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  1. kengtin

    Symphony X - Serpents Kiss(FULL COVER) Energyball/CP19

    Being also a big Symphony X fan I have to concur, this is great material, quality, playing, tone, singing... pffff KUDOS !!!!
  2. kengtin

    RACER X - Street Lethal - Full cover w/vocals (video)

    Indeed, as everyone has already stated, this cover rocks!!! And yes, I share the same thought about Paul's alternate picking
  3. kengtin

    Metallica 'Hardwired... to self-destruct' guitar tones, presets and video!

    Although I'm a fan of Metallica's "early" stuff mostly, this is an awesome video, incredible effort and the presets sound great! Kudos!
  4. kengtin

    FAS 6160 Metal Cilp

    Whoaaa, this sounds really beefy and clear!! Keep it up! You pretty much can't go wrong with anything that's 5150, 6160, 5153 related. Kudos!
  5. kengtin

    How brutal can you get with the 5153 100W Blue Channel?

    I second this! and sounds tighter too, paired with either a clean boost or a PEQ it's killer. For a while the 50W model has been my favorite; I've been exploring other models, but just keep coming back to this one.
  6. kengtin

    Love me some Petrucci!

    That was a nice, warm tone !!!
  7. kengtin

    practicing Mr. Scary

    Really, really nice Lynch feel. Great job!
  8. kengtin

    Insanity - (by Andy La Rocque) from King Diamond's 'The Eye'

    Great work! Particularly those cleans/acoustics
  9. kengtin

    Eric Johnson - Manhattan cover - video (Quantum 3.2)

    I really enjoyed that, excellent performance!
  10. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    That's great to hear guys! Yes, if we're diligent enough, we might not eventually lose them to the mainstream/pop and whatever kids are listening to these days hehe. Kudos!!
  11. kengtin

    On The Turning Away Solo Cover

    I can't get tired of listening to Gilmour's material. Excellent tone and playing!!! Makes me wanna go back and reach out to the DSOT version of this song, my personal favorite.
  12. kengtin

    Symphony X-Underworld guitar cover/preset in the video description

    Well, I _AM_ a Symphony X fan and what else can I say... Excellent work!!!
  13. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    Sure, here it is: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4726
  14. kengtin

    Time solo by Pink Floyd.

    Niiice! We seem to be having a good Floyd/Gilmour wave recently. Loved the tone and the playing, kudos Mr. !!!
  15. kengtin

    Dream Theater “Another Day” Guitar Solo TM

    Very well played, I'm a big fan of those IAW and Awake years. Yeah it is close! IMO it has just a tad more trebble than the original, almost a bit single-coilish (in a good way), not too much. Kudos!!!
  16. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    Thanks, well I built this guitar years ago precisely based on Gilmour's red strat (which is the best era for me) and this is how he used it back then along with the active controls. I just couldn't get the Candy Apple red finish haha Back then I simply "copied" what I read from Gilmour's gear...
  17. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    Thanks for your cool comments guys. I'll pass them along, she'll be super motivated :D \m/
  18. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    Hi folks, I brought my usual stuff it a few notches down to pay this tribute. To get a nice clean, fat "Gilmourish" tone is really difficult. This Strat has the EMG DG-20 setup and I'm only using the SPC control about 1/3 - 1/2 up. The patch is based on the JR Blues model, here it is...
  19. kengtin

    DIEZEL HERBERT - preset and new song

    This is beeeeeeefy stuff. Good job man!!!
  20. kengtin

    Recording Dry DI Axe-Fx 2

    The easiest way to explain is probably just using the Axe Fx straight to the computer via USB. Here's what I do (Cubase 7.5 btw): 1. Create an input bus and assign "Front Center" to it, after that... 2. Assign that input busto the desired track, arm and record FWIW, you may want to also...
  21. kengtin

    Friedman HBE Q4 w/Zilla CP- Metal/demo

    Pretty darn good! I'll definitely check out the final product!!
  22. kengtin

    Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth (full band cover)

