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  1. Phostenix

    How To Speak Brithish

    How To Speak British Brilliant! I'll start using these phrases straight away.
  2. Phostenix

    NGD - New Gift Day

    Back story: My wife & I have been volunteering at a CPS shelter home for almost 2 years. Shelter homes are really the intake point in the CPS system. The girls are only there for a brief time (less than 3 months on average). Our house is girls 11-17 YO. There are typically 9 girls in the house...
  3. Phostenix

    Loading XL Patches into Axe-FX II

    At this point, we are still unable to convert presets made on XLs to the smaller standard Axe-FX II file format, right?
  4. Phostenix

    Top 50 Acoustic Guitar Songs

    StumbleUpon found something useful. From the FGV Guitar Blog: "Guitar Player just did a list of the Top 50 Classic Acoustic Rock Songs. Unfortunately, it was hidden in an annoying slide show and didn’t actually teach you how to play any of the songs. We have the full list below along with...
  5. Phostenix

    ODS' Clarification

    So, based on the wiki here: Amp: all models - Axe-Fx II Wiki Am I correct that: ODS-100 Clean is an HRM clean channel ODS-100 Mid is an HRM OD channel with Mid Boost engaged ODS-100 Lead is an HRM OD channel with none of the option switches engaged ODS-100 Lead 2 is a non-HRM OD channel with...
  6. Phostenix

    Fender Twin (Double Verb)

    I don't think the Twin has ever sounded better than it does now with FW14 & the 2X12 Double Verb M160 UR IR. It's exactly what I want from a clean amp. Big, punchy, bright & sparkly without being harsh, etc. Sounds great with single coils or humbuckers. Sounds great with a TS808 drive in front...
  7. Phostenix

    New Johnny A CD

    Johnny A has a new CD. It's an independent release. It is also being released on vinyl. Hep a brother out & support a great musician. :) JOHNNY A.: The New Album on PledgeMusic For those who aren't familiar with Johnny Antonopoulos, here's my favorite track of his. Appropriately titled...
  8. Phostenix

    Tech21 Liverpool

    I bought one of these recently for a friend. I wanted the 2nd generation model with the switch to turn off the speaker sim, thinking that would give him another option. Turns out that the speaker sim on this unit is not like turning off the cab IR in a modeler. The speaker sim in the Liverpool...
  9. Phostenix

    Swapping Presets

    I don't see an option in Axe-Edit to swap presets. Is that Axe-Manage only?
  10. Phostenix

    Global Fixed Blocks Idea

    The "true spillover" discussion, along with things like the Kemper's "Lock" feature have me thinking. What if the Axe had a global option (for those who want this) to have 2 or 3 fixed global (placeholder) blocks at the beginning and end of the chain in every preset? They would start out as...
  11. Phostenix

    Can the Axe Do This?

    Can the Axe Do This? (Ampeg V2) There's a thread on TGP that I found interesting. Wait, hear me out! :) The OP is not having any success getting the KPA to profile his Ampeg V2 at extreme distortion settings (or a fully cranked Hiwatt DR103, either). My guess, based on discussions here over...
  12. Phostenix

    Placebo Pedal

    Anthony from Stevie Snacks posted this on Facebook today.
  13. Phostenix

    The Most Awesome ebay Auction I've Seen

    As someone who was a kid in the 70's when the Pioneer brushed aluminum stereo gear was new, this setup is like a trip back in time to the high end audio stores of the day. Amazing. Pioneer Spec Complete System Very RARE One Owner SPEC1 SPEC2 Vintage HiFi Audio | eBay My only comment: What...
  14. Phostenix

    Put Some Thunk in Your Strat

    From the Wiki: Firmware 10: "Added “Thunk” control to amp block. This parameter allows adding “weight” to tones by simulating the very low-frequency interaction of a speaker cabinet with the guitar. Higher values simulate closer proximity of the guitar to the cabinet." I haven't messed with...
  15. Phostenix

    Strap Lock Squeak

    I finally put the strap locks on my Strat. I don't really need them, but I thought it would be more convenient for taking the strap off & putting it back on. But, since the locks are metal on metal, they squeak when they move at all. With high gain patches, that squeak comes through in the...
  16. Phostenix


    New Kalimba Day We just returned from a trip to Italia, which included a visit to Pisa. Pisa is a tourist circus that includes hundreds of vendors selling wares to the turistas. There were vendors selling Kalimbas, so I had to get one. The Musical instrument Museum here in Scottsdale, AZ has...
  17. Phostenix

    Tapatalk 4

    I've been using my tablet more lately (Nexus 7). I used ForumRunner for quite a while on my phone & this tablet, but decided to try the new Tapatalk 4. I love having the "Unread" category with previews of the latest post in every thread. I have it open up to that & it's very easy to scan through...
  18. Phostenix

    OK, What's the Key Difference in FW11?

