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  1. Maurice

    NEW TEASER PACK deafening silence

    After a really epic Thread called TEASER, which is off-line now because of its own succes / 30.000 hits (?) or more... Is there anybody please, who can update the outcome of the new CLARK KENT TEASER Pack ? (made in Finland) As i think, many with me, would like to know when FAS is going to...
  2. Maurice

    question: update preset-banks with Fractal Bot ?

    question; As my Axe Edit refused to work along, i just updated the preset banks through Fractal-Bot into my AxeFx. Is this the proper way / or is Fractal Bot only meant for Firmware update ? (and not for presets) and if so: how can i check (in my AxeFX) that my presets are for Fw10 ...
  3. Maurice

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    Simple question When new firmware will be released... A firmware update for 6.0 is by labtop -> AxeFX2 via USB connected. Axe Edit, downloading straight into my labtop. However for my MFC 101, to do the upgrade, i have to go by MIDI cable ..... But unfortunately i don't have a labtop with...
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