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  1. rolidoc

    Brown Sound

    how can i open them in AXE edit or how can i use them
  2. rolidoc

    2 Fuzz for The Italians🤣

  3. rolidoc

    SOLD Matrix Q12a for sale

    I sell my Matrix Q12a, the famous active monitor for modelers like AXE-Fx II or III or FM3. I bought the unit from G66, used it and loved it. Due to a system change it now needs a new home. It´s used and of course has signs of use as you would expect, it hasn't seen a stage in the last few...
  4. rolidoc

    AFIII Presets AustinBuddy 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for Axe-Fx III: Cygnus fw16.04+ Update Now Available!

    Hi Austin, thanks for the amazing work. I used some of your updated presets on the rehearsal yesterday. They sound just great, I didn't need to change anything. Am looking forward to the other banks.
  5. rolidoc

    SOLD Friedman ASM-12 for sale

    I sell my Friedman ASM-12 active monitor.500 w, Celestion 12" speaker & tweeter, level, low-cut filter switch, ground lift switch. Made in USA. It is used but in good condition, technically sound. The case (wood) has two dents from the very first gig. I use it for two years only in the practice...
  6. rolidoc

    Considering AXII to AXIII

    yes, no doubt about it
  7. rolidoc

    Some Cygnus blues tones + PRESET INSIDE

    Unbelievable nice
  8. rolidoc

    Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now" solo

    Great, please send me this preset.
  9. rolidoc

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    Thanks for the reply, I will give this a try. The apps Setlistmaker and Bandhelper are also promising and together with the midiport are the solution for me.
  10. rolidoc

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    Super interesting, how do you connect via Bluetooth and the AXE. And how do you do that with the playlist and the preset assignments.
  11. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    Thank you for never stopping to improve this wonderful engine.
  12. rolidoc

    Jazz Tone & Preset

    how beautiful and tasteful !!!
  13. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    i think i found the error. the usb hub on the front of my computer seems to be defective, the error occurred on all three ports. after i use a port on the back everything is ok, until now. probably i need a new computer, mine is already at least 6 years old
  14. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    thank you, it works, no issue with the file system.
  15. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    thanks, this was my first thought. Then also connected my fm3, also here there was a communication problem after a certain time and FM Edit no longer responded. I guess the problem is my computer or software.
  16. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    Thanks so much for the tip. Unfortunately I am not a computer expert and my english is not the best. What does open the window input mean? Where can I find this input. I use windows 10.
  17. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    Thanks for the info. After I renamed the folder, it looked like it was working at first. But then I noticed that for some presets the effect row had moved from position 3 to 1 without me changing anything, 20 minutes later the original error was also back. I have only the folder AXE III unnamed...
  18. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    it happens with all my presets. the max cpu load is 71%
  19. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    Hello, I have a weird problem with Axe-edit on my Windows PC. Until now it always ran without problems, since a few days the following happens. While I play with the AXE FX III edit regularly reads the preset names and the cab slots. After a short time the graphic loses its representation, the...
  20. rolidoc

    My new Format: 1 minute 1 factory preset '59 Bassguy'

    sounds great and the format is a good idea. Really nice guitar, what is the name of this blue strat by Schecter
  21. rolidoc

    Couple of short blues recordings with the AXE FX3 Carol Ann OD2 model + Preset INSIDE!@

    Incredible handwork and awesome sound, spot on
  22. rolidoc

    SOLD AXE II XL+ with MFC 101 Mark III the bundle for 1300€

    I'm selling my AXE FX II XL+ with case from Gator and a MFC 101 Mark III footcontroller in good conditions. The current firmware Ares 2.0 is installed. I have used this setup for the last two years only as a backup. It works flawlessly and has only few use tracks. The original packaging is...
  23. rolidoc

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    .It's wonderful and amazing, thank you for this inspiration. And what great tribute to Yogi.
  24. rolidoc

    What's everyones favorite amp for a Les Paul or single-cut type guitar?

    for Les Pauls so many awesome amps but in the end it´s the atomica high that makes me smile and smile and smile
  25. rolidoc

    🎶🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #33 - “Layla” (guitar cover) 🎸🎶

    awesome sound, great feeling, I like it
  26. rolidoc

    Thanx to G66

    Jaques and his team are simply unbeatable, fast, fair and helpful. Years ago, they saved my ass. My AXE XL caused problems a few days before a gig. Jaques sent me a replacement immediately and without any complications. And of course the chocolate wasn't missing either.
  27. rolidoc