    Once 11.01 dropped yesterday, I finally upgraded (from 10.11) and spent about 6 hours playing today. I started with the Axe on FW5.04. Every firmware update has been a noticeable improvement in some area or other, but this one seems to be really noticeable on every amp I've tried yet I can't put...
  19. Phostenix

    Removing Stuck IEM Tips

    So, I got a set of NOS Shure SE210's the other day & when I tried to remove the installed soft tips that came pre-installed they wouldn't budge. Not at all. I'd read some reviews of IEMs where people complained that they broke off one of the plastic sound tubes trying to remove the preinstalled...
  20. Phostenix

    Musical Innovation (Revolutionary New Sounds)

    During the 60's through 80's (roughly), there was a ton of new sounds available to musicians. Keyboard players got essentially brand new instruments to explore with organs, synthesizers, sampling, etc. Guitar players got a whole new palet of sounds to play with high gain amps, delays, chorus...
  21. Phostenix

    EDG Travel Guitars

    Anthony from Steviesnacks posted about these after seeing them at summer NAMM. Anybody else have a chance to check them out? Their site is a little light on photos at this point. I like the idea of the removal neck version (not the folding neck version) in a case that can go on a airplane as...
  22. Phostenix

    Emulate Boss DA-2?

    Anybody try to emulate the new Boss Adaptive Distortion pedal with the Axe? Seems like a cool idea. I'm wondering if it's approachable with just a crossover to split highs & low and then apply 2 different drives.
  23. Phostenix

    Best Inexpensive Sound Level Meter

    Lots of choices. Anybody got a recommendation?
  24. Phostenix

    Strat In-Between Tones & IRs

    TLDR Version: I'm finding that different IRs make a significant difference in how bright positions 2 & 4 are on a Strat. If you're finding that the in-between tones on your Strat sound a little dull, try some different IRs. Storytime: I let a friend demo my Strat with the Zexcoil Vintage...
  25. Phostenix

    Toto Recording Turn Back in the Studio

    Another YouTube rabbit hole has me listening to Toto albums and has taken me to this video. The audio is garbage, but I still find it really interesting to watch them record this album live a huge studio with no isolation. I still can't figure out how you can record acoustic pianos in this...
  26. Phostenix

    Two Words: Juicy Lead

    Stock Preset 300. JTM-45 with gain up. I lost an hour with this patch tonight. Sounded great with 3 different guitars. I only lowered the level to match my other patches. Never even looked at the other settings. Great dynamics with volume knob on the guitar. It got moved into my top 10. Check...
  27. Phostenix

    Reseting the Gate Parameters

    I have a blank patch (all shunts) that I'm using to build new presets in V10. I wanted to be sure that even the Input block is reset, so I selected Layout on the front panel and then paged over to the Gate tab and double-clicked the BYPASS button. The Attack time was the only thing I saw change...
  28. Phostenix

    Where I Am With V10

    TLDR Version: Flatten your EQ. Turn it up. Trust the experts. I've never loved the stock presets. Too midrangy & dark for me. And I couldn't get an AC30 tone that I loved. I had high hopes for V10, but still felt the same way. I also had high hopes for the new Producer Mix IRs, but thought...
  29. Phostenix

    Playing the Part of a Sound Engineer

    So, if I approach the Axe more as a raw close mic'd audio source, it seems that I need to think like a sound engineer as I create patches for recording or FRFR applications (including FOH). Since, I've never been a sound engineer, I'm looking for tips & pointers. It seems pretty common to...
  30. Phostenix

    Ted Talk: The Great Porn Experiment

    Internet porn wrecks your brain. You can't argue with science.
  31. Phostenix

    AC-30TB Patches

    TLDR Version: Does the stock AC-30 Top Boost preset sound anything like this clip on your Axe? Or, have you made a preset that does? http://www.theampfactory.com/audio_samples/739.mp3 ------------------------------- Over the years, I've heard people rave about the old (late 60's)...
  32. Phostenix

    Don't Listen to Rock Musicians

    The recent talk here about the HyperSpace pedal that Tom Scholz of Boston used got me to listen to The Journey again. The Journey is followed by It's Easy, which contains the following lyrics: Just take a look around you Livin' for the future is blind I believe what we achieve Will soon be...
  33. Phostenix

    Is It Wrong?

