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    What is the base sampling rate?

    @Rex : Thank you for the explanation. @Smittefar : It is physically impossible to have a latency of 0 ms <- speed of light.
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    What is the base sampling rate?

    I'm 28 years old, and I don't here any differences between 48 kHz and 96 kHz processed material. But I do remember something about filter slopes getting worse near the Nyquist frequency.
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    Connect amp speaker to Axe

    Since we already are a little bit off topic here. On an instrument cable with a TS-plug, the wire is soldered to the tip and the shielding is soldered to the sleeve. On a speaker cable, tip and sleeve each are soldered to a separate wire – no shielding, though.
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    Connect amp speaker to Axe

    Speaker cables also use different wires and are wired slightly differently. Avoid using instrument cables as speaker cables.
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    Scammer alert

    We initially are too trustful because 98% of the time, it turns out to be alright. But it's the 2% we always remember.
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    Is my Axe acting up?

    Also, try setting the input impedance to a fixed value (e.g. 1M).
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    Is my Axe acting up?

    In response situation 1: Switching scenes while connected to Axe-Edit via USB will take longer than when disconnected. Also, check the value of the input impedance (the first noise gate block). Is it fixed or set to auto?
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    First post... Hi and lots of questions.

    OK, let me play the role of the devil's advocate. If you are easily overwhelmed with a lot of digital knobs and controls, you might want to stick to real amps. The Axe-Fx II is easy to use and pretty straight forward, but the fact that you can almost tweak everything might cause some...
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    Buying new PC - specs/suggestions

    You're right, I am quite nit-picky when it comes to PSUs. OK, let me rephrase. I think one should prefer high quality PSUs over high powered ones. In other words, I'd pick an "expensive" 500 W PSU over a cheap 800 W one.
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    Buying new PC - specs/suggestions

    I assume you don't play any video games. Use logicalincrements.com and the list below: (CPU) AMD Ryzen R5 1600X (Mainboard) pick a Z370 chipset that suits your needs (e.g. USB 3.1 ports etc.) (GPU) GT 1030 for a single screen, non-gaming setup (PSU) pick a high quality PSU with around 500 W...
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    Live amp solution for the Axe Fx II

    ^ This. The AX8 can do anything a guitar player needs in an average band context, IMO. Judging from your description, I don't think you'd need the extra processing power and some extra effect blocks from the Axe-Fx II.
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    Buying new PC - specs/suggestions

    How much money do you want to spend? @iaresee : Cool stuff!
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    Can't Connect Axe-FX II XL to Windows 10

    As @KasinoGtr said, install the appropriate drivers (http://www.fractalaudio.com/drivers.php) and you should be good to go.
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    Headphone Listening Comparison - Audeze, Sony, Blue, Oppo

    You probably mean Beyerdynamic DT-880? Yes, they are exquisite.
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    Hans Zimmer Inception Dream Is Collapsing GUITAR COVER

    I just wanted to post to mention some guy who once did Hans Zimmer metal covers. Turns out, that guy is you! As always, excellent work! :)
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    Pre Amp and Post Amp Eq

    No, but the "normal controls" in the amp block can be, depending on the type of amp you're using, located before or after the tonestack. If you're a high-gain person, a notable example for pre-tonestack BMT-controls are the Mesa Boogie Mark-series. In that case, the BMT-knobs act as sort of gain...
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    How to cut out the mud on palm mutes

    That applies, as you mentioned, to the Mark series amps, because their tone stack is located before the preamp. As a result, the BMT-controls on those amps sort of act as gain knobs for their according spectrum.
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    Having Trouble Getting Good Cleans

    Your pickups should be fine for the tone you're asking for. I own several mainstream pickups (Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio and EMG) , swap them out frequently and have never struggled to get a decent "glassy clean tone". Remember to check if your 9V battery still has enough charge, otherwise you...
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    Anyone ever try a "high tuned" 7-string?

    I never tried it and neither do I know anyone in person, but coincidentally I have read about that topic in Wikipedia last week: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven-string_guitar#Solid_body_electric_guitars. I can imagine that the high string would be prone to breaking on a 25.5" scale guitar...
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    Dialing in a good 8 string tone?

