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    problems importing presets and IR cabs

    HI i am tying to import presets and the Ir cabs but i have no sound, i would imagine i dont have them in the right place, can anyone tell me how i can get them to where they need to be? thanks :)
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    Pro Tools lags and locks ups when recording, Reason works fine

    Hi i am having issues with Pro tools 10 and the axe fx3 and axe sound card i am getting an error to turn off elastic audio and my cpu is overloaded i took out elastic audio and still have cpu overload but the cpu is at 0. otherwise the axe fx works perfectly fine with reason
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    routing the fractal for outboard gear?

    Can someone direct me as how to route the signal from pro tools as in insert from M audio fast track pro to The fractal ultra as an fx processor? any help would be good thanks :)
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    using the ultra fx as an effect processor

    Has anyone ever ran sound out of pro tools. Reason or logic into the fractal and back Into the program for recording? I'm trying to find the best way to do this any ideas?
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    firm ware failed with new axe edit

    i could not ge the new axe edit to update the firm ware used same midi connection as before worked 2 times so far m audio uno so i uninstalled the new axe edit and used old axe edit worked perfect
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    Anyone have any adice on audio interface and studio monitors

    im wondering what equipment is best for recording my fractal into my laptop i was told M-Audio Fast Track Pro was a good choice- any opinions? any advice on studio monitors would be great too;] thanks :mrgreen:
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    fractal front input not working?

    only the rear input works the front input is not working no signal and when i plug into the front it seems smooth no clicking to grab any advice?
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