    That after finally uploading the v10 presets, I spent most of my time on Psychedelic Duck? Lots of great tones to be explored in the straightforward amp presets, but I couldn't stop working the quack & the delay against each other. :)
  34. Phostenix

    JedAmp V18

    The JedAmp website doesn't say what output tubes this amp has or whether it is essentially an 18 watt Marshall type head. Joe Gamble makes this amp sound really good. What Axe amp model & cab do you think is the closest to these tones? Here's a link to the JedAmp website: JedAmp Products .
  35. Phostenix

    Another Year, Another TDPRI Drawing...

    ... where I didn't win anything. I think I'll take a couple of days off to think about all of the other things I have to be thankful for. :) Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  36. Phostenix

    Having One Main Guitar

    In the interests of simplifying my life, I've been on a quest for the last few years to have just 1 or 2 guitars. I was watching a YouTube video the other day where John Mayer tells the story of his black Strat & at one point he talks about how this guitar is so connected with him now...
  37. Phostenix

    Ads in ebay Auctions

    Getting almost 15% of my auction revenue wasn't enough, so now ebay is inserting ads into people's auctions. Gotta love that. I sure hope they start showing competing auctions, too. That would be swell.
  38. Phostenix

    Zexcoil Pickups

    Anyone tried the Zexcoil pups? Scott makes them available to trial and I'm next on the list for the Vintage Tour (Vintage Single 5 neck, VS2 middle, VS5+ bridge), so I should be getting them soon. As Bart Scott would say, "Can't wait!"
  39. Phostenix

    Today's English Lesson

    Compliments of Facebook.
  40. Phostenix


    OK, it was actually yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to play with my new guitar synth until last night & a little this morning. I picked up a new Roland GR-55 to continue my efforts to simplify my rig & so far I'm impressed. BTW, I bought it from Musician's Friend and the unit was...
  41. Phostenix

    Dear Fractal Family:

    I thought guitar playing was supposed to be fun.
  42. Phostenix

    Having Trouble Letting Go

    A big part of the appeal to me of going to digital gear was the idea of simplifying. The idea of having one rack and one footcontroller that could do everything was the ultimate goal. (I also wanted to get down to 2 guitars, but that isn't working out....) The only additional gear I have now is...
  43. Phostenix

    Bill Lawrence Wilde Pickups - Microcoils

    I bought a set of Microcoils for Strat at the beginning of this year & put them in a partscaster which is a bright sounding guitar. I never loved the Microcoils as they seemed thin & bright in that guitar and planned to ebay them. I ended up with a set of Lace Hot Golds in that partscaster...
  44. Phostenix


    OK, here's your big chance to show us your gardens. I don't think hydoponic contraptions in your basement count. ;) My wife & I have always been what I would characterize as casual gardeners. Mostly, we grow tomatoes because my wife is a tomato snob. :) But, now that I've come out from under...
  45. Phostenix

    Jerry & Kramer - Together Again

    So, I go to YouTube to read a message that I received and I see that Scott Peterson has liked a video so I decide to check it out. If you're a Jerry Seinfeld Show fan, you will love this. It's funny, crazy, and a little touching, too.
  46. Phostenix

    Radley & The Neil Diamond Show.

    Well, it looks like my sister got tickets on the side of the stage where Radley will be directly in front of us. His rack with the Axe is also right in front of us. :)
  47. Phostenix

    Stage Asthetics

    The typical stage setup at most concerts is usually an ugly black surface cluttered with gear & cables. It always makes me wonder if musicians, who tyically are people of an artistic bent, are bothered by the ugliness of it all. Part of it has just been a neccessity (you've got all of these...
  48. Phostenix

    Eric Johnson at the MIM

    My wife is looking through the local events magazine & points out to me that Eric Johnson is coming to the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale next Tuesday night. I went online & got (literally) the last 2 tickets available. Thanks, honey!
  49. Phostenix

    Raffle Idea - A Day With Admin M@

    My wife came up with an idea that I like. I'm not sure about all the logistics, but what if Fractal Audio were willing to do a raffle for a day of expert Axe assistance from Admin M@. The proceeds could go to a charity of Fractal's choice. Whaddya think?
  50. Phostenix

    Step Phaser

    Has anyone created a step phaser block on the II? I haven't used the sequencer yet & am looking for some direction. Thanks!
  51. Phostenix

    One Tattoo?