    As mr_fender said, plus you might try out following amp models: Friedman (H)BE, CA TripTik Modern, 5153, FAS Modern, PVH 6160 block and + (list incomplete). Use the CUT switch located under the bass knob if necessary. If you use the Mesa Boogie Mark-series, use the FAT switch, set the bass knob...
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    How to simulate modern pick ups?

    Awww ... right. Now, I get it.
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    How to simulate modern pick ups?

    You don't need to explain how tone matching works. I think you are just using a different approach to match different PU. You'd like to match the linear spectrum of the whole signal, while Rex's states that in order to simulate another PU, your approach wouldn't suffice since PUs are more than...
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    How to simulate modern pick ups?

    I think there is some misunderstanding. Rex is trying to state that the pickup reacts differently to each of the 6 (7 or 8) strings on your guitar. The only way for any input device to know what string you're hitting would be a MIDI device attached to your saddle or bridge.
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    How to simulate modern pick ups?

    That's an excellent approach. You can do some sweeps until you find your sweet spot.
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    How to simulate modern pick ups?

    I'm not sure if there is a consensus. It depends on what your definition of a "modern voiced pickup" is. For me personally, such a pickup is mid- to high gain, has tight basses, cutting upper mids and singing highs. Depending on the genre, I also like moderately compressed dynamic range so I can...
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    How to simulate modern pick ups?

    You could use the (multiband-)compressor, the expander etc. at the beginning of your chain.
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    How to simulate modern pick ups?

    I disagree on the bass part, especially for metal core. You probably even want to lower the bass and compress its range dynamic range. For that particular style of music, you'd want to add the bass after the gain stage.
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    One Year Mark

    Very safe to say you're not the only one. I also spend most of the time tweaking the AMP block and picking IRs. I've had the Axe-Fx II since FW 6 (summer 2012 I think). I've become very open minded to anything else than only full blown Death Metal distortion. Not kidding. Before, I was like...
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    FRFR difference

    Were the listening conditions comparable? Was the RCF TT08a much closer to a wall and on the ground?
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    NYC Dancing law

    I find this quite interesting. In the canton of Aargau (Switzerland), cantonal law cite a so called "dancing ban" (German "Tanzverbot"). All bars and clubs must close at 12:15 AM on religious holidays like Eastern, Whitsun, Christmas etc. Last attempt to change the legislation failed several...
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    Very Frustrated With AXE FX II XL+

    IMO, if you leave out external factors like guitar model, pickups and guitar player, the impulse response (CAB-block) makes up 60-70% of your tone.
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    B7K patch with Dingwall, Superior 3 custom kit and Mesa Lead (fw9.01)

    Somehow reminds me of Animals as Leaders.
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    Cab Sims Sound Harsh

    Don't forget the Fletcher-Munson curves. You perceive frequencies differently the louder it gets – the top end can get very nasty if you don't account for the effect.
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    Strange sounds when Cab block bypassed

    There are some interesting posts about that topic (amongst others) in the "Tech Notes" subsection: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/forums/tech-notes.77/. Most notably: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/about-speaker-lf-resonance.78003/...
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    Strange sounds when Cab block bypassed

    Welcome to the community! What speakers are mounted on your 4x12 cab? Because that makes a huge difference. What "real amp" did you play through your 4x12 cab before becoming (I assume: a proud) Axe-Fx II-owner?
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    Mark IIC+ Tips

    Everything left on the chain of the FX LOOP-block will be sent to output 2 (I assume the power amp for the real cab is connected there). In your case, you'd probably want to put the FX LOOP-block before the enhancer. Also, there is usually no need to use the CAB-block when using a real cab...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    One can see in Misha's video that he is using FW 19.00. Quantum 1/2 might sound significantly different.
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    Guitar cable lengths?

    There are some devices that could provide some help for long cable runs, e.g. Radial SGI - Studio Guitar Interface System. However, I don't know if this was a little bit of an overkill in your case.
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    Axe-Fx II XL+ price on g66.eu

    What isn't true? This happened at the end of January: EUR/USD.
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    G3 modeling thread

    That just saved me hours of reading. Thanks a lot!
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    Your New Years Resolution?