    Free Preset of week 23 - MF Shiver (Based on Bogner Shiva)

    Hi Marco, great ton and playin, I like your flow. The shiva was my favorite amp in the era of the AXE FX ultra. Very nice guitar, is the character of this guitar more bright or warm
  28. rolidoc

    5 Great Free Rigs from Axe-Change

    Really cool stuff, thank you for sharing, nice guitars especially the first and third one
  29. rolidoc

    Mars Shells (I & II) - En route to Gibson/Epiphone demos - Free Preset/Vid

    Really great stuff, every scene is an inspiration. Thank you Burgs!
  30. rolidoc

    AFIII Presets AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 15.x TonePack for Axe-FX III Available; Cygnus update coming early fall

    Hi Austin, first of all thank you very much for your incredible work and attention to detail. Your presets are a huge treasure. I have a question, you write that for FW 12 you set the low cut between 130 and 150 and the high cut at 7.5 to 10k. I find this on the preamp page of the cab block, but...
  31. rolidoc

    What amp did the Axe-Fx III make you discover and fall in love with?

    Every amp brings a smile on my face, but the amp I love the most is the Cameron atomica. Never owned one but I hope someday I can check the real amp
  32. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.02

    a wonderful day, did the update yesterday morning and had a great gig in the evening. In the audience was my local heroe guitar player from my youth. After the show he praised my sound, he and another guitar player asked me for my amp setup and were completely surprised that everything came from...
  33. rolidoc

    Buy Axe-Fx 3 in UK

    The total price is almost the same, G66 also offers the best support you can have. I've been using Fractal products for 10 years and have always received excellent technical and immediate support from the G66 team. And remember the delicious chocolate:cool:
  34. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    Nothing special, input drive @6, b/m/t: 5-6-6, gain enhancer @1, and a marshall cab with V30 from Valhir, and my Les Paul Gold top
  35. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    everything fine here, the smallbox is a winner, just an amp block and a cab and the rockin machine is ready to go, I love it
  36. rolidoc

    V2-KCB112 from Valhallir.at - Free IR included

    thank you, your IRs are always amazing
  37. rolidoc

    One expression pedal can do it all ! ;-)

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, this preset is fun pure
  38. rolidoc

    The new V2-series from Valhallir.at - FREE IRs included!

    Thank you for the free IR, the EMTV is great, so easy to get a real good sound with a Marshall or Atomic amp
  39. rolidoc

    Burg's Dumbles. Preset demo and free download.

    preset sounds fantastic, your playing is unbelievable and so tasteful, that just makes one want to play guitar, great
  40. rolidoc

    12 High Gain Amps, 1 Riff (In a Mix)

    for me it´s the Atomica and the 5153 blue
  41. rolidoc

    Journey's "Who's Crying Now" using Mark Day's Journey preset Axe-Fx 3

    Nice playing, Neal´s Solos are always a song in the song
  42. rolidoc

    TUTORIAL: In depth MFC-101 programming guide for the Axe-Fx III

    I can confirm this. I own the Jordi Board for about a month and it works fine. I can finally use my MFC again without major changes in the settings. A great little helper.
  43. rolidoc

    SOLD Gordius Little Giant foot controller for sale

    Hi, paypal is accepted, postage with DHL is 15,99 (Insurance incl.). Hope the pics are good enough. One of the locks on the case is damaged (see photo) Bye Rolidoc
  44. rolidoc

    SOLD Gordius Little Giant foot controller for sale

    Sell my Gordius LG2 midi foot control. Very flexible controller, you can program virtually anything you want to control anything you want, it's almost infinite. Programming is possible via freely available software on the PC. I used it to control my AXE III and played a lot of gigs with it. The...
  45. rolidoc

    Benatar's Heartbreaker

    Mark, great play. Neil is one of my favorites. More than just a great guitarist. Did you use the preset from the last time?
  46. rolidoc

    Free Preset Friday! Friedman Live Patch

    Thank you Greg for the video and the preset. I also play about a Friedman ASM 12 FrFr. The preset sounds very good and is fun. I will test it at the next gig.
  47. rolidoc

    "Still of The Night" Solo

    Mark, you're an inspiration. I already like your Neal Schon stuff a lot, he's one of my favorites. Also that you play songs with your band Pat Benetar, Neil Giraldo is a great musician and often underrated. And now Sykes, just incredible. I already know which song I will practice now. Do you...
  48. rolidoc

    How do you make single strings sound thicker on clean sounds?