    I just time travelled back to 1992!! Very well put together bro!!
  23. kengtin

    fw Q4 | DOKKEN | Unchain The Night | FULL COVER w/vocals (patch included)

    This was really cool. I pulled my Beast From The East album right after listening to this!
  24. kengtin

    Yngwie Malmsteen early era sound - Quantum 4.0

    Very... VERY well done bro!!!
  25. kengtin

    almost a month in - still feeling like a newb - EMG 81/85 question

    You already got invaluable input in the previous responses. My 2 cents... I also love the EMGs, most of my guitars have them, and it's very true that not only the output level, but the whole response is different than with passives. My suggestion would be to have a separate patch for the EMG's...
  26. kengtin


    Man, great work putting it together, the sound is reeeally close. Great playing as well, my only criticism would be that you were a tad flat on a couple of the bendings but no biggie. \m/
  27. kengtin

    Heaviest NEW track you'll hear today (7's/FW 4/Metal)

    This is thick as F#$K, I dig it!
  28. kengtin

    "Attempted" No More Tears

    +1 it's indeed a great effort bro!
  29. kengtin

    Quantum 2.0 is GREAT for delivering the heavy's!

    Oh gawd, I love this... I need to upgrade then. I'm still on Quantum 1.00 and couldn't see how it was gonna get any better.
  30. kengtin

    EMG-818x/668 Metal Test ("5153" - Carvin DC800)

    Hi folks, Here's it goes: a straightforward evaluation of the EMG-818x and EMG-668 in a metal context: rhythm, lead bridge and lead neck. These pickups + the "5153" model make wonders, I'm loving the textures (I'm also working on the EMG-818 and EMG-578 and the results are amazing as well)...
  31. kengtin

    "5153" + 8-string rhythm and lead samples (metal)

    Thanks for watching and your kind words fellas, glad you liked it. Here's the link to the patch: Axe-Change - Download Preset - 5153 Blue II - by kengtin
  32. kengtin

    "5153" + 8-string rhythm and lead samples (metal)

    Not at all, will do it ASAP when I get home and will post the link here. Cheers
  33. kengtin

    "5153" + 8-string rhythm and lead samples (metal)

    Thanks for watching, glad you liked it. Yeah, I know FW 15 is like ancient now, it's just I spent so much time working on that patch and video to get it "right" and wanted to release the video once and for all. I'll be upgrading to 17 ASAP now \m/
  34. kengtin

    "5153" + 8-string rhythm and lead samples (metal)

    "5153" + Carvin DC800 8-string (w/samples, metal) Hi folks, I recently worked on this Carvin DC800 in-depth review. You might not be interested in it, but I wanted to share the samples/demo part of it which, as usual, is Axe FX II powered. I used my favorite "5153" based patch, firmware...
  35. kengtin

    Liquid Tension Exp. - Acid Rain full mix (Mesa Rectifier v15.02)

    LOL and @ocaptainjr2 , I'll get my sh*t together and upload that patch asap
  36. kengtin

    Liquid Tension Exp. - Acid Rain full mix (Mesa Rectifier v15.02)

    Thank you very much for your comments folks, it's encouraging! Yeah, those harmonies were a bit of a bitch :P Thanks
  37. kengtin

    Liquid Tension Exp. - Acid Rain full mix (Mesa Rectifier v15.02)

    Hi folks, I wanted to share this cover I put together in the past few months... Liquid Tension Experiment's Acid Rain. All the sounds are based off of a Mesa Rectifier patch, v15.02 (will post the link to the patch later on) I recorded the whole thing (minus the improvised solos) from scratch...
  38. kengtin

    Skid Row - 18 and life Solo cover

    Very well done! Soooo many good memories
  39. kengtin

    Testament Electric Crown solo (mix) - "Marshall JMP-1" (v14.02)

    Thanks again for the kind words folks... For the curious, I'm just babysitting this jewel for a friend, he actually bought it like a year ago (he doesn't live in the US) and hasn't picked it up, I think it costed him around $3K !!! he's a vintage freak :P... I recorded this vid because he asked...
  40. kengtin