    4K = 3840 x 2160
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    Digital Users - Don't Like Being Stuck With 48kHz?

    While it is not wrong (according to Nyquist-Shannon theorem) that 44.1 kHz sampling rate is enough to properly represent frequencies up to 22050 Hz (a good human ear is only able to hear up to 20000 Hz), you might encounter problems with that "limit". For example, when using an EQ with a steep...
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    Set OFF VALUE to a high enough value. The WAH-block will then get bypassed as soon (after a short delay, depending on how AUTO ENG is set) as the expression pedal sends a value below that one.
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    Mesa Mark II volume change with 17?

    This topic has already been covered here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/93593-output-levels-clipping-since-fw17.html. Just turn down the level knob on USA-models and you'll be fine :).
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    Had a fractal dream last night

    Not an Axe-Fx II discussion, but still funny. (The products in the following list are fictitious and do not depict any future FAS products.) Fractal Axe-Light: Only amp, cab and noise gate, nothing else. Fractal Cabby: Cab simulation + high quality power soak. Fractal Pickup: A guitar pickup...
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    Output levels clipping since FW17

    The USA-models in the Axe-Fx seem to have become much louder since FW 17. I just turned the level knob way down.
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    Everything CLIPS (carvin DC800 to AXE to saffire pro 24)

    Yes, it is. That's how it is.
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    Everything CLIPS (carvin DC800 to AXE to saffire pro 24)

    Which red light? It is ok for the input red lights to appear when you slam the strings really hard (= INSTR IN is set up correctly). However, it is never ok for the output clipping lights to appear. There are situations where you have to lower the level in the AMP-block by a lot (-20 dB is...
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    Everything CLIPS (carvin DC800 to AXE to saffire pro 24)

    As already mentioned, setup the Axe-Fx II on its own to rule out faulty setups of other pieces of equipment. Then, turn INSTR IN up/down until the input lights (those green/yellow/red lights on the front panel) only tickle red when you struck really hard. After that, either setup each preset so...
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    [EU] Has production of the EBMM JP6 been stopped?

    And nothing here either? ProMusicTools - Professional musical instruments & sound equipment bei ProMusicTools.com
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    Signal-to-noise ratio question

    OK. No, the OUTPUT Clip LEDs should never appear (even if they do appear before actual clipping). There is a very good instructional video about that topic by forum-member Chris: Why are my Axe-Fx Clip Lights turning on? What is Clipping? | Katsu Kuri Media Blog.
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    Signal-to-noise ratio question

    There are no output level indicators on the front panel of the Axe-Fx. Those green/yellow/red light-"bars" are input level indicators. Or are you talking about the indicators on the I/O-page?
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    Recommendation an electric guitar string brand for recording a Prog/Metal Album ?

    I'm sorry, I forgot what your thread was about and just replied. In your case, I'd probably go with Elixir too, because you'd get best consistency.
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    Recommendation an electric guitar string brand for recording a Prog/Metal Album ?

    Why don't you just buy like 5-6 sets from different manufacturers and try them out? That's not to expensive, it's however time-consuming. I personally use D'Addario EXL110-7 on my 7-string EBMM JP12, mainly for three reasons: 1st) The 7th string is a .059, which I prefer to the .056 other brands...
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    Your Favorite 16.02 factory patch for (barn yard) double stops

    No, only the "TW"-models can be coil tapped. All other models are built in such a way that they can't be tapped.
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    Your Favorite 16.02 factory patch for (barn yard) double stops

    Unfortunately, only a few EMG-models can be split. The stock ones on the ESP Ltd EC1000 (EMG 60/81, at least on mine) can't.
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    D00d, s'riously... o_0

    Watch his other videos.
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    Please don't add a DSP into AxeFX 3, please ;)

    That escalated instantly.
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    BKP The Juggernauts on an Ibanez RG Basswood body ?

    Of course it is a good starting point. Please share your experiences as soon as you have your new pickups installed, that would be very nice. I'm interested too as I am frequently swapping pickups (I have a box "full" of them).
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    Where the Frac is the preset mix page?

    That page has recently become a block (spanning from row 1 to 4) on the far right side. Use the arrow buttons to get there.
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    Can the Axe FX II simulate dropped D tuning?