    Hi Piing, where do you place the filter block and does it also work for distorted sounds?
  49. rolidoc

    90's inspired preset

    Tried your preset too, great job, very tasty and ready to rock,thank you
  50. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    Woah, it's gonna be a long night.
  51. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

    Thanks Cliff, best wishes and good luck
  52. rolidoc

    The best way to use headphones

    Thanks, I ´ve never used headphones with the AXE II+, it doesn´t work well to me. But now I ´ve tried the AXE III headphone out and backingtracks via USB. This is realy good, no need for EQ. Now I´m ready to try the Shure 1540 or maybe a beyerdynamic 770
  53. rolidoc

    The best way to use headphones

    Thank you for your support
  54. rolidoc

    The best way to use headphones

    Sorry about my bad English. What I want to know is if you can get a better sound with the built-in headphone output or with a connected headphone amplifier via USB or e.g. Output 3 with the possibility to change the sound via an equalizer. How do you do it if you want to play to a backingtrack?
  55. rolidoc

    The best way to use headphones

    maybe a silly question but what is the best way to connect headphones for best results. Direct in the headphone input of the AXE III or via USB and PC or other gear to play to backingtracks?
  56. rolidoc

    axebackup and afx2lg utilities

    Hi Lgunn, I´vebought a Little giant 2 but the midiprogramming to me is horrible. Is it possible to get your afx2lg fpr a starting point?
  57. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.01

    Thank you FAS always fast as possible! Great1
  58. rolidoc

    FS Gordius Little Giant 2, MIDI foot controller

    Hi Julien, is it still available? Would you send me a picture? Is the programming easy or is it possible via software?
  59. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18

    Thanx, more than one can expect
  60. rolidoc

    How to make volume pedal only affect stage monitors?

    I have the same setup. My pedal is connected to MFC in expressionpedal port 1. I havn´t made any changes to the MFC. It works very well for me.
  61. rolidoc

    [Choptones] Preset Packs, Amp Packs & IR (for Axe-Fx II and AX8)

    Hi, have you updated your presetpacks for the current firmware? Even the older ones?
  62. rolidoc

    How to make volume pedal only affect stage monitors?

    Try this, set the midi cc value for Output 2 to 11 and the midi cc value for Output 1 to 12 in the I/O menu on the Control parameters page, then if you connect your monitors to Output 2, you can control them with an expression pedal independent of Output 1
  63. rolidoc

    A spontaneous recording with GlennDelaune new pedal platform

    Hi guys, had discovered some new Presets from GlennDeLaune this weekend, he calls them PedalPlatform. Additionally there were some very nice backingtracks. I tested three of his great pedal combinations and recorded them spontaneously. Was surprised how awesome they sound in the mix and how easy...
  64. rolidoc

    I need help please!!!

    Hi, got my AXE back from technical support. They did a 72 hour permanent test, no issues were found. Sorry!
  65. rolidoc

    I need help please!!!

    Hi Claude, my unit arrived this afternoon at G66.
  66. rolidoc

    I need help please!!!

    Hi Claude, I will inform you as soon as the guys at G66 inform me what the problem is.
  67. rolidoc

    I need help please!!!

    Hi, you are not alone, I made the same experience. From one day to the next my presets got that brittle sound like you described or like in your demo. And as you have I tempted by cable switch everything to reset, without success. Have now sent my AXE to G66 for technical support. Hope they...
  68. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release

    Great news, thank you!
  69. rolidoc

    Moke's Bank A presets: Double Verb Vib

    Hi Tony, very cool and smooth playin. For me a big inspiration to take my Paula and a Fender like preset just now and play some blues.
  70. rolidoc

    Little question about sustain on distorted sounds

    Hello people, I'm sorry. I tried to reproduce the phenomenon, but it doesn´t work that way. I took two simple settings, just an amplifier and a speaker with default settings. You hardly hear the difference, so nothing you want to talk about. It's more like I hear a pin drop. Maybe a conversation...
  71. rolidoc

    Little question about sustain on distorted sounds

    Thank you, I'll do the samples tomorrow
  72. rolidoc

    Little question about sustain on distorted sounds

    I mean the difference in sustain between clean sound (is longer) and distorted sound. I noticed this difference at low volume, AXE volume on the front panel between 8 and 9 o'clock, Matrix Q12a 11 o'clock. Sorry for my poor English
  73. rolidoc

