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  1. RevDrucifer

    FM9 - 2 possible bugs.

    I saw the name and immediately thought, "Oh shit, Randall's here to tell Cliff what he got wrong in the Mesa models!"
  2. RevDrucifer

    Some initial observations compared to HX Stomp

    I don't have any experience with the Helix stuff, but last night I was playing 3 different guitars through the same preset and each guitar sounds quite different than the other. Every difference was highlighted by the tones instead of being masked by them, which has long been a gripe of mine...
  3. RevDrucifer

    FM9 and FC12 Pedalboards?

    Hit up www.gomc.tv, they make custom pedalboards/cases. I don't believe they make risers, but you could definitely get a board from them that'll work for you and if you wanted to splurge, you could have them build you a roadcase for a few hundo extra. Not a bad investement for $2300+ worth of...
  4. RevDrucifer

    FM9 and FC12 Pedalboards?

    That'd be one heavy ass board! Especially if you're going to add some expression pedals!
  5. RevDrucifer

    How to model real amps?

    I've done it two ways- Recording the amp and then trying to dial in the Fractal to match it as closely as possible. I'll just track a DI along with the recorded amp sound, then keep AxeEdit open to tweak the DI until it's as close as I can get it to the amp. A couple months ago I brought my...
  6. RevDrucifer

    a burning dream

    I used to talk so much shit about their headstocks but after I finally played one I decided I wasn't going to anymore. Guitars that play that well off the shelf can have whatever damn headstock they want! (I still hate it though) That's one of the coolest finishes I've seen on one! I've got a...
  7. RevDrucifer

    Anyone else stalk the UPS driver??

    I had a guitar shipped to my office so it wouldn't be hit up by porch pirates. I run a large commercial campus and watched that driver float around the perimeter for about 2 hours before finally hitting the property on the opposite end of my office. I start getting excited, knowing in just a few...
  8. RevDrucifer

    Looking for feedback on my preset

    What kind of pickups/guitar are you using for this?
  9. RevDrucifer

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    How did you confirm this, out of curiousity?
  10. RevDrucifer

    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    I don't know what the original preset was called (now it's called PRS Fuck Yeah Man because I'm a child), but I found one in Live Gold that is PERFECT for my PRS, perfect in the sense that if I were in a cover band, I'd probably stay on that preset all night and cover all the ground I'd need...
  11. RevDrucifer

    FM9 Case?

    I'm doing a pedalboard/case from GOMC- https://gomc.tv/ Not the cheapest option, but I won't have many concerns about damage while it's in that case! Also adding wheels/handle to it so I can roll it around.
  12. RevDrucifer

    Common amp mods and their respective Amp Block parameters.

    I’ll send $50 to anyone who can accurately recreate the Bogner Snorkler mod in a JCM800!!!
  13. RevDrucifer

    Waitlist Email

    I have not experienced these “outstanding” issues myself. Just outstanding tones and convenience!
  14. RevDrucifer

    PANTERA - cowboys from hell

  15. RevDrucifer

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    The current main players- Breedlove acoustic (can’t remember the model name, it was like $500 and sounds great) Classic 50’s Strat with the Gilmour EMG’s PRS SE Semi-hollow Ibanez RG7620 Solar E-type (can’t remember the exact model name….they’re silly) Ibanez JEM7V Ibanez SZ320 Spector Pulse...
  16. RevDrucifer

    Considering trying Fractal again - FM9

    After Cygnus I’m tweaking FAR less than I used to and now I pretty much just stick to the Authentic menu for any adjustments. I haven’t gone into the deeper parameters in a few months now and I used to live there. I’ll keep repeating this until my fingers no longer move, but starting off with...
  17. RevDrucifer

    Captain James T. Kirk...To Boldy Go...