    Testament Electric Crown solo (mix) - "Marshall JMP-1" (v14.02)

    Thanks, glad you liked it and kudos for putting this back in your library! I did try to put that "harmonics" solo ending in the video but I guess I faded it out to fast to be appreciated. Maaan, Sins Of Omission... there's a lot of amazing Skolnick solos out there, hard to pick one... next...
  41. kengtin

    Testament Electric Crown solo (mix) - "Marshall JMP-1" (v14.02)

    Thanks a lot for the kind words folks! Yeah, to try to nail Skolnick's phrasing is a big challenge... BigD1977, I actually debated between this and Return To Serenity, I guess I'll have to record that one too ;)
  42. kengtin

    Testament Electric Crown solo (mix) - "Marshall JMP-1" (v14.02)

    After a long hiatus, and given the fact I'm currently listening some Testament again, I wanted to share my rendition of their song Electric Crown's solo section, full mix. I recorded all the rhythm and lead guitars with this classy (borrowed) 1979 Gibson Les Paul and the Axe Fx II (v14.02); the...
  43. kengtin

    Master of Puppets solos - "Mark IV" test v10.02 (w/orig. stems) - feedback?

    I was out of town this weekend, hence the late replies. Thanks so much everyone for your cool thoughts, it's encouraging. You're gonna kill me, I realized I never saved that patch. However it's easy to recreate since I simply grabbed the "EJ Clean" (stock patch in Bank A) and changed the amp...
  44. kengtin

    Master of Puppets solos - "Mark IV" test v10.02 (w/orig. stems) - feedback?

    Thanks again all of you, I really appreciate your comments. My Mark IV patch is now in AxeChange downloadable here: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Mesa Mark EMG 6 - by kengtin, details in the description BTW, I'm thinking about reamping a version with Rectifier or Uberschall (some of the...
  45. kengtin

    Master of Puppets solos - "Mark IV" test v10.02 (w/orig. stems) - feedback?

    Wow, I come back from a stressful day at work to nothing but encouraging comments, thanks a lot everyone! BTW, I didn't mean to emulate the original MOP sound in any way, I just tried to get a nice tight and punchy sound from the Mark IV model in v10.02 (something I couldn't successfully...
  46. kengtin

    Master of Puppets solos - "Mark IV" test v10.02 (w/orig. stems) - feedback?

    Thanks man! And yes, those are real inlays, stickers would be so lame :P. That's one of the aesthetical things ESP got wrong on this axe, I requested mother of pearl and they made them out of plastic. That's a 14 year old guitar, back then I didn't live in the U.S. and I didn't have the guts to...
  47. kengtin

    Master of Puppets solos - "Mark IV" test v10.02 (w/orig. stems) - feedback?

    Hi folks, My take on the classic Master of Puppets middle/solos section. The purpose was to practice my recording/reamping, mixing and mastering skills. The drums, bass and vocals are original stems, I performed all the guitars. All the distorted tones were reamped from a "Mark IV" preset I...
  48. kengtin

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    Thanks for the compliment bro... I can't say enough good things about this axe. In person the top looks gorgeous and the whole build quality is outstanding. You might wanna check my YouTube channel since I have a couple videos with this one and a full song with the DC800. It's a good almost...
  49. kengtin

    Vote for me !!!

    Voted my friend, I had seen this entry of yours a while back, very well played. Check out my entry, it's a few posts below this one. Good luck!!
  50. kengtin

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    BTW I almost forgot... if you guys like it, please vote for my entry here: ;) Guitar Messenger Solo Competiton - Sergio Chong Thanks in advance
  51. kengtin

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    Thanks for the feedback. It was actually not sounding too bad when I referenced it through my FRFR's and monitoring headphones but I agree, while the v8 version of that patch works great on the high registers it loses definition on the lower ones, especially 7th string and below.
  52. kengtin

    Heavy/Djenty FAS Modern - Slate VTM Test

    Nice! Yummy chugging :D I'm assuming you used a boost behind the FAS Modern, if so which one?
  53. kengtin

    Progressive metal FW 10 mixtest The Unexpected Side

    lecorff, overall I liked it, but allow me give you my 2 cents (I've used 1 pair of headphones so far here at the office, will reference with more sources tonight) So far: - The guitars sound a little too bright (or present) for my taste - I'd add more bass to the overall mix. I can hear its...
  54. kengtin

    Review - B.C. Rich Jr. V 7 + Seymour Duncan Blackouts

    Cool, which ones? if they have similar specs, do you find their tone consistent with the Axe Fx?
  55. kengtin

    My best Lead Tone ... shred alert !!!