    Little question about sustain on distorted sounds

    Yes, the noisegate is disabled
  74. rolidoc

    Little question about sustain on distorted sounds

    Happy new year. I notice that in presets with distorted amps the tone often doesn't end so long or dies suddenly. With the same guitar on clean amplifiers like Fender, sustain is much longer, more natural. Can someone explain that? How can you improve sustain in distorted settings without...
  75. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.03 Firmware Release

    Thanks to you Cliff and to your never sleeping team, great
  76. rolidoc

    Probably lost my Axe FX II and my MFC101 :(((

    Sorry for that, hope that this nightmare is far away from my hometown. And I will offer you the same like Hubi. If you have a gig near Bremen, I can loan you my AX8. Maybe you got files of your presets so we can change them with fractools . Wish you good luck.
  77. rolidoc

    Tucanas. New vids, preset... QRev.9B.

    what a great tone and what a player, your playing is such an inspiration and makes so much desire to play guitar.
  78. rolidoc

    New Axe FX2 XL+ user but have some issues

    There are a few ways to reduce fizzy or harsh tones. First of all, dial in your preset at the volume you want to use your setting, there's a big difference between bedroom and stage level in sound behavior. Try the eq in the amp block and lower 4khz, sometimes it needs -2 or 3 db, maybe you have...
  79. rolidoc

    Perfect Strangers Cover

    Very cool version, great voice
  80. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx sounds flubby and too distorted

    Just tried the settings for the 6550 as Simeon has proposed. Great idea, inspired me to play some good old hardrock stuff for more than one hour. Put a superdrive and a eq (to boost the mids) in front of the amp. Awesome sound, thanks Simeon
  81. rolidoc

    Glenn DeLaune Axe-Fx Presets Launch

    I purchased the pack and for me these presets are ready to go, they translate the sound of my les paul as well as from my strat or tele. They cover a wide range of styles. Maybe too much delay on the lead, but nothing too much at all. The Atomic and SRV presets are awesome and my favorites...
  82. rolidoc

    Is my Axe slowly dying?

    Hi, what kind of issue is due to a low quality cable to the MFC?
  83. rolidoc

    Battery Change

    what happen if I use the clean-file, what have I to do after
  84. rolidoc

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    Yes, but if Paul Gilbert, please have a look at his incredible sounds from the last album I can destroy!
  85. rolidoc

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    Got my superpack today. No problems to download. First impression after a quick walk through the presets. Every preset is useful and sounds great. I love the js410 lead, the PRS Archon and the Dokken stuff. No tweaking needed. Thank you Ross for this. I'm looking for the Warren Haynes live...
  86. rolidoc

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.02 Firmware Release

    unbelievable, my weekend is saved. Thank you!
  87. rolidoc

    FOH and ASM-12 Connections w/ Separate Output Control

    Hi, I connect my ASM with out 1 and send out 2 to the FOH. Is this the wrong way? Where is the advantage to send out 1 to the FOH? I use TRS to XLR, if I´m using my Matrix Q12a I use humbuster
  88. rolidoc

    A cry for help (Solved!)

    What do you mean with 'could be a cab block setting ", could you explain please?
  89. rolidoc

    Interesting Reverb trick

    is high pass filter the same as low cut?
  90. rolidoc

    Something wrong with my AXE?

    Thank you all for your efforts to help me through. Yesterday I adjusted the position of my bridge pickup and set the instrument level in the i/o settings to 80%, so the red LEDs flickering sometimes when hitting the strings hard. This decrease the high unharmonic distortions but they're still...
  91. rolidoc

    Something wrong with my AXE?

    Thanks, I will check this tomorrow. I thought, the factory preset bassguy 59 is nearly clean.
  92. rolidoc

    Something wrong with my AXE?

    Don't understand the meaning inside, maybe the problem it's me and I have to consult an otorhinolaryngologist who checks my ears
  93. rolidoc

    My Axe is possessed!

    You're a lucky one
  94. rolidoc

    Something wrong with my AXE?

    Hello, I´m very unhappy cause my AXE XL+ sounds like sh… A few days ago I posted my problem in the thread “about clipping” started by Yek and then in “My Axe is possessed” by SteveW but no solution. So maybe I used the wrong way to announce my problem. In the beginning I noticed a similar...
  95. rolidoc

    My Axe is possessed!

    But why was this behavior in the beginning only a few times and now constantly and why are all presets affected? Thank you for your answer. I created a new thread.
  96. rolidoc

    My Axe is possessed!

    yes but not in the ampblock, in the global menu I decrease 4K,8K and 16K because this issues is audible in every preset. This makes it bearable. But I will test it as you decribed, thank you.
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