    A friend told me to check out his comments after they landed and that was the highlight of my day yesterday, I totally got choked up when he was discussing it, while also being a little annoyed at everyone talking over him and spraying champagne at each other. That one line, “I hope I never...
  18. RevDrucifer

    JCM800 2203x halfstack vs AXE FIII w/poweramp and cab

    I can’t say I agree at all. I’ve got a Mesa 2x12 with Black Shadows in it, I’ve put my III/FM9 up against a Friedman JJ halfstack and a Peavey XXX halfstack and it had NO problem keeping up, it swallowed the XXX like a whale eating a goldfish and when I was showing my buddy who owns the JJ the...
  19. RevDrucifer

    Wish Demeter TGP-3

    That reminded me of a friend’s kid back when he was 8 or 9. They wanted me to learn a Linkin Park song so I figured it out, or thought I did, and the kid, Evan, goes “You’re not playing it right.”, I look at this little kid with a smug face and say “You sure about that?”, with a smirk on my face...
  20. RevDrucifer

    Effects to supplement your AxeFX 3?

    That's why this community is so killer; there's almost always someone who wants to take up a challenge, often times without even being asked, to help someone out here! If you posted a clip, I bet it wouldn't be long before someone chimed in with some tips, or even a chorus block already dialed in.
  21. RevDrucifer

    Wish Demeter TGP-3

    It's definitely got it's own thing going on. I had a very similar experience back in high school when I joined a band that was already playing "Plush". The other dude was playing the power chord version and me, being the cocky little shit I was back then, probably made fun of him for it. If I...
  22. RevDrucifer

    Dream Theater Pull Me Under solo - 5 different guitars

    The wah pedal definitely makes it a bit trickier to really hear the differences, but there's something about the Majesty that has a bit clearer tone to it. Maybe it's the wah it's interacting with the wah where I'm hearing it, but I just skipped to the very first 5 notes of the solo for each...
  23. RevDrucifer

    Wish Demeter TGP-3

    Enjoy! He attributes a lot of his tone to the VHT power amp and if I remember right, says he’s tried others and it just doesn’t do it for him. This was a REALLY great interview to watch just because of how grateful Dean is about everything, but also for going down the gear rabbit hole. It’s...
  24. RevDrucifer

    Tim Pierce Shout Out to Fractal & the FM9

    I really love Tim’s channel. Dude has such great insight and positivity, never mind the phenomenal playing. I’m anxious to get home and download that preset; when I first got my PRS semi-hollow, the first thing I wanted to do was go home and pretend I was Tim Pierce…..until I got home and...
  25. RevDrucifer

    Best Way to Use Axe Fx III

    I’m all for getting the best of the best if you’ve got the money for it. Chances are, you’ll be fine with the factory presets until you start developing your own individual tastes and preferences. The AxeFX is something you can definitely grow into, that’s for sure. If you peruse the forum...
  26. RevDrucifer

    Any connection problems?

    No issues on my end!
  27. RevDrucifer

    Joe Bonamassa Fractal or dis?

    For anyone who may be feeling negative feelings regarding Joe’s wiseass remarks towards Fractal; take a breath. It’s ok. Look at what you’ve got around you and find gratitude in the fact that your only issue right now is some guy you don’t know and most likely never will, doesn’t like a piece of...
  28. RevDrucifer

    Joe Bonamassa Fractal or dis?

    Totally agreed. First time I heard him I was like, “Oh this dude is hackin’ EJ licks!”, but really, there aren’t a lot of well-known guys doing that, so I don’t really mind. I rip off Cantrell, Gilmour, Vai and Zakk Wylde every chance I get, so who am I to say anything? I’d go see him...
  29. RevDrucifer

    The Shawshank Redemption...

    One of my favorites! Hell, even if the movie were garbage, the line “Get busy living or get busy dying” had a huge impact on me when I first heard it.
  30. RevDrucifer

    I don't "get" the IIC+

    My first Mesa experiences were terrible. I remember plugging into a Dual Rec and thinking “There’s no f*cking way Petrucci is using these.”, plugged into a MKIV and said the same exact thing. On a whim I decided to try dialing things in the total opposite of what I thought they should be and...
  31. RevDrucifer

    Steve Vai - Liberty cover (preset attached)

    My dad worked at the Manchester store in the 80’s as well! I remember going to see Look Who’s Talking at the movie theater next door before going in to Daddy’s to hang out with him. Honestly, I haven’t come across a music store like Daddy’s at all since they left. The last year was really...
  32. RevDrucifer

    Steve Vai - Liberty cover (preset attached)

