug? AX8 Preset Select Freezes

    At first I thought it was one of those things but t has now happened 3 times in two weeks... frustrating in that I cannot reproduce it on demand. The issue: I press F1 to put me into preset select mode and the display shows the preset list. At this point I can usually use F2 and F3 to scroll...
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    Brit 800 #34 - amp x/y time lag

    I was building a preset with the Brit 800 #34. With this preset I have set Scene 1 as a base tone (amp X), Scene 2 is the same amp with a little more input drive (via amp Y). With this amp I have noticed a time lag switching scene 1 to scene 2. I have scene 3 using amp X and adding a drive...
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    Global EQ Presets

    Sorry if asked previously but I did a quick search and found nothing... What I would find useful is the ability to have a few (maybe 5... or more if it doesn't consume too much resources) 'presets' that would store a global EQ config and a title - one for each Out1 and Out2. Useful if you are...
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    Accugroove Latte - looking for opinions

    I am considering buying an AccuGroove Latte speaker (active model) as I like the 3 way design. They are expensive and I cannot see before I buy. I am looking for opinions/experience from anyone that owns or has played one of these. I realize it is all subjective but it will help me make the...
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    Wish - Global Parameters Edit

    As a start I would like the option to edit the global graphic eq's for the AxeFx in Axe-Edit. Going forward I would like to see the global parameter editing expanded for the Ax8, AxeFx and FX8 editors.
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    Unexpected Volume Jump

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this. I was editing my presets using AX8Edit. Finish the session and close the editor. AX8 is still connected to computer via USB although USB not being used for anything. At this point I was stepping through my presets checking output level relative to...
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    Wish Wah State When Expression Pedal Absent

    I'd like to see the wah block behave the same as volume block when configured to use an expression pedal BUT no expression pedal is connected. I have a wah connected to Ext2 and controlled by auto engage. When no expression pedal is connected the wah block defaults to 'on' when the preset is...
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    Wah Default State

    Hi all, I think I am having a senior's moment with the following: I have a wah in a preset and it is auto engaged and controlled by Ext 2. Everything working fine. I want to be able to have it's default state as 'off' (bypassed) when I do not have an expression pedal connected to Ext2. I I...
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    Wish Preset Mode - Titles Display

    I would find it very helpful to have an option to display a list of the preset titles, in the current bank, when you are in preset/bank mode. This would be for both 'one-of' and sticky modes. I can only remember so many preset positions and , in the live situation, I shy away from anything that...
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    Wish MFC-102

    If it is impossible to implement many of the wish-list items because of limitations with the current model I would like to see, and would support, a new version of the MFC. Wish-list items for me (on this new device) would be to add the following to what we already have: - X/Y Press and hold...
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    Stereo Setup - Help

    Hi all. I have run into an issue with the Reverb Block running the FX8 in stereo. Any suggestions are welcome but also if you have the same experience I would like to know. I am running two amps from the FX8 each using their own effect send and return. I have set the I/O section of the FX8...
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    Wish Ability to Set Max and Min values for Global Volume

    If this feature is available I haven't found it. I am trying to save a block in my presets by using the Global Volume via expression pedal 1. I would like to be able to set the Min value (pedal heel down fully) to about 60% volume rather than the current 0.
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    Global Volume - can I set Max and Min Values ?

    Hi all, I am redoing some of my presets and I am having a senior's moment... I have set up my expression 1 pedal as a global volume control (to save a block in my presets). Can I set the Max and Min values for the Global Volume Pedal ? (I am looking to set the Min value to be about 60%) Thx
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    Axe and MFC tuner out of sync

    Sorry, I can't change the topic line as it isn't clear... it is the displays of the MFC and the Axe that are out of sync when the actions, as stated below, are executed. The MFC display is definitely wrong. I have noticed this behavior between the displays on Axe-FX and the MFC-101 and I am...
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