    The Axe-Fx II can't identify which string is being struck. You'd need something like MIDI-pickups and a feature in the Axe-Fx which allowed the user to engage blocks if certain constraints are met.
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    BKP The Juggernauts on an Ibanez RG Basswood body ?

    In case you didn't already know: Basswood tends to be on the lightweight-side of the tonewoods and is also soft (easier to dent). It tends to emphasise the mid-range. However, always remember that two pieces of wood can never be the same, even if used on the same guitar-model (unless someone...
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    Firmware 15.07

    Firmware 15.07 is awesome. So were its predecessors. :)
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    Tone matching with real power amp and cab

    If I understood correctly, you'd have to use a power soak with a "raw-output" (might be called differently depending on the manufacturer and model). Good ones are usually quite expensive. The power soak is connected between the power amp and cabinet. It allows you to turn up the power amp...
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    Firmware 15.07

    So, even better than 15.06? Because according to the release notes, 15.07 only included one new feature and two bugfixes. Apart from that, no other improvements.
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    Axe FX ll---> Crunch-Lab---> Ibanez Basswood body(RG1820)

    No need to hurry, mate. Some remarks from my part. I've got an EBMM JP12 7-string (voicing of the CrunchLab is apparently a little bit different than the 6-string equivalent). Compared to my ESP Horizon NT-II (TonePros fixed bridge; I frequently swap pickups on that one, including CrunchLab), I...
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    Axe FX ll---> Crunch-Lab---> Ibanez Basswood body(RG1820)

    @Hyper Planet: Could you show us/me your main rhythm preset?
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    Glenn Fricker reviews the Axe-fx II

    You basically just told that sound guys could be as narrow minded as guitarists. True story, though.
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    Nazgul sentient set sounding bad

    Check: - the strings (new, old, type). - guitar setup in general. - pickup distance to the strings. Also, you can't make an apple taste like an orange. In other words, one guitar will always sound differently than the other, no matter what pickups. Even two same models might sound differently...
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    Ir ..Null or None

    IRs act as a kind of EQ. Mic simulation is an IR and therefore an EQ, too. It doesn't matter whether it made sense in a real life situation or not. As long as it sounds good, you're very welcome to use a mic sim or not.
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    Glenn Fricker reviews the Axe-fx II

    It still does make very limited sense to me, though. I've never played a venue where the sound guy let me turn my tube amp high enough to overpower his mixing (dis)abilities. The cab was always mic'ed and I was always told not to use too high volumes so he/she could have control of the mix. So...
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    Glenn Fricker reviews the Axe-fx II

    So ... if I played one evening in a Dream Theater cover band and the other evening in a Taylor Swift pop/mainstream band, I'd better buy like 4 tube amps, 5 cabinets and 6 effect pedals? How is that cheaper than the Axe-Fx? And where would I store all that stuff?
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    Nazgul sentient set sounding bad

    Of course it's going to sound differently. You are using two different guitars with different sets of pickups. What else did you expect?
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    Nazgul sentient set sounding bad

    Too much information ... All jokes aside. What guitars did you use? Did you use the Nazgul/Sentient too in the 2nd recording? Same picks? New strings?
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    Fletcher Munson with Recorded Guitar Tracks

    Part of the so called "mastering"-stage is to make a mixed recording sound more similar on different playback devices. Homemade recordings usually aren't mastered due to many reasons: lack of equipment, knowledge, skills ... some people even don't know about mastering at all. To sum up, it is...
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    Need help in Mixing.

    Waves? Very nice, use Maserati GRP in "MASTER" mode. Or use L1-Ultramaximizer with Out Ceiling below 0.0 (e.g. -0.5) - use threshold-fader for more "loudness".
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    Need help in Mixing.

    What plugins are available to you? A limiter might help.
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    I have GOT to get this poedal to go with my axe fx II!

    @webe123: The Axe-Fx can do that - and even more. The first minute of the video reminded me of the MTD-block (+ some controller, maybe). If you wanted a one button-effect, you shouldn't have bought the Axe-Fx in the first place. Frankly, you don't need to be a programmer. You just need some...
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    Lightest and the most protective conditioner seeked.