    A guy at work said something the other day that I had never thought about before. He said that once people get a tattoo, they always get more. It's like you can't just have one. Anybody here just have one tattoo (and think you'll never get another)?
  52. Phostenix

    How NOT To Store A Wooden Boat

    So, my wife's family is from the Pittsburgh area and her dad had this 1957 Chris Craft all wood boat (mahogany) that he bought around 1990 fully restored. He used it 2 summers, bought a custom trailer for it in 1992 and then put it into storage in 1993. The storage facility is an old limestone...
  53. Phostenix

    Country Music Songwriting Tips

    Helpful tips if you want to write some country hits. I am disappointed that he didn't play the first song that he describes, but Workin' Man is pretty good, too. :smile
  54. Phostenix

    Phil X Demos the Friedman Brown Eye

    Mark Day has posted a new video on YouTube, but he isn't playing an HBE patch through the Axe II. Instead, Phil X demos the Friedman BE-100. Sounds great! And, Phil's pretty entertaining, too. :lol
  55. Phostenix

    Call Me Maybe

    This made me laugh.
  56. Phostenix

    Scratchers Personality Test

    We got a postcard from our Mazda dealer with a scratch off prize. It made me wonder if anyone has ever done a personality test that included scratchers. Once you've uncovered the word(s) under the scratch-off coating, do you stop or do you keep scratching until you clear it all away?
  57. Phostenix

    EVH 5150 III 50W Head Discussion

    There are a couple of long threads on The Gear Page about the new 50 watt version of Fender's EVH 5150 III head & its associated 2X12 and 4X12 speaker cabinets, including this one: EVH 5150 III 50W Part II - The Gear Page Some thoughts: People are raving about this amp (and the 100W...
  58. Phostenix

    Musical Instrument Museum

    Musical Instrument Museum (Lots of Pics) Musical Instrument Museum If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale (Arizona) area, you should check out the musical instrument museum. Here are a few bad camera photos from our visit today.
  59. Phostenix

    Firmware 6.01

    For those who are not monitoring all of Cliff's channels, here's a post from this morning on The Gear Page: So, enjoy your weekend.
  60. Phostenix

    Any Love For FAS Lead 2?

    In my brief time with the Axe tonight, I decided to check out the high gain amps for a lead tone. I settled in with the stock FAS Lead 2 patch. I don't see much talk about that amp model here. Anybody using it?
  61. Phostenix

    Maximum Number of Amp Models

    This comment: has me wondering: A) Will Cliff also get a Carvin Legacy 3? B) What is the maximum number of amp models that the Axe-FX II can store? C) If we are approaching the limits of the hardware, is it possible to have a future FW version where we could replace some of the "stock"...
  62. Phostenix

    Personal Cameraman

    You buy now! Automatic follow tripod for your iPhone. With wireless mic. Now you can make great guitar videos for YouTube. Swivl – Personal Cameraman for hands free video
  63. Phostenix

    I must've been lucky :D

    Hit by a bus while posting. That's a shame.
  64. Phostenix

    Who Moved My Cheese?

    Just a short topical movie for the members of FractalLand:
  65. Phostenix

    Acoustic Guitar Tone Match

    After watching the how-to video, it occurs to me (I'm a little slow sometimes) that this new TM feature is doing what the Fishman Aura does for acoustic guitars. Except that you can now do it yourself. Has anyone tried mic'ing their acoustic guitar and using that signal as the Reference...
  66. Phostenix

    Turning Off the Axe Makes Me Sad

    Is it wrong that I just felt a little sad turning off the Axe to go to bed? I fear that I'm becoming emotionally attached.
  67. Phostenix

    Another Victim of 6.0

    Looks like all the new 6.0 clips have taken SoundCloud down. Nice work, Fractal Nation. Now, I want to hear the clips! :(
  68. Phostenix

    Dear Cliff, You Do Realise....

