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  1. Z

    Instrumental Modern Prog Metal

    All guitars and bass recorded with Ax Fx III. This is a difficult place to show a song, because it has a high musical level and people like excellent tones. But here we go. Any comment is welcome.
  2. Z

    Control Switch Momentary Bug

    @Admin M@ The momentary function of the control switch used from a per-preset setting is not working properly when used through the system's per-preset placeholder category. When it is programmed in this way the light does not come on and the information from the Control Switch is only triggered...
  3. Z

    Bug views on layout links ?

    Maybe I missed something. When I put view 2 in a layout link and restart Ax III this view information goes back to view 1.This only happens on the switches of the system layouts and not on the switches in a per-preset I'm using firmware 12.07 on Ax III, Ax Edit version 1.05.10 and FC6 1.11
  4. Z

    Layout link bug ? Does Not Work in a Category in Per-Preset Override Mode

    Link layout does not work when I choose preset category in select by # function on Per-Preset FC, in Fc6. Does anyone have any idea what may cause this behavior? Thanks
  5. Z

    Help with RCF HD-12a

    I bought a HD RCF 12th and would love to tips on how to improve your performance with the Axe II. My references are two Yamahas HS-50 and headphone Beyerdynamic DT-770 .The RCF sounds much more on lows and their mids are not as nice If anyone could help me with tips or comparisons...
  6. Z

    Delayed response of the expression pedal

    After CPU usage spending 88% ,the response modifier on Axe II begins to have a delay, as the percentage increases this delay is quite long. I'm using the midi input port. Anyone experienced this?
  7. Z

    Ground Control Pro select all scenes on axe 2

    The function vca of the gcp can be used to select scenes.It is a cc 07 on MIDI channel 16 with 100 values, every 8 values ​​of cc it removes one Like this: 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 etc. Every patch on ground control can send any amount in that cc...
  8. Z

    The scrutnizer template works just using a midi cable

    Just use a midi bridge app in between irigmidi and lemur,the midi menssages works perfectly
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