    Brother, I can always watch/hear "too many notes" as long as is tasteful and interesting... yours is! I only wish we didn't have to watch you playing from behind. I'm assuming your patch is v10 right? I have to say I found new luv for the Mesa models on v10, before I couldn't get anything I...
  56. kengtin

    FW10 ..Full Track.. Original

    This is simply AWESOME Kamaleon. I like how "vintage", prog it feels overall and yet modern :eagerness:
  57. kengtin

    Review - B.C. Rich Jr. V 7 + Seymour Duncan Blackouts

    Hi folks, Here's an in-depth review I made recently of the B.C. Rich Jr. V 7 guitar upgraded with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. It's not a high end piece of equipment, but definitely a great. "bang for the buck". Needless to say the tones are Axe Fx II produced, they're EQ'd the way I'd normally...
  58. kengtin

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    Thanks for your supportive comments folks. I've lost interest in this kind of contest, once I got the rules clear it turns out that it's all about getting as many votes as possible to make it to the finals, only then will the panel review the work. In short, it's all about being the most...
  59. kengtin

    Progressive Metal - Firmware V10 - 7 String

    Excellente trabajo, hermano !!! I like the concept and tone, although my preference is to have it just a bit more "cut through", it worked great, the 5153 is also one of my favorites and I haven't yet tried it with v10.0. Did you use any overdrives along with it or just plain 5153 Red? Also, it...
  60. kengtin

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    Thanks everyone for watching !! It's a slightly modified version of the stock Euro Crunch patch (I love it, it's great for almost any style). I added a tube screamer before the amp and balanced both drives just to get an tiny extra bite and disabled the delay and reverb. I added the delay you...
  61. kengtin

    My entry for the Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition 2013 (Usa Lead Brt + rules)

    Brother, this was gooooooooood. I wish you had captured your right hand a bit more on the screen but, awesome playing
  62. kengtin

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    Hi folks, I haven't posted in a while so I thought sharing this would be a good way to resume communication :P I proudly entered this contest using my Axe Fx II and Carvin DC700. What do you think? Constructive feedback is always appreciated !!! Thanks in advance and enjoy
  63. kengtin


    That was great man !! that 5153 blue is a swiss knife, I've achieved tremendous results too with that amp alone \m/
  64. kengtin


    This was pretty good bro, I love this song... so good memories, keep it up!!! I'd experiment with the doubled/panned rhythms, you'll be amazed at the difference \m/
  65. kengtin

    [KTP] Reinvention - Original Progressive Metal (8-string)

    Thank you, but I don't think you need to shred dude, I just listened to the clip on your signature and a couple on you YouTube channel and they rule. Just subscribed BTW, rock on!!!
  66. kengtin

    Experiment (with solo)

    This was really good man, I got the Bloated Science vibe \m/
  67. kengtin

    [KTP] Reinvention - Original Progressive Metal (8-string)

    Thanks for the feedback man... yeah, I meant production wise was not "perfect". I was never super happy of how the guitars sat in the mix and didn't set the project up for reamping. A lot of lessons learned...
  68. kengtin

    [KTP] Reinvention - Original Progressive Metal (8-string)

    OK folks, it seems it was ages ago since my last post. I worked hard on this song, it's ready and wanted to break the ice. This is the first demo for my "K.T. Project", I had posted the audio a few weeks back and here's the full video playthrough. All guitars are proudly Axe Fx II, they're not...
  69. kengtin

    FULL DEMO, instr. progressive metal (8-string + Axe Fx II). Feedback appreciated!