    Ha! Daddy’s Junky Music used to be my favorite place in the world. My dad used to work there and even after he left, his co-workers used to treat me like gold and I was just a kid. One in particular was always looking out for pedals he knew I’d be into and would set them aside for me. And the...
  33. RevDrucifer

    Ratt - Lay It Down (Intro)

    Oh ya gotta post this over on Rig-Talk, just don't tell them it's a III. Wait like 3-4 hours, maybe tell them it's a Cameron first.....then bring out the tear collector as you let them know it was a III. :tearsofjoy:
  34. RevDrucifer

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    Outstanding work on this, man!! I'm supposed to be at a buddy's right now but I can't stop playing!!
  35. RevDrucifer

    Steve Vai - Liberty cover (preset attached)

    I grew up in Lewiston….and then moved to Nashua, NH!
  36. RevDrucifer

    How do I make my DI Tracks have higher output?

    Have your engineer re-amp them back through your AxeFX, you’ll see what they’re talkin’ about above. Mine are always around there, zero issues re-amping them.
  37. RevDrucifer

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Can confirm. Same with presets. That actually started before this update for me.
  38. RevDrucifer

    Reamping slightly out of sync

    Funnily enough, I had to do it with two Scarlett Solo's and some Behringer interface my dad bought, but when I first plugged in my III, it was good to go. It wasn't until I upgraded to an iMac that I had to adjust the recording delay.
  39. RevDrucifer

    What "extra pedal" are you running with your FM9?

    EV-1, EP-1 and possibly a Digitech Freqout, I haven't decided that yet. I probably will, just in case I can't crank up my cabs as loud as I'd need.
  40. RevDrucifer

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Feel free to let us know how that goes!
  41. RevDrucifer

    How high with CPU have you gone and been stable?

    Same here. I've hit 85% importing some of my III presets and that didn't work out so well, but that's been rare and only for my nuttier presets.
  42. RevDrucifer

    FC 1 Pedal 3 picking up FC 1 Pedal 2 Movement

    Good eve, I have 2 expression pedals plugged into my FC-6, a Mission Engineering EP-1 and a Fractal EV-1. The EP-1 is dedicated to wah and the the EV-1 does whatever else. EP-1 = FC 1 Pedal 2 EV-1 = FC 1 Pedal 3 When using my the EP-1, the volume kept dropping out as I'd move the wah pedal. I...
  43. RevDrucifer

    Another convert on the way!

    My uncle was visiting from Virginia and has yet to try any Fractal gear. He gave me my first guitar when I was 11 and is an outstanding guitarist/vocalist in his own right. He's been using a Fender Mustang and some Mooer pedal, I'm not sure if it's a pre-amp type thing or just an IR loader, but...
  44. RevDrucifer

    Finally got the new FM9/FM3 Pedal board put together

    Pic ain't workin' for me brudda!
  45. RevDrucifer

    Some help to get this Marshall rock punch (not metal chug)

    Barely. I'd be willing to bet on a guitar with pretty tight tension, you wouldn't have to. I don't fully understand how the spring mechanism works in the body nearly well enough to explain, but as you bring the string up to tension, the saddle starts moving, once it reaches the proper tension...
  46. RevDrucifer

    Some help to get this Marshall rock punch (not metal chug)

    IMO, there’s a balance between string gauge/action/neck relief where you can find that happy combination that makes it all work. The thicker the strings, the less spank I feel I can get from them, they don’t seem to jump off the board as lively, which is definitely highlighted by playing a bass...
  47. RevDrucifer

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    I’ve got a MIM Strat I converted to vintage specs that I’ve got an SSL-5 for. It was actually in my Classic 50’s Strat first until I put the DG-20’s in it. While the tribute band is focused on delivering the PULSE show, I’m painted the Strat black and it’s already beat to shit, so it’d make for...
  48. RevDrucifer

    I joined a Floyd Tribute band last night!

    Dude, I've been thinking the same damn thing about the Hiwatt. Doesn't matter what cab I put on there, or even now with an actual cab I'm running it into, it's got to be the most boring damn amp I've ever heard. So yeah, I can definitely see why he put the Alembic in front of them. Thanks, man...
  49. RevDrucifer

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    My initial plan was to put together the live rig over the next couple months, but that sped up pretty fast when I joined the Floyd tribute band this weekend. The only way I had to power a cab was slaving a Peavey XXL head into it, so I grabbed a Powerstage 170 (I'm diggin it!) and I'll just use...
  50. RevDrucifer

    Best placement for Freqout pedal in the grid?