    @Cem: Surge/spikes are sudden rises in voltage (usually milliseconds; mr_fender gave an accurate explanation) - they can harm equipment. Reason for such spikes can be lightning strikes, turning on/off devices that have a very high energy consumption on an unstable grid etc. As mr_fender...
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    Lightest and the most protective conditioner seeked.

    Well, the PSU of the Axe-Fx can handle regular "irregularities" in the current, although there are some users here who had their PSU fried. For those rare cases, a backup PSU might come in handy (can be purchased e.g. on mouser.com). Then there are other things like noise, jitter, spikes - a...
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    Lightest and the most protective conditioner seeked.

    I have to correct myself. @Cem: If you're in Europe (except for the UK), you'd need 230 V, not 220 V. @JayCM800XL: The M-8Dx and its 230 V-equivalent don't have voltage regulation. Still not sure if it's what he needs, though.
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    Lightest and the most protective conditioner seeked.

    This one: FurmanSound.com - 220-240V International Pro A/V Product - P-1400 AR E. Also has voltage protection and regulation, so it will always deliver exactly 220 V. I don't really know what happened at your gig or what could happen, but the "basic"-models only have features like noise...
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    How To Be A Jerk Guitar Player In 10 Easy Steps

    Well, about those guys: I don't care. There are many reasons, at least I think so, why they look down on us. I can only speculate, but some of them might be: 1) Ouww, digital stuff, computer. How can something that only understands ones and zeroes sound good? 2) Ouwww, cheap, that guy doesn't...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.05 Released

    Very good stuff, thanks a lot. When I select the "new" IN/GATE- or OUTPUT-row and press FX BYPASS, the EDITED-light lights up, but what really happens?
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    Clearification on Amp/Cab interaction in the AxeII.

    There is no direct interaction between the AMP and CAB-block in the Axe-Fx. Here is a thread about this: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/cliffs-notes/79816-about-matching-your-cabinets-resonant-frequency.html (amongst some others: Cliff's Notes).
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    Who can help me out with a thick Clean tone?

    One very important thing you should know about the Mark IIc+, Mark IV and similar amps (if you don't already know): The tonestack (= the bass/mid/treble-knob-controls) is located before the preamp. In other words, they act more like a gain knob for a certain spectrum of frequencies than an EQ...
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    According to this, the PA of the Triaxis-model in the Axe-FX II is modeled after the VHT 2/50/2.
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    fw 15.03 | DOKKEN | Tooth and Nail full cover w/ vocals

    ProgressiveRocco, you just won the Fractal Grammy.
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    Shredding or songwritting?

    Following only applies to male persons (are there female forum members here?): Get + impress groupies => shredding. Get + impress groupies => songwriting, as long as you're cute and/or good looking.
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    Cab block X/Y doesn't work for Y?

    Definitely sounds like speaker size = 0.
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    Your Pickup and Input Level

    ^ This. Funny, I have it between 35 and 38% @ Invader. Maybe they are just further away to the strings. Yes, they are hot :). I frequently swap PUs, so I usually keep it on the lowest value for the hottest PU-combination.
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    who here loves their jobs?

    Law student. Does that count as a job?
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    Why is my ESP distorting?

    Really? Because even the installation manuals state that one can use 18V in order to increase headroom.
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    Haha, get your lolz here!!!

    Wait ... that's who it sounds like when I'm playing. Something must be wrong. :miserable:
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    Anyone had or has ENGL POWERBALL type I ?

    Don't you have a possibility to try those amps before buying? Because if I understand correctly, you want "a real amp for home use, just for the "different flavor" vs. the AxeII setup", and while I'm not saying the Powerball was a bad amp, but it (in my opinion) isn't the second coming of a tube...
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    Anyone had or has ENGL POWERBALL type I ?

    I still have an ENGL Powerball (MK1), which also is the only tube amp I've ever owned. Question is: What type of music are you playing? I'm asking because in my opinion, the ENGL Powerball isn't a versatile amp. It does high gain metal very well and its clean sound is nice too, but anything else...
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    Strange issue after firmware update: all leds glowing, blank screen,no sound

    You could call G66, I guess they would walk you through the steps to replace that EPROM.
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