    Good points, I agree with having too much gain, I decided not to re-record them (yes, I didn't set myself up for reamping) because I decided to spend more time on different subjects. Mixing the damn bass was one the most difficult things, it sounds so different through different speakers...
  70. kengtin

    FULL DEMO, instr. progressive metal (8-string + Axe Fx II). Feedback appreciated!

    Hi folks, This is the first full demo for my project, the song is called "Reinvention". Any kind constructive criticism is encouraged and appreciated. Tech stuff: - All the guitars are Axe Fx II produced (based mainly on 5153 and Uberschall, v7.0) - EZDrummer - Cubase 7 Thanks everyone Sergio
  71. kengtin

    Soloing for the Keith Merrow + Mayones + Duncan contest

    My first post in ages, shame on me !!! It's good to be back... OK, honestly I found out about this contest too late, but still put my solo down just for fun. I really liked how this 5153 based patch worked for leads, I originally created it for metal/djent rhythm stuff but it turned out to be...
  72. kengtin

    Andalusia (video) - Satriani Contest - Want to support me?

    I had the same question, the slogan is "His songs, your chops..." plus in the contest rules it's stated the judging criteria will be "(i) overall performance; (ii) authenticity; (iii) technique; and (iv) style". With this, and considering it's a competition, I assumed a note-by-note cover...
  73. kengtin

    Andalusia (video) - Satriani Contest - Want to support me?

    Really? no comments at all? This is the first time I join one of these "whooznxt" contests so I have no idea if this material has what it takes to win.
  74. kengtin

    Andalusia (video) - Satriani Contest - Want to support me?

    Hi fellas, I wanted to share a video recording I recently made to participate in the 2012 Master Satriani Guitar Contest by Guitar Center, check it out... ALL the guitar sounds come from the AxeFx-II. IMPORTANT: if you want, you can directly help me increase my chances of winning by "Liking"...
  75. kengtin

    John Petrucci Model (JPM) Ibanez P2 Jam through an Axe Fx 2

    What a nice juicy tone, cheers !!!
  76. kengtin

    Megadeth's Tornado of Souls Instrumental Section w/Solo (multiple A/V tracks)

    Thanks a lot, glad you liked it. However, the solo did give me a hard time, specially because most of the tabs out there are ridiculously wrong and I only could find a couple of good close up videos of Marty playing sections of this live. And of course, trying to nail the nuances and dynamics...
  77. kengtin

    Megadeth's Tornado of Souls Instrumental Section w/Solo (multiple A/V tracks)

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. As for EZ Drummer, it may seem "lite" to some people, but you can do a lot with it... the built in grooves help A LOT when you have nothing but the mouse :)
  78. kengtin

    Megadeth's Tornado of Souls Instrumental Section w/Solo (multiple A/V tracks)

    Yes, yet another TOS "solo" video, however I figured I'd do something a bit different this time. I mainly wanted to give my Axe FX II a "field test", brush up my rusty audio production skills and why not video tape myself while I was at it? I chose this song/section because it simply RULEZ...
  79. kengtin

    My contribution - High Gain Metal Rhythm video test (6 amps)

    You're not getting any sound out of any of the 6 presets? When that has happened to me it's usually because I'm missing the CAB definition. I relied only (or mostly) on the RW bundled ones. Anyway, hope that's the case.
  80. kengtin

    My contribution - High Gain Metal Rhythm video test (6 amps)

    I'm not sure what do you mean by turning up the axe to compensate, you mean volume level? I usually start messing around with the gain and the master levels of the amp block along with either a parametric EQ or a drive block before it. I try to keep it as punchy as possible without sacrificing...
  81. kengtin

    My contribution - High Gain Metal Rhythm video test (6 amps)

    Here I'm showcasing the amazing Axe-Fx II in a metal rhythm context. I'm demoing the best 6 amp model presets I've dialed in after my first 3 weeks with the unit. I'm playing the same simple riffs for each amp focusing mostly on chords and single notes (open/muted). Download the patches and...
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