    I believe that's why it's set up like that. It's actually a preset from Austin Buddy's Live Gold pack that happened to sound GREAT with my PRS and since I'm childish, I re-named it. He sets up all his presets in such a well thought out way that they can be used in multiple setups with just minor...
  51. RevDrucifer

    Best placement for Freqout pedal in the grid?

    This is a preset I moved from my III to the FM9 (my III isn't hooked up to my computer right now or I would have used AxeEdit), but I'm doing exactly that. I always put it first, but I'll drop the stuff I won't be using at the same time under it. I can't hit the momentary switch at the same time...
  52. RevDrucifer

    Facebook is down.

    Sunuvabitch. I would not care about this at any other point in time had I not been hooking up a date for tonight earlier in the day. It's times like these that I chuckle, as I very much look for signs from the Universe (or consciousness or God or Allah or whatever you want to call it) to help...
  53. RevDrucifer

    Strat trem guys: full float or dive-only?

    Here's a gallery for ya- It hasn't gotten a lot of play time recently due to the other toys I've bought, but it'll always be my baby. It's, literally, the only consistent thing I've ever had in my life, above family/friends/anything. It might be the most beat up 7V I've ever seen aside from...
  54. RevDrucifer

    Some help to get this Marshall rock punch (not metal chug)

    I’d almost think to look towards the guitar/setup/strings instead of the tone itself. Nothing will wake a track up quicker than a fresh set of strings! This is why while I’m in recording mode, I’m changing strings about every 4-5 hours of play time on them. There’s a, what I consider, massive...
  55. RevDrucifer

    Strat trem guys: full float or dive-only?

    I keep mine floating, but don’t pay attention to how high I can pull up. While I use the whammy plenty, I only use it to the extent Gilmour does if I’m playing a Strat, just a light vibrato (except the dive bombs in “Sorrow”) I only need about a half-step of movement to do whatever I’m going to...
  56. RevDrucifer

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    This, this, this and some more of this. Last week I bought one last guitar, a 7-string, with the idea that “I need all this stuff to write the music I want to write”. Then I sat there in my studio and said “Ok, now what?” I’ve been writing like a maniac for the last several years, but a recent...
  57. RevDrucifer

    I joined a Floyd Tribute band last night!

    Takes away the fun of dialing in my own! Mixing/tweaking tones is just as much fun, if not more, than playing for me.
  58. RevDrucifer

    Advice Wanted: Guitar Painting/Refinishing or Other Options

    Paging @Andy Eagle! He'll set ya Straight!
  59. RevDrucifer

    Austin Buddy Fm9

    Poor Austin; dude gets a little breather from Cygnus and then WHAM! :tearsofjoy: The work is certainly appreciated, Austin! I've been running my mouth about Live Gold everywhere and anywhere. The amount of time it's saved me in the studio when tracking guitars has been pretty remarkable...
  60. RevDrucifer

    PSA: Using a dual switch with the FM9

    There's a circumcision joke in here somewhere but my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.
  61. RevDrucifer

    Only one pitch block...Very Disappointed

    I would LOVE it if the Virtual Capo could be it's own block.
  62. RevDrucifer

    Only one pitch block...Very Disappointed

    This is precisely why I was bummed there weren't two pitch blocks. I have a Whammy on nearly every preset I have because next to delay, it's my favorite effect. I bought the FM9 for gigging with and was going to get in a cover band this year (still might if the Floyd tribute allows enough time)...
  63. RevDrucifer

    Tim Pierce seems to like his FM9!

    And never plays a bad note. Ever.
  64. RevDrucifer

    I joined a Floyd Tribute band last night!

    Could be a ....Great Gig In The Sky?!? :tearsofjoy: I had to!
  65. RevDrucifer

    Covers for knobs on FM9

    I mean, there's bright lights around the places you're supposed to step. :smiley: I'm glad you guys don't land planes for a living. :tearsofjoy:
  66. RevDrucifer

    I joined a Floyd Tribute band last night!