    ... that we have other things to do than just play the guitar, right? This box is ridiculous with 6.0. I don't want to go to bed. I don't want to go to work. I don't want to leave the house for days. You're ruining my life! And I thank you for all of your time & efforts to make my life...
  69. Phostenix

    Increased CPU Usage with 6.0

    Main 2 main patches have a bunch of blocks in them & were right on the edge of excessive CPU with 5.07 (92% on the meter & audible clicks when using tap tempo, for example). As soon as I rebooted with 6.00, I was greeted with an Excessive CPU Usage warning message and now the meter says 97%...
  70. Phostenix

    How I Spent My 6.0 Vacation

    Since I put myself on Patch Change Hold until 6.0 is released, I decided to work on a guitar wiring project I've been thinking about for a while. I had a couple of ideas that required more than 4 pole switches (5-way Super Switch or Schaller MegaSwitch M), so I emailed Gunter Eyb and had him...
  71. Phostenix

    Hologram Concerts

    With all of this talk about the Tupac hologram concert, it's gotten me wondering how far this could go if it catches on. Assuming that the technology is there or can get there, I can envision a crazy world where anyone can be re-created holographically and be made to do anything - including...
  72. Phostenix

    Song That Needs To Be Written

    Years ago, on the now-defunct BossArea forum, there was a woman from the UK, (IIRC) that posted the lyrics to a song she had just written. No clip, no music, just the lyrics. I don't remember anything except the chorus, which went something like this: I'm a cool-a I'm a strong-a I'm a...
  73. Phostenix

    Van Halen Concert Poster 1980

    A high school classmate posted this on Facebook this morning. This is from Great Falls, MT in 1980. I didn't go to this concert, but saw them in Billings around the same time. This reminded me of another fact that I had forgotten. Not only did we 14 year old boys have no idea how Eddie was...
  74. Phostenix


    Researchers find that you can't handle the silence. "What they've found is that when all outside noise is removed from an enclosure, human hearing will do its best to find something to listen to. In a room where almost 100% of sound is muted, people begin to hear things like their own...
  75. Phostenix

    It's Finally Here! Not 6.0, but Mac Malware

    Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware' BBC News - Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware'
  76. Phostenix

    How To Capture an IR of the Fishman Aura

    I sliced a finger this morning. Since I can't play for a few days, I decided to make a video. :) Here's a long, hopefully informative video of how to capture an IR of a Fishman Aura pedal:
  77. Phostenix

    YouTube Quote of the Day

    Just read this instant classic: "I don't want to say that comment was pretentious, but I do want to heavily imply it." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnUUgy0zPkM
  78. Phostenix

    My Axe-FX II Review

    I've been reading this forum on & off for about 2 1/2 years. I now realize that it created unrealistic expectations for the Axe-FX II in my mind. And I blame you. :) Back story: After my parents died a few years ago, I decided to simplify my life (clean out your parents' house of 40 years &...
  79. Phostenix

    IR Capture Not Working For Me

    I want to try making some IRs of my Aura, so I hooked it up according to the intructions on the wiki - Output 2 Left of the Axe to the input of the Aura - Output of the Aura back to Input 2 Left of the Axe - and I'm not getting anything out of the Axe (Axe II FW 5.07) in Test mode or Capture...
  80. Phostenix

    Magnetic + Piezo + Guitar Synth in One Mixed Patch

    My level of excitement with this new Axe has risen dramatically now that I've figured out how to get the output of my magnetic pups into one row of the grid, the output of my piezos into another row with its own processing, and then mix in the outputs of my stereo guitar synth, as well. I can...
  81. Phostenix

    Effects Loop [FXL] 4 Level Controls

    OK, I've read the manual & wiki entries on the effects loop & neither explain why there are 4 level controls for a stereo effects loop. Are 1 & 2 the send levels and 3 &4 the return levels or is it something else? Thanks.
  82. Phostenix

    Don't Order Your New Axe on a Monday

    'Cause it will ship out same day and then arrive in your town on Friday night and you'll have to wait until Monday to get it, knowing that it's sitting in some distribution center all weekend instead of being played through by you. :( Learn from my mistakes. :)
  83. Phostenix

    Guitar Video Outtakes

    I made some guitar playin' videos recently. The only thing more painful than making them was having to watch it all again to edit them. So, I made an outtakes video....
  84. Phostenix

    I've Finally Ordered, So That Means...

    ...a new announcement from Cliff should be made in a few days. You're welcome. :)
  85. Phostenix

    Monetizing Your YouTube Guitar Noodling Videos

    So, youtube informs me recently that I should setup AdSsense & start monetizing my videos (having them put ads in them). I don't get a lot of views on my videos, but I figured it was worth checking out. I just made some typical guitar noodling videos of a guitar I'm planning to sell. 2 of the...
  86. Phostenix

    Mackie TH-15A Thump Powered PA

    I own a pair of Tapco TH-15A speakers (now Mackie branded) that I use with my Boss GT-Pro. I don't see any mention on this site of these speakers, so I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with running the Axe through them. The LF amp is class D, but the HF amp is A/B. There's no mention of...
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