    I've been considering joining a cover band recently just so I can get out and have some fun playing guitar in a band again, as I was the singer in the last 3 bands I've played in in the last 15 years. I miss it! I also recently ordered a replica of Gilmour's Red Strat from MJT, which I'll have...
  67. RevDrucifer

    Which effects do you actually use?

    Hahaha I so under use mine in comparison to these- Kitchen sink template Comp Loop 3 out (Digitech Freqout) Wah Pitch (Classic Whammy) Loop 3 in Phase (Univibe) Chorus Drive Drive (Sometimes I use different boosts for rhyth/lead) Amp (Usually 3 or 4 per preset) Gate Cab Rotary Pan/Trem Delay...
  68. RevDrucifer

    The music that got you going

    My father excitedly brought home the VHS of Delicate Sound of Thunder when it came out and I was on a steady Gilmour diet. That was around 1990 when I was 8, he brought me to see them in '94 and I was aleady a huge Floyd junkie at that point, but after it was like a sickness. I was infatuated...
  69. RevDrucifer

    Band Stories. What Happened in Your Bands? The Good, Bad, & Ugly!

    The 2nd to last band I was in was the first band I was ever fired from, for “working too fast and having too many ideas”. :D I had originally joined as just the vocalist as they already had 2 guitar players. At this point, I was writing full songs on my own in GarageBand and after they heard...
  70. RevDrucifer

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    We always had the yellow government cheese. If you got to the food bank early enough on certain days, you could score a block of Velveta and that was like a legit celebratory event in my house. I felt like royalty to have a big chunk of it to eat and my sister and I would always fight over who...
  71. RevDrucifer

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    Just as long as the people complaining stay off the waitlists, I’m good. :D
  72. RevDrucifer

    Waitlist Email

    They started shipping them as soon as they were announced. Already a big difference between the FM3. It seems whenever people don’t get what they want when they want it, they go right for the negatives.
  73. RevDrucifer

    Lamb of God - Hourglass guitar and bass cover

    Yessir. Just let me know! As long as it’s not ”Walk With Me In Hell”, I’m good to go! (It was the song my wife and I were introduced to at our wedding and we just had a rather messy divorce, essentially ruining that song for me for life)
  74. RevDrucifer

    Lamb of God - Hourglass guitar and bass cover

    Tight work! If you want someone to throw some vocals on it, I can‘t seem to escape the Randy voice no matter how hard I try- (Funnily enough, the “Laid To Rest” cover was recorded 3-4 years ago when I first figured out the technique and I’ve only gotten closer to his voice since then, despite...
  75. RevDrucifer

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    It’s crazy how much restraint it takes me to play along with his solos. I used to eat, breath and shit those solos when I was a teen, but now I start playing and find myself throwing in all these extra notes/flourishes that totally un-Gilmour it and make me want to put myself in the corner...
  76. RevDrucifer

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    Feel free to tweak around and see what ya come up with! The spot I’m having the most trouble with is the chorus/rotary aspects. I’m guessing when they mixed PULSE, they blended his Dopollas in to taste, as they were running the entire night and listening to bootlegs, were mixed in fairly loud...
  77. RevDrucifer

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    Yes sir. The way the SPC and EXG modules work is pretty interesting and really makes the SA’s go from single coil to a humbucker sound. I’d imagine much like Gilmour’s actual rig, it’s a balancing act between the pickups, Big Muff and Tube Driver feeding a clean amp. He gets all his distortion...
  78. RevDrucifer

    Axe III Upgrade

    If we all told Cliff to stop working on new shit until we were bored with our current units, we’d never have another new Fractal product again. I much prefer this route. There’s nothing my III can’t do that I need it to. There is no true need for these things at all, so crying over the newest...
  79. RevDrucifer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    No problems on my end with it.
  80. RevDrucifer

    Starting to work on my Gilmour/PULSE tones

    Now that I've got the Gilmour EMG's in a Strat (my Red Strat replica is currently being made by MJT!) I figured I'd get a jump start on dialing in some PULSE tones, which are my absolute favorites of Gilmour's. The audio is coming straight from Logic, not my phone. I'm getting the feedback from...
  81. RevDrucifer

    Axe III Upgrade

    I think it's a Lawnmower Man kinda thing....or maybe Limitless.
  82. RevDrucifer

    Axe III Upgrade

  83. RevDrucifer

    How Does One Wire an External Momentary Switch?

    You can go through the hassle of shrink wrapping every end in there, but I never bother with it. These aren't carrying audio, so I'm not worried about keeping things isolated. There's no harm in it and really, if you get the shrink wrap on it nice and tight, it'll help secure the solder joints a...
  84. RevDrucifer

    Axe III Upgrade

    There's a difference between mocking someone and disagreeing with their opinion. No one is mocking you here.
  85. RevDrucifer

    Axe-Edit III 1.10.00

    Thanks, brother!
  86. RevDrucifer

    Health Update

    And FWIW, my father had esophageal cancer, the doctor’s told him he had a 17% chance to live and had to undergo a 20 hour surgery performed by two different specialists; they had to remove 3” of his esophagus and a 1/4 of his stomach then stitch them back together. The surgery alone was crazy as...
  87. RevDrucifer

    FM9 Wishlist

    Sukh is precisely who I was thinking of! I’m friends with him on FB but totally drew a blank!
  88. RevDrucifer

    FM9 vs Axe Fx III - the sound

    I haven’t heard anything any different between my III and FM9 when using the same presets. If there’s something going on different, my ears certainly aren’t capable of picking it up.
  89. RevDrucifer

    What would you use an external switch for?

    Doesn’t appear that I’ll have to! I use 3 different switches with my FC6, two dual’s and a single. Tap/Tuner, Preset Up/Down and a momentary switch that I generally use for my Freqout to turn the loop on. If I do add anything to the FM9 board aside from the two expression pedals, it’d be the...
  90. RevDrucifer

    Waitlist Email

    Hahahahah that’s why I jumped on the waitlist before I even read a single spec about it. I knew if it was an FM with more than 3 switches, I wanted it. :) it wasn’t until after I was on the list that I started reading the specs.
  91. RevDrucifer

    FX8 with taklbox MRX

    Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with the FX8 but I run mine through another ouput in my III. Could you send a signal out of Output 2 that cuts the signal to your main outs, so only the Talk Box is being fed a signal?
  92. RevDrucifer

    What should I buy first? A good guitar or the FM3?

    I’d go with a new guitar as well. Once you find something that you REALLY dig, you’ll be playing that much more…..just hang onto the feeling of the honeymoon period! You’ll find yourself saving for an FM3 that much faster because you’ll be a little more excited about what you’re playing on. I...
  93. RevDrucifer

    Help me decide?

    I’ve got a III/FC6 and an FM9. I had to make a couple stand in switches to do everything I wanted without hopping between layouts with the FC6. The FM9 negates the need for that, though. I love that I can access Scenes, Presets and Effects right from one button. Makes it the perfect platform for...
  94. RevDrucifer

    Health Update

    In the years I've seen you post on various forums, you've never come across as anything but a class act. I've never seen a single negative post from you and I have little doubt that kind of character has built a large group of people around you who truly care and all have your back. You're in...
  95. RevDrucifer

    So who is getting an 8 string Majesty!!?

    Holy shit, if James LaBrie and Brendan Fraser were one person…..
  96. RevDrucifer

    Wish Better handling for "running out of CPU" situations

    I think I found the plot of the next Nicolas Cage movie.
  97. RevDrucifer

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    I'll remove the sides and then stick a shit ton of 3M Dual Lock under it. I've held down quite a lot of stuff with that, my FC6 is mounted that way and I had a Ground Control Pro mounted like that for 15 years. I think with enough strips of it, I should be good to go. I don't forsee anyone else...
  98. RevDrucifer

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Got everything ordered to get my board together. Spring loaded Mission Engineering EP-1, Fractal EV-1, some TRS cables and jacks to cut to length. I'll be getting the pedalboard/roadcase via GOMC Cases, as they aren't brutally expensive for exactly what I'm looking for. https://gomc.tv/ I...
  99. RevDrucifer

    FM9 Wishlist

    I was going to suggest something like that! My dad has a screen magnifier that slips over his computer monitor as well, I bet cutting one of those up and fixing it over the top would work out well. That dude who makes all those plastic protective covers for the modelers should